Eastern State Hospital Employment

(Music)>>JORDAN: I had never
even heard of Eastern until I came out here. >>DEREK: I had no clue.
um…Driving up to put my application in, it was a big
castle looking building. >>JORDAN: Before I came to
Eastern, I just wanted to land somewhere that
was solid, secure. Where I could move up, promote, and just build a career. >>FABI: I think Eastern State
Hospital is an excellent place for people to
start their career, because it is a career. When
you get here you get a sense of “this is where
I’m going to retire”. So I think ya, start it early
then… definitely early. >>DEREK: Graduated high
school, eighteen years old. Didn’t really know
what it was that I wanted to do… um… so I
applied in housekeeping out here and got hired on. >>MONA: I was working at
another facility and I thought well I will practice
interview skills, cause I was a little nervous. >>TOBY: I actually started as
a food service worker 17 years ago and moved
myself all the way up to Food Manger. >>DEREK: One of my supervisors
had suggested that I apply to be a Mental
Health Technician. So I applied and got accepted
to become a Mental Health Technician… um
and a… I did that for about 9 years… um… and
then there was talk of the Psychiatric Emergency
Response Team being implemented, so I went
ahead and applied for that and here we are today,
13 years later. >>MONA: And the individuals I
interviewed with really sold me on it. So I, you
know, got the job eventually and then truly
enjoyed it. >>FABI: So I was looking for a
social work position and I came upon Eastern. And I
saw what they were providing, what they were
offering. I liked it. I applied and I got it. >>GILLIAN: Excellent
benefits… vacation… um.. retirement. >>JORDAN: I really like the
team dynamics, the way the staff is setup
here, and working with all of the disciplines together
as a team to focus on each patient. >>MONA: So I’m a lead
Registered Dietician. I’ve worked here almost 5
years. >>GILLIAN: I’m a Forensic
Psychiatric Social Worker and I have been with
Eastern State Hospital since March, of 2016. >>FABI: We have people who are
Mental Health Technicians, who are in college
right now, so they’re a little bit
younger. Then you have people who are
just now started working in their field , like
me, who are in their thirties. Then you have people who are
established and are in their seventies. >>DEREK: Ya.. there’s all
different departments… I mean they have kitchen crew,
they have housekeeping, um…
maintenance, they have all different
departments so there is a broad spectrum of opportunities
out here. >>FABI: When we get hired we
have orientation and then we have somebody that
trains us in whatever job we’re gonna
actually be working in. So orientation is whole
hospital wide, but when you go to your actual job
you’ll have somebody that will train you on every
job and duty that you need to
do. >>DR. HENRY: The hospital is
never stagnate. It’s continued to progress in
it’s opportunities provided and resources provided
for the enhancements of our careers as well as
patient care. >>TOBY: Working here at
Eastern, you know, there’s so much training, so
much knowledge , so much communication… and I
don’t think you get that from other places all the
time. And Eastern State is very good
at providing that for us, so it is a great place
to work because we are getting all of that
stuff, and we’re providing a service to a clientele that
really needs us. >>FABI: Ya… I didn’t expect
to be where I’m at at this age and I think I’m
only at this level because of Eastern State. I couldn’t be
where I’m at in my life in other areas at other
jobs. So Eastern State offers some good things. I
don’t want to spill the beans, you gotta work here to
know (laughs). >>ANNCR: Eastern State
Hospital supports innovation, equity, diversity,
and inclusion principles throughout the hospital. If you
are seeking meaningful employment that
provides opportunities to make a real difference, a
career with Eastern State Hospital would be just
what you are looking for. >>FABI: Apply!.. apply…apply. You can’t get it if you don’t

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