Configure LAN Static IP via Bintone DT910W Router | DHCP Mac Binding

[Music] Hello guys, My name is Atul and you are watching Techobia. In today video I am going to tell you that how you can assign the static IP on your LAN using your router DHCP settings, so if you are using Airtel here is a setting of a Binatone DT910W modem DHCP configurations. Once you are inside your router then you need to click on the setup then there you can see the DHCP static here in these modems we don’t have the configuration settings like we can see the active DHCP list, so we are missing these options in these modems but yes still how you can access your Hardware ID in Windows 10. Here you can see and another thing for all the other systems you need to check their MAC IDs from their system you can press Start + I then click on – if you are connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet as you need to click on the Ethernet name, then you can see this option over here you need to copy and similar as for the Wi-Fi you need to click on the same Wi-Fi connection name like here and there you can see the option to copy it and you can use any editor like sublime or notepad just to copy this thing so that you can copy this physical address from there. Once you are done with the copy then go back to the same page and there you need to paste it and must take care that you need to remove all these hyphens because this is a default acceptable format of this modem then you can write the IP address which you want to assign and then simply click on the add and after adding it you just only need to reboot your modem and everything is done. So please give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and sub to show your love. Thank you for watching. See you soon in the upcoming video. Bye ! [Music] ..

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