Dealerships Don’t Want You to Know This

Dealerships Don’t Want You to Know This

rev up your engines Junior says scotty why don’t you make a
video where you destroy the employee pricing scams the dealers using their
customers oh I got so many scams yeah that’s what you get the same prices as
employees you know I mean you’re not giving the employees that big of a deal
anyways and it’s all BS because the price that they say as manufacturer’s
suggested less price means absolutely nothing it’s just a made-up figure the
only time they ever sell them at that is when they have a limited supply of a
very popular new car the Toyota Supra which are actually BMWs anyways they
sell those at that price are above because early making a few of them and
people want to get their hands on them so they charge whatever they want it
reminds me of when I was a kid and they sold albums just people got big albums
and record vinyls and you put them on a turntable listen to music you know real
dinosaur technology and they always had the list price and it would say let’s
price you know 995 but for you it’s only 395 well everybody paid 395 or less all
that stuff is just a gigantic scam you can advertise whatever you want long as
you pay for the ads the advertising companies will make it and for anything
you want them to say they don’t care yeah you know they say you buy this car
look at the money you’re saving right now you’re not saving anybody you’re
spending a bunch of money on a car they might say oh look you’re saving on this
we’re low reading this but baloney you paid a whole bunch of money for
something and the odds are it’s probably not made that well either
Josh Merck and Scott hey I got a 2017 corolla with twenty six thousand miles
at least I have to return in seven months
I was thinking should I buy it well if you like it sure buy it but you made a
big mistake don’t least in the first place
just by leasing is for crappy cars or if you have a business where you can write
the entire lease off for tax purposes ages ago
one time my parents leased a Toyota Corolla then at the end of the lease
they bought it back and he said hey it would have been much cheaper if they
would have just bought the Corolla in the first place standing up buying it
off lease they had it for years and years and they gave it to my sister and
it’ll outlasted her she died in a car still rolling down the road yeah they’re
great cars but gonna get a good car don’t lease it buy
it but let’s say you gotta have a Jaguar Mercedes definitely lease it you lose
lost money in that whoa hey that’s white 50306 says Scotty again I got an 06 honda Civic Hybrid 160,000 miles maintain one day I drove on the highway its just spun and
it wouldn’t go anywhere and now it won’t move anywhere it starts and runs but it
won’t move anywhere one I tell people do not buy Honda hybrids lease the old ones
the newer ones they’re going more towards the Toyota Prius design which is
a better design but the older ones were a Honda specific design and as they age
they were crap your transmission system is obviously going out the engine just
spins and Dustin go anywhere if you got a replace that CVT transmission and that
thing you can just about forget spending that kind of money there just it’s too
much it’s a 14 year old Civic Hybrid it’s got very little residual value I
had a customer who actually nuts about his and he did that and it cost
him like $6,000 it’s not worth putting it into that vehicle if you want to take
a chance find a Honda hybrid mechanic if you can even find one have them scan it
and see what he says and pray that it’s some kind of electric glitch that it’s
going into freewheeling and they used to fix some electrical thing but from my
experience with those it means the transmission has gone out and then you
just say bye-bye because it’s just too much money to put into something like
that that’s worth basically nothing they have no value when they’re 14 years old
with 160,000 miles on Donald’s 28 says I got a 2003 Cadillac CTS with front
brakes partially locked up I replace calipers break its hoses flat it out you
did all the logical things hoses could go bad the calipers could stick on the
brake master cylinder could go bad but you’ve replaced all those parts odds are
you got a bad brake booster the brake booster boosts the brakes and sometimes
when they break when you release it the booster doesn’t release itself so it’s
always putting a little bit of pressure on a master cylinder it would be like
you driving with your foot just barely touching the brake bail just enough to
make it drive I’m assuming that your problem I see that all the time
now if the ABS system has gone totally ballistic it could theoretically do
something like that and I see that once in a while but almost 99% of the time
you changed all those things it’s still doing it it means that the brake booster
is broken and it’s boosting when it’s not supposed to be boosting so I check
that and replace that and you can get remanufactured ones you know to buy the
outrageously expensive Cadillac one for you know eight nine hundred dollars you
can generally get rebuilt ones for two to fifty or something like that save a
bunch of money there’s several devices there just a
vacuum device that sucks air from the engine and uses that to boost the
pressure celica 1994 forever says Scotty is the 2016 and up lexus rx350 as
reliable as the 2019 lexus yes what should i go for you know you got to
decide what you want first you’re talking about an SUV versus a car now I
personally like the cars they’re more fun to drive they got plenty of room I
find the SUVs kind of cumbersome they’re pretty high up in the air realize you’re
gonna get better gas mileage in the sedan versus what you’re gonna get an
SUV they get worse gas mileage you can often get a better price on a used sedan
than the SUVs yes you these are extremely popular so they charge more
money and you have to pay more for them they’re both excellent vehicles we just
realized the SUV is a bigger taller heavier one so worse gas mods are gonna wear out a little bit faster I personally like to sit as myself the
most well-made but you gotta start what do you want you when I ask you here you
want to sedan that’s your decision I can’t make that one Josh versus the
Civic says Scotty my car seems to run better when it’s super long gas and am i
fill up it seems to drain the gas really fast some of that might be an illusion
your fuel pump and your fuel pumps under that tells you how much fuel isn’t it is
worn it’s gonna look like you’re gone through more gas when it’s full cuz
there’s no logical reason that you’re gonna use more gas when a tank is full
versus when a tank is low so I’m assuming that your gas gauge isn’t
working right it could be that you do need a new fuel pump
with the level gauge and the fuel pump itself if it does run better when you’re
lower on gas the only effect the gasoline has in your tank is the
pressure it puts on the pump and if you find it actually runs better when you’re
low on gas odds are your fuel pumps going out so I
change the fuel pump assembly with the fuel sending unit to myself if I were
you that’s the only thing that’s really illogical if it actually is consistent
and acts like that all the time just your life so how to timea theirs coincidences
in cars I see it where you change the oil then this happened to my
car I said that had nothing to do with you changed the oil it just broke at the
same time she said 508 says Scotty I wonder if you could tell me is it worth
it the same a 2007 scion tc 5 it says rod knocking minute I have a costume in
the same exact car he drives like an absolute maniac and he got road rage
around designing up so high because it was a standard transmission that he blew
the engine and the rods were knocked he got a used engine that had put in and
he’s real happy with it if you really like the car and you want to keep it try
to find a used engine that is lower mileage on a lot of those four-cylinder
engines that are and those scions are in Toyotas so there’s a whole bunch of
them out there if you can find one in a junkyard it’s got low mileage I would go
that right now I would not personally rebuild it because these days hardly
anybody knows how to correctly rebuild engines and if you rebuild them you
really got to rebuild the old thing you can’t say oh it’s got rod knock so
I’ll change the bearings and the rods and that’ll fix it know if it had a
problem all kinds of internal damage probably occurred you’re better just
putting another engine and if you can find a good used one like my customer
daddy’s real happy with this Robin hey Scotty
do I need a scan tool the bleed brake systems when it’s ABS equipped but can I
follow the normal to person many of the minor cars to believe them correctly
when they have anti-lock brake systems you have to have a fancy scan tool I got
one of these 5,000 other jobs and it tells you what to do exactly push
this turn that I mean they give you all the directions but it depends where the
air is now let’s say you got an ABS car and you replace the right front brake
caliper so you had to open the system if you’re real careful you don’t touch any
of the other wheels you keep the brake master cylinder full of fluid the whole
time you can just bleed that right front one
in a normal fashion and it could work perfectly fine now if you ever get air
in the system of an ABS system and somehow the air gets into the ABS
modulator assembly no you have to have one of these fancy computers but if
you’re real careful and you keep the brake fluid in the reservoir full while
you’re doing that work and no air got in the system from the top then the only
air is gonna be in the bottom where your calipers and yes you can bleed it there
that way it’s worth the try anytime you’re working on them because if it
doesn’t work then you’re gonna have to pay a mechanic as long as you don’t get
air going into that ABS modulator you can usually get away with that Luis
Garcia 87 says I got a Mazda 6 2008 when I turn on the a/c my car hesitated it
stops it’s kind of hard to start it sure sounds like your air conditioning
compressor starting to go up take that belt off the air conditioner then drive
it even if you only have to go around the block and if it all stops then you
put the belt on and it comes back you know the a/c compressor is going on
that’s a classic sign of the AC compressor starting to go out if you got
one of those cars were saying it’s only got one belt and it runs everything you
can still take it off and drive the car around a block just to see and if it’s
not stalled out anymore you know the compressor starting to lock up they
draggin when they get really warned it can drag a whole bunch so it even makes
the car hard to start cuz it just sticks on the whole time and then when it’s
worn inside and it’s stuck on its drain and too much power from the engine,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Here in Sultanate Of Oman the best dealership is Toyota and Lexus. Gof figure. After that it’s probably BMW & Mercedes the rest have really bad customer service and staff

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  5. Nobody in this comment section has the cash to pay Upfront for a car that's worth $30,000 so they have to get it financed so laugh at yourself

  6. I have a 2008 Audi S4 v8 4.2L and my oil consumption is terrible.. any idea what can be happening.. also I don't see any leaks under the hood or on the ground. Seems like it's just burning up

  7. Your lighter when your almost empty so you might be faster.

  8. I bought a car from a used car dealer, it was a few months before I realised they'd patched the stone chips with what looked like marker pen xD

  9. We love SCOTTY.. I must say the European car market.. uk Ireland Germany.. etc THE CARS OVER HERE ARE .. WAY BETTER MADE..assembled in Germany. Japan. Etc..( skoda are reliable..) although some issues with VW Spanish ASSEMBLY.. BUT GENERALLY CARS ARE WAY BETTER BUILT HERE IN EUROPE..even fiat. .BUT NO DENYING..THE THREAD IS ..KEEP YOUR NEW CAR FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS..3..THEN UPGRADE ( LIKE A PHONE) if like me your broke, or simply can't and won't buy into that MINDSET. Then source a old reliable honda. Toyota, PERSONALLY. I DRIVE A 17 YEAR OLD. MERCEDES CLK 200.. and only in the last 2 years have I started to have to get repairs .. air intake has just given me trouble. clicking on ac fan lately.. ( it's time to say good bye..). But The ENGINE AND AUTO TRANSMISSION..and build ..NEVER A PROBLEM..HAVE IT 8 YEARS .( 9 years old when I bought it for 3g..( lucky).200.000 MILES ON THE CLOCK. . always easy on PETROL..35 mpg ..but now staring to drink like OLIVER REED

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  12. we had a 04 civic hybrid, we went through 3 batteries and after 160,000 we got rid of that darn thing and sold it for $800.

  13. Scotty's right about weird coincidences. Just two weeks ago I was driving down the road and my rear tire blew out. I pulled over on the shoulder, turned off the car, called a tow truck. When the tow truck arrived I got in the car and tried to start it to put the transmission in neutral, but the battery was flat dead. What are the statistical chances of a tire blowing out and a battery going dead simultaneously!!? but it happened!

  14. What’s the difference between the pcv valve and the valve cover breather hose? I have an 05 civic and it has the pcv valve behind the engine and the hose goes a bit above it but the valve cover has a hose going into the air intake but the pcv valve hose doesn’t go into the air intake

  15. Scotty is an expert on car dealerships. I mean it's not like he's just some guy who works out of his driveway…
    But seriously, employee pricing on brand new cars is set by the factory. When they ran those employee pricing to the public sales a while back, the public got better pricing than we employees actually did. I'm talking brand new cars, not used cars. It's rare that they would sell a used car at employee price. Ultra rare

  16. I want to put my life's savings into buying a supercar( 2018 Lamborghini Aventador) and I think I'll have to sell my house to boost the funds, I think I should do this and live in my car for a few days because I have applied for a free house and while I wait for that I'll live in my car

  17. Hey Scotty Hi. The sold more Subaru Forester and Outback vehicles than Lexus in 2018. Take that for niche market.

  18. How can you save by spending? When a check out clerk tells me how much I saved by shopping in their store, I tell them how much I would have saved by staying home and not going shopping at all.

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    Was he disheartened?….not a bit! He was cracking jokes forever….and very good they were, too!
    He just wouldn't stop with the sidesplitters.

    Not bad, for a 'henless funny git'!

  21. The Honda Civic Type R is still getting $10,000 over MSRP at a lot of dealers. I've read about some dealers not even letting people test drive them.

  22. G’day Scotty! For months I’ve been looking to buy the right 4×4 Ute with canopy, tow bar and about as much as a truck can offer. The price on a used one from trusted car manufacturers with low k’s is out of the question so I’m starting to look at new car companies where it’s more in my favor. But should I give my money to someone I know nothing about or stick with what I know? What are you thoughts about this? Anything will help. Thank you.

  23. Thanks for using my suggestion about exposing employee pricing! You're the greatest, Scotty!

  24. Boeing 737 MAX will go on sale soon. A daily driver for sure.

  25. "You're not 'saving' any money. You are spending a bunch of money on a car."


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  28. Get a JDM engine for the Scion, I had real good luck with JDM's

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  30. I have a 2010 Mercury Mariner V6 and when I start it in the cold it makes a squeaking sound but when the engine warms up the squeaking goes away. The squeaking only happens when it is cold outside.

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  34. Way you think of, 2012 dodge journey bout 10k m. New Alt n batt

  35. One of the most entertaining channels on YouTube.

  36. When you have a ie honda cvt gone bad and too much to fix you say to wave bye-bye. Junk yard will give you 300.00 but everything else works and looks great. How best should I say bye-bye?

  37. My favorite Dealership scam, is when they say they are selling you the car for "Dealer cost". They have no idea what that number is until at least the second quarter of the following model year! How could they possibly know the exact cost today? It all depends on store volume, manufacturer to dealer rebates, etc, and all those happen at the end of the year!. Next, I LOVE it when they say they are a "one price store"! Usually, they won't even deal with me when I tell them; OK, that's a good place to start, now here's my number- let's see if we can make a deal! ALWAYS offer at least 10K less than they are asking- how bad they choke on that will tell you if they really want to sell you a car or truck. REMEBER- it costs a heck of a lot of money to build that fancy store, pay all those people to sit around, and keep all those lights on 24 hours- and it doesn't come from thin air. I will not pay for any of those things, because I have already done my research, and know what I want, and what the vehicle should be sold for, not counting dealer profit. Remember a while back when silverados inexplicably jumped 10 grand? that was ALL dealer profit.

  38. Scotty I got a 2004 Toyota Corolla I put about 52000 miles a year for the Last 5 Years my question is I've had changed numerous parts from the notorious four-legged animal called the deer since you know the Toyota Corolla speedometer stops at 299 thousand miles that was about 10 years ago I just keep changing oil and tires and spark plugs my question is how many more years is it going to last

  39. Let's say you want a 1995 to 1999 TOYOTA Avalon on Craigslist. Good luck finding one, because people are wising up and buying them up and keeping them.

  40. i am actually scared when it comes time for us a buy another car.

  41. A friend of mine ask if I’d go with her to buy her car. So I did because she is so gullible. And sure enough they would have taken her for a lot of money. When the sheet came out they had a 1000 dollar reconditioning fee. All our cars have that they said. I said no she won’t be paying that, and of course they took it off. Ended up I saved her about 3000 bucks over all on a used car. It was the last day of the month and they were making deals.

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  44. Had a 2003 Civic Hybrid and could not agree more – bought used from a personal seller with low mileage. Had it a few years and ended up replacing the hybrid battery a few years later (Honda “discounted” it $4.5k to 2k) because I wanted to run it to the ground. Then the transmission started going. Don’t buy older hybrids (at least not first gens)!

  45. Hey Scotty I have a Chevy tahaoe and it say to put e85 in the tan then my daughter will use it and put regular has in then I notice it kind of misses when she puts =egugalr had so basically is it hurting anything ith her putting regular has and I only put e85

  46. You're thinking about leases a long time ago. Today they can be a good way to go. I leased 3 vehicles over the last decade and it was a great deal. Two were fully loaded GMC trucks which I leased for a couple hundred bucks a month. There was no maintenance cost or repair cost. Sure at the end of the lease I had 'nothing to show for it' except peace of mind that I wasn't stuck with a POS. We all know EVERY vehicle is a POS and in the long run cost more than they're worth. A consumer pays either way; up front in payments or over time in repairs………Namaste!

  47. The no haggle guarantee
    The price we charge is the minimum markup
    In other words if you don't pay this price you can't buy it!
    Morries Mazda and Mercedes Benz

  48. Lol it just like shopping at Target or Walmart Walmart say save live happy lol .

  49. My thought is even $10,000 to fix up that old car is less than $40,000 for a new one. If! You care for it propore.

  50. hi scotty.. im from Sri Lanka. i want to know about the Suzuki vitara, Isuzu MUX suv and the D-Max pickup truck. im not sure if these vehicles are available in the US. if possible do a small video on these cars. BTW your videos help me a lot thanks 🙂 . you do a GREAT job. keep it up.

  51. Hey Scotty. I have a 2002 Chevy prizm and it burns through oil and needs filled every 85 miles. Mechanics replaced every gasket and it still does it. Any thoughts?

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  56. Do you know that car prices are fixed upon the money available in the country…..For example a Toyoya Corolla will be more expensive in Canada then in Mexico because buyers get a better salary in Canada…..

  57. Hey Google wheres the next gas station? The next exit with the big blue sign with the giant logo of the gas station. Duh!

  58. Thanks for another great vid,Scotty K !
    Car dealerships,even the 'good ones' ,are like the wild wild west.
    You are on your own.
    Lots of double-talk,flim-flam,and baloney.Just for one example,weird stuff like having to pay extra for a rear bumper on a new p/u truck,as they are not standard equipment on many. Who wants to finance a bumper for 4+ years?

  59. 😁👌🤞🖖✌👍😎

  60. I worked at a dealership for a while. A dealership is the LAST place you ever want to go for a car. You will never ever get a good experience at a dealer. even when my customer left happy we were screwing them over in the back end. I just made 15k back end and they didnt even realize!!

  61. @2:50 YES! finally mentioned the highlight of the newer hybrids… amazing transmissions! Only the new Insight for Honda is worthwhile; Toyota all the way… 4th gen platform is solid… gambling with Honda. So what if you have to replace the battery back every 300-400k miles… I'd replace batteries myself any day than paying a premium at a dealer to replace a transmission.

  62. I had a similar problem with my renault fluence what the honda hybrid had and the dealer asked me to change the entire gearbox so i cross checked with another mechanic who did a proper diagnosis and found out the front axle was damaged. Fixing it cost me 20 times less what the dealer quoted. I am glad i didn't proceed with the dealer.

  63. Buyers beware when buying the new Toyota/Bmw supra some dealers are marking them up $10k or more from sticker price

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  74. Never pay more than 1% over dealer cost. There are ways to get that info.

  75. By definition you can't save money by buying anything!

  76. Hi. I bought it a 1995 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.9. 78000 miles. Are you think is good for $4,000

  77. Scotty please don’t ever go a way u are hope for those like me that tend to get punked and jeeped when it comes to cars thank you for all you advice🙌🙌🙌🙌

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  79. my discount was what the dealership paid +$250 after 30 days

  80. i get the opposite experience and feel most agree with me -when i fill my tank it doesn't move for a while-then starts to dive toward empty-i've read an explanation but forget what it said

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  82. “Bye, bye.” – Scotty Kilmer 2019

  83. 2004 Hyundai elantra 110,000 miles here, the CVT joints need replacement and I'm wondering if I should repair the car or start looking for a new car?

    If its better to get a new car should I try to pay it off in full or in payments id be looking in the 8-10k range.

  84. If the booster is sticking, his pedal would also be not coming up all the way. Maybe he just hasn't noticed that though.

  85. I guess this applies to everything. Prices are made up numbers, according to Scotty.

  86. commercial @ 6 minutes, mid-sentence.  a pox on this social network

  87. Why would you need to remove the AC belt to see if the compressor is locking up?, just turn the AC off and it will freewheel on the clutch bearing with out the compressor internals working at all

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  91. Bought my 2015 accord sport cash and got them to also lower the price and didnt get the damn coverage package which would ultimately make the price about 3,000 more smdh

  92. Scotty, my mom had gotten a 2019 honda accord as a loaner car from honda while her van was in the shop and OMGG LET ME TELL YOU, that car was HIDEOUS inside, and ran horrible, one of those cars youde instantly regret buying after🤣😒😐

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  99. Caution: Take your engine belt off and you will have no power steering.,.

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