Disorganized Fashionista Gets His Closet Professionally Organized

Disorganized Fashionista Gets His Closet Professionally Organized

[Music] well we’re messy you’re messy I’m messy we’re gonna get a closet makeover yeah I don’t think I’m a hoarder but I definitely hoard a lot of clothes like I like to collect items like I’m like uh I’m a glutton for glamor literally walk through my house for me I really need a better system on how to organize my closet because we travel a lot and I kind of like take everything out of my suitcase throw it in my closet and then I take everything out of my closet throw it in my suitcase I don’t know where anything is that my whole thing is like sometimes I’ll be go into my closet and I forget that I owned this like sweater I’m like like oh my god and I get really happy I would like to not forget when I own today we invited a professional organizer straighten up by Janel hi I’m Janelle Ellie and founder of straighten up by Janelle and I’m a professional organizer so I’ve always been super organized and super OCD after doing favors for friends and family I just kind of fell into organizing I posted before and afters on social media and I haven’t stopped ever since I really love professional organizing because it’s not just a physical transformation of people’s space it’s also a really emotionally transformative experience I think there’s a misconception about who hires a professional organizer people think that it’s just hoarders or super super messy people but really I would say most of my clients are actually very organized people they just need a system set up so that they can stay organized and keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle I’m really really excited to get my hands on curly and Maya’s closets I think they’re kind of nervous and they’re kind of scared that it’s gonna be a super crazy big project but I think it’s gonna be really fun and I think the transformation is gonna be incredible so here we have okay so what are we gonna do today so today we’re gonna focus on your closet and the goal is that you can see exactly what you have we’re gonna make sure you want to keep everything so we’re gonna pull everything out you’re gonna see what you have if you have a billion of the same thing maybe you just keep your favorites then we’re gonna put it all back in we’re gonna redesign the whole space so that you have a whole room closet and it’s going to be your aesthetic I was again I’m so excited to get what my closet organized and then unless she’s gonna like throw everything out no we’re gonna make sure that what you’re keeping makes sense to keep so if something doesn’t fit you know figure out the solutions so either we’ll sell it or we’ll donate it you can give it to someone who you think will love it so step one we’re gonna go to the space I want to come up with goals and be on the same page come up with a game plan and then we’ll take some before pictures and then we’ll get going we’re talking about my life and not Dan so this is closet number one this is closet number one so these are all kind of clothes that I want to at some point sell or that I just don’t wear that often actually there’s something I know that I can’t part with either to be honest oh the bottom is like where all of my dirty clothes goes I’ve been like a sober person for like four years so like sometimes your addiction kind of changes forms and so my addiction is clearly clothing now but right now I’m super into like hoodies and crewnecks so these are all my hoodies and my crew necks the only thing is that they are now stacking way too high in my closet yeah so like what would you do if you had to get that yellow one um I have a little stepladder but I do like this whole thing I like you know kind of pull it out and then when I need it put something on top I like roll it up there that’s so inconvenient I’m sure there’s some that I have fallen back that you have anymore tell me about your shoes because right now I see that the shoes are all down here I usually wear like traditional Mexican watches I think and the goal will be that we make this your shoe rack I’m here so that all your shoes are displayed and we’re gonna bring these down and build new shelves for them okay let’s talk about the hangers for just a hot SEC yes those are all hangers that I’ve stolen for my mom’s house right and do you like the plastic I don’t like them it’s just something that I’ve never invested in because I always thought like Oh like nice things are probably really expensive and what have we learned are they expensive they’re not expensive or not it was on basics yeah so we’re gonna switch all the hangers and then we’ll keep some of these wood ones I know you really like the wood look so we’ll keep those for the heavier jackets and then the goal will be to have this bottom clear so that you can just have your hamper you can easily see what’s dirty maybe even have a space for your travel bags okay let’s see the other closet all right tell me about this room so Rock is actually all the items that I wear on the regular okay do you like having them in here versus in your closet in your bedroom do you find that when you wake up in the morning you’re gonna get ready this is your – moment there’s a mirror in here and my t-shirts are in there my pants are in here my jock it’s my button-down today we’re here so let’s talk about what we have in here right now and then also let’s look at this let’s look at all of it those are all of my jackets and my coats okay but these are all coats that I wear all the time – and I’m like more of like the whole of me is like in the back so I used to be super into my faux fur okay well we’re gonna pull it all out so yeah now let’s look in the drawer so you said this is your pants so those are like my slacks these drawers are gonna yeah so we’re gonna switch it when we do store these and we’re gonna fold them in a way where you can see all of them so instead of them being one on top of the other we’re gonna file fold them okay Marie Kondo and then t-shirts in this thing the only thing is that this is the only way that opens it’s kind of like complicated to get in and out and see what does he want but I was like it comes with a really cool mirror oh that’s cool well I’m thinking that we’ll take all your shirts out we’re gonna do shelving here so we’ll do your shirts and we’ll do your crew necks we’ll do some baskets for the bags and then maybe we’ll even move this piece between the shelves or on one side we’re gonna switch up this rack so it’s double the height and not the width so it can take up less room maybe even right here and then maybe we’ll have that there and we can maybe put your pants in it or I don’t know we’ll do something cool with it and then you can actually have the views the mirror those are pieces that people have like brought back for me or like I’ve made this is like a Latino artists designers made that for me those are just kind of like pieces that I just like like to look at okay so it’s not for a function it’s not like you’re prepping outfits or anything it’s more you just you like to see yeah there you are yeah oh okay well you ready to get going no okay this one up here it’s the rock basically what you’re gonna do is I’m gonna hand you something uh-huh you’re gonna tell me if you like it you don’t like it you want to keep it you don’t wear it all the time and then if we’re gonna keep it we’re gonna put it on here switch the hanger and anything you’re not sure of we’re gonna do maybe pile and anything to donate or sell we’re gonna burn there so this is actually a 1940’s piece that my dad got me and it’s not really my type of thing it does fit me but I like I wear it no but it’s like sentimental we’ll do a sentimental Pogo not an everyday clothes beautiful these are like suits that I wear this I wear all the time okay everyone’s do a great job Oh what what are these shirts oh these are my dad shirts oh those can go in a different file okay so then I have like a whole section of life Blazers okay these are like all blues you love I’ll make sure you love all of them we’re not gonna put them back in a groove yes so these are all lugs look at suits suit world over there we love it we stand a good suit I love a good blazer do you yeah this I like live for this is like my like living single moment take the hanger off I haven’t worn it yet I haven’t had the right opportunity but you love it what I love it died for it okay this one I haven’t won you forever but it’s like houndstooth it’s okay if you haven’t worn it in forever does it serve you know but you don’t wear it this one I bought it’s a vintage one but I haven’t worn it either I worry though with some items like I’m like what if I need to go to like a proper wedding and I mean right but what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna look through this and you’re gonna see is HUL missing but you also can’t keep something for what if yeah you can keep something if it has a ton of out you’re like I know what I’m gonna wear this to and I just have to wait for it to happen but if you’re just keeping it for a hypothetical oh that’s me then you’re just like obsessed with this color but it’s like it’s big thick curly pile thick curly okay so items like this for example that have collars like this yeah like I’m obsessed with because they don’t make sure it’s like this anymore so super like what do I do because I want to keep them to possibly sell or just so that when my kids are around or my nephews are around they’re like wow look at how they draw I think it’s good to keep ones like that that you can actually wear so you’re not just keeping it for no reason or we can make like a little box of things that are sentimental cuz the style is really cool but keeping them on here and then not wearing them is silly because it’s taking up valuable real estate okay a cardigans these are really hard for me because I don’t look good in cardigans but I always think like someday I might and this is like an old cardigan that I’ve had for like forever this one I’m like it’s so beautiful they are these are really really really really cool but if you don’t wear them do you need them I would like to keep them can you keep half of them you know holding room looks really good in cardigans big thing is a lot of people have a lot of pajamas a lot of people have a lot of comfy clothes like home goods I don’t really I just bought my first pair of sweats in December oh my goodness didn’t hang out in you should get home you should walk in your closet you should feel like you love the way your closet looks you should feel like you love the way you look at everything you have like that already makes me feel so happy so we literally went from that being totally full with both sides out to this how does that feel it feels really good okay so you’ve got some piles these are jacket that we’re keeping but they’re gonna be hung on wooden hangers not on this rack this is stuff to sell donate give away and then these are gonna be folded yeah those are gonna go with the other folded things and then these are more unique pieces that he likes because they’re either sentimental or they’re more like artwork yeah so we’re gonna limit those and make it so that he can still see them visually but they’re not gonna be mixed with his clothes he wears because he doesn’t wear them day to day so next we’re gonna do t-shirts and pants okay all right well here’s a little bit more about all of them no my baby if I were a garment I would be a crewneck great we’re gonna go through them one by one sit Oh anything you’re 100% sure about put to your right anything you’re not sure me no it’s a Raiders it’s a readers okay what does that mean so that’s a hundred what makes the change Raiders is like this Chanel sign like in my exploits where is it great at least for in Latin culture stripes obsessed and love this is wait this is the first sweater I ever bought myself it costs me something dollars and I was like 17 and I was like I just need always been Frankie bit half of it off all right well we can get rid of it they say how do you really feel about it you love it love Mickey make you bang in we have a few Mickey though loved ones lacking one’s white they’re very just you okay okay so this one I actually don’t wear as much but again it’s like a beautiful piece I haven’t worn it so maybe I’ll put it in the pile yeah that I love I’m obsessed with this obsessed is that everybody on that I love that one they’re both getting bigger okay love this one I got them on the target I don’t know why give me my money back target this one is hard for me to let go because of this leather thing here why cuz I’m like where do you see it sweaters like that anymore you don’t but oh my feet are so dirty better I’m so sorry you’re done t-shirt let’s get the t-shirts ready oh my grandma gave me these but they don’t actually fit let’s make a pile of sentimental t-shirts because that’s easier you can make those into a quilt or put them on the jean jacket or something like that but I want you to limit many this one I like yes I love this one I love the color yeah that one okay so if I was gonna fold in a drawer I would fold it differently because we’d be file folding but for purposes of the specific shelf we have we cannot fold just like in half because it’s not that deep so we’re doing altered kind of version of it where I’m still folding like normal here then I’m folding it over like that so this is half way through and then I’m cutting it Wow so what it does is it makes it so that it stands up so you can really see each shirt and it doesn’t get to smush down whether that’s a folding half way and then going over again yep yep you just want to make sure you’re doing them all the same width this feels like I am in the thick of the storm and I’m like it’s gonna get better right [Music] ready to see your new closet yes I’m ready Wow green are you breathing in there what’s in this closet so these are all pieces that Janelle did not make me throw away that she understood that you know don’t wear them I like to look at pieces so this is stuff that’s your collection but the other room your closet room is everything you would actually wear so they’re not mixing stuff down here we’ve got a place for the steamer so it’s super easy to get to but not yeah yes laundry of course yes and also suitcase Wow I just kind of showed you what kind of life was i living before wow it looks sad hangers having a uniform look with the hangers seriously is such a huge part it is Wow okay ready to see your drawers ahead whoa this is amazing how do you feel I feel so good it feels like a room so the biggest thing in the room is especially a room that you’re turning into a closet is that you want to use the vertical space and before you had the really big clothing rack here remember and switching to the double hang that’s a lot higher really use that we utilizes that space rather than the width of it and then we were able to add these bookshelves that we repurposed so we did it by color and we did it by style so these are all t-shirts and then over here you have all of your crew necks and sweatshirts if you just come in here before it was like oh cool and then over here you have all of your jackets so everything is in one place it’s really good to have all of the things that are the same in one area and now the big question where your pants Wow so they’re all folded by color yeah and the one trick about this piece of furniture you really love the vintage stuff but the problem is that it’s not always functional there’s no double open so you can’t actually access the shelf space right here and so you just have to use the center what was something that you came across with curly that you noticed how he like keeps things yes so curly he loves everything obsessed about it forgot I don’t know does it serve you know I’m obsessed with because they don’t make sure it’s like this anymore the thing that I’ve learned about you today is that you find beauty and everything which is a really beautiful trait but I think it was paralyzing you with this stuff that you have and part of it is also that you really love to to get new things you love to find things so I noticed that you’re looking at a shirt and you’re like this collar though yeah the most amazing collar and the person who designed it puts so much heart and energy into it not being something simple and not being something basic I think it’s a beautiful trait but I think that was the thing that was keeping it so that you’re keeping everything so instead try to distance yourself from that a little bit and look at it a little bit more black and white like there’s a sweater that you know you love so now it’s easy to get rid of that sweater because you know that she’s gonna love it give it a second life so do that rather than just throwing you know don’t throw stuff away babe you can’t just donate it all and part of it is that you want to know that it’s going to be loved find someone who loved it I love that I feel like the spirits in here love it the energy is like yeah me too yeah yeah this is you curly you had these together and it looks so like clunky mm-hmm and this whole wall look at all of that stud space yeah and here too totally affordable only things we bought were two baskets the two shelving units and hangers that’s it I have so much anxiety for my turn tomorrow I think I have a real problem with like holding things that are comfortable to me like everything in my life I’m a little more emotional on all levels yeah like I will take everything personal I’m just preparing you tomorrow’s gonna be a little sensitive no that’s okay I mean it is sensitive I’ve it’s sensitive to everyone in a certain way people just express it differently I’m excited for like the for the after and want to see what after the book yeah it’s just like I don’t know see the during is the best part the crazy is the best part thank you so much thank you thank you this is amazing Julie yes it was so good Wow I can’t wait to like being here later by myself and just burn all my sage you’re just gonna like it has officially been two weeks everything is in its place I haven’t changed anything at all I’m not really the best at like folding like up here it’s like getting a little bit excited after the same to like I’ve been really good at keeping everything good it just saves time like I don’t even need to think like what am I gonna do I just like oh my god I want to wear a white t-shirt today it’s what I’m gonna do so super thankful everything is so cool love it I love it I so happy she came in here oh my god I’m so nervous if I like to hold on to things that are comfortable don’t embarrass me haha I do breath today read a portion of my childhood anything you said buddy Wow we did it look at this [Music]

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