[Applause] hey all and welcome to my channel my name is Amy Darlie and today’s video is going to be a Dollar Tree pantry organization video I am doing a complete pantry makeover so a friend of mine was in desperate need of organizing her pantry and getting it all cleaned out so in this video that’s what I did I went into her house I did some cleaning decluttering organizing and just putting her pantry back together in a way that made sense and was organized also every single bit of the stuff that was used in this video was from the Dollar Tree besides the cleaning products that I already had but I ended up actually going and getting more cleaning stuff from the Dollar Tree as well as tubs and containers labels every single thing that you’re gonna see in this pantry came from the Dollar Tree so it was definitely done on a budget alright so I’m at a friend of Mines house today and we are going to be organizing her pantry so this is going to be a Dollar Tree pantry organization video I’m getting basically everything from Dollar Tree I have gone shopping I got a bunch of baskets and I’m gonna actually get in here and see what all she has and then I might have to make another trip to Dollar Tree possibly even get a few things from Walmart I’m not really sure yet but I’m gonna get in here see what we’re working with and get this pantry organized alright so as you can see this is her pantry it is a very very small pantry and this is what the inside looks like right now she’s got tons of stuff in here she has lots of shelf space but there is a corner I don’t know if you can tell but there’s this corner back here that just it makes it a little awkward for space so hopefully some of the baskets that I got will fit in here good but basically I’m going to start by taking everything out of the pantry I’m gonna clean the pantry down of course as well and clean this floor down just to make sure it’s nice and clean before we start putting things back in and then I’m gonna categorize all the stuff that’s in the in the pantry she did try to take some of the stuff out that’s expired but if I come across anything questionable I’m gonna put it to the side let her look at it and then we will start organizing so step number one I’m getting in here removing everything from the pantry so that way I can clean it out categorize everything and it’s just so funny because this is such a small area but there was so much stuff packed in here [Music] [Music] [Applause] so now I have everything out of the pantry and the mess was a little bit more than we expected I am assuming that this hasn’t been cleaned out in a long time so you can see there’s food and just different things caked on to the floor and also on the wire shelving here so I’m gonna have to do some cleaning before I can even put anything back into this pantry now since I wasn’t really prepared to do a ton of deep cleaning I only brought with me my Dyson Sam multi-surface spray and then a blue rag so here I’m just starting with what I have and I’m gonna get it as clean as possible and then later on in the video I will actually go to the Dollar Tree and get some more heavy-duty cleaners and then clean the rest [Music] all right so I have all the stuff out on the counter everything from the pantry I have cleaned a little bit on the bottom down there but I’m thinking I might go get a few more items from the Dollar Tree and show you how I’m gonna get the rest of it cleaned and then so now I’m going to kind of sort through these things see what all we have I’m also making a list so I have this list going of all the things that I’m going to pick up at the Dollar Tree after I sort through all this stuff I will add anything else to my list I’m also going to look I have some baskets already I have these baskets I have these little containers I have these baskets so I am gonna kind of play around with them got a few of sorry for all the noise I got a few of those containers I’ve got a little pin I got some labels some velcro stickies to go on these ones if we use these but I’m going to see what all fits in the pantry and like how to best organize it because of the size and shape and then we’ll go from there now as I was going through everything I was trying to categorize all the stuff together but also looking at expiration dates and there was a lot of stuff that she had missed that was still expired so I did end up getting rid of a lot of stuff during this process too so this definitely took me a little while to get through [Music] okay so my friend said she would possibly like all of this stuff to be organized with the pantry so some of this stuff to go in the pantry and vice-versa so I might see about putting a lot of the baked goods up here this just means I’m gonna have to take all this stuff down to but I just feel like there’s a lot of baking stuff that she has in her pantry and so I think it would make more sense for all that baking stuff to go up here above the stove and then like all the other stuff to go like we can make do with all the Ziploc bags and all that kind of stuff the snacks all that to go in the pantry just to give her a little bit more room so we might have to tackle this too [Music] [Applause] so the little studs that hold up these shelves actually just popped out I have no idea how that happened but luckily the only thing that ended up breaking was one little mug that was up there and my friend said she didn’t even know it was up there so thankfully I didn’t have a huge mess after this [Music] all right so I went through all the seasonings and stuff cleared everything out all those that are in the trash bag are expired this is what is left so I’m gonna I think I’m going to go ahead and run I’m gonna try to see what baskets fit first and then I’m gonna run to the Dollar Tree and get whatever else I need all right so I’ve been kind of playing around with this and see this angle right here of this wall really messes things up so I got this kind of basket and then this one because those are the ones that were in white but we might end up having to go with a different color if I can’t find a basket that goes in here good because I can’t fit two of these plus I think it’s too tall because if she wanted to just reach in and grab something she would not be able to do that she’d have to take it out and then if there’s something else over here then that just wouldn’t work so I’m thinking I need something shorter almost like this height but maybe skinnier I don’t know I’m gonna go back to the Dollar Tree and see what we can find now these do work up here on these shelves so they can go straight in straight out I feel like they’re not too high so we’ll see I might end up using some of them up there I’m not really sure yet I’m gonna have to go see what we can find at the Dollar Tree so I just got back from my little trip to the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Tree that’s by her house is not nearly as good as the one near my house so they didn’t have a lot of stuff but I’m gonna make do I even got cleaning stuff everything that I got from the doll is from the Dollar Tree so let me show you real all right so I got these two little baskets I got a bunch of different size baskets I was looking for some of the stackable ones stuff out those would be perfect in her pantry but they did not have any I got some all-purpose cleaner with bleach for the floor and then some little wet wipes to try to get the stuff off of the shelves in the the wire shelves some gloves some scouring pads quick erasers like the Magic Erasers a few more towels because I only brought one I was not prepared and then they didn’t have any marbles so I was gonna see if this would work to make a lazy susan I got two of these little cake pans we’ll see if it works they didn’t even have any chip clips so I decided to get some clothes pins I figured it would look okay in there and then these in case I want to hang these baskets all right now let’s see if we can make some magic happen now that we have some more cleaning supplies I’m going to go ahead and start with cleaning the pantry first and I’m starting with this magic eraser it’s like an off-brand magic eraser from the Dollar Tree and as you can see it does a pretty good job and I got a pretty good arm workout in this day [Music] now I’m going to start on the wire shelving and I’m using these little wipes to disinfect and get all that gunk off and I actually ended up getting it pretty clean these worked really well [Music] now here on the floors I’m going to use this all-purpose cleaner but it also has some bleach in it and it says that it gets off grease and grime so I figured this would be good for down here I’m gonna actually spray it first and let it sit for a little while and then I’ll get back to cleaning it with those scouring pads and then so I’m gonna go ahead and clean these shelves off really quick with the multi-surface spray because these were not too bad all right I’m playing around with the baskets and this is what the these two baskets look like on the shelf so much better than the other ones and it’s lower so you could just grab in and grab something I also got these little baskets which fit perfectly right here and then I could put some stuff over here on this side if I needed to but these are a little bit smaller so they won’t hold as much but I’m gonna play around with what I’m putting in everything before us decide what goes in now that the cleaner has sat on the floor for a little while I am going to scrub the heck out of this floor and get it as clean as possible all right so this was the before so this is before I cleaned any of it and then this was the after I feel like it’s a huge difference and it’s so much cleaner in here now this next step is probably what took me the longest out of the entire process and here I’m just gonna go through and categorize everything into baskets and try to figure out what is going in what baskets which baskets are going in the pantry which ones are going up on the shelf and just trying to figure out what works best in this tiny little space that we have to work with and here I’m making a DIY lazy susan by just taking those beads and putting them into the cake pan and putting the second cake pan on top and I’m just gonna put the spices and everything that they have all their seasonings in there and you can just spin it around and have yourself a little DIY lazy susan that cost me three dollars to make [Music] now one of the things I’m gonna do to save space is get rid of as many boxes as I can so for the ziplock bags I’m taking all the bags and putting them into one ziplock bag five the sides so all the gallon-sized will go together all the sandwich sized bags will go together and that way I can get rid of all these boxes so that they don’t take up so much space in our pantry [Music] now here I’m using the little cereal containers from the Dollar Tree to put all their pastas and rice in I actually have these in my own pantry and I love these [Music] now these are another little container that I love from the Dollar Tree I love how they’re clear and then they have the white top and here I’m just putting their beans in but you could also use them for flour sugar and even snacks just lots of different things in your kitchen and it makes it look so much nicer when you have it up on the shelf [Music] all right and now it is time for me to start putting all these baskets and everything back into the pantry and up on these shelves and I was trying to be very mindful of where I was putting things just to make sure that all the things that they were using more often were easily accessible and things that maybe they didn’t use as much went up on the higher shelves [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s good [Music] now the next thing I’m gonna do is label all of our baskets and I found these chalkboard labels at the Dollar Tree and they have the ties already with them and then I also got these little velcro pieces for the ones that I can’t just tie it on so I took the string off and then put these velcro pieces on the back and just velcro them to the baskets that need it and then the other ones I just use the tie and tie them straight on now I do want to say I got the little gel pen from the Dollar Tree as well I don’t even know if you would call it gel but I don’t really recommend that one if I were you I would just use like a silver sharpie or gold sharpie I just feel like it works so much better now before I show you the final result of the pantry and what it looks like with all the labels and everything I wanted to remind you of what the pantry actually looks like before we started this project how messy it was so that way hopefully you’ll appreciate the end result just as much as I do [Music] [Music] and then here is the before of the cabinets and the after all right you also I hope you enjoyed today’s video and seeing this complete transformation of the pantry and her cabinets and y’all let me know if you enjoy seeing videos like this because I had so much fun going to my friends house and filming it even though it wasn’t my own space it was just fun to do someone else’s and to even be able to help out a friend was really nice also let me know what other spaces you would like to see me make over if you do enjoy these types of videos now if you’re not already subscribed make sure to subscribe before you leave and give this video a big thumbs up I hope you have an amazing day and I will see you guys in the next video bye [Music]

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