Craft Room Organization Ideas & Tour

Craft Room Organization Ideas & Tour

Hi everyone. It’s Alejandra. And I’m standing
in front of my arts and crafts closet and I’m so excited to give you guys a tour and
show you guys exactly how I’ve organized this space inside of my new house. Now, there’s
a lot of things that you probably already seen that I’m going to show you in the closet
but there’s also a lot of things that you haven’t seen that I’m super excited to just
like show you what I’ve thought of and show you how you can use the same tips inside of
your closet or room, wherever you have you have your arts supplies and gift wraps. So
let me give you a tour. OK. So this is my arts and crafts closet.
Now, I’m just going to start at the bottom and go all the way to the top and explain
to you guys exactly what I’ve done, why I’ve done it, and how to get the same look inside
of your house. OK. So let me start with the door. So I’m not going to spend too much time
on here because I’ve already showed you guys this in a past video. But this is where I
have all of my gift bags for wrapping gifts. Now yes, I do have a lot of gift bags. I got
them at a yard sale for a quarter about four years ago so I just loaded up on bags. Like
it was an amazing deal because each bag is like $4 or $5 like this is probably a $4 bag
like $3.99 and it was a quarter at a yard sale and they were all brand new. It was someone
who worked at Hallmark was just like selling the over stack. So OK, so I organized all of my bags by size
and by category. So there is large, there is men’s, there is birthday, there’s all-occasion,
and then there is special occasion, and then there is wine. Now, this is just a gift bag
organizer that hangs over the door on an over the door hook. Now, if you want to know where I got all of
these organizing products, you can go to my website. There is a link for my best or my
favorite organizing products, all the stuff that’s inside this closet is all listed on
that page. So if you like something and you want to know where it’s from, you can check
out the page. OK. So back here is where I have all my hanging
gift tags. I did a video on this before so you guys can watch that video if you want
to know more about it. But basically, I just have gift tags sorted by category. They’re
all from Costco. Believe it or not, all these gift tags came in one box. They’re just kind
of – they’re just sorted right now. OK. So moving on to the main part of the closet,
let’s start down here. So first off, I like to have a little step stool at the bottom
of the closet because there is stuff at the very top that’s hard to reach so if I could
just have a step stool convenience like I can just fold this up and put this over here
when it’s not being used. OK. Down here is where I have all of my shoe
boxes with all of my small arts and crafts supplies sorted by category. Now, they’re
all sitting on these white freestanding shelves that I’ve added to the bottom of the closet.
If you notice, there are no shelves built into the closet with the exception of the
traditional shelf that the builder puts in that’s like 75% up from the bottom of the
closet. But there’s nothing else that’s built into the closet. So an inexpensive way was
just to add freestanding shelves to the bottom. I think each of the shelves was like $14.99.
So it wasn’t too bad of a price and I think there is three here. All right. So all I did here was put all the
shoe boxes with all the small arts and crafts supplies like the tissue paper, the treat
bags, my glue gun, glue sticks, craft scissors, there are some Easter eggs, there are some
bows, there is bungee cord, there are hooks. And then I added my photo labels that you
guys have seen before. And a lot of people have asked, where do I
get the photo labels? I actually make the labels myself. They’re on my website. I sell
them. So if you want to know more information about them, you can check out my website. OK. And then up here is where I have all of
my tins, canisters, jars for creating little gifts for people like for their birthday or
thank you gifts or special occasion gifts. So these are just like jars for like baked
goods. These are little canisters so you can put like fun paper inside and then put fun
stuff inside and then decorate the outside and make someone’s day by giving them a fun
gift. These are just like tins, more tins, and grass. And then up here is where I have all my acrylic
paints and duct tape. Now, this is a spice organizer. So it’s made to hold spices but
I decided to put my acrylic paints inside because they fit really well and I like how
this has a handle so you can easily transport this to wherever you’re doing your arts and
crafts project. So that worked out nice. And also, it spins just like so nicely so I like
that. OK. So over here is where I have my duct tape.
I use a paper towel holder to put all of my duct tape on it. Now, I actually just like
took this from the kitchen upstairs so I need to either put this back or grab another one.
But I liked the idea of putting duct tape on the paper towel holder. Now, I’ll use duct
tape for not just its intended purpose. I’ll use it for labeling or color-coding or I’ll
use duct tape to wrap a gift to put on like its ribbon. That gives it like a creative
feel. OK. And then over here, I have all of my fabric.
I don’t have very much fabric because I don’t do many projects that involve fabric and sewing.
So what I do is I just fold the fabric that I do have and I hang it on a skirt hanger.
So that worked out nicely. And then these are paint swatches. Now I got
this idea from my friend, Toni, from A Bowl Full of Lemons, her blog. She blogs on organizing
and fun stuff for the house. So yeah, so I saw that idea of just punching a hole in the
corner and putting a binder ring and then hanging the binder ring. So I thought that
was very creative and it’s a good way to contain paint swatches. All right, now all of my ribbon. I used a
tension rod that I got from Wal-Mart to hang all of my gift ribbon. And now, it’s so easy
to grab and to cut. So what I do is I just pull and it unravels and I just cut it and
you’re done. The tension rod was $2.97. It’s sturdy. It does the job. It’s not going anywhere.
And it works nicely. I did the same thing up here with all my craft
ribbon. I got a tension rod from Wal-Mart for $2.97. I hang all my craft ribbon. One
thing I did do with the ribbon is I put a little pin at the end or the beginning of
the ribbon so it wouldn’t unravel while it was hanging. So the pin can hold it in place. All right. Over here is where I have my bubble
wrap. So I did the same thing. I just put it on the tension rod and then I taped it
so it wouldn’t unravel. And then over here, I hang all of my old,
used ribbon on binder rings. So whenever I get a gift, if I like the ribbon and if it’s
in good condition, I’ll save the ribbon. So now, I’ll just come here and I’ll hang it.
And when I’m wrapping a gift to give someone, I always try and use that ribbon first before
coming to the new ribbon. So I’m trying to use that one first. OK. Here is all of my gift wrap like wrapping
paper and stuff. You guys have seen this before. I posted about this a lot of times. I love
this gift wrap organizer because it just keeps the wrapping paper contained. It’s easy to
access. It’s out of the way. You’re maximizing your vertical space so it’s on the wall. It’s
not taking up prime real estate anywhere else. OK. And then up here is where I have all of
my scrapbooking projects. So each of these white boxes has stuff like ticket stubs or
photos or papers or like printouts of something that I’ve planned to put in a scrapbook one
day when I make time to do that. That’s probably not going to be for a while but I do intend
to do that. Over here, these two boxes are just empty
right now. These were on Ed’s side of the office in the old house. They’re just empty
right now. Inside the pink bin right there, I have all of my stickers so all my stickers
are sorted by category. You guys saw this in my last house but they’re sorted by category
and I put them inside these poly envelopes with a binder ring. Now in the old house,
I was hanging them. Right now, I’m just putting them inside here. So when I need binder rings,
I’ll just come here and I’ll take them off since they’re not being used. So in the front of the bin, I just took one
of my hanging tags and I took a clothespin that I painted and used the clothespin to
hang the hanging tag. Now, I still need to add a label here that says “stickers”. I just
haven’t really got around to that yet. But this is how I’m organizing all of my stickers. OK. So that’s how I’m organizing all my arts
and crafts and my gift wrap. I hope that was helpful. If you have tips that you want to
share with us on organizing crafts or gift wrap, leave a comment below or create a video
response and let us see exactly how you do it. So that’s all I have for you guys. I will
see you guys soon. Bye! 3

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