Falco’s Somnium – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 13 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

Falco’s Somnium – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 13 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

My God, are we just sedating random people now? Boss isn’t here She’s still not here Do all these things–Okay, Hitomi
definitely knows more than she’s told us but now with the information we know, tat also doesn’t really mean she’s a killer we know she’s connected to this guy but, hm. Oh, is it the house again? (Welonz chuckles) Eww (Welonz chuckles) I’m pretty sure at this point, the player
is supposed to have figured it out already That he was talking about Iris and Hitomi and–what? Wait, how can he do that? Hiding stuff in his Somnium,that’s insane and And oviously, I haven’t forgotten that one
Somnium where we saw him kill HItomi That didn’t happen here though, but instead, Iris is dead Is Iris is his daughter? Cuz I’m thinking about how she was 12 when he
wanted to quit the gang but that was 6 years ago Maybe he’s more of a step father? (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz reads the on screen description) How is he doing that? That’s crazy Yeah, this should be a big clue for both
Aiba and Date that this guy… Who is this guy? I think we’re gonna figure it out right now Oh (Welonz chuckles) Again? She doesn’t actually know anything She didn’t do that crazy smelling me again. I want to look at the picture Hm… Oh God Whoa, oh my–are you serious? You don’t have human blood is (Welonz chuckles) Oh I guess so Uhh It’s green What–? Oh, no Did that take time away? Oh–Oh, I thought it said ‘pick up’ but it’s just ‘hang up’. I guess we got to ignore it and now
we really messed up. Uhh… ‘Cause now we got to spend a full minute on this I thought the opposite of ignore was pick up but they were both ignoring it, we can’t pick it up Could we have ignored that without using an action? Just exit out of that interaction directly?
I don’t think so, right? Yeah, okay Maybe not ignoring it is a different path,
but we don’t know how to do it yet? Ignoring the phone. Somebody ignored the phone Hm. You can’t flip it without the thorns being here, right? Is it gonna hurt your hands? Yeah, I don’t really care (Welonz chuckles) Just to see here though, we unlocked the
first lock so there’s different items here Was liquid around the spot where we found
a dead Shoko Nadami in the first… No, I don’t think it was this room, right?
It was like, over on that side So maybe let’s forget about the switch We’re kind of low on time Oh, God, look that’s green Everything is green I don’t think you should lick it Uh… I don’t know, man, all of these are kind of weird Okay, stick hand in Ohh Wine? Oh, it’s like draining it away Khh Is Aiba bad at Japanese? She didn’t
know how to say “green tea” properly Um, wine is the thing that showed
up before when we were here and green tea might be green tea
being spilled, if that was green tea Yeah, that’s the wine bottle and then…a book Oh, I got a bad timie Well, it’s the same wording as the
story he used so yeah, I guess so Tear it apart (Welonz chuckles) I think they’re trying to
hint on me that that’s not the case Oh Oh, I can pick it up now. Let’s. God Do we just have to ignore it every single time? Is Aiba scared in these Somniums cuz I am Oh, lord–Oh, God, I don’t have time for 120 seconds Um, but if I hang up again, is it gonna give me another crappy timie? I’m
gonna try hanging up just ’cause the time is shorter But I don’t think it’s gonna be the answer Yeah 120 seconds is 2 minutes, though.
I don’t think we have that much Please give me a good timie. Ohh, God it’s another I guess we have to do “ignore” Every single timie we’ve gone so
far from the phone has been bad This is signifying some event In the real life version, somebody ignored
a phone call. That’s gotta be it. Somebody tried phoning home,
but they couldn’t reach somebody Yeah, I was I was interested, but we can’t do it The world crashes if we do. Oh, God, we don’t got time for this That wasted so much time Okay, this Somnium is a little bit weird because–
oh geez, look at the time drain away Because everything that we’ve done doesn’t
really seem to be doing anything concrete We’re waiting for the phone to ring.
That’s what’s really happening here. I don’t think we’ll be able to do this one But it’s nice to see what’s going on
anyway, so no need to fret There is a green pot over there Or do I want to look at the books? Let’s look at the pot There is a flower Ew (Welonz chuckles) “Wear”, what the hell does wear mean ? Let’s do it Oh my, God; is it burning? (Welonz chuckles) Oh. Okay, apparently we’re just gonna
walk around like this now Did I not use the tiimie correctly again?
It took away 30 seconds No, we’re not gonna make it Yeah Tear it? I’m guessing reading it will
give me more of what F said before No, it might be the workbooks that were
in here because HItomi is um, a teacher Tear it again Is our goal trying to make stuff not green?
‘Cuz when we tear it, it turns not green. Nothing That ain’t good What do we still have? The winter iris and the switch Wow, we’re not close to doing anything here.
We got 10 seconds left That’s way too much for picking
the flower already. We’ll try it. Oh, my God The winter iris is green What?! We’re done. Wow, these are getting harder,
we definitely don’t have that much time This one, I feel like if we can at least ignore Yeah, like see the 2nd lock, that one took me a
really long time because of the 120 seconds so I’m just gonna go back to the first
one and redo the second one That is the second lock Do I want to do all that stuff with the pot again? Yeah, well, we got a lot more time
this time–the iris? I guess I’ll try it again (Welonz chuckles) Enough There was an animation glitch earlier where the pot
was getting cut by the outline of the flower too. What about the switch? ‘Cuz I never tried flipping the switch You’ll be fine Oh Okay, that’s new but we got a bad timie now Duh…is there something simple that I can use the
timie on first so I don’t waste a lot more time here? Hm… I don’t want to do the big ones. Turn off? Kick it? Kick it (Welonz chuckles) Okay, try again Lift up or turn off is what I’m leaning
towards. “Turn off”, but it just turned on Lift it up Doesn’t work Ew (Welonz laughs) Good job, Aiba. I don’t know if we want
to put that pot on us again God, we got to figure these things out and the sad thing is, like, there’s not
really a logic to this, right? A lot of this is just guessing and there’s
really no clear way for us to know Turn off then, you should be able to do that (Welonz laughs) ‘Cuz this switch was the one next to the door, that’s right Oh my God, I’m using so much time here Come on, last one. Grab it do something, please Whoa Really? Oh!! Uhm… I don’t think we like it, right? No, ignore it, ignore it,
okay? Just like with the phone, ignore it I know it’s a lot of seconds But I’m gonna give it a go (Welonz laughs) Okay, more importantly, whose eye is that? Did Falco have red eyes? Well that wasn’t it God damn it Nooo, 90 seconds gone And they gave me a crappy timie, too;
you’ve got to be joking me, just freaking Close the curtains! I mean, I don’t regret it because we got to see funny things, but we got to get out of this Somnium, too A giant God damn it, that was the right one They make me ignore things twice and
the last one is ‘not ignore’, come on What? We did get a little bit of a
heart thumping (Welonz gasps) So I wonder if it’s somebody we know Freaking–go to talk to her, then (Welonz snickers/chuckles) Kiss her? Um hug her, hug her. I want to see the kiss her one, though, but I don’t think we got the time Actually, we might let’s do it (Welonz laughs) My now I’m just using Aiba for my own perversions None (Welonz laughs) Ew (Welonz scoffs) Oh, my God, this guy’s gettin way too lonely every day That was worth it, though (Welonz chuckles) Let’s try hugging, one second Stop! Oh, I was really hoping that would have done something Wait, hold on, can I get out first? I just want
to see if there is any other objects around here The books don’t seem to do anything.
The ceiling fan, I haven’t looked at it yet Yeah, I noticed it was highlighted. “Skull” God..and I can’t touch the green part. I feel like we’re gonna mess up again Ehh–Let’s move on to something else Remember how we saw a skeleton here before? Kiss? No, just friggin throw it, throw it. It is Come on Oh, no Well, the skull is broken already Don’t tell me it was the ceiling fan. Let’s try
talking to her. This is the last action we can do. It can’t be ‘touch’, right, because touch–
we already hugged her, we kissed her That’s the same as touching her. Ah Ugh, please don’t be, please Agh (Welonz chuckles) Tch. Ah… God damn. this one’s hard Yeah, I guess a part that I don’t really like about this is that, it’s not really a puzzle in that there is a clear logic, it’s all dream stuff and because of that,
it really depends on if you get lucky or not So I can do Lock 3 again but, um.. Yeah, I think that’s the only one I can do, right?
These ones aren’t even selectable 31 seconds? Let’s hope that’s enough Ok, I’m back at the second lock again So I tried restarting at the 3rd lock
just now with 30 seconds but I forgot to use my timie properly and– I pretty much got a game over right away with no option to restart because I used up all my retries I ended up reloading a save where I still
had a retry and this one’s pretty hard, huh? I think we’ll have more time if this time, we close the curtains right away instead of trying to ignore it though So let’s try to retrace what we did before I think a lot of what we’re trying to do here is
probably turning the green stuff not green. So this one, we know that we want to flip the switch And we wasted a lot of time with the flower
stand too; all I had to do was grab it The pot, I’m not so sure about Oh, we got a bad timie. That’s okay, just grab it By the way, I can’t skip this part because
it doesn’t register that I’ve seen it before What about the books? ‘Cuz these are green, too. Should I just tear it all apart? Okay, there ‘s the eyeball I should have known– this one’s called “Psyncin’ in the curtian”, so I
should have just closed the curtain to begin with Would’ve to try pouring lemon juice
in it, though, do we have any? Goodbye Yes, now we have a lot more time to work with here Did the book contribute to anything? I’m not sure because sometimes these things seem
to come out after a certain amount of time as opposed to us having done something right Yeah, Hitomi’s not green, let’s not touch her The skull is green, though I think that’s the theme here and don’t use a timie, just throw it. It doesn’t matter (Welonz chuckles) The color changes Yes. So these books, do I have to rip all of them, then? Oh, God, it takes time Uhm… Do we have that many minutes? Hold on We got to use this one somewhere–if I read right now, That’s 12 seconds, and then if I tear it
afterwards, that would be 20 seconds maximum Oh, okay, in that case, it’s better for me to read this first. But ultimately I want to tear it Yeah, I only did that because I want to save
time; now tearing is 10 seconds We probably have to go back for the pot, too There’s another one here And we can just tear it As much as I would love to read it,
we don’t have that kind of time Okay, nothing yet Because…there’s another one, oh my God Really, all of them? What does that mean, though? Yeah Oh! Oh no, the moment of truth again (Welonz scoffs) judging by what we’ve done with the
telephone, I kind of want to ignore it Let’s… let’s open it Ah Goddamnit Are you gonna knock again? Oh, my God, 3x timie. Shoot Freakin ignore it,whatever We don’t got time, anyway I’m really hoping this is the right one Goddamnit (Welonz exhales) No, now we’re out That was clearly the last lock though,
so we got to go back to it and making a mistake there gives us
a 3x timie, that’s so cruel It’s not “open”, it’s not “ignore”–lock it, lock it, lock it Aiba, you’re stepping in the skull.
It’s gonna hurt your feet Oh. Oh… He didn’t kill her (Welonz gasps) What..? But what does this even mean, though?
‘Cuz in the real world, Hitomi is still alive Why do we keep seeing this vision? That guy’s Rohan, right? So, Boss is the police and– Rohan came to kill… Falco? but Hitomi took it for him Maybe he’s trying to kill Falco because
he wants to leave and obviously, he wasn’t gonna let him leave ‘cuz he knows
too much about the gangs and the operations Falco had his gun pointed at Hitomi, though but then what the hell was Boss doing there? “Kikai”, strange You saw what I saw too, we gotta find her
She knows so much more than she’s letting on Uh, that was a really difficult Somnium Not sure if it’s because I’m extra stupid
today or they’re just really unforgiving Maybe it’s because it takes multiple steps before you get a confirmation that what
you’re doing is on the right track And that kind of threw me off, but
we’re past it now so, okay, whatever What? Oh, my God. This is crazy Sejima’s even more removed from
everybody that we know, though That guy we don’t really know
too much about. Oh, my God What the hell is happening? And
while we were in the Somnium too, did 89 know that was gonna happen? I’m so numb. Everyone’s dying within
the span of what, 4 days? It can’t be Boss, right? Oh, my God And that’s a case of the eyes deceiving us because as soon as we saw the Somnium,
we thought that the guy killed the woman but as it turns out, according to what
the guy’s Somnium is saying, he didn’t do it, Rohan did it No He used to be a detective and she
works here, that part I feel like is okay Oh, my God I don’t want to jump directly to Boss as the killer But she’s definitely way more involved than we realize Tch. What? (Welonz chuckles) The computer (Welonz chuckles) Why do you have a voice? (Welonz chuckles) This is such a tense situation,
but they still make it so comedic What about the Happy Birthday sign? Hmph But the volleyball, that’s suspicious (Welonz gasps) Oh, my God! (Welonz chuckles) In Japanese, if you’re black, it means you’re guilty so he was saying, “Oh, she drinks black coffee, so she’s guilty!” Nothing (Welonz chuckles) Snowboard, no relation to the secret but what about the boy band? Oh, my god (Welonz gasps) (Welonz chuckles) Even A.I.s are interested in handsome young men (Welonz chuckles) I’m not done yet, though No clues on the Christmas tree, but the coat hanger… The key, the key (Welonz chuckles) Yes Is that just green on purpose or
are we taking more and more out? (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz laughs) God damn it, Okay, it’s the computer, right? It’s the computer Or the soba door curtain Curtain, the cur-tains are the clue The vent, that’s where Boss is. No, okay, okay, okay You can see Kaname’s foot Oh! (Welonz gasps) No way Hey, all we saw was a sleeve, okay? Oh, but that’s pretty bad (Welonz gasps) She made sure to put her face in the view What?! Heh, they made the same graphic for all the languages Yeah, okay. Oh my God, is that the end of this route for now? (Welonz gasps) Welonz reads the on screen description) So if you’re not familiar with
how these games usually go, Well, I’m only saying this based off Zero Escape but what happens is, we don’t have enough information to solve this case yet and how we get that information is by playing the other paths and the paths are like, um They’re kind of like, different possibilities
of what could happen throughout the day And I think we’re trying to find information on another path so that we can have enough to go back
to figuring why Boss killed Sejima But right now, we cannot go past here. (Welonz scoffs) Can this be a little bit
bigger, but not like super big? I want to see the whole thing. So we started here Yes, we found Nadami Shoko, Shoko Nadami and then Let me go down :Sinkin’ in the brain:, that’s the first Somnium and then we met Hitomi What does case file mean? Oh, it’s just reading about what happened here Yeah, okay And then Mizuki’s Somnium which as you can see here, there is two different routes Yes “Pysncin’ in the pain” We’ve opened the one that, um… This is the one with the balloons and the photo so maybe the balloons go to this one And…Right This is the part where we start
investigating Iris because she’s so fishy And then we go to her Somnium,
which also has two branching points. One of which we have not uncovered Depending on what we do within the Somnium itself And then we get stunned by Ota and Iris but then we also find them dead And then we go to meet 89 Which leads us to Boss’s video But here, we don’t have enough information to move on Mm, what should I do next? Should I–just like with Zero Escape, I think I asked about this too, but should
I go back to the last branching point? Like this is the end here, right? So if I go back to the last one, it would be Iris’ Somnium. So should I go here first, or– Should I go back even further and go to this one? The thing about going to this one immediately is that– we’re pretty familiar with what happened in the path
up until now already because we just played it But I don’t really have a preference.
Yeah, let me know what you think Like, I felt like we were still in control up until before we met 89 and then everything just spiraled in the chaos So right now, I’m not really sure what’s going on Sejima wasn’t even really on the map for me
and then he died and the killer is Boss? Pretty evidently too, I was even like,
“Oh, no, it’s just her sleeve. Maybe it’s not actually Boss” adnd then she freakin puts her face in the video. I d on’t know We’ll figure this up when we come back next time

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  5. 33:30 Yeah she's alive, but remember she lost the usage of her right arm.

  6. In the top left corner of the screen you get an objective. It seems that if you keep it in mind, the steps become pretty logical – in a dream logic way at least.

  7. The thing with the puzzles is that, they are somewhat trial/error and luck based, but the part where you have you use your brain is with the timies, because you have a bigger control over those.

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    And yeah, Boss was pretty suspicious. Still even chances on her not being a villain due to glycerin magic though.

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    Omg! Pewter is in on it too!

  12. It seems that you are having trouble with time because you are using your timies without thinking about it. You should keep strong timies and use them on long tasks instead of directly using them on the next action. For example if you have a 1/5 and a 10s action, it doesn't really make sense to use it to gain only 8s, and then be short on time because the next action takes 60s and you only have a 1/2 left. The 1/5 on 60s would have spared you 48s instead of 8s. There have even been several times where you used timies that increased the cost when you didn't have to ^^'

  13. I think it's makes the most sense to do iris one first but I am kind of curious what happens if you choose the balloons path.
    I guess you plan to do them all so it probably doesn't matter in which order you do them

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  18. Hey, you don't need to reload your save. You always have the option of restarting a Somnium from the beginning and then it won't forget what you've already seen.

  19. Personally i'd prefer if you went back to Mizuki's somnium and went through the right path, if only because every other LPer i've seen goes through the left branch first. In general though, going right back and finishing the left side will give you more information on the new Cyclops, while the right side will give you more information on Falco. But you're gonna get pretty confused either way. It's not an Uchikoshi game if it's not messing with your head.

  20. I see that a lot people have given you some tips for the Somniums, but two other things I can recomend are looking at a progress bar on the left and using bad timies well.

    On the left side of the screen where it shows the locks you can see the line between the locks get filled in a little after every action. When your ripped the books for example, it filled up the bar just a little bit until you ripped enough and you made it to the next lock.

    The other thing is using bad timies on actions that cost very little time if you can. Like if you get stuck with a 2× one try and use it on the lowest time action available to you even if youre sure what the next action you need to do is. like reading one of the books which would normally only take around 6 seconds would be only 12. That way you can just get rid of it without wasting to much time. I always tried to keep track of where the lowest time action was so I can just spam that if i get stuck with some bad timies.

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  29. Given that the last kill was clearly Boss, and the fishing hook kill was all but confirmed to be Iris – could it be that every case has its own killer? As in: the person who physically executes the murder. It could also be that this killer becomes the next victim afterwards, which would give us a killer for every murder.

    I wouldn't give any exact ideas on how that would be pulled off yet, but we are in a world cyberpunk enough for anime girl AI eyeballs and police machines for invading subconsciousness. Someone compelling people to do something they wouldn't ever normally do is on the table.

  30. It's a mess, but the things are finally starting to click. The amount of theories I have has increased tenfold over the course of the last two episodes.

  31. On Falco's story: I'll assume that at least the outline of what he said was truth, and try to guess the part he didn't say. Below this line: theory-crafting, possibly some spoilers.

    At the end of his story, Falco was in a bind: he had to save Iris and Hitomi from Rohan, who wanted her dead for a reason unknown to him. He called upon "a friend in the police". Given that he was experienced in tampering with evidence to make his kills seem like natural causes, he could have done it the other way around: plant evidence to frame his boss for a murder spree and remove him that way. That murder spree was the Original Cyclops Killings.

    His friend who helped him with it was likely Boss, given her appearance at the end. It also explains why Boss didn't want anyone to be looking in that case, and why she thought it was a done deal.

    The plan went to shit at some point, the crime boss was pissed and tried storming Falco's/Hitomi's house and killing them. Hitomi was shot in an arm, which cut the nerves and resulted in her losing her arm functions. Rohan was taken in by Boss, but he had friends in high places – So got him off the hook, and pulled enough strings to cover it all up. Falco and Rohan were blamed for the killings, and Falco went to jail. But his plan succeeded in that Rohan was out of picture, and Iris and Hitomi were safe.

    The reason Rohan wanted Iris and Hitomi dead? Iris's Somnium looked like some sort of chemical factory. Like the one that exploded a while ago, the one that was related to So's shady property deals. If Iris was involved in that, and So was involved with Yakuza, there's a good reason why Yakuza would want Iris dead.

  32. I'm either laughing or grimacing at the anime antics, but the game's story is really good when it gets serious. Personally, I would return to Iris' Somnium.

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    Also, I personally would also prefer doing the Iris route first, because I would rather have the same background of info for a bit longer before everything gets turned around with route blue!

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    Hmmh, what should I do next?
    For fxxk's sake, please stop switching your mouse back and forth like crazy!
    Hurts my Aibas, you know. 😉
    In the end, it doesn't matter which path you follow, you will go through them all anyway.

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  38. Welonz, you don’t have to reload a save to do the Somnium all over again! Instead of clicking retry, click restart and it will restart the entire Somnium, with the option to skip dialogue!

    And you got the ending I got as well! I don’t exactly remember which Somnium goes to which paths, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose first I assume. Do whatever you feel is best, or from the majority vote in the comments!

  39. I recommend going back to Iris’s Somnium and doing that branching path. The left and right sides of the tree where they split at Mizuki’s Somnium are quite different in tone. You will have a much better experience finishing as much of the left side before getting locked out and then moving on over to the right.

  40. You should continue from the nearest branching.

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