Dragon Ball AF Chapter 5: The Untold Story! Xicor Vs Broly And Vegeta! Goku Finally Returns To Earth

Dragon Ball AF Chapter 5: The Untold Story! Xicor Vs Broly And Vegeta! Goku Finally Returns To Earth

with our heroes gathered together in
preparation for zikos revival we gear ourselves up for what is going to be a
the Battle of all battles with our heroes all on the same page fighting for
the same cause they await zikos return as Dragonball AF never follow through by
continuing its story after Dragonball AF manga chapter number 4 in which you can
find all of the previous Dragonball AF manga chapters down in the description
box below but for the first time we are going to be taking a look at the
original rough draft for Dragonball AF manga chapter number 5 which brings us
along and shows us what happens when Zykov exits the Z sword for the very
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manga playlist as we kick off the original rough draft for Dragonball AF
manga chapter number 5 with Zico having to be shown being freed from the Z sword
as trunks Vegeta Krillin everyone looks on with Zico are
having to be enraged at the fact that he was kept within the Z sword for such a
short time but even then as Krillin begins to speak to trunks immediately as
it happens Vegeta gets in the face of xyq or what I find very fascinating
about this is according to the previous manga chapter in manga chapter number 4
Vegeta had been specifically training and preparing for Z cores inevitable
arrival for 5 years within the time chamber slash gravity room as of course
Vegeta has been doing everything he could and his ability to get stronger
up until the point of Zhai cores resurrection but even as we see Vegeta
begin to speak to psycorps clearly there’s also a height
difference between the two it looks like vegeta isn’t concerned with psycorps in
the least because from what it looks like what the information having to be
gathered by course seems like he’s about to destroy the entire planet out of pure
frustration but Vegeta quickly transforms into a Super Saiyan Super
Saiyan 1 as he quickly proceeds to combat psycorps however the minute
Vegeta actually goes against psycorps cycles a few punches but immediately
misses and with Vegeta having to use the sheer energy behind the force of his
pushes he’s beginning to push his AI core back as I cores completely baffled
as to how strong Vegeta had gotten with in such a short time
and what I really enjoy about this is seeing a toy bull’s depiction of how the
Agena is holding his own against I : out using
Super Saiyan whore as a matter of fact as Vegeta is shown charging on in he
quickly gets above xyq or as he’s blasting him down from the heavens and
with trunks and krillen having to desperately move out of the way this
catches iCore off-guard completely as a matter of fact Vegeta ends up getting
behind Zhai core and actually kicking him in the spine punching him in the
face doing everything he could because at this point it looks like Vegeta at
some capacity is stronger than xyq or at this specific current point in time
which obviously doesn’t sit well with xyq or as Vegeta continuously attacks
him so it looks like with Vegeta having to remain in his base Super Saiyan state
it looks like it’s enough to gives ichor a good run for his money however this
doesn’t seem to be sitting well with trunks or Crillon why because they’re
beginning to detect that Zico is either holding something back or has a deeper
power within himself that he has not revealed to anybody yet but instead it
could be essentially waiting for the perfect
moment as even then once the jito begins to speak to xyq or there is a clear
difference between the two in terms of power because psycorps doesn’t seem to
be concerned psyche or doesn’t seem to be worried although he is questioning
Vegeta’s power psyche or in it of itself begins to smile begins to laugh however
vegeta though isn’t taking this lightly because the first thing vegeta ends up
doing is attacking xyq or right as i course calling his bluff which of course
we notice how the Agena unleashes a massive energy blast that shakes the
entire landscape but then as the two continue to fight at some given point in
time during this fight we notice how vegeta finally transforms into a Super
Saiyan 3 as a matter of fact this even startles Crillon because clearly begins
to beg the question as to how the Gina or more or less why Vegeta is using
Super Saiyan 3 in comparison to Super Saiyan 4 now there is an explanation by
trunks as to why this is but currently right now there are no full translations
that actually give us the details as to what happened but we do get to notice
Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta vs. bases iCore as from what it looks like Vegeta does have
the upper hand but as quickly as it happens we notice how Vegeta transitions
from base form to Super Saiyan 3 all the way to Super Saiyan 4 as right when xyq
or attacks Vegeta Vegeta blocks as a Super Saiyan 4 but then as the fight
continuously progresses Vegeta jumps from Super Saiyan 4 to base form to
Super Saiyan 3 back down to base form to Super Saiyan 4 so Super Saiyan 3 back
down to base and then all the way up to Super Saiyan Oregon so Vegeta is using
three different variables here in fighting Zhai core and krillen is just
baffled as of course we understand there are translations explaining this but
psycorps can’t seem to understand why Vegeta is doing this of course this is
very rare – Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan blue
and Dragon Ball super in terms of transitions for stamina and
power and that’s what looks to be happening here involving Vegeta and zyq
or in this particular battle but just when you thought you’d be surprised than
Vegeta having to transition from base to super Sam 3 – Super Saiyan 4 it looks
like a Vegeta also uses an ultra variation very eerily similar to
broglie’s legendary Super Saiyan form even though it’s not the exact same we
notice how the G does muscle stature has increased the pupils and his eyes are
gone his hair is more spiked up any rocks as I call it such power that we
see how Vegeta once again dials it back down as he’s switching from form to form
as both Crillon and trunks are watching mr. dumbfounded as to how Aegina is
doing this as of course it’s fully explained by trunks that Vegeta at this
point had figured out a way at having to jump in using form after form without
breaking stamina or power or even hurting himself when it comes to
transitioning from form to form now also with that being said Vegeta had also
perfected his power here being that he’s been training for five years in better
preparation against his eye core but even as Vegeta is fighting xyq or psyche
or sinisterly enough starts laughing in the background now why is he laughing
because again everyone notices that xikar seemingly enough had been holding
back this entire time although the jito had been putting the
beats on psych or psyche or is not concerned at all because then he begins
to speak to Vegeta as he even opens up to him about his power now some of the
current translations do go on to state that Zico had told Vegeta that if this
is all he has to offer and he is truly dead before the fight even began which
of course the initial fight being that psycorps had not been on the offensive
for a very specific reason why because this entire time he had been testing
Vegeta to see where he stands as even then once psycorps continues to speak to
everybody it looks like psycorps is in
at the idea that Vegeta at this point had reached a level that far eclipses
his previous power when they first thought however Zico at this point
promises to show Vegeta the true power of a Saiyan God hybrid as of course we
notices I Corps beginning to transform he is shaking not just the entire
landscape but the entire planet as well as initially once psycorps begins to
transform he blows Vegeta away as a matter of fact he blows everybody away
as his power continuously increases more and more and more as right now the jitta
notices and is beginning to feel zai course to power as finally he’s
beginning to acknowledge what this individual is truly capable of but
before the jitta can even react psycorps quickly moves on in and blasts Vegeta so
tremendously hard that it causes Vegeta to go crashing through the entire
landscape before z court gets behind him clutches on to the back of his skull and
then proceeds to slam Vegeta’s face into the ground over and over and over again
slamming his face into the dirt time after time after time before picking him
up and throwing him up in the sky to where once again
zài court completely disposes of him as Vegeta is being helped out by Crillon
and trunks from the crater we noticed house I Corps emerges in a different
form there is electricity around him his hair is different he’s increased in size
this is Z Kors next evolution as he not only towers over his opponents but then
he threatens to kill them as trunks then goes into Super Saiyan 3 as trunks
prepares to fight against a newly evolves AI core out of nowhere bro Lee
comes in in kickings eye court directly in the face intervening and causing a
halt between trunks and Zhai core and as bro lee touches back down nobody can
seem to believe that bro Lee had come just as
simply save the day especially trunks but as Broly slowly approaches Vegeta he
gets down on one knee grabs Vegeta by the neck hoist him up in
the air and proceeds to talk to him Broly at this point not only
acknowledges Vegeta but promises that once this is all said
and done that he will in fact be the one to kill him and surprisingly enough as
Eichorn watches Broly tosses Vegeta behind him as he also redirects his
focus at psycorps but then as quickly as it happened Maju shows up to also assist
Broly and trunks during this time of desperation and with both Mujeeb and
bully now having to be on the same page Maju quickly tells trunks to assist his
father in which trunks powers down from super saiyan 3 back down to base form as
of course we notice how bro lee and Maju are about to battle against psycorps but
xikar here doesn’t seem to be concerned he’s actually welcoming everybody in
challenging him at once but then once again as we see psy course sticking his
hand out almost as if he’s threatening to once again destroy the entire planet
behind him we noticed another individual appear and
as this individual Garner’s the attention of Zhai core once psycorps
turns around he notices a new fusion the fusion of tien and Yamcha and even then
Crillon points this out as he quickly lushes to going ahead and check up on
them this is the first time that anyone has ever seen a fusion outside of Goten
and Trunks and go coup in vegeta as even then this buys enough time for trunks to
take his father away as of course the new fusion arrives and having to assist
on jube Amberly in this battle zài core doesn’t seem to be concerned at
all as a matter of fact the fusion jumps on in and zyq or literally one-shots him
out of the picture so that’s pretty sad if you ask me but as soon as I Corps
redirects his focus at Mizzou that’s the initial quite as a matter of fact
psycorps slapped tien just fusion so hard that once they
actually hit the canyon they both defused so that in and of
itself was a complete waste as meanwhile over back out at the lookout den they
prepares the Dragon Balls as everyone anticipates the resurrection of Goku as
even then everyone is preparing this because they know for an absolute fact
even with Rolly their module is simply out there to buy time for everyone else
to put their energies into the Dragon Balls for Goku to be resurrected which
of course also includes Broly so as everyone is pouring their energies into
the Dragon Balls we notice how all seven super sands are channeling their
energies into the spheres until of course we notice how something at some
capacity ends up going wrong with the elder Kai having to talk to everybody
it looks like bringing Goku back isn’t going to be as easy as everyone
anticipated because as soon as the elder Kai begins to talk to them
it looks like back within the RAI ocean realm Goku’s talking to omega about
something happening on earth and omega looks like he’s well aware as he’s
beginning to power up with of course goku having to follow him with omega
having to ask for goku to go in ahead and follow him in this journey so during
this journey of goku having to come back it looks like omega shenron is the one
that’s going to guide him and bringing him back to earth which of course we
noticed how later on Shenron actually arrives on earth only then is when the
wish is made and even as the Z warriors the Chi Ocean everyone anticipates for
the return of Goku as we notice the Dragon actually pop out of the Dragon
Balls everyone does in fact wish for Goofy’s revival in which by the end of
all of this we’ve finally noticed how Goku touches back down on earth his key
is different his power has increased so much so that everyone is so happy that
go has finally returned and by no means was this an easy task for them to
accomplish especially getting Broly to side with them during this time of
crisis but as soon as goku touches back down on earth he greets everyone by
having to tell them hey it’s been a long time as of course everybody gathers
around goku a pan Vegeta Gohan chichi goat and the ox King everyone is
absolutely happy to see Goku there once more but then as soon as Goku is done
greeting with everyone he notices Vegeta out in the distance but then as soon as
Goku turns his head and notices Broly bro Lee goes on ahead to calmly
acknowledge Kokua as Goku laughs in calmly acknowledging broglie’s so that
in and of itself I think is a really cool thing considering the fact that bro Lee
the minute he saw goku a’ had immediate PTSD but he took it upon himself to be
very very calm during this situation and not saying anything at all which of
course the manga chapter comes to a close with goku having to speak to
Vegeta and bro Lee and more or less asking about the situation back down on
the ground now the manga chapter here does not have a continuation as a matter
of fact a very special message from tribal actually was put out as to Abel
himself went on to stay and I quotes Dragonball AF has been delayed I’m sorry
I’m wondering if I should continue on further with the story by making more
rough storyboards or properly finishing inking what I’ve got so far right now I
don’t have the time to even do that though well maybe someday
sincerely by yours truly towable july 24 2014 now this was the only rough draft
that we will ever see following the events of Dragonball AF manga chapter
number 4 as these were the only official pages for the Dragon Ball AF manga
chapter number 5 special but even then this also begs the question whatever
happens to Goku in meetings Ike or how exactly does that fight end up going of
course down the pipeline we ultimately understand that go who does in fact have
the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan 5 and which at some given point
in time we also come to the realization for Sam for Goku does lose but as soon
as goku turns super saiyan v that’s the end of zai corps and to be perfectly
honest we may never get the official conclusion to Dragonball AF down the
line but even so I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below
being that now we have the team of module Goku Vegeta Broly
Goten go on trunks and of course Crillon tien and Yamcha versus AI core how
exactly did you guys envision this fight going down if you guys have missed out
the previous manga chapters – Dragonball AF manga chapter number one manga
chapter number two three and four make sure you guys going ahead and check
those videos out down in the description box below the story of Zhai core and
Dragonball AF may have been halted right now but this does not mean that the
story of Zico is officially over because there are various different fan mangas
that showcase various different versions of what could be involving psycorps in
which we are going to be featuring on this channel in the coming future so
make sure you guys go ahead and subscribe to the channel turn on all
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as a whole I really did enjoy this chapter because although everyone has
trained for such a long time it just goes to show the brutality and the level
of strength that psycorps possesses that really makes a person think how in the
world is go who going to be able to overcome such an obstacle but in the end
we may never know but down the line that possibility could end up being a reality
but of course only time can tell so once again everybody thank you all so much
for watching the Dragonball AF manga chapter series I hope you all enjoyed to
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