Drug tests for welfare checks?

Drug tests for welfare checks?

you know in florida they had mandatory
drug testing for for uh… cash benefit recipients in that state there are four
thousand one hundred of them roughly statewide in interstate and uh… a hundred an eight of them
failed the test which means uh… in the neighborhood of
four thousand of them passed the test and the hundred-day who failed the test
almost all of them were for pot use uh… which could have been just they walk thru
rumor somebody was smoke in the way those tests work but in any case uh…
florida you have to reimburse somebody passes the test for the thirty buck
cause for the test so the state had to reimburse a hundred
eighteen thousand one hundred forty dollars which cost the state forty five
thousand seven hundred eighty dollars more then the benefits that they told people
they couldn’t get because they failed the drug test buddy clearly this does not pass the is
this good public policy or does this big fiscal sense classical so-called conservative test it looks to me like this is punishment uh… act on that may be very well the
case i did my argument is not that it should be uh… instituted everywhere i merely think that if uh… it was cost effective which there
are as you mention examples where was not cost-effective uh… then then uh… there but it is part of that mistake should have the probably do but
i don’t see anything now that’s outlandish about it anonymity ellis
island issue managing me if there’s a stigma associated with
being drug tested what he can you imagine the response in
this town if we if the federal government passed a law that said that
anybody who goes on television or radio has begun tested first or anybody who opt works as well as a
lobbyist has to be drug tested for speaking part one dozen or legislation
tightening car every morning when they show up for work or maybe played maybe legislators is a
good comparison here that you were particularly comparisons the question is whether the government uh… is give it in money of welfare
uh… to sure they have should we have to the american people have to give
money to those of who are on drugs thank his natural right that we need
that those who take drugs should i’d be able to get money uh… garrard are deserve money from the
government i don’t think that’s uh… you know a natural born right that they
have so i figured out there saying it is
certainly as before and they’re suffering from the disease
of drug addiction to hell with them we’re gonna make their life even more
miserable and i can’t read them well actually in the example that you’re citing time
i’m not exactly sure why you’re upset with the high up well high low it
doesn’t even seem to be a case whether doing this uh… poor fiscal reasons
they’re doing this to according to the what the law the legislation from what i
can tell is to help people get off the drugs uh… what what it they have set aside
money because they were shamed into a genie when the original always proposal
is a part of the florida alone it was what it is now but i’d say i think this also with the
was changed it’s may still you’ll still hear is that
stigma is still says all you want if you don’t be he wants a welfare benefits
here at the piano cup what happens to our saying we are so
great a country we are so richer country we are so or
dynonobel brought a remarkable i don’t know why i have pockets of of horrible grinding poverty in this
country were not there there’s a certain that’s met that we’re not gonna let
people fall through and we agree i don’t think it is again a
natural born right that says that uh… if you are in
poverty and you’re doing drugs at the same time that the government needs to
subsidize that i don’t think that the government area
as an obligation to subsidize that i think it’s the right of states should
they decide it’s cost-effective the drug test people now again in this whole heil
built on but you know foreseen everybody who’s taking who’s getting a house in this all high hauville uh… it’s actually from what i can tell has nothing to do with economic matters
at this point it’s basically just ride to wean people
off drugs uh… use that you know this disease you want to hurt people of this disease
and drug abuse all ohio with the legislation is designed to do uh… also understand why you won’t pose a if this is something i would like
you know how you fall heil if the republicans are so committed to helping
people who are drug abusers why have everybody in the state be forced to be
in hookup what workers they don’t have that that would be kind
of uh… i think overstepping their bounds of forcing everybody to do
something out of the good beating constitutional or been forced to drug
testing uh… reminded and i had no prob people that you if you if you if you
have no problem with somebody so many falling into the bathroom once a month
and watching you begin to look up it will be a choice it by word or canada
carlos a you can work here but if you do you have
to dig a drug test and then i would have a choice whether i want to work at the
daily collar buying eggs and subject myself to actresses i became a huge boxing fan i
guess we can just watched many tackle quite won the gal markets both of them
have to take drug tests uh… certainly after they fight no they weren’t they
were not looking for a bfa recreational drugs they were looking for performance
enhancing surrogates back in the case uh… concept was that’s true but it but
it also recreational drugs uh… of yet i was kind of thrown in after the
fact that you had but i don’t know if it wasn’t as a right up there with the
other testing travis junior uh… one of the great uh… box as the
son of the legendary a travesty uh… recently had a major fight and he had
party is found out that he had caught uh… in his system and he’s been
napping barred from vegas fighting for a year yet but as i said that that was
that was basically added on not being delivered off the whole drug test at
least thing was all about performance enhancing
drugs and and and and then the drug testing
industry got on board with island i’ve seen this in a sarajevo charitable
appointees the point is uh… that if they did they don’t if
they don’t like that if they think it’s area uh… invasion of privacy to get drug
tested they have a choice uh… in the case of
the many paco was on mon juan miguel marquis as they came for go millions of dollars that they can uh…
earn uh… of or they can take the drug test
they chose to do it this happens on a much smaller level he uh… with people with the job they take it in this case
in some cases some states want to have welfare
recipients uh… vote to lab what do you care that i don’t care that i think that
there is no can i just thought in part of this issue very much and four drug
legalization i don’t have a moral problem people do
drugs but i don’t think it’s necessary to the
government by should subsidize that i i don’t that adore sdo actually what i
hear a bad idea but jamie the position that you’re taking is that uh… your tax dollars in my tax dollars
should be taken from us at gunpoint to pay to drug test somebody who’s not earning income on uh… don’t you think again our tax dollars are being taken up by
taking from us by force by marrying you has to pay off the drug
tests no they’re also being views uh… to give onto welfare recipient by
set that aside for a moment why don’t why would you want our tax dollars you have a lot of studios drug tests
like anyhow dat who who is not driving a car or
operating dangers equipment preferred not to work and advocating
this is a great policy proposal i’m saying that they have if you are a bit and not insane if it
makes sense on the state level for a pistol reasons uh… which there’s evidence has ever
been demonstrated in fact in florida i found it makes sense and i thought this
thing it has i’m saying if it does and there’s evidence as you suggested
doesn’t i think it’s the state’s right uh… well within their rights to do it
i have no moral objection i had to do the many people to drug test before they
get money from the state so so i don’t moral objection to it i’m not advocating
it as a matter of good valujet blackberries notices beside this in my opinion this is about
two things is one about you know further demeaning people who are already done on
their laughlin action number two we’ve got his industry that is very very
wealthy date they took the cell fifteen cents for the
chemicals for thirty five bucks what can’t that will be trying to help
people themselves telling lies well kind of people who have rot in hell drug test everybody instead both have placards or thinking about
helping those who are welfare

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  1. I keep being offered over and over again, heavy duty prescription pain killers…. but I can't smoke pot?

  2. Chavez Jr. went 12 rounds, knocking down his opponent in the 12th… the question is being missed….is POT an enhancement drug or is it a dangerous debilitating drug? The silly fool for a guest is a total idiot to be using that as an example, we have to drug test people for pot because they might be able to go 12 rounds in a boxing match if they do… Oh OK I understand.

  3. If law makers aren't also drug tested it's a violation of human rights. Either they get tested, or no one gets tested.

  4. Does this moron Thom think that everyone who uses drugs have a health problem? If he does, he can pay for their habit WITH HIS OWN FUCKING MONEY.

  5. Thom, welfare doesn't prevent poverty, it produces more of it you dumb stupid moron.

  6. This is a scam to give tax payer dollars to corporations. The companies who produce these tests are paid exorbidantly. Only a few percent of people tested come up positive for drugs (most who do drugs don't come up positive because drugs leave the system in 48 hours) EXCEPT for marijuana, which is no worse than alcohol. They want to make money making people take these tests and make money for the privatized penal system imprisoning people for marijuana use. SCAM.

  7. Addiction is considered a health issue unless you work for the gov't, then you are considered a criminal.

    Now you are bitching over $45k or so. You should be bitching about the welfare that the Oil and Corn producers receive. That welfare is is call entitlements.

    Thorn is right on, if you want to help people with drug problems, test everyone in the state. Don't select a few out that get Gov't money and force them to take the test when you are not doing it for companies and countries.

  8. Huge fan of yours Thom but this guy may have a point.

  9. No, he doesn't have a point. Or, at least a defensible point.

  10. People who think that individuals who are on welfare should be drug tested strongly believe that one of the reasons that people are on welfare is because of drug use.

    If this turns out not to be true then they will defend this policy on principal.

  11. I think this is just going to cause more problems. Drug testing on welfare isn't gonna work. Its not work how like the TSA, drug war, and Patriot ACT didn't work. Just by my experience the welfare system already sucks ass 2 begin with. Its hard enough 2 get on it and once ur on it and u move up but still need help they punish u for success. Most Americans don't know shit about the welfare system. Who's gonna pay for all the drug tests? Lets c tax payers.

  12. I just think the GOVERNMENT should not have anymore power over a citizen than they did 100 years ago…Its ALL a SCAM to control the masses…It teaches the unintellegent to obey authority. Its also funny that you would drug test the poor. Depression follows poverty and the only remedy this culture will give them is drugs…PROZAC< Pain Killers<Anti-Depressents<Pot in some states and ALCOHAL in all…This circus is getting old!!!

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