Community Service.

Community Service.

JAMES: Hey, dude. Oh, hold on, I forgot something. Oh, I don’t need that. Cib! What the fuck?! Hey, dude. STEVE (VO): I’m not one of those people that claims to have social anxiety simply because they find it difficult talking on the phone. Those people are stupid. Everybody sucks at talking on the phone. Especially our landlord. I was trying to explain to him that we were changing offices and eventually moving somewhere else. So I was trying to figure out if there was a way to break the lease. No, I haven’t told either boy about me selling the company yet. I’m not really sure how to bring it up to them. There’s probably just a good time and a place, but it just hasn’t come to me yet. So, in the meantime, I’m keeping it under wraps. Until I find that perfect moment. Normally, I’m game for favors. Normally, I’m gay for favors. But I gave Cib a preliminary ‘no’, because it’s always for help with community service. The problem that I have with the trash grabber Cib gave me was that it was missing the part that grabs trash… [TRACK: Rage Against the Machine – Killing In the Name] ♪Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!(x4)♪ ♪♪♪ An hour in, we hadn’t done any work at all. At least I could blame my inefficiency on my trash grabber. Cib and James, on the other hand, were standing idly by, making unproductive conversation amongst themselves. I got left behind. I just want you to know that. I didn’t see Cib and James leave at all, and they didn’t tell me they were leaving. And the answer is “yes, I was very excited to go and try and find them.” “I didn’t mind at all that they just left without me.” Y’know, in fact, I prefer it, because that gave me the chance to go search for them. It’s like a treasure hunt featuring the best treasure you could possibly imagine: Two fully grown men. Cib and James still haven’t taken me off Find Friends, so I know where they are at all times. I found the camera in the middle of the road. Alfredo had dropped it. I didn’t even know he was joining us today. But, I’ll be honest, I couldn’t stay mad at him. Because I couldn’t find him. He’d taken flight, and lord knows where he is now. Just kidding, I have him on Find Friends too! He’d gone to Aleppo. Wait a sec. He had something there… I think I hear a potential banger! It’s been a while since we made a song, and this just felt like a fresh of breath air. ♪AMELIA ♪ Holy shit! We knew in our hearts it was time to resurrect the greatest band that has ever existed, and nothing would ever be the same *OH NO DUDE*

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  1. Is it just me or is SP7 not coming up in anyone elses sub box?

  2. anyone know the song that plays at 6:13?

  3. Hello is there anybody who want to know new ICO called Lendex Coin?

  4. Does anybody know the song in James’ car in the opening?

  5. Rage Against The Machine. Great choice.


  7. the love i the show!!!

  8. Sp7 quality going up but viewage going down

  9. Does anyone know which episode Alfredo yells "Jaundice" really loud?

  10. jfc alfredo suddenly speeding up was the most terrifying moment of my life

  11. fucking rage against the machine is my favourite wtf

  12. "This felt like a fresh of breath air"

    cib: lets go clean some treeassh

  14. cib is lowkey terrifying

  15. Why don't they do song credits anymore?

  16. Steve already knows that James is acting. He edits the vids with autumn

  17. I really want to know Suptic's bad opinion on the movie, It Follows

  18. “A fresh of breath air”
    That took me a moment.

  19. Alfredo how I love thee 😂

  20. Holy shit this one is so good

  21. Best shot, funniest video in a long time. Thank you guys for instantly curing my depression

  22. Kudos for Rage Against The Machine!

  23. Autumn just nopeing out

  24. Ok so is the ‘Cecilia/Amelia’ song a real song? Because I’ve looked for it everywhere and haven’t found anything, but it definitely sounds like there’s a real full song playing at 7:17. Whatever they played is super catchy so if anyone knows what it is please help!

  25. cib spotted at 00:38

  26. Shit, change is crazy, I wonder how mlghwnt transformed into this)

  27. He was right, that was a banger!

  28. Came here strait after listening to Cecilia. At 6:53 was the teaser

  29. Narrator: And it would in fact be, a banger.

  30. I came back to this after “Cecilia” has been out now for a day or two to revisit the time it was just a glimmer in a boy’s eye…..

  31. who else came back bc they remembered the part where they tease Cecilia

  32. 6:55 Well that music video took a lot of time to make

  33. Rewatching this and hearing “Cecilia” after the music video has been released is crazy :0

  34. Last place I expected to hear RATM

  35. Why isnt autumn in any of these videos

  36. How I enjoy Rage Against The Machine

  37. I miss Steve’s what lies above series. =/

  38. Anyone know the song right at the start


  40. Thought this was a car commercial

  41. Once rage kicked in I started laughing way to hard for some reason

  42. Uhmmmmm, did anyone else’s video have a creepy sound the first time it played? It only fixed it self after I restarted

  43. Is this really how they came up with the song?! Cause that'd be insane!

  44. "I'm catching uppp!!!"

  45. This popped up in my recommended and before realising it was an old one I was so happy they're back to cinematic stuff

  46. Holy shit Alfredo is Steve

  47. Eddy sounds like Alfredo with a voice changer

  48. Cibs eyes are so blue

  49. “That is badass”

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