Extreme Storage Room Organization & Declutter 2019 | Storage Ideas | This House of Ours

Extreme Storage Room Organization & Declutter 2019 | Storage Ideas | This House of Ours

hey welcome back to this house of ours
if you guys want to see the messiest room in my house and watch me organize
it and declutter and everything like that just go ahead and keep watching okay so here is the storage room
so I actually I’ll show you in a minute I had to take stuff out of here and put
it like in the family room because I couldn’t even like make up half to get
through here. My husband hates when I do this I pile stuff on top of the freezer
and then when he wants to go in there he can’t so totally understandable. So
we do have like these awesome shelves that were already here with the house
when we bought the house and then obviously my husbands safe and
luggage so a lot is going on. I do have a game plan which I will share with you
guys in just a second. I’m gonna show you everything that I had to take out of
here to make room just so you can see everything that I have to do. Okay, so
like I had filled up this box this was just like some wedding stuff and some
things of my father’s. Those jerseys are from when we konmari’d our closet.
Here’s some extra plates and stuff that I’m not sure if we’re gonna be keeping
or what we’re gonna be doing with those. Probably keep them because they are part
of our set but yeah I mean this is our family room down. Here needs to be
cleaned so maybe that will be another video. See, I’m getting
a late start this morning, haha. It’s already almost 11 o’clock. What I
plan to do is because we have so many bins obviously I wish they were matching
that would be awesome but for right now I do have different color bins. I will
make bins for like each holiday or maybe by season. I’ll see how much stuff I
have I think out of all the seasons the most stuff I have is like for Christmas
because I love Christmas. So we’ll after I get everything out
of the storage unit exactly what we’re working with the space and everything like that. I’m gonna get Skyla down here… oh hi Faith. I’m gonna get Skyla down here because I need some help and she’s young and
strong. Dan’s outside mowing the lawn otherwise
I would have him help. Ready Axl. Axl say hi. They love downstairs
cause it’s so like cool down here they love it okay so this is what I got out so far.
Doesn’t look like a lot but a little dent The problem that I have, I was hoping to
go through everything in here and just kind of separate but there’s not a lot
of room to work in here so I’ll show you what I did. Okay so this
is round one of everything that I got out of the storage unit. I keep calling
it a storage unit it’s a is I guess the storage room. So I’m gonna sit right in
the middle and I’m going to go through everything. To see what we’re going to
keep what we’re not going to keep Alright so I just pulled more stuff
out of the storage room and I don’t know why I did that just yet because I still
have more stuff to go through. I just got there bringing stuff upstairs that for
sure is not going to be staying. So I could have a little bit more room to
work with. I’m just gonna go ahead and keep on going through stuff and making
my bins for my holidays and seasons probably seasons not holidays because
then it’s just going to get too confusing. So I think I will do seasons.
Then also I am going to separate, I have they been down here that has all
three of our like keepsakes stuff if I have enough bins I think I’m going to
make three separate bins for each of us. That way it’s not overflowing with stuff
and I did find more stuff of Skyla’s and Dan’s as well so alright guys I am all done that was a
lot of work I’m not gonna lie. But you can see the floor, haha, it’s just a cement
floor but I mean it is a storage room so. Over here I am just going to put like I have some decor pieces that I like to move around the house so I will just put
them on this this rack right here for right now.
I left my husband’s music stuff just because it fits nice right there
and I did struggle a little bit as you could tell in the video with trying to
see which bins fit better in these little cubbies. So this is what we have
our Christmas tree up there just some pillows and so I did get to combine
one of the bins the Easter and like st. Patrick’s Day because I don’t have
like enough stuff to I have like a whole bin dedicated to each of those and then
like I have a bin for like all of my artificial flowers just because I like
to switch those out all the time I have some cookware like some stuff
that we don’t use all the time but like maybe like once a year. Right here I put
like some Halloween like costume stuff party like balloons that kind of
thing. I do have some empty bins up there. Then down here I just put like
winter like love scarves stuff like that and then I just have like my fall decor
I don’t really have a Halloween bin because I don’t really put out like
Halloween decorations I usually will just put out like fall decorations and
that has pumpkins and everything in it. These two suitcases have like I don’t
know how many other suitcases inside of there I made sure to utilize the space
inside of suitcase pretty well. Then down here
just like what some of my husband’s stuff. Golfing bags so yeah that is I
think it turned out pretty well I just bumped into that I will show you guys what I have
left in the other room too. These wreaths that I have I just actually I make. I
will put out like this one I usually will put out like around like
Christmas time this one is has pumpkin so usually like fall time I will put that
out. This one I used to have out for summertime but I recently made a Disney
one that I love. Dan will be very happy that I got everything off of the
freezer. I know it still looks like a hot mess in here but I promise I
have it all under control. This is all just boxes that I need to break down and
all that stuff is garbage. I have stuff that is going to be sold at the garage
sale and there’s just some christmas tins over there right now my
christmas bin is actually in the garage so I have to bring that stuff out to the
garage. I have a bunch of jewelry stuff that I need just a package back up and
put it back into the storage room. I just wanted to go through that really quick
yeah so that’s pretty much it I just basically just need to put the
rest of this stuff away and decide what is going to be at the garage sale and
what stuff is going to be just donated and we’re making a good dent in the
basement down here all right already up my robe on because it’s nighttime and
just got done with everything so I’m gonna be going to bed very soon. I just
wanted to thank you guys for watching I hope this gave you some good motivation
for the week ahead or some inspiration if you have a room
or maybe just an area in your house that needs some attention and some
decluttering some organization whatever I hope that this video gave you
just what you need to get that done and I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. Wow!!! Good job!! Because I don’t work anymore I’m constantly decluttering. It gives me peace when my house is in order. When I buy something rather it’s a piece of clothing I get rid of a piece of clothing same with decor, furniture or whatever. You’re doing great with your home.

  2. You are soo gorgeous! I love what you did with your storage room!

  3. You are so beautiful and I love all your tattoos!

  4. Smart idea to put diff seasons in thier own bin and give each person thier memento boxes to go through later. I noticed that the shelves are great but rather narrow so you can't put decent sized bins there. You might think about removing/cutting a few to get more room. Thanks for sharing !

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