Family Support Division Careers – Missouri Department of Social Services

Family Support Division Careers – Missouri Department of Social Services

Family Support Division, we administer
the assistance programs all of the jobs are so important they are the core of
what we do they are our first line staff they are they face to the community they
are the face to our community partners and this is how we get the
benefits out this is how we we serve people who need us the most
I feel as though the division provides a opportunity for everybody to grow if
they see you working hard and they see you really being dedicated to that job I
see that they they’ll pick that opportunity for you out and be able to
pull it up and say hey I want you to come and help us make this a better
agency I feel very blessed to be able to work in this office our office works
that’s just one big team working someplace that values you as a person
and as an employee I think is very that’s something that I really
appreciate when I came in as an eligibility specialist within a couple
of months I had an opportunity to move up to become a supervisor and within a
year and a half I was able to promote to the position I’m currently in as a
program development specialist I mean that that to me goes a long way and I
love that about this agency at this division we’re not just a job we are
there to help people and each taskthat we have is actually a person and so
every task that we complete we’re actually helping somebody the people
motivate me more than anything else you know you get those people that say oh it’s the paycheck, the paycheck, the money No, its the people you know to help
everybody to walk in and be able to help somebody even if it’s just one person I
think that’s what motivates me every day our staff have heart I have seen that I
tell people this all the time our staff have the heart
for for helping people and not that other agencies are divisions don’t have
that but we see families in crisis every day and our staff always rise to the
occasion they’ll be that one case that you help
the family that you know that needs you the most and I said you will remember
that forever just because you help them and you know that they can take care of
their family now or there can take care of their child that was very very sick
that they no longer have to worry about that I can’t remember one of the first
calls that I took as an eligibility specialist a customer called in and they
needed assistance with their Medicaid they were on Medicaid for families they
had two kids and those two kids didn’t have coverage and they did they didn’t
understand why and you know the the customer was crying and understandably
why you know that they were sick so I definitely want to try to help to the
best of my ability I was able to look in you know discuss the verification issues
they got that stuff in that day I looked in the notes later on that evening they
have benefits and the customer call back and complimented everybody but she had
spoken with that day because we were able to help the customer out in a way
that she felt like nobody was ever able to do before so that to me was one of
the most heartwarming things and I always feel close to that moment because
that is what really the job is all about um you know everybody has time in our
life where things are not going as good for them if they have other times and so
you know if we can help them out a little bit I’ve had clients that tell me
you know I’ve never had to get on food stamps before and you know I don’t
understand what I’m doing I you know I hate having to do this you know and just
having somebody to be able to tell them you know it’s okay everybody has has
needs occasionally we’re there to help I’m proud because I get to walk in and I
get to come to a job where the people above me are dedicated to the people and
the people that work with me are dedicated and that to me is what matters
I got to come to work and be passionate about what I do and I love what I do so
if you’re a person who really likes to help individuals and really have a
desire to to really help someone and get their feet on the ground this is
absolutely the job for you the reward is great for the families because we are
and we help them become self-sufficient but the reward is great for you because
you know you’ve helped somebody that really needs our help you

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