Drug Test State Employees, Welfare Recipients?

Drug Test State Employees, Welfare Recipients?

this episode and texas brought to you by realists ritz cited it of two different groups of people first aid
workers mandatory now discuss different now uh… you can be great interest that testing
of government workers according to the supreme court it has to be in jobs were public safety is
an issue otherwise you have to reasonable suspicion
of drug is governor of south florida football at not but the devils process he’s gonna do random drug-testing of all employees
whether they’re in public safety tonight and uh… whether they have probable cause
of the or were there any suspicion or not isn’t wasn’t makes it look at how views state works he assumes that they are likely to be criminals
or that they are drug users bt tested yet prove their legitimacy to actually ok and you get a sense of how it
goes by that the second category but if you do drug testing had just because he wants to be he doesn’t
like that doesn’t trust them it’s he’s welfare people apart test that and uh… here’s my favorite part they will
also be required to pay further drug screen farrakhan no they’re coming to you because
they re desperate need of money that you see some of the stories this heartbreaking
couples who had to good jobs who because of the economic downturn of lost jobs they got
two kids to go to school in the suburbs and homes banal this high is fixed about what for in c the only your doing that by the way through government sponsored program
they go to sleep at night hungry undertake extra money in your pocket the testing for
drugs and i don’t trust it intimate doesn’t mean that i don’t think that
here’s a guy who offered extra i’m sure archives on welfare vigor idle itself by business today i’ve always armani that waste their money
i’m random drug testing scott can label but might be at this point you might cells
they found the looked at by the bottled up no rick’s hot is not honest obfuscation he doesn’t get wet is about the drugs use it at that time stigmatized dehumanized and punishes people
how do i know that well last word is good uh… he has staunchly opposed to a state
like computer database that would track prescriptions abidin purpose at and other dangerous narcotics
on the grounds of privacy all when it comes to the white trucks hahahahahahaha privacy privacy is really important
safeguards i was glad to help the dropped out of the dead why people don’t like it did people people set desired but it gets worse florida’s the largest u_s_ state without a doubt at least track interest including oxy koto uh… and it is the on cinco de la is described abide waters of the at the center of america
is the legal film ill-trained prescription dope dealers okay and by the way you might remember there was a very famous president or who was logon oxy com that was rush limbaugh satellite paulette now exploit is those kind of a legal trapti intact perfectly
ok nope black people in all people and and minorities and state prison catsup that rich like this that app that we don’t
write drugs at all you’ve opinion your victory in the country
that scott i mean this guy’s lonesome in eight hundred
different ways and he doesn’t give a damn about any kind
of consistency all the kids about acting rich people and punishing everybody else including the
toward the middle class and and and the average worker in the state its case thrilling dancing a great concessions forward about when you’re looking up a little
on uh… best in bars restaurants and and services
anything you’re looking for pros as a you signed up his prolific dot com slash you likey pearl notes think about it out of the uh… uh… repair yet but but
but but but but but but uh… notebook the world for work

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  1. @DarkBunnyLord Just because someone on welfare is using drugs, that doesn't mean they are using their welfare money to pay for those drugs.

  2. @PeteLogan69 Actually Michigan was the first state and they threw out the law on the basis that it violates the 4th amendment rights of welfare clients to drug test them without probable cause.

  3. @Sneakyfart Who gets welfare to sit on their butt all day and do nothing? The people who purchase non-food items also get a money grant on their EBT card and they can purchase any legal item with the money.

  4. We need to drug test all welfare recipients weekly and randomly! If you think about it we would actually save a lot of money. I live in so Cal… and in my particular town… 72% of the population is 100% dependant on Government assistance! Also at least half of the population is addicted to hardcore drugs. Mostly Meth. So wouldn't you say this is enough evidence of abuse to the welfare system? Welfare and food stamps was not created so that we can fund everyones drug habit.

  5. @jfsfrnd Yes but it does mean they have enough expendable money that they feel they don't need to spend it on food / living costs, etc. I'm sorry, but if your on welfare and out entertaining yourself then somethings wrong, you should only be on welfare if you have absolutely no money to live on, not if you have extra expendable income you feel you can blow getting high, especially when doing those drugs is going to mean no job and thus no possibility of getting off welfare.

  6. It never fails… almost every time I go to a grocery store… their are multiple people standing outside of it offering to go inside with you and pay for your groceries on their EBT card and in exchange you only give them in return is half of the cost of your groceries in cash. Why? So they can buy drugs and alcohol… the young Turks are spineless individuals. Fuck the young Turks.

  7. @DarkBunnyLord Does everyone pay for drugs with money? Does everyone pay for drugs? Some people are given drugs by their friends and family. Being on welfare doesn't mean that you only pay for rent food and bills and have no money left. You can go to a movie, out to dinner, buy a magazine, buy cigarettes or beer (totally legal), buy anything you want with the money left over.

  8. @jfsfrnd No one said it wasn't legal. My point is if I'M paying your bills, I only want to pay for what's necessary. If you want the luxuries of life get a fucking job. Welfare isn't meant to be paying for you to go out and have fun, it's meant to keep you off the streets.

  9. @jfsfrnd (cont) On top of this it's completely irrelevant if you payed for the drugs or got them from a friend, the fact is if your ON DRUGS chances are you're NOT going to get a job as no employer is going to want to hire someone on drugs. Thus if you're not able to get a job, or just extremely unlikely, then you're basically staying on welfare and not trying to recover, THIS is the problem. It's HUGE drain on society and not fair for the people booting your bill when you're not trying.

  10. @MrBowles760 How do you know that all those people are on welfare?

  11. @MrBowles760 Multiple people? Then report it to the Dept of Agriculture. I have never seen that in my entire life.

  12. @DarkBunnyLord No you are not paying my bills. Welfare is meant to keep families out of poverty. It is not meant to lock people in their homes all month. They can go out and enjoy the same entertainment as anyone else.

  13. Socialism had absolutely nothing to do with making America what it used to be which was great. What made America great was free market, capitalism and the hard working responsible men and women before this day in age. Along with the good morals and Christian values that shaped our country.

  14. @jfsfrnd By "You" I was referring to those on welfare, a sort of "put yourself in the shoes" hypothetical (I thought that was somewhat obvious, if not I apologize).
    Also again I disagree COMPLETELY with your statement. For one it has nothing to do with the drug issue that was originally brought up.
    Second "just like anyone else" except "anyone else" worked for, and earned that money. I don't get this entitlement that so many Americans have. Again if you have enough money to be out and (cont)

  15. @jfsfrnd (cont) about enjoying yourself (again you refers to those on welfare) then you don't need to be on welfare. Pay off your bills first, it's this little something we call responsibility.

  16. @DarkBunnyLord Who said they don't pay their bills off first? Do you want retired senior citizens who are taking care of their grandchildren to get a job? How about single parents who are raising disabled children who need specialized care? And disabled adults who are on SSI/SSDI who are raising children? You need to stop stereotyping people. Why are you belittling the parent who opted to raise the child(ren) and not belittling the absent parent who is not raising the children?

  17. @jfsfrnd Pardon but if ones bills are paid off then what do they need the welfare for exactly? One shouldn't be receiving more money from welfare than what is neccessary, if you're going out and spending it on movies and having fun, you're getting to much. You still haven't yet justified why I, nor anyone else, should be paying for someone else to have fun.
    I didn't steryotype anyone, all of those people receive money from special programs not welfare. (Medicare, social security, etc)

  18. @jfsfrnd (cont) Also please PLEASE could you return to the original topic and justify why the drug tests are bad? Hmm?
    Again the point is to be getting a job and get off welfare, if your'e on drugs you're not going to be getting a job.

  19. @DarkBunnyLord Listen to Cenk.

  20. @MrBowles760 Yeah that's why the government didn't give out land to families – right?

  21. @jfsfrnd If they have ANY money for drugs they shouldn't be receiving tax payer money.

  22. @89ruger FUCK YOU!!!

  23. @89ruger I'm at work now dumb ass.

  24. @whothaplaya Many people get their drugs given to them from their friends and family.

  25. @89ruger I don't sell drugs. I'm your mother's pimp.

  26. @jfsfrnd If their family and friends can afford to give away drugs they can afford to give away food. So they shouldn't be receiving money from taxpayers.

  27. @whothaplaya You can't eat drugs.

  28. @jfsfrnd No shit. But if someone is giving you drugs which are expensive. They would be able to afford to give you food which is relatively cheap.

  29. @whothaplaya Hey man people barter shit for drugs. What do you know? LOL

  30. @jfsfrnd If they can barter their stuff for drugs they can barter their stuff for food and shouldn't be on welfare.

  31. @whothaplaya I was talking about the people who are giving them drugs.

  32. @Atheist18505 So it this some kind of new way to fight the drug war? The money is for their children to have a stable place to live and eat.

  33. lol.. the CEOs and the gov officials should be getting the testing cuz they're all on coke…

  34. @MrBowles760 Amen to that! I haven't heard a comment like that in a long time.

  35. LOL, your argument sucks, i couldnt even watch the entire video. Your everything that is wrong with America.

  36. @TheSquirrelsquirrels lol, rush is a heroin addict aswell when you think about it (oxys are synthetic heroin)

  37. @CleanAndWhite Really. And what laws would back your ideas? Citation please?

  38. @CleanAndWhite I'm still waiting for a citation of those laws.

  39. @4GroundsKeeperWillie Chandler v. Miller (96-126), 520 U.S. 305 (1997)

    (d) The Court expresses no opinion on medical examinations designed to provide certification of a candidate's general health or on financial disclosure requirements, and it does not speak to drug testing in the private sector, a domain unguarded by Fourth Amendment constraints. Pp. 16-17.

    Did you read that? Welfare is in the Public Sector. Employers can drug test in the private sector depending on state law.

  40. @4GroundsKeeperWillie The money they receive is the governments, not yours. Prove they are using drugs and then prove they used their welfare money to pay for those drugs. Drugs are not sold at the store. People get their drugs from their associates and some get them for free.

  41. I am all for this, WHY? 1st no one is telling you thaqt you have to accept this free money, but if you do then you will met some simple requirements, one being a drug test.
    Chandler vs miller do not play into this as some of you think.

  42. @pengee0419 So why don't you tell us where a mom with children and no support is supposed to go? Is she suposed to live in a shelter until she finds a job? Her job is dependent on there being reliable daycare. If that fails she is out of work and home with her kids. It's illegal to leave a child (usually under teen age) alone at home. Is she supposed to prostitute herself or get money through some other criminal activity? A drug test doesn't tell whether she bought drugs with the welfare.

  43. Is a retired senior supposed to raise their grandchildren on their retirement money? Is a disabled person on SSI/SSDI supposed to raise their children on their disabilty money? How about a single parent with no support who has a sick child who needs home care? Are all these children supposed to be placed in foster care? It would still cost you money and destroy the stability of the family.

  44. @jfsfrnd Is welfare money suppose to be used for cigarettes & alcohol? Is SSI/SSDI not given to that person who qualifies for it(which is another whole scam)for their needs, and not that of a dependent child? How about stopping many of these so called entitlements, and getting many of these people off their fat lazy asses. It only cost us big dollars because our government allows it

  45. Funny how they say that only 6% of those on welfare are on drugs, but Florida found hat they only had 5%, but guess what, that is 5% that he tax payers no longer have to foot the bill on. Good job Florida

  46. @pengee0419 When did it raise to 5%? I heard that 2% of those tested were positive with one fighting the decision.

  47. @pengee0419 Is there a law that says they can't buy those items with welfare money? Yeah the SSI/SSDI is for the needs of the disabled person, not their children. Do you realize that most of the time you have to go to court – with a lawyer, psychologist/medical doctor, labor expert and judge – to prove you are disabled? It isn't just handed out to fat/lazy people. Those who are cheating usually get found out because they get caught doing the things they say they can't do.

  48. They have to go somewhere to live if they can't work. You are going to pay one way or another. They can't live on the street. And the shelter system isn't set up to house them.

  49. @pengee0419 ''Chandler vs miller do not play into this as some of you think''

    Still waiting for that evidence.

  50. @jfsfrnd READ thats all you have to do. What do you want everthing handed to you for free. Oh wait you just might since you are so pro welfare

  51. California just passed the "DREAM LAW" which allows ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to apply for USA college tuition. ! I am in the aviation business, and I have to take a drug test, pre employment and random. About 90% of ALL jobs in america have pre employment drug test. when you WEED out the scammers on welfare by this drug tests, then you will see a HUGE amount of deficit starting to get knocked out.
    I can't wait until this is COUNTRY WIDE – people are calling this racisit ? well I work for a living

  52. and I don't mind pissing in a cup to GET A FUCKING JOB, this has nothing to DO with race, it's to get the criminal shit heads that TAKE ADVANTAGE of this system to get the money back into the peoples hands that actually NEED it……..Get rid of the DREAM ACT and start drug testing welfare recipients and we will see a BIG drop in america's debt just from those 2 things, I served the military for 6 years to help pay for my college, I should have just jumped the border –

  53. All politicians and state government employees need to be drug tested also. Like welfare people they are also receiving tax payer money. Who do these politicians think they are. Loud cheers to the Turks for your support for Ows!!! Would like to see something about this née louisiana law ban on cash transactions, I thought US currency is legal for any transaction , public or private. Just another way to rape Americans with bank fees. Jindal is bought and paid for by bankers

  54. @rushforce33 Yeah 2 percent. And 98 percent of the testing money returned. How does that save the state money?

  55. @jfsfrnd
    I said nothing about 2 percent, I said 2 things…….Take away the california DREAM ACT LAW and start drug testing welfare recipients, if anyone is getting money from the government, the government should drug test them, I am an Air Force veteran and took random drug tests every 4-6 months, didn't bother me, because I was getting paid….I said nothing about saving the state money, I said the GOVERNMENT (welfare controllers) would save a crap ton of money by weeding out the bad apples

  56. @rushforce33 Take away the dream act and you will have youth with no future and that = trouble. It's better to educate them so they can be full members of this society. You took drug tests because your job demanded that people be straight to work with the machines and other dangerous equipment. Drug testing of welfare recipients has just been deemed unconstitutional by a judge in Florida. How does it save money when 98 percent of the test money had to be reimbursed?

  57. @jfsfrnd
    Take away the dream act and you will have 1 less reason for illegal immigrants to come over to the united states. If you pass the drug test on welfare, then you shouldn't have to pay the difference back. If you fell, you should be charged with fraud/stealing and should have to pay the money back for the test. then you are ineligible to get welfare for at LEAST a year….Think of how much money that would save, say 15% OFF of welfare…..add it up… will shock you….

  58. @Mikster1967 It is unconstitutional. Drug testing in the public sector has already been decided by the Supreme Court.

  59. @rushforce33 Illegal immigrants are coming to the united states to work. They bring their children with them. Children born in the United States are citizens as a right of their birth.

    People on welfare are not criminals, they're mostly mothers trying to take care of their children. When you cut a parent off welfare, you cut their children off as well. Your ideas would create a new generation of kids who know no one cares about them and some of them would act out against society.

  60. @jfsfrnd
    another bullshit law that the mother automatically becomes a citizen if she is illegally crosses and pops that little bean sprout in america…..I didn't say people on welfare are criminals, I said that a percentage are scamming the system and those people have been doing it for way too long, why should a mother that is taking care of her kids on welfare be upset about taking a drug test ? she shouldn't be doing drugs while taking care of her kid….my idea would save so much money.

  61. @jfsfrnd
    There are legal ways about coming to america and working. If they want to become a citizen, they should be obligated to serve a minimum of 4 years in the military and then apply for citizenship…'s an easy process and they get paid ! win win on that plan. I guess if I wanted college tuition and free welfare handed to me with no questions asked I should have moved to mexico, became a mexican national and hopped the border into the states….

  62. @rushforce33 ''another bullshit law''

    Yeah they just passed it. LOL

  63. We have more legal and illegal immigrants coming into this country every year, than job are created. There are not enough jobs for everyone. I was self employed floor contractor for 21 years, I am not lazy, I live in south Florida, I know how tO do slot of things. There are no jobs. Hell , I can't even get work at day labor, every now and then I scrape up a little side job. It is getting worse, and the unemployment rate is much higher than what they are saying.

  64. @jfsfrnd

    It's pretty shitty that I served my home country just so the people on capital hill can just turn around and screw what the military believes in. Protection of our home land and the CITIZENS in it, If you are NOT a LEGAL citizen then the people on capital hill are just shitting on the people protecting the country… point was rhetorical, It was a joke, I was pointing out that illegals can just hop the border and get free college tuition in california…..

  65. several vet friends that came to the states only on a working visa and served the country for 4 – 20 years and went about it the LEGAL Way to get their american citizenship, Columbians,Brazilians, people from the Fiji Islands, British, etc. THERE ARE LEGAL WAYS OF WORKING IN STATES and "EARNING" a right to become a citizen, it's not a fucking hand out like halloween, it's something that you earn by working hard and doing it the LEGAL way, and the dream act is just shitting on true americans

  66. to hell with that just shut down welfare period. BTW most welfare recipients are on illegal drugs. I bet you do drugs why tour bitchin lol.

    The republic will cease to exist when Government takes from those who are industrious and gives to those who refuse to work.
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

  67. @outlawspywv What document is that quote from? Cite it.

    If you shut down welfare you will still have to pay money for the children to be cared for outside of their parents home either by a relative or the foster care system.

  68. @Mikster1967 So go create a business and create some jobs.

  69. @rushforce33 Were any of them children who were brought here by their parents?

  70. @jfsfrnd
    I SAID THEY WERE NOT ILLEGAL, THEIR FAMILIES HAD VISAS to work and live in the states. you can't be an illegal immigrant in the military but you CAN have a VISA and every immigrant person I've ever met in the military has been in america 100% legal, if they can do it and get citizenship, so can other people…..

  71. @rushforce33 The California Dream Act is for the CHILDREN who were brought here by their parents who have no country except the Unites States where they grew up and went to grade school. What do you want to do, deport them when they turn 18? They have no place to go and no family or friends anywhere but here.

  72. @jfsfrnd
    Unless you are in the states 100% LEGALLY, how can you justify that the states use AMERICAN tax dollars to GIVE Tuition to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ? If you can't afford college, get a high interest loan and fuck your credit for a while, or join the military.I took the 2nd choice and now i'm making 6 figures.
    You can deport them BEFORE they are 18….if you are in the states ILLEGALY, that is a crime…..POINT BLANK…..this is just another act by liberals looking for the minority vote.

  73. @rushforce33 I don't think someone can get a loan or join the military unless they are a citizen. That's the point. You are in favor of deporting children? To where? They grew up here. This is where their friends are. Most of them speak English and don't even speak the language of the country they were brought here from. Have you even researched why the legislature passed this law? I suggest you go to the website and read it. Why does Rick Perry support it in his state? not a lib 🙂

  74. @rushforce33 And BTW you overlooked my joke about that ''bullshit law'' you were talking about a while ago. Do you even know why someone is a citizen if they are born here?

  75. @jfsfrnd
    Rick Perry doesn't support it to get the minority vote….and YES you CAN join the military if you are not a citizen but only if you are a LEGAL RESIDENT ! such as a WORK VISA/GreenCard – I know, I served with people NOT from the states, but they eventually got their citizenship while serving. YES i would deport children back to wherever the hell they came from or whatever border the jumped……I would rather pay tax on deportation of illegals than pay texas on giving them college $

  76. @jfsfrnd
    It's bullshit because a WOMAN that is pregnant that HOPS the border ILLEGALLY into the US can give birth to her child on US soil and they HAND her a social security card and citizenship……how is that NOT fucked up ?
    Send the Bill to Mexico and ship her and her baby back, i'm all for temporary healthcare incase of child birth but after that, mexico should compensate the states that provided the healthcare and transportation for that illegal bitch

  77. @jfsfrnd Relative is not public and is there business if they want to private pay. Foster care in my book gets no government funds for that either, like i said shut it all down. take the welfare binky out of america mouth. QQ

  78. @outlawspywv You never told me where you got that fake Jefferson quote from. I sounds more like a quote from Scrooge than from Jefferson.

    So a child's parents die and he/she has no one. You just let him die?

  79. @rushforce33 So ALL illegals are from Mexico?

  80. @jfsfrnd
    Did I say that ? ? ? NO I DID NOT…….BUT……the majority of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS come from mexico or other spanish decent countries…….that was a poor attempt to make me look like a mexican racist……HAHAH

  81. @jfsfrnd this book is my info did it for a final paper for my political science course. Reading and thinking for yourself makes you smart and prosperous. loving welfare, drugs and free rides makes you dumb and bad.
    The Life of Thomas Jefferson: In 3 Volumes, By Henry Stephens Randall

  82. omg i just realized this is the occupy places people, no wonder there mad about drug testing for welfare, there all hippies someone should show up and play them some Slayer. If you don't get the joke smoke another one brah your tarded lol.

  83. @outlawspywv What volume and page number? I don't love ''welfare, drugs, and free rides''. I just care about women and children. There needs to be a safety net for women and children who become homeless for lots of reasons.

  84. @outlawspywv Drug testing in the public sector has been decided by the US Supreme Court as unconstitutional. It has nothing to do with ''occupy places'', hippies, or Slayer.

  85. I guarantee more than 80% of people on welfare are drug users, I'd rather fund drug testing for welfare then fund crack addicts on welfare.. There is no negative at all in this. This would be so much better for America.

  86. The Young Turks is missing the point. It's not about giving preference to whites over minorities. Its simple economics. Welfare people don't earn their money so they shouldn't be spending it on drugs. Why is everything about race with these guys. I smoke weed everyday, I'm white, and I live in a poor urban apartment. But you know what, I'm not on welfare so I spend MY hard earned money on weed, not tax payer money. Stop playing the fucking race card.

  87. @nbarile18 Once it is given to them, it is THEIR money. It is unconstitutional because the Supreme Court has decided that drug testing in the public sector is unconsitutional. That's why.

    Just because someone gets caught using drugs doesn't mean they spent any of their own money on them. It is false reasoning to believe so.

  88. @TheJasonl11 So disabled, children and elderly are supposed to ''get a job like everyone else''? Many able bodied people who get food stamps do work.

  89. @witkow22 Oops! Actually YOU'RE missing the point. Drug testing the poor (or anybody!) without reasonable cause is bad policy; its unethical and demeaning. Secondly, the cost of these tests is far greater than any potential money the state would save. Did you know that only about 2% of all welfare recipients in FL actually tested positive? And lastly, when it comes to race and drug crime the numbers are unfairly stacked against minorities (do some homework on that one, its well known).

  90. @witkow22 Sure, but it's a waste of money. They cover this in a follow up story…

  91. Could someone please find the citation from the supreme court I would like to read that decision,
    Thank you very much in advance

  92. Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott says he will drug test all public employees regardless of the type of job or any probable cause. Is this legal? He also wants to test welfare recipients but he is opposed to a database to track prescription drugs.

  93. florida makes tons of money of prescription drugs and the average idiot out here is a junkie in denial. just because the oppressors say its legal doesn't make it right.
    why should they be allowed to profit over making people fiends through lies and trickery?

  94. Well said. I know too many people that brag about being on welfare and getting "free" drugs and money. it's sad when i see some people on welfare living better than some that work their asses off. But of course they are going to play the race card, that's what they do, so they can justify and at the same time demonize white people. if they are challenged at that point by a white person they are automatically racist are is trying to oppress the minorities. in reality its the other way around.

  95. Actually your missing the point, Florida prescribes more narcotic painkillers than any other state in the country BY FAR (Jacksonville alone prescribes over a million Oxycontin pills a month) and because of Medicaid and Medicare many of the prescription recipients ARE ON WELFARE and thanks to gov. Scott we have no system in place to track these drugs. Sounds like gov. Scott expects everyone to make a living off of Big Pharma kickbacks n defrauding Medicaid and Medicare like he did………….

  96. To those who think this is a good idea: How about those on unemployment? Social Security recipients? Medicare? Medicaid? Those whose kids go to public school? They're all benefiting from taxpayer dollars too. Are they not? How about the owners of businesses that receive tax breaks from local, state and federal gov't? Why are we not screaming for their urine too? Because it doesn't make the people in line at the supermarket who see someone with an iPhone and food stamps feel better, that's why.

  97. You people who are willing to deny citizens their 4th amendment right in order to have some sort of control in their lives disgust me. Be honest with yourselves and ask, what other rights are you willing to forfeit? Meanwhile, here's a fact for you to ponder. The Florida law ended up spending $45,780 more than it would have saved taxpayers, and that's before administrative and legal costs associate with the testing. More of your tax dollars pissed down the drain. Brilliant plan!

  98. Ive heard from someone that half of the people that were going to receive money dropped out rather than be tested, showing that if there was no testing 50% more people would be on welfare on drugs.. I don't know if this is true .. I wouldlike to hear from you.

  99. I don't feel safe when these people have vices

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