guys today I’m going to do a shop of me at the Dollar Tree and there is so many cute stuff written to my channel consider subscribing and let’s see all the cute stuff these cute little cups I love these I’m going to get a couple of these for the kiddos and I have some basic ones as well some probably my favorite I really like that and look at all this luau stuff I’m going to be doing a luau party and my husband’s going to be holding one for me for my 30th birthday coming up so there is so much stuff I’m gonna have to tell him to check this out like I love you and even little like stirring sticks these are just so cool look at that I love that sign how cute is this bag from the dollar store oh my gosh that is so cute all right here’s the aisle that I have been wanting to see for a while and it is massive the Dollar Tree that’s a little bit close to my house doesn’t have this much stuff in the organization section but this one has quite a bit all of these bins and so many different colors I’m going to be getting some organization stuff for the already picking up some of the clear containers these ones are hot pink but that would be perfect for my kitchen I know exactly what I’m gonna do with that and that is absolutely perfect I also want to look at makeup organization if you have any of those here come in like I said is a lot larger than the ones by my house look at all the makeup organization containers that they have oh wow this would be so perfect and pick up a couple of those and then what about seasons of those are the ones we just saw they have quite a bit like how cute this little Disney bag is I am a huge to sneak to end so this is like seriously the cutest thing ever look at this little dumbbell up there oh my gosh she’s a little coca-cola glasses or the cutest things with a tiny that I took at my hand you feel tiny that little glasses all that’s cute they even have lumps like this I love that I’m not even a coke drinker but I love everything cooker colder I love how they have these really nice lunch containers I’m used to seeing like these ones here but I’ve never seen these super nice ones before I’m not as awesome they have them like over there and then they even have round ones for like salads and stuff like that and they have them a couple of different hours but those are actually really good quality I’m really impressed just took one of these up for the kids to like do their hair and it was seriously a lifesaver look at these two little facial cleansing brushes it’s such a good idea I don’t know how good these work but I seriously want to trial and just to see how effective it is has anyone ever tried these if you have let me know they look really cool I truly want to pick up one of these hand soaps and see how they do but you have a couple of them I smell really really good ambition and click in the web gimme right now we all need other new thing that I didn’t know that they have is movie is that is such a good idea and then they have popcorn right beside is not such a good idea all of that oh my gosh Jacob I love this Little Nemo floaty that is so stinking cute I think I’m also going to head up the craft section for the girls they have some crafts that they’ve been wanting to do you know I am going to hit up this craft section like no one’s business and this is kind of what I have so far at some acrylic a treat for the ship and some different relics or or my next kitchen organization video that’ll be on my channel but I want to hit up this section and see if there is any craft that i can get for them for any upcoming project because you have so many things these are cool okay members unions at mind before but look at all these stencils oh that’s cool actually really cool oh the jumbo wall stickers I love that that is so cool I never hear it’s like some of the rock so many cool DIY as you can see as we do with those rocks and love that it was not too cute for a dollar that’s adorable haha

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