Wait a second there’s a staircase here, uh what the heck have we just found Everybody I am kindly keyin and welcome back to bendy and the ink machine chapter 3 now today We’re doing something a little bit different and kind of special now if you guys remember greenhouse m13 super cool person, creates lots of cool stuff for hello neighbor well They have done it again, but this time for bendy and the ink machine. so if you guys remember in the past we have done Teleport hacks with bendy and the ink machine in Chapter one and in Chapter two. now we had to set up those hacks Ourselves with the help of SK pac-man if you remember him very very smart fella He was able to get this cheat engine working so that we could teleport around chapter 1 in chapter 2 however He just had a baby so congratulations to him He has not had time to mess around with chapter 3 but greenhouse m13 has created a trainer to allow us to teleport in the new version of bendy and the ink machine which is Super super awesome and also we don’t have to set it up ourselves Which was one of the hardest things about hacking in bendy chapter 2 and chapter 1 So now we don’t have to set it up It’s very very easy to do all I have to do is press the arrow keys and it will teleport us in the designated Direction which is super super nice we can also go up? And if I hit the the dot here on the number pad we won’t fall anymore so basically we can Fly which is pretty pretty cool So we’re gonna be able to find a lot of secrets here in chapter 3 now I know that you guys have been Sharing some pretty cool secrets in the game I know there are Easter eggs, and there’s additional things that we can do in the game But I really really want to try out this teleport hacking ability Because it’s just so much fun to do and being able to basically fly around This world is really really awesome So we’ll probably come back to doing like the Easter Egg type stuff later on but in the meantime We’re gonna have some fun Using this hack now apparently if you go too far part of the map won’t load you have to actually get to certain sections of the level in order for additional sections to load up I think if I all the way to the end of here yeah, so you can see It hasn’t loaded any of the stuff after This door so this is a big old dead end for us Not gonna do us much good at this point so we have to actually make our way through This this dark maze area with Boris in order to get the rest of the map to start loading all right So we’re just gonna interact with Boris here and try to get oh no we have to go over to the handle right Yeah
We have to get that thing going and then we have to go over to Boris And it’ll be like I want soup get me soup Yeah, okay, so we have to get the soup for Boris now, so we’ll grab that can there’s another can over here I guess that there’s like a bone or something that we can give to Boris to unlock that Bathroom can of soup let me let me see okay, so there’s this one. Oh, there’s the bone Yeah, so can we oh no? We can’t pick it up now I I messed it up you have to do it before that’s fine. We’ll come back to that later. Don’t worry about that We have the ability to teleport anywhere that we want to right now So let’s just take advantage of that for now so now if I look a little tired to you guys That’s because I actually got food poisoning, and I’ve been absolutely miserable But I really wanted to make this video because this this teleport ability is just so awesome But I’m gonna try to have as much energy as I can throughout this video However keep in mind that my body has basically been through a massive war for the past Twenty-four know like probably more like 36 hours, and I’ve been pretty miserable But I’m still excited to be trying out this teleport hack and there are some specific Areas that I really want to try this out in so one of the main things that I want to check out is Where we interact with Alice Angels so in that first? Room where she we get the big jump scare and the reveal of Alice angel I want to see if we can get into that room That’s on the other side of the glass where she pops up See if there’s anything over there And then the other big one for me is seeing if we can get into the big alice angel area You know where she kind of sends us on all of our errands where we get those weapons And we deliver all the items you know where the drop box is I want to see what is beyond that door But of course we have to get bars to do Some some dirty work here get in the vents and then start open up doors for us. I wonder actually if this area is now Available to us. Let’s see oh yeah look Yeah, it’s loaded so now we can actually get beyond this whole thing actually Just jump ahead. We’re not gonna wait for boars. We don’t have time for that there We go kind of break in the game left and right aren’t we but that’s that’s fun. That’s half the fun. I actually forgot to Along with this trainer that greenhouse m13 made a we can change our walk and run speed so I’m gonna change it to 20 I’m gonna change my run speed to 30. Let’s go ahead set and set and let’s see how crazy this gets oh Yeah, oh, yeah, we’re fast we are much much faster Well, that’ll make getting around a lot easier, right we should probably save periodically because Well, we could get ourselves in trouble and have to restart the level if we like fall off into the void as you guys remember In Chapter 1 in chapter 2 when we did hacks in there it got really really annoying sometimes Because if you did fall into the void you had to start completely over And that was very very frustrating you had to reset all the hacks and everything now. This is another little easter egg that you guys were telling me about I don’t know how True this is but a lot of people have been telling me that if I set this to the infamous sheen so that guy It’ll allow us to actually pick up the tommy gun. I guess we’ll just go ahead and try it I don’t know if we’ll actually do it on this episode We may have to do that in a later episode But there was kind of some conflicting reports, so some people were saying that I had to get all the soup But some people were saying that I just need to set this Inc machine thing here I also need to take the bendy path instead of the angel path I don’t actually know, but we’re more focused on just kind of breaking the game right now We’ll come back to that stuff later now I do want to fly up so I’m gonna turn off the falling and I just want to see oh We can actually go in there right now now we should do that shouldn’t we okay? Yeah, let’s do it, and then hit control dot and that should drop us okay, can we oh no? We can’t open it? We cannot open this side of the Alice Angel door But we are inside of the Alice angel room which is pretty cool We should come back in here when Alice angel actually pops up see if we can actually get behind her that would be pretty neat Now let’s let’s get out of here and let’s teleport through here And then I guess we probably should do this puzzle despite the fact that we can just warp through it I don’t think we’ll get very far if we don’t actually work through this puzzle all right here We go so now. We can get inside of the Alice angel room and is it is It did we did we do something wrong here did we break something we may have broken something? It’s not triggering her music that is interesting so whatever we did kind of impacted the triggering of this scene of this event and Unfortunately you can’t get past this because this is the next area we need to get to so we may have to reload the level Here, so let’s go ahead and clock in so that we can save our game, and then let’s restart okay So we’re back in and we’re not super fast anymore. Let me fix that just set those guys like that Okay, that should speed me up again. Yes, okay nice Yeah, I’m getting a little spoiled by speeding myself up like this all right We got the Toy Machine going again, so now we should be able to move over this little barricade type thing and then Yes, okay, now. We’re getting Alice here. Okay, so what I want to do is go inside of here Let’s make sure that I’m going the right direction. Okay. I am and I’m absolutely inside of the Alice age oh This is gonna be weird because we’re actually gonna be behind her, but I wonder if she’s gonna look at us I I don’t know. I don’t know we’re gonna find out here in a second. She’s just singing her song oh Oh, this is the lead up there. Oh there. She is can we can we? Okay All right that that was that was interesting. We were right up behind her we couldn’t interact with her in any way But she was definitely there all right so the next area of the level is loaded I do want to see if we can oh, that was not what I wanted to do I wanted to see if we can get in here Okay, there’s nothing there. Let’s go up and just see if there’s anything on the other side of this wall There is not there is nothing but dark abyss on the other side so unfortunately Alice’s I guess that would be like her dressing room or something there it actually isn’t there I see Boris. That’s funny, okay Hey Boris, all right so this time We’re gonna take the bendy path which we did not do last time And oh it looks like there’s a recorder here that I don’t think I’ve listened to All right, well the words of Joey drew himself kind of like I mean I did it yeah believing in yourself That’s important But but I don’t know you sounded a little a little off there now this path It looks like it just kind of leads to the same area that we were in Before so that’s really the only difference we have a recording of Joey Drew on one side And I guess on the other side we had a recording of was it was it Susan Susan Campbell Is that the girl who plays Alice angel? Oh? Yeah? This is Boris trying to trying to be sneaky Yeah, you think you’re real funny. Don’t you Boris? We’ll look at these fast feet look at that can’t keep up with this No, you can’t you can’t I’m too fast Best all right we got our pipe Now we have to actually fight enemies, which is kind of annoying wait. Why am I am? I floating? I think I might be floating yeah, I’m floating can I yeah okay? I needed to turn off flying I don’t know why that was on very strange all right? This is where the butcher gang guy pops out of the poster, but I actually want to see what’s on the other side so let’s uh, let’s go up above and Let’s see actually I wonder if this triggers him oh, no it does he’s like in a little cubby He’s been waiting there his entire life. This is his life’s work right here I’m gonna see if we can drop in behind him. Oh my gosh. Can I fit? Huh? Can I kill him you think oh? Oh? I’m so close. I am so close to adding him okay Maybe I can maybe I can teleport oh oh No, I can’t oh gosh. Okay. Yeah, don’t don’t do that. That’s that was that was weird oh I love just kind of messing around with the mechanics of the game. Oh, man. That’s great all right We were able to beat him up nice and easy with our super speed alright, so now I just need to pull the lever and we should be able to get to the exit now Yes, we can all right, and then this is where we are introduced to the elevator right Horace. You’re too slow, man You need to get fast like me sonic style also I guess this art here up on the the bathroom stalls. This is this is from like a fan this was fan Art which is really really cool. I love the design very awesome alright well We are officially at the elevator and of course once we go down the elevator We’ll go down to level 9 where we need Alice angel again, and she starts giving us errands, but before we do that I just want to see what’s actually loaded right now, so let’s once again fly up into the sky and Well, yeah, oh wait okay, so the staircase leading to the lower floors is indeed open right now Oh my gosh the elevator shaft. How high does this thing go up? Holy moly, but let’s go way way above the elevator shaft Uh, yeah Wow that goes up that goes up very very high, but it doesn’t look like there’s really anything else to see here So let’s go ahead and drop down now I wonder if if we fall down does this damage us oh I’m standing on something that is not actually existing I need to oh no no no no don’t do that. Oh careful We got clock-in thing here do we have a save? Where’s the safe? There’s no saves around here, okay? You know what before we get ourselves into trouble. Let’s just go down the elevator Let’s go down to level 9 and and let’s just cool it a little bit before we get too crazy I want to be able to save the game. This is where we find Alice torturing that poor other creature, but there still are some areas that we want to explore, so let’s go up to the door Okay there we go the door should open up for us all right of course this room gosh so so creepy Let’s go above it and see if there’s anything suspicious around here doesn’t really look like it I’m not seeing anything over here. Let’s see if we can see any extra rooms that are hiding off to the side There is this room over here by the bendy statue But that doesn’t look like it leads anywhere does this go anywhere It doesn’t look like there might actually be some stuff underneath oh no that’s level 14. That’s right Okay, so let’s go back over here and see if there’s anything going on in this area It doesn’t look like it and this whole area has not actually loaded yet, so we have to actually Cross the two by fours, I imagine well. They’re not really two by fours there. They’re just planks of wood But let’s go ahead and do that so Alice can have her time to talk to us and tell us crazy things Alright, and of course now. We get to see Alice in all her glory. Let’s go above her and See what’s going on above here of course? We have the door that is going to slam down as she tortures this poor poor little man It doesn’t look like there’s anything beyond that though And we actually go inside of this room. Let’s let’s try it out. Let’s turn off our flying ability We’ll just slowly kind of float down. Yeah, we totally can I mean we can’t really do anything Wow okay? That door is it’s locked like you can’t you can’t go past it obviously But it’s kind of interesting that it actually gives you the the locked you know kind of jiggle noise We can’t get close enough to oh I didn’t want to do that That was that was not what I wanted to do here. We go. Yeah, let’s get right up in Alice’s face and Let’s just kill her. Let’s just let’s just beat her over the head with pipe. That’s you know easy done End of end of chapter 3 there we go we did it we killed Alice We saved the the cartoon man even though He’s not exactly the happiest fella in the world either this isn’t working It didn’t work But it is kind of cool that we can get such a close up shot of Alice right you’re not so scary Alice You’re not so scary. Okay. You’re yeah. Yeah, okay, you’re kind of scary You’re actually very scary we have become Alice look. We are Alice now alright, so at this point normally We wouldn’t see this This would be this would be blocking our view of what’s actually happening inside of here It sounds like Alice is all talk see she’s just she’s got sound effects making it sound like she’s torturing this poor guy But she’s not actually doing anything see she’s not as bad as she seems okay I do have to say those sounds are incredibly unpleasant But now we know what’s going on on the other side of this window here now. Let’s get the heck out of here All right, so now we have access to pretty much the entirety of the map except for level 14 at this point But that’s okay. I just there was there was something in particular That I wanted to look at I remember going up the stairs over here Yeah, is this no. It’s not that there was there was like some planks over a wall and They looked kind of suspicious They were covering something That looked kind of interesting I wonder if we can find a year while we’re while we’re over here might as well grab one Where was this room that I am thinking about is it that one? No, that’s just full of boxes this room looks kind of interesting But I don’t think that’s what I was looking for and we’re at the top and that is definitely not what I was looking for Okay Maybe I’m just losing my mind. Let’s go into flying mode cuz I want to check this room out So let’s do that, and we want to go in this direction Is that the don’t know that what what well it’s getting it’s getting walkie wait Can we get there we go alright? Well? There’s really not anything in here It looks like something or someone is living in here. They got a hammock and and one dresser. It’s kind of a tight fit Also, I can’t help, but feel like this is actually a cage because well You can’t really get out of it unless you can use cheats probably not a great place to live I I would not suggest living in something like that Okay, now I do want to try and find this mysterious room that I was talking about I know There was like there was a wall By the stairs that was covered with planks And it looked like there was it almost looked like there was an ink machine on the other side of it I remember seeing it somewhere ah ah ha yes There it is there it is you see that do you see that okay? So we need to get over there Let’s let’s try to float over there. Yes there is There’s a tiny equal shit in this room Why? Why is there a tiny ink machine in this room that is very very strange? Can we can we go inside of the tiny ink machine please? Maybe let’s go up? Let’s see what happens if we go up Well nothing really that is strange that is very strange that is there now. This is an interesting one, too I’m actually I’m gonna drop down. Let’s go – key drop down to this level and Let’s do control, and then dot and that should drop us down now This is a secret area that we can get to legitimately we have to get down to level 14 And then I guess there’s a valve that you can turn and it will drain this area I definitely want to do that although It’s not imperative to kind of what we’re messing around with today Also, you see this this this wall did not load somehow. We broke this wall I do not want to step out into the void Oh wow this whole area is not loaded what how did how did that happen? I? I don’t I don’t know how I broke it. I’m not actually sure how I broke it Maybe it loads each floor as you move through the staircase that would be an interesting thing this level is is Loaded which is cool. Good for this level beat up this guy get out of here Let’s see if we can get to the projectionists. I know he’s gonna pop up over here right yeah Yeah Let’s see if we can teleport over to him come on get in there get in there oh no no no no no no projection s Oh no I fallen into the void and I can’t I don’t I don’t think I can I don’t think I can get out Well that was a mistake Hopefully I saved recently I think I did so yeah, let’s let’s reload all right. We’re back in luckily I did save relatively recently not not like super recently, but it’s not big deal We still have access to this whole area I do want to see if we can get into this area over here So let’s let’s kind of fly above this see if there’s anything, ooh There what what how do you actually oh? I guess maybe once you get the axe you can you can break open this door here? Can we knock it off with the no you can’t knock it off with the wrench? Interesting okay well let’s let’s just use our cheats to get in here kill this ink monster And we have a recorder here that we certainly have not listened to so let’s see what it’s all about A real problem with mr.. Drew is that he never actually tells those little people anything. Oh sure according to him there’s always big stuff coming adventure and fame and like but I’m Sure our budgets don’t go all out of whack just because Gigi’s upstairs went out and got himself another idea Speaking of which Interesting all right, so I guess that was some kind of accountant for the company and It sounds like Joey had a big idea. We don’t know what that idea is maybe he’s referring to bendy I don’t actually know, but that’s pretty cool that we found that now is there anything over here. Let’s see Let’s go ahead and turn on our flying ability and no there’s not there’s nothing over here let’s go up the stairs and explore kind of each of the different levels all right, so we’ve got the first level here and Okay, this is kind of the weird looking like a laboratory area I don’t actually know what this area of the workshop is but there’s kind of weird stuff going on in here Let’s go ahead and turn on our flying ability and let’s see if there’s any rooms around here that we have not Found in the past. I’m not sure why there are sections wait wait. What oh? What have we found here is that the meetly okay, you can’t actually go through here You probably can’t legitimately go through this poster until I’m willing to bet after you’ve done all the errands for Alice and then you can go through it But well since we can cheat we can go straight through it and check it out There’s the meet layout let me back in yeah there. He is having some tea. It looks like he’s got a burger there nice I like it. I like it before it was just him just standing there Just kind of hanging out doing whatever, but this time. He’s got a little meal going on He’s really made himself at home in his little nook. That’s awesome I’m glad we found that even though we were cheating to find. It don’t tell anybody all right. All right. Let’s let’s continue our Aids of flying around the world of bendy in the ape machine Chapter three Is there anything else on this level that we perhaps missed it does not? Look like it. Okay. Let’s see actually if we can go in through the ink here now like I mentioned before You can go down here But normally you have to drain all the ink out of here by hitting a lever. That’s I guess on the 14th floor but we seem to have kind of circumvented that can I get up into the room I Totally can this is very very strange we have not actually drained the ink so we’re actually under Ink which is actually amazing Are we are we less than human are we actually an ink creature who can live in the ink I don’t know? But we do have a tape recorder here, so let’s listen to it Holy cow that was Henry that was us and Basically, I think that is proof that we Henry is the guy who created bendy, I think that’s what he was alluding to there and also he seems kind of discontent with the situation kind of upset with the situation Like I said, I think I talked about this in a previous episode I feel like Henry is not quite as innocent in all of this as he perhaps thinks he is I think that he had Like some kind of memory loss or something crazy happened and he may actually be the start of All these issues because he did not sound happy with with the way Joey was doing things Joey wasn’t Helping him. You know Joey just is an ideas guy like he said, but he doesn’t really do anything else He just kind of works his people and then reaps the benefits from there So I wonder if the discontent that Henry was feeling kind of led him to whatever we’re seeing right now I don’t actually know, but that is Extremely illuminating that is a really really cool Find but let’s get the heck out of here can’t can we you think we can get out of here I don’t know, maybe we have to go under the floor. Yeah, okay, that’s working wait What is what is what’s going on here? Are we seeing the back of a clock? Oh? Yeah, okay? Okay, we’re okay. Ah and here is the next level now. This is where we got ourselves killed Trying to get to the projectionists, so actually I’m gonna save wait. Where is there a safe thing? Yeah, there’s a safe thing right there Okay very nice get rid of this guy get out of here stop attacking me get rid of this guy as well and actually what I’m Gonna, do is go into flying mode so go ahead and change that up? And I’m gonna try to fly over to the projectionists this time see if he just kind of pops up does he? He’s not here He may have already left because we triggered him earlier Which is actually kind of disappointing because I wanted to I wanted to get to know him I wanted to Understand him you know his feelings and all that stuff. I guess we got another gear over here Is this another gear nope that one’s emptier? let’s go back to the other side like where we’re supposed to be so let’s go over here and See if maybe he loads if we do this properly and then we can fly above that door Let’s let’s try that yeah there He is okay So I want to go like this and then fly over this wall and then drop back down Hit control and then that and then yeah, yeah, okay, well we can’t wait what this is weird We’ve stopped him. We’ve stopped him in his tracks. No don’t leave me don’t leave me projectionists He’s totally stuck. I think we broke him. Yep. We broke the projectionists. He’s never gonna leave What was his name Norman? Yeah? Well sorry about that Norman? It looks like this is your new home. Let’s see what happens can we? Can we leave oh as soon as we open the door he disappears? Okay, yeah weird stuff weird stuff indeed Let’s see if there’s oh Okay, um so actually is there anything over here there. Well what? Wait a second. There’s a staircase here What the heck have we just found Wandering is a terrible sin. I’m leaving I’m leaving I’m leaving Okay, I’m getting out of here. Oh my gosh That was incredibly creepy all right. Well. I think that I learned my lesson I think I better stop that that was that was very Creepy the meetly knew they knew Andy doesn’t like it when we wander beyond the limits of bendy and the Inc machine But that was still a ton of fun I hope that you guys enjoyed this little kind of exploration of bendy and the Inc machine chapter three I enjoy doing this stuff, and you guys have mentioned that chapter one in Chapter two have actually been updated So we’re gonna go back to those and maybe we’ll even try out doing some more teleport Shenanigans in Chapter one in Chapter two, but that’s gonna do it for this episode Hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did Be sure to hit that like button and of course if you’d like to see more you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on the little circle with my logo in it right below this window you can also watch more my videos by clicking on the sides of The screen, but that is going to do it. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys next time

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