Dog Chained Up In The Snow Finally Rescued

Dog Chained Up In The Snow Finally Rescued

dog who has change up in the snow
finally realizes he’s safe this is what happiness looks like be sure to
subscribe and like our video before we get started when Rosco’s family left him
in an abandoned house he tried to keep his spirits up they tied the small dog
to a crate with nothing but some straw to keep him warm and rode by once a week
to grow him some kibble even when his food and water ran out
Rosco believed someone would come for him one day but as heavy snow started to
fall in southern Illinois last week the little dog realized that he might not
make it through the night luckily someone was looking out for the pup
after all on Saturday a concerned citizen called the Effingham County
Animal Control and shelter to report Roscoe’s situation officer Vanessa scab
LEM and warden Michelle chute knew they had to move fast
if they were going to save the little dog’s life they called us because it
adjusts no the night before and for southern Illinois it was a large amount
of snow and super cold skavlan told the dodo he was just shivering to
death because he was less than ten pounds
as soon as Roscoe saw SCAD Lemon shoot climb out of the car he knew he was
finally safe he was just so happy to see us he came running out skavlan said they
wrapped Roscoe up in a blanket and bundled him into the car warm for the
first time in weeks Roscoe couldn’t contain his joy he was
just so happy you could tell skadam added he would just whine over and over
and over after sharing his rescuers lunch of biscuits and gravy the pup
finally relaxed into Schuetz arms with a big smile on his face it was at that
moment that skavlan snapped a photo of the relieved pup which she posted to
Facebook with the caption this is what happiness looks like when you rescue a
little dog from living on a chain in the freezing snow now at the shelter Roscoe
spends each day safe and warm we have a heated environment in there and he has
all his little blankie skavlan said when he comes into the office he’s so happy
he wiggles and jumps up on you Roscoe still whines with happiness just like
the day he was rescued especially when his rescuers are
he does this adore the wine that’s almost as if he’s talking to you
skavlan said you know it just feels like he has emotions and he’s grateful you

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  1. A pity dog ended up a lucky dog thanks to nice and warm hearted people. Live a happy life, doggo~

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