Diversity and Social Justice in First Year Classes | Paul Butler

Diversity and Social Justice in First Year Classes | Paul Butler

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  1. Ever notice that "diversity" training NEVER seems to find blacks studying about Lithuanians, Armenians, Hmong, or Eskimo's? But EVERYBODY is expected to study the poor, oppressed blacks. That's Racial Equality in the new millennium.

  2. This is a awesome conversation. This is what makes me hopeful about the future of America.

  3. To the staff members of the Harvard Law School, and Professor Paul Butler thanks for sharing your inspirational videos. As I always say because it's true, every day I look for inspiration to use to motivate myself to pursue my dream to be a lawyer. Be that as it may, I have a learning disability. But I've learned to live with it because yet I am still alive and I am happy.

    It doesn’t stop me from living. It doesn't mean I can’t accomplish my dream to be a lawyer. In fact, when I become a lawyer, am going to be a nonpartisan lawyer who seeks the truth, and make a difference. In addition, I believe practicing the law is the best profession to resolve legal disputes. When I am a lawyer, I am going to use the law as a weapon, as an aid to serve people, and a tool to resolve problems within our communities because it is my dream career.

  4. All these jails full of black and poor people, i refuse to believe were not being targeted

  5. You are married. What a shame😔. You should not have tried to hold it, I still buy you’d books.

  6. I was wrong in making this comment. I honor the sanctity of marriage/relationships. I think his a husband man and am seeking one like Professor Butler. Again, I do apologize for the comment.

  7. I agree if there's no victim, there's no crime. I still don't understand what hip-hop has to do with Harvard law. WTF?

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