Creativation 2019 – New Crafting Storage, Tools and Organization from Deflecto – An Exclusive Tour

hi and welcome to Hedgehog Hollow here a
creative ation at 2019 thank you so much for joining us here and today we’re at
the deflector booth and Susan is going to show us some of the amazing new
storage release deflect Oh have and you know how much I love my deflector
storage in the crafter Emma so let’s go and take a look around the booth
absolutely come on in we’re welcome or welcome we’re glad to have so the really the flagship of our
storage is our stackable storage caddy and here a stackable storage caddy in a
sellable unit is one and as you can see it’s a mobile storage and each caddy
comes with one large compartment a medium compartment and a small
compartment all compartments super clear so you can see exactly what’s inside
nice tight snap lid you can actually take the lid off if you want to and just
use them on counter if you want but the magic of the stackable caddy is really
our system and how they connect so each caddy has levers you just open
the levers up snap them together and away you go
if you need to get into a caddy that’s down at the bottom you can just snap and
pull off the stack on top you don’t have to pull them off one at a time and
because we know you’ve got lots of supplies acceptor that you’re putting in
these we know they can get a little heavy so we made a wheel base so that
you can wheel these around they’re now mobile for you each wheel base will
carry up to a hundred pounds each sack of all caddy will hold 40 pounds the Caddy containers can actually be
bought separately so that in case you wanted all large ones or you wanted all
small ones in your caddy you have the flexibility to do that we’ve also
created some accessories like the accessory tray which literally just sits
inside the large caddy on top but still gives you storage below it only one will
go in there but it’s a great way to take some of your smaller supplies and keep
them organized also we make a ribbon dispenser we actually put a dowel as you
can see into the large caddy where you can put your ribbon and then you just
unroll your ribbon and let it hang out a little bit
close the lid it’s a little bit different than the regular large caddy
because we did give it a little more give so you can just pull that ribbon
right through what a breeze it was for holiday gift wrapping to not have a big
mess of ribbon everywhere is because it keeps them nice and tight we also have a
marker storage that can go in the small compartment of the caddy
as you can see and these actually had a second one here you would see you can
kind of see the grooves here a tongue-and-groove so you can actually
dovetail these together and just keep them on your work surface if you want
you can either keep them this way or you can turn them on the side but they can
you can kind of build out and up with the marker caddy another product that we
introduced last year is our three drawer organizer so a three drawer organizer
and as you can see is really perfect for washi tape we have the compartments in
there but of course it’s not limited to washi tape you could put thread you can
put jewelry you can put kind of anything you want in here and so coming out this
year available in about June just a product we don’t have here but imagine
this product but bigger in a 12 by 12 without the dividers and that’s our
paper storage tray that’s going to be a big one again that will be available in
June one of the one of the foundational products of our line are our cubes so a
cube just being an open cube we have a cube with four drawers we have cubes
with two drawers and then we have the X cubes and each cube comes with little
black clips so that you can actually clip the cubes together vertically and
horizontally so again you can build up and out however you want with our cubes
another product is our mounting rail so our mounting rail again you just mount
it on the wall and all of our caddy bins can fit and hang on that mounting rail
so if you want to get you know maybe you’re gonna use different bins in your
caddy depending upon the day you have a place to store them that’s not taking up
work space we’re gonna save that for just around the corner but down at the
bottom here you’re seeing a product that we call desk clarity and this is really
for crafters desk it’s just to help you stay organized it’s really cute very
functional beautiful acrylic and we put some nice sayings on there stay humble
work hard but it makes very beautiful you know desk area for the crafter and
now we’ll move over straight into the new products that are coming in 2019 so here we are at the 2019 new products
we’re very excited about these some real innovation here all of these products
that you’re gonna see in this area will be available in about June of 2019
they’re go forward products for us we’re building the tools now we’re very
excited to introduce them first up for storage is our 12 by 12 stackable paper
tray so one tray but they stack on top of each other and they slide very
smoothly nice and slide great way to really be able to store a lot of your
papers next up we have the three tray crafters desk tray and this guy
obviously has a lot of storage on the top we’ve got just some smaller storage
and we don’t know if you guys can see this but we actually put a ruler here in
case you need it’s kind of embossed a ruler there in case you need to measure
anything and of course you’ve even got little tinier compartments on the back
side so once you open this guy up three trays come out and we purposefully made
sure that each tray had different configurations some very long some a
little shorter some a little wider so that you can store all of your craft
supplies and of course you can still have storage space down below so this is
the three tray crafter storage box also you’ll note that the handle recesses all
of these products have a recessing handle so that you can stack product on
top of each other down below we have the single tray
storage box again we’ve got the recessed handle and you’ll see again kind of the
the male-female so that they stack nicely on top of each other inside this
guy is just a lift out tray and then you’ve got all that storage below it we’re gonna stay low a little bit and
come over to our multi compartment storage box this guy has storage on top again the recessed handle but when you
undo the latches you can literally just lift the top off and we really did that
so that instead of putting a hinge because if you did a hinge and you
opened it everything would just kind of fall to one side didn’t want that to
happen so we just made it where you can just lift off the entire lid again you
have a little lift out tray and you have all of the storage below that as well up top we have our paint saver so we’ve
got a paint palette so that you can mix all of your colors mix all of your
paints the surface the prop the the material we’re using for this actually
has a reveal ability so that if your acrylic paint dries you can literally
just peel that right off it is a airtight and leak proof product
and inside we also have another mixing tray so that you can mix more paint but
if you turn it you can kind of see that at this moment it’s kind of you know
going down but if I turn it over and I put it in here it’ll snap in and you can
store all of your paintbrushes etc in there so it’s all in one great product
the paint saver really new and then lastly our painters companion this
little watercolor bucket is for when you’ve got you’re trying to change
colors obviously so you’ve got a brush full of paint you dip it in the water
you’re trying to rinse it off that’s the really dirty water then you go to the
next little tub of water so it’s getting cleaner cleaner and then you finally go
to the cleanest water right here this little compartment here is to place a
sponge so you can dab your brush or whatever you can see we put a notch
there so that any liquid is going into that compartment and there’s actually
actually functionality in our handle we have the grooves here so that you can
lay your paintbrushes across so this is the painters companion and again all of
these products available in about June of 2019 we’re pretty proud of our new
designs we think you’re going to love them and we look forward to to working
with you all and check out our website we’re on Instagram obviously Facebook
where I think it’s at deflect Oh LLC on insta and
one other product are you gonna hope you can edit that one other product I forgot
to tell you about down here this cute little guy so this little sign right
here is mirrored acrylic it is not glass it is just a mirror and so we’re gonna
start selling little sheets different sizes three and a half by five we’re
doing this size which i think is like a three by twelve we’re going up to a
twelve by twelve whether it’s mirrored acrylic or we also
are just going to do plain clear acrylic sheets so that you can make whatever you
want with that you could do signage you could do just about anything with our
clear acrylic so that’s kind of what’s new from deflect oh we hope you’re as
excited as we are and thanks for coming by the booth have a great time thanks so
much for having us here in the deflect oh boo thanks for being here don’t
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love this new painters come painting that was definitely my favorite product
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