concert vlog// Hippo Campus 19

concert vlog// Hippo Campus 19

I don’t like that *June blues playing* good morning hold on perfect alright good morning it’s actually almost afternoon it’s 11:48 so the situation today is that tonight I’m going to see Hippo Campus uh Hippo Campus is a band they’re really good and I get to go see them for the first time today with my Dad because I have no friends here and my Dad is cool so why wouldn’t I want to hangout with my dad, you know? so that’s at six o’clock tonight and I don’t want to be looking gross all day because I also have to go to a job interview so I’m doing my makeup now instead of tonight so welcome to that we just decided that we were going to this last night like we had been talking about it for a while but we didn’t actually buy our tickets until last night Hippo Campus is like an indie pop kind of a band I haven’t really been into them for that long so I don’t know that much about them I just know that I like their music and also um his name is Zach uh we’re getting married he doesn’t know I exist yet but that’s okay he says yike, I do that none of my friends say it, no one has really caught on to it yet around me, and I’ve been saying it for a good 3-4 years now it is something I say and he also says it so clearly we are compatible and that’s about it I have really low standards not that he’s a low standard I just meant low standards for compatibility we don’t actually have to get along we just have to have the same taste in slang terms and memes and you can’t be like a douchebag what are these things doing they’re just like do you see that do you see it? whatever okay mmkay stop touching it april you’re just gonna make it worse now I have to think about makeup but I don’t know what I’m gonna wear yet so that makes makeup a little harder cause you know you want your makeup to look good with your outfit I could honestly just go like this I’m not totally against it but, I am a little bit against it I think I’m just gonna do something real simple that I can do in like 5 seconds in case it gets messed up and I have to re-do it later but at the same time job interview appropriate I don’t know what’s job interview appropriate I’ve only been to like two of these things so I’m using this color that’s like next to the purple but it’s not purple it’s kind of like a purple-y brown and I’m using my finger because I’m a real beauty guru and that’s definitely the proper way to do it so, when I go to concerts I get a little bit too excited this is really too much effort to be putting in for just a concert but I do it anyways I look up all the bands that are performing so like, the actual band I’m going to see the opening act, if its a festival I look up every single band that’s performing I look up their recent set lists from their last show, and I add all of the songs from their recent set lists, to a spotify playlist so, this concert is Hippo Campus and The Greeting Committee so I put all of their recent songs into a playlist. I’ve been listening to that and only that since I made that playlist the songs are very much stuck in my head right now if you wanna listen to that playlist it’s pretty good, I’ll link it down below I think the playlist is titled like Hippo Campus 19 cause that’s the name of the concert and the year yeah oh I’m not done with eyeshadow yet I got a lil distracted there I’m gonna take a brush this lil baby brush this color I feel so beauty guru right now I’m gonna put this on the inner corner part and under my eyebrow and that’s it now I need to put on mascara I’m gonna go do that okay I’m back I have mascara on now what was I talking about? Hippo Campus I have a playlist for them on spotify I’ll update it after cause this video is going up way after the concert I’ll update it to make sure it has all the songs that they played okay, I’m done with my makeup I’m gonna like fix it later and do my hair and stuff for now, lets go pick out an outfit maybe? so the thing with this concert is that I’m going with my dad and it’s cold so my outfit needs to be dad approved and weather appropriate but I have some options this this, but like, with a tube top underneath it maybe? cause this is like, a lil bit like, low so I have a pink tube top and I have a blue tube top and I think one of those might be good? or I could be like all those girls on instagram and just wear a cardigan as a top also an option but then for pants I have 3 options hold on I can’t find my third option but it’s just plain black jeans these jeans that have lil frayed bits on the end or I can wear these jeans that also have lil frayed bits on the end but like less so the first pair is like mom jeans and the second pair is like skinny jeans and then my black jeans are also skinny jeans I really don’t know where they are so I might not even be able to wear those outfits stress me out so I’m gonna come back to that later currently I am going on my computer to look up all of the lyrics to the songs on Hippo Campus’ set list for tonight I hate not knowing the lyrics it makes me sad so I feel like I have to know them Hippo Campus okay I already know the lyrics to buttercup I want the lyrics to a song I don’t know that great dude, I don’t know the lyrics to a lot of their songs I just kinda hum along to them and like I feel bad but like I just don’t know what he’s saying a lot of the time it sounds good but I don’t know what it is *”South” by Hippo Campus playing* I’m getting the Lyrics off of Genius I love Genius I watch their little videos on Youtube all the time on the meaning behind songs and stuff okay I’m gonna continue to do this in private now I’m about to do my hair I could’ve just left my hair natural but I blow dried it this morning so it’s too late for that now I think I’m either gonna do two little braids going back or two pigtail looking things, kinda like that but better then I’m gonna get dressed then we can go and I’m so excited *june blues playing* Hi I’m April’s dad it’s gonna be great *The Greeting Committee playing* *Hippo Campus playing* I FORGOT THE FUCKING WORDS!!! Hello it’s tomorrow you’re probably really confused about everything when I got back from my interview I was in a really big rush so I literally just threw on clothes that were laying on my floor and we had to run out the door and leave because we wanted to be at the venue at four because doors opened at six and I wanted to be up front that actually worked out really well and I got to be right up on the barricade on like the right side though so I was like right in front of the bass player one thing I really want to talk about is the opening band The Greeting Committee I love them I had looked them up before the concert and I was like oh this is good I could get into this first of all they’re way better live second of all their performance level is absolutely insane they just brought the energy up ya know which is what you want from a band I feel like when you go to a concert you don’t go to hear the music I can hear the music anytime you go to like connect with the band a little bit recognize that they’re real people I don’t know that’s what I would want to do if I was like a musical, artist, band, person anyways they did a really good job of doing that actually as I was leaving the venue I saw the guys in the band kinda chilling over by the merch tent I went over and tapped them on the shoulder and I was like dude you guys are so good like your performance level was insane loved it, guys were super nice uhhh specifically I talked to Brandon he plays guitar super nice dude gives great hugs so that was dope basically I’m a fan of them now definitely plan on seeing them again after The Greeting Committee obviously Hippo Campus came on phenomenal live played all of my favorite songs I got so excited so I had a good time with that it was a really good concert definitely recommend it 10/10 5 stars all that good stuff anyways that’s all stream The Greeting Committee stream Hippo Campus buy their albums buy their merch support your favorite artists *june blues playing*

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  1. Bro I've never seen Jake do that!!😂 That's so golden! I definitely wouldn't expect him to do that

  2. i LOOOVEEE hippo campus!!

  3. i love how he just embraced that moment… the crowd loved it.

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