Community Q&A: PvP

Community Q&A: PvP

We’ve been getting a lot of great
questions across social media, Reddit, the forums about how New World has
evolved over the past several months. We had our big announcement at The Game
Awards and people have been asking us a lot of questions on how PVE/PVP works. Can you tell us a little bit about how
New World has brought more PVE elements into the game? Let me start with the previous
alpha. When we were Live, you know, we watched players play, we played with
players and we learned a whole bunch. One of the things that we noticed
was players were engaging in PVP, but a lot more players
wanted more PVE content. They wanted more things they could solo. They wanted the ability to be
directed through the world. They wanted more enemies. So our big focus has been
around appeasing those players, putting more POI’s in the game,
increasing the density of POI’s, increasing the complexity and then, putting more curation into the world.
So as you’re moving through the world, the world difficulty grows. It ramps
up accordingly to where you are. And along with that comes
the loot that you get. We’ve added a lot more loot that gets
better as you fight harder enemies. So altogether the game’s going to feel
a little more balanced between the PVP and PVE, probably leaning with
a little bit more PVE focus. So during the alpha there was a heavy
emphasis on the PVP side of the game. Players are concerned that some
of that might be going away. Um, what about PVP has changed in New World? Our initial vision was a full PVP session, but we were trying to come up with ways
to make it so that experienced high level players wouldn’t
just PK (cheap kill), like new players so they wouldn’t go
attack wounded players and everything we tried just kind of felt like a bandaid
and didn’t really solve the problem. So what we’re thinking about now is
giving both players that experience so everyone can come to a tournament, have
a good time. So we put an opt in system, we’ve added factions to the game. So you’ll join a faction and
when you hit a certain level, you’re allowed to opt into PVP. Anyone
who opts in can engage in open world PVP. This also leads to wars, which is where
PVP was its most fun in the last alpha. And we’ve put a lot of work into making
war more fun. We’ve added siege weapons, more defense, we’ve added more stages
to the war. When you start to play this, you’re going to see this is
how we really meant PVP to be. Will it be possible to engage with
New World and not touch PVP at all? If you never want a PVP,
you can absolutely avoid it. I believe that as players play
through the PVE experience, they’re going to eventually want to try
and get a taste for it when they get comfortable with the combat
style and the gameplay. But it is absolutely a gameplay path
that you can do without ever playing in PVP. So during the alpha, when players
would, come across another player, they would kill them.
All your loot would drop. You would kind of go back to zero. What’s
the state of that in New World now? So now for the open world opt in
PVP, the penalty is really time. The time it takes you to
get back to where you were. We’re not going to have
you lose anything. Um, we found that players found that crushing, to not only get beat up
but to drop everything they
had on them was a bit much. So we’ve softened the blow on
that. The player winning the war, or winning the battle with another
player will still get some rewards. So there is a incentive to
flag yourself as PVP. Um, can you talk a little bit about that? Yeah, we haven’t fully
refined the system yet, but we are going to give you
bonuses for being flagged for PVP. So you might get a little more experience. You might get slightly better
rewards when you’re flagged. All of this stuff is totally
attainable while you’re playing PVE, but it adds more risk
being flagged for PVP. So we want to make sure
you have more reward. So we talk a lot about,
um, large scale PVP. Is it going to be more of a instance
scenario or is there going to be large scale PVP in the open world? I think both are going to
be options. Our war it’s, I wouldn’t say it’s instance but it’s 50
v 50 and no one else can enter the war. So once you’re in this area, we shield
everyone else out. In the open world PVP, groups can absolutely form and that
could also end up being large scale. It just depends how organized people get. Is there still a criminal system
in the game? In the original alpha, we had a criminal system
that players could, you know, they would get flagged as a criminal
and there are penalties to that. How does that work into
the current version of PVP? Because your opt in, we really know
there’s no need for the criminal system. Where everyone’s getting attacked, it
has made that decision to get there. So we’ve removed the
criminal system completely. Territory control is really
important in new world. Uh, does the way territory changes hands, um, require PVP? Absolutely. If you own a territory that
I want, I have to get a group together, my company and we’re going to
have to declare war on you. The winner of that war takes
ownership of the of the territory. At their very beginning
when no one owns anything, it is impossible to get
a territory without war. So in New World will there be
PVE dungeons and raids and those, those types of things? They’re not going to be like you
traditionally would expect where you get teleported to one. There will be bosses in the world that
require groups to work together to overcome. Similar to like world bosses, we may end up growing down the
path of adding dungeons and raids. We talk about it a lot.
Our bigger goal is to get, get what we have in front of players and
start to see what they want and where they push us and help us
kind of take the direction. During the alpha, we had a lot of issues with high level
players going down and killing new players who had no experience
and no opportunities to
explore what New World had to offer. What steps did
we take to address that? Well, the opt in PVP system
is a huge step toward that. You have to be in a faction to opt into
PVP and you have to be level 10 to join a faction. So the earliest you could
ever even contemplate PVP is level 10. And I think most players will want to
wait just a little beyond that and get a little stronger foothold on how
the combat and the game play works. So there is no scenario
where as a new player you, you wake up on the beach and have
a spear get jammed in your throat. That won’t happen. One of the aspects of PVP and war is
the idea of more of PVP by appointment. Uh, what are some of the
bonuses to having that? Well, a big one is you don’t get the group
that logs in at two in the morning and comes and attacks your stuff when
you’re not there so you can actually be present to defend it. It also allows companies that own land
to set appointment times around when they play, right? So, Hey, we
all get off work at six, we’re all home at eight
every night ready to play. We want to go to war around
eight or nine o’clock. Someone else might work night shift and
they might want to find a group that has wars happen around two in the afternoon
because that’s more convenient for them. It allows more players to experience
the feature around their schedule. If you’re going to preorder New
World, the deluxe or standard edition, obviously one of the benefits is
getting into the closed beta in April. What are some of the other benefits that
you’re going to get for pre-ordering the game? Well, one, you get this really
cool amulet, Isabella’s amulet. It was in the in the trailer you saw, the
red one that gets pulled out of… Um, so you’ll get that and it’s a
magic amulet that you can use. You’ll get a cool title, “Expedition One.” So if you happen to
play the game for a long time and you know, people always say they
were there since the beginning, you’ll have documented proof. Uh, we
have a pretty cool emote, fist bump, and the explosion. and a company crest.
So you’ll get special, crests you can wear on your chest
that only your company can use, companies that pre-ordered the game. Will players who played in the early
alpha have a special title as well? Absolutely, yep. Well, thank you for your continued
support of New World. Uh, please follow us on our social channels. We’re going to be going over a lot
more of New World leading up to beta. So you have a really good idea on all
the core systems and features that New World has to offer. Follow
us on Twitter @playnewworld, Instagram and Facebook as well.

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  1. Who would have guessed that making this a pve game would so sharply divide(destroy) the player base.

  2. so, your game smale like shit , now. ceya

  3. Any ptoblem takes tow servers: pvp (like Alpha) and pve (like bulshit in video)?

  4. Seriously hope this gets looked at again and rethought even if it means waiting a little longer on the game… just because people wanted more pve didn't mean they did not want pvp. The logical thing is to add more pve into the game while keeping the pvp so you can satisfy both type of players not remove aspects of pvp…Something along the lines of no pvp in low level areas and areas with specific type of loot be more dangerous a.k.a open world pvp is possible. Personally to a extent i like the idea of the siege timing thing but i do not like the idea of it only being 50 vs 50 and it shouldn't be ina instanced type situation. The idea of the defending group getting an notification of when the war will take place is good enough.

  5. The sad thing is people will still buy this shit. Just make separate servers( toggle on pvp for the pussies and pvp for the men) you'll save yourselves from losing so many people that followed this game

  6. Didn't think it was possible for a developer to come up with a worse pvp system than fallout 76. AGS was literally like "hold my beer".

  7. AGS, loved the game in Alpha. Overall the community was great and although I got PKed a couple times, it really wasn’t an overbearing problem. I’m all for minimizing griefing. However the solution you have laid out is extreme. There should at least be a few open world zones where PvP in enabled. I’m not sure why you chose to essentially gut PvP from the game (I don’t think Arena or instanced PvP is fun at all) but I think that will hurt the game in the long run.

  8. I generally opt-in for PVE because I don't like to be needlessly disrupted when I game. I don't get on much to game anymore as I'm getting older, and I like my down time to be enjoyable. Though I will say, I knew this game was PVP orientated when I pre-ordered, and yet I still pre-ordered. I thought it had a special uniqueness to it and I can understand some of the frustration with the others whom have canceled or share anger over the dominant role that pve now portrays in your title. A few thoughts come to mind, and those have been mentioned below but I will reiterate them. I personally know some very successful people and I can tell you that their business outlines do not appeal to all consumers, they specialize in one general consumer direction, focusing on one direction allows for more resources in that direction, and that generates a large residual income for them. This is what you would have had, had you kept the game as it was. It would have appealed to one type of consumer, but you would have excelled it to the maximum of that consumer group. Instead what you did was open the doors to all. Because of this you will lose a lot of players who stuck with you, and what is more, they do not trust you and can see that within 5 months of release you can completely change the outline of a game you spent years to create. It shows players where your incompetent management sits and now players know that no matter what you say for the future of this game or any game you create it all rides on a simple empty-handed promise. It means nothing, because you had a single direction for this game for years, and then suddenly within a moment months before release; it wasn't. It is too late to go back now, and this change could dig a grave for this game; not to mention the future fan base of Amazon Games.

  9. so they took out pvp and made it more pve, but stated they will wait for peoples feedback before they add stuff and they want to get it "out in front of people", meaning they have literally nothing and no idea what to do, well congrats you just ripped out the spine of the game, and your trying to push a spineless emtpy game

  10. I like how they said they read all the comments and more then half say they half to have more the just toggle pvp. In fact they used my comment from facebook clearly stating any toggle pvp will result in a mass of refunds, guess they didn't actually listen to the community

  11. I really hope that AGS listens to feed back and considers options that are being presented. There are many alternatives to turning pvp into a off on switch that will satisfy PVE and PVP players.

  12. I wonder what response they will have, when they decide to talk to the public again that is? Haven't seen much twitter activity since this video. Lol.

  13. It amuses me that every single person complaining here that Amazon has "killed" their game forget that there are a ton of people on the business side of the game who make all of the money decisions. Why else would things like lootboxes get added to games? Do you really think Devs like adding those? No, they do it because some suit demanded it after having a meeting with share holders. You crybabies seem to think that Amazon did this on a whim, when corporations never do anything on a whim. They clearly saw the PK behavior being a problem in the alpha and decided that the best, most profitable route was to change it to a PvP toggle (and ironically, many of you crybabies are probably avowed capitalists too).

    Look guys, here's the thing, your PK behavior that you think is hilarious is really the problem. Killing lowbies after they respawn, or leave the tutorial area just causes them to not log in. It would be different if you clowns had fairness in mind, like backing off when it's clear someone is shittier than you, or is lower geared, or is many levels below you, but nah, your whole MO is "Well, they just gotta get good then". Frustration over getting ganked doesn't get most people to be good; it causes them to stop playing. Open world PvP in a game like this is inherently unbalanced, and all of you upset here know it, but that's why you love it. You love that it's unbalanced, though you'll lie about that.

    The PvP base in every MMO is far smaller than you crybabies think. You are not the driving force behind keeping most MMOs alive, and you're deluded to think that you're what keeps any MMO alive and that crying here and getting a refund is going to make a dent. Your purchase is insignificant compared to the money they'll make off of people coming for PvE content without the worry of getting ganked while trying to gather wood. There numerous potential PvE-ers to each one of you serious PvPers who were put off by the idea of open world PvP in this game and initially wouldn't play. Those people are now excited to play because they now know they won't get ganked by one of you toxic assholes (and, the worst, most toxic people are generally heavy into PvP). When you're not out ruining someone's day by ganking them, you're ruining their day by rubbing your shit smeared assholes all over zone chat.

    So let's put the blame where it really belongs: with everyone here who took part in ganking players during alpha just trying to test game systems. Take some responsibility, blame yourselves. You could have had an open world PvP game, but you ruined it. You always ruin it.

  14. Lost Oasis 1, NW 0 —

  15. What happens if a company does not go into a war

  16. When World of Warcraft implimented Warmode, their opt-in world pvp, they ran into a major issue which is still there a year or so later: the faction which was perceived as stronger had more and more players opt-in. The other side saw people try opting in, then ditch and never turn it back on (or switch factions) because they knew they would be outnumbered otherwise. The situation snowballed as more and more players started participating on one side, and stopped on the other. Even the incentives/bonuses weren't enough to make the outnumbered faction opt back in, because bonus xp and loot means nothing if you're gonna be outnumbered. The end result was the bonuses basically became passive rewards for one faction, and the other faction overwhelmingly didn't even try to use them.

    So what are you folks going to do to prevent that situation?

  17. I think people should drop all of their items when killed

  18. From one extreme to the other. Now instead of being griefy pvp where you could gank lowbies and be an arsehole; it's a walk through the park with Barney & Friends with no PvP at all basically. Can you not find a median that would make us happy? I don't want to get PK'd by a max geared toon, but I also want PvP to be there.

  19. No word about interesting and engaging story like in games such as FFXIV, no PvE dungeons, no tools for social interaction between casual players like player music performance system or player-designed personal housing… Just Public Quests for PvE people. And now castrated PvP scaled down to "Wars" and forced factions.

    Fact is, this game will not be for anyone, not for PvE players who like traditional dungeon raiding, not for social players who like to interact with each other without combat and not for PvP players who enjoy huge lawless territories and huge combat. Another money wasted by Amazon and another game Amazon will cancel. Time to see what other companies will offer in future…

  20. Shoutout to the gankers who go kill noobs at the beach. How phathetic is this? I hope you can see what you do to games.
    As to the devs, my hypetrain just got derailed and hit a wall. I hope you live up to your claim to listen to the community and take the feedback to this video seriously.

  21. So glad I watched this video before i preordered. I hope the beta testers help make the game fun. seems :/ atm

  22. Dont be pussies a higher lvl player should always destroy low lvl player just like in real life lets not be pussie cunts guys fuck I hate devs now

  23. Just make instances in the game world so that military forces are balanced in instances. For example 10 vs 10, or 4 vs 4 vs 4. Or 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1. Or 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 Etc.

  24. You should want to encourage players to learn to face their fears and overcome them. Get stronger and fight back. The walls are there to protect the players from the threats outside. The walls become meaningless if you can become safe at a click of a button.

  25. I want you all to know that such a radical change a few months after its release heralds that the game will be a disaster. Go and ask for a refund! And you, dear developers, you could not make fun of the community in this world, we were all waiting for the game because the open world and pvp had been announced, you learn to develop video games for real, because you could make many changes to avoid toxic behavior, but you preferred spoil the game.

  26. no death penalties, dumbed down pvp. Casuals have eso, wow, final fantasy, why do they have to ruin everything?

  27. Trash… now you did not only ruin the game but my fun aswell, time to look for another game .I.

  28. No proper PVP? Your game will be dead on arrival. You don't listen to your community. I really hope this game fail miserable and your company gets bankrupt, you well deserve it for making stupid changes to a perfect PVP game.

  29. An easy solution would be to implement a PVPVE zone such as the wilderness from runescape or the dark zone from the division. This would be the only open world pvp scenario and is "opt-in". Please learn from your predecessors AGS.

  30. We never will have an mmorpg pvp or sandbox for pc from a big studio, with politics, economy , crafting, territory conquest, the near thing we have is albion, but the engine and servers have bad issues because they want to be a mobile game to… Worst let down i ever had with a game, fallout 76 round 2

  31. What the fuck, I just bought this game on steam, saw this in the steam discussions, and now I want to refund it. The fuck was wrong with alpha? I NEVER fucking tried to do anything criminal… the danger of them made it a fantastic experience. Having my friends guard me as we transported materials early game, farming in groups, the rush of playing solo and getting to safety with that big haul, or escapingwinning 1v2's…

    Where the fuck is that?

    Survival MMO? This is some fucking pussy warmode WoW shit. Great job you're trying to be the next WoW killer or something, let's see how that works out you fucking worthless devs.

  32. I was very excited for this game because it was a PVP focused game. Now all of my excitement is gone and i am only slightly interested in following the development. I truly hate to see a game with so much promise fall so swiftly. I do wish them luck with the game though.

  33. Fucking carebears… entire guild refunded… You guys are bitches AGS. You have the backing to make something that is truly different from every other mmo, you copped the fuck out, thank you for wasting my time in your alpha. Who decided to put tommy chong in charge? Can't wait for the internet historian video…

  34. Why did you kill your own game so fast? I am thinking to refund it but still waiting for some good news for better pvp system.(i am casual as well) It was looking like pre-aos UO, now it is looking like another copy of classic mmos.

  35. RIP NEW WORLD 2020-2020

  36. The New Anthem PepeLaugh

  37. Took out some of the coolest features in the game, I mean no court system? Even Star Citizen is going to have in-game prisons to avoid this PvP toggle thing. Who cares if I own territory if someone unflagged can just walk through it. Holding land means nothing if you can't defend its resources.

  38. I strongly feel this is an awful change. There is a reason why Atlas was incredibly popular the first few weeks. It was because of the no-restriction concept. (Granted the game was unpolished which is why it failed). This game will likely fail because they ignored their target audience.

  39. they might as well of just dumped this money in to glory of victis

  40. This game is literally trash now. I was so excited for it when I first heard about it, now not one thing about it is even remotely appealing. Nice job fucking up as hard as you possibly can guys. Everything unique and cool about this game is gone.

  41. You fucked up, hope you delete this video and roll back to your previous statements. This is a very bad idea.

  42. Modern world is absolutely helpless. The smallest offense and they run to cry in their pillow. Remember emo-culture? Emo where tough guys in comparison with modern pussies!
    I suggest we need to go deeper and delete all multiplayer games! All olympic games. And every competitive sport game! Literally every game! So everyone could be happy in that world, free of toxicity!!!

  43. Great move Amazon. Fastest way to kill a game, of this kind, is to gather only to the PvP crowd.
    I applaud you for having balls and not listen to the cryfest and go with your own vision here.

    The PvP crowd will cry and moun and never be happy with anything unless supplied with some advantage that allows them to own others. For example grieve new inexperienced players or have numbers advantage or some other unfair edge in their favor.
    That is exactly why they absolutely hate the opt in PvP because it doesnt give them the freedom to screw over weaker opponents.
    They are not interested in fair PvP with even odds, if they were than they would have no issue with opt in PvP. Prove in point.
    Furthermore if they cant get advantage in some way they cry and than quit the game. I repeat they will not stay if PvP is fair and they dont have some edge, they quit.
    2 examples:

    Life is Feudal – completely gave in to the PvP big guild leaders demands. Result? Almost all PvP crowd gone in less than 6 monts from launch (the latest map). Why they left? Because of reasons mentioned above and because lets face it they really are not interested in fair play they want an edge and if things are fair they cant own and quit. This is very recent. What is left? The PvE crowd thats still keeping it somewhat alive.
    Example #2:

    Guild Wars 2 – What keeps this game still alive and well after 6+ years is the PvE crowd who pulls in most of the revenue and sticks with the game. But it still has very big PvP base because the way they build their game. Its an opt in PvP. You can completely skip it. But its very balanced and fun mostly because you only PvP because you explicitly choose to. There is no way to grieve anyone ever.
    Besides their 3way Siege World vs World PvP with 300 ish players on a map at the same time is very strategically and tactically involved and lots of fun. Not only that, it also gives PvE players support role opportunities where they don't have to directly participate in PvP yet still contribute in a big way by building up defenses/siege gear thats required to successfully defend/attack objectives on the World vs World 3 way map.

    I mean look at the like/dislike count right now. Its so obvious that big guild leaders, who want their way, stirred up as many of their members as possible to come here and down vote your video this super early right after release.

    You cave to this you end up like Life is Feudal.

    You continue with your vision and do what you know is right you end up like Guild Wars 2 in success terms.

    Thanks Amazon people.
    Keep your vision and do it right.

  44. Yes we needed alot more PVE (which i dont think could be produced in 6 months :*()
    But WTF the PVP was the whole draw of the game… you didnt loose everything ! You only lost your inventory, this made you think about what you carry. It made travel have consiquences and as such brought tension and group play… these changes sound terrible.

    Its just going to be another empty MMO like the hundreds that already died.

  45. Has the amazon dev team even thought about the fact that those people killing lowlvls in the starting zone was just doing so because they were bored since they did everything there was to do in the alpha, and literally had nothing else to do than killing other players? When the full game is out, i doubt people would waste their time killing lowlvls when they have other endgame stuff to do…….

  46. You made you playerbase switch to Last Oasis. The devs of Last Oasis should send you flowers and chocolates. No I’m joking you’ll all just get fired by Amazon once they realize how much money you made them loose and how quickly.

  47. Jesus fucking Christ on a flamingo. You guys gutted this game into an unironic WoW clone.

  48. tbh. where is the soul? this game seems to have no soul.

    I really miss the excitement here. it sounds more like ''uff, we have to promote this, duh.''

    look at the ashes of creation devs. When I see their streams, I have the feeling that they actually love their own game. Totally missed that here.

  49. Wow ok, I wasn't expecting a complete 180… completely. Idk.

  50. This how you destroy hype for a game. Worst turn around ive ever seen.

  51. I heard New World got a new lead dev? Fucking tip: If you didn't, get one.

  52. So… cater to the same douchebags that have dumbed down every game to date… Got it

  53. a sniplet from our lord and savior; patrick gilmore.

  54. I like the new changes….GW2, Aion….are great mmos and dont have full loot
    You guys are making a storm in a cup of water….THE GAME HAD A PROBLEM AND THEY FIX IT….LIVE WITH THAT!!

    Br: o gringaiada chata da porra!!!!

  55. Yea, this does ruin the game for good. We need to be talking about how this breaks NW's "meta", or this conversation just gets confusing. The original meta was attrition, and now it is just plug/play session MMO. It totaly kills the critical effect of this game. It is true many (PvErs) don't "get" this yet, but maybe when do, they will admit defeat (or not).

    The PvP dynamic on a game's meta directly correlates to its PvE user experience (what you do with yourself) Even if you avoid PvP, the effect is inseparable. You simply can't have on/off switch, or even PvP servers, without game-breaking meta.


    The alpha was designed as IRL "real war" logic, as seen in RTS/campaign like Total War/Civilization, whereas instead of directly killing big and random on a war battlefield, you first drain your opponents' (rival guilds) access to PvE resources via skirmish. This allows smaller forces to take on larger ones, and commits players to defensive "force protection". It also puts a cap on the siege duration capacitance of the defenders, and opportunity cost on the attackers, so it doesn't result in "endless war".

    When a decision to finally launch the final assault is made, it is done so at the critical time, with judgment. Not too soon or early. This "way of war" was supposed to be the meta premise of NW. Now, it has become instanced, session based. Guilds can safely unlimited farm critically needed resorces "offline" (unflagged), even P2W, and use them for PvP.

    The attrition meta is thus gone, and now farming/transport no longer has risk. It means that NW (PvP) game meta is now based upon the (50v50) session combat balance outcome only, whereas being a race of "who has best level/gear". The strategy becomes an offline PvE race, instead of actual PvP.

    The point was to be a active participant RPG-like in the MMO-ness of "new world", but now the offline PvE economy will dictate PvP outcomes, rather than actual PvP decisions. You can have "factions" and whatnot, but now the game is simply a never-ending "Alliance v Horde" extended battleground of WoW. It loses its tactical meta.

    Regarding "complaints", the way to solve them is easy. If low lvl ganking is a problem, change lvl balance (nerf strength of high v low), lvl range commit to areas, or blueshield particular places (safe zone/state). If nightcapping is a problem, just peak modulate by adding PvE nerf/buffs (PvE guard; world hostile mobs, structures, friendly support NPC, get uber hard to kill if player pop low). If dropping all loot on death was a problem, limit carry capacitance or %drop loss (to the opponent).

    All of the complaints made by these developers "have already been solved" in other games, but instead they jettison the entirety thereof. The "game" is over at this point, and eventually the PvE trolls will realize what they have done.

    Indeed, as the key to good PvP, is good GMing (GameMaster). That is why the Twitch-thing was there, BTW. By just nerfing it, the developers are simply lazy, it is so.

    No matter.

  56. the game died without being born, canceled my preorder

  57. Make pvp and pve server. OR BATTLE ZONES? If you want to swing, go to those locations, if you want to kill small ones, go to another and earn battle medals and build a reputation with factions.
    Well, or the THIRD option, to give people the option to turn off the PVP and not be afraid, but who needs it will run in the included option.

    OR nubic buff that prevents players from taking damage at n-levels higher than they are.

    You can put an NPC with this effect. Or, when creating a character, check the functions: until the 30th without pvp
    BUT you make the game WITH PVP. This's the main feature in New World. Or not?

  58. Stop make games for noob and no-hands man.
    We want free game. we dont need rules or restriction. we can go out and play the real Life for that.
    Let the game free and competitive.

  59. you have the richest society in the world.

    play the most beautiful game in the world.

    not the usual crap.

  60. please.. dont change the pvp that much..

  61. Games dead before it even launches sad days. Would of a been a good game. The game wasn't even full loot. Like u kept ur main gear unless u were a criminal when you died. If you don't want to lose the matt you have on you there is a free bank in every fucking town. Use it. I was able to play in super high pop areas because no one wanted to be crim flagged and risk losing their main gear sets. The few times I saw someone get crim flagged like 20 dudes started chasing after them wanting their gear. If you wanna stay safe stick to high pop areas. This risk nothing and gain nothing pvp is wank.

  62. Fockin spineless pussies

  63. Will 50 vs 50 battles be instanced or open world?
    "Its not instanced, but well be sheilding out players that are not in the fight"
    Aint that a instance wtf…

  64. I have never been so disappointed about a game in my life, this video hurt my soul. Why would Amazon do this to us?

  65. I can see opt in PvP being for certain areas, but not the entire world. Not losing any of your loot when getting killed in PvP, and the only punishment being you have a “longer walk” , takes out 90% of the thrill of PvP combat. These two major changes are complete curveballs. It’s like they didn’t even try to ease into a couple PvP changes , they just straight out said screw the core of this game. Idk man I’m trying to stay positive, but these are huge changes, not to mention kinda last minute changes. Please bring back some of the more hardcore PvP aspects like this game was initially advertised as!!!!

  66. Why pander to a PVE crowd during the last few months of development when the game at it's core has been designed around PVP? sounds like the emergent gameplay and risk vs reward has been stripped away, sure PVE players will have more fun with the game initially but will they stick around long term when the game doesn't have dungeons or raids? no, they'll burn through the content super quickly and go back to WoW or FFXIV, the beauty of PVP MMOs is the emergent gameplay and different possible encounters against other players, these changes basically hurt the core audience who would stick around and play for months/years.
    All that being said I'm surprised Amazon designed New World for such a niche audience right off the bat (PVP Sandbox) but making fundamental changes like this so late into development is never good and doing a half assed job of appealing to either crowds of PVP/PVE Themepark/Sandbox never works out, sad.

  67. Throw this game on the pile of things the boomers have ruined.

  68. I honestly think people are just jumping the gun on being negative about a system that they haven't even experienced yet since they updated it. And its the fact that probably at least 40% of the people who are negative haven't even played it yet and myself i haven't played it yet but, the thing is im not going to judge something before I've tryed it out. Myself coming from a game design background and just finishing my last year in a esports college program i know what to expect from Amazon gane studios.not only that but, i had a meeting with a marketer from the Amazon gane studios marketing team for the lumberyard gane engine and he said he loved my work and that if i ever needed a publisher for a game to just call or email him up and he will try to arrange for that to happen.

  69. You ruined it amazon, you fucked up. Bring back open world PVP and remove full loot drop on death, make low level zones PVE only and high full PVP. Right now i don't see reason to play this game with almost no PVE content when there are tons other MMO's with huge PVE content that you will never reach.

  70. As a burnt out MMO player, and current Rust and Dark Souls gamer, I was very interested in this game. Now that they've changed the PVP, I'm not likely to buy it. I'll watch streamers post launch, and am open to being suprised.

  71. Pretty sad to hear about the changes. The only reason I was excited for this mmo was the hardcore pvp aspect without it I just don't feel that this game will have enough things to stand out from other MMOs on the market. I mean why not just make pvp disabled until you pick a fraction or disable it until a certain level?

  72. Can’t trust a dev studio that can’t even commit to their own vision. You lost my friend group as customers best of luck with the project.

  73. Next it gonna be, " hey guys, people complained how PVE content is soo hard so instead we gonna give you tons of emotes and interactions with the objects so you all can RP". Hell yeah Amazon, give us RP social game,fuck….just turn it to dating game,at this point its all the same to us. You lost entire community that been supporting you and been waiting for a game for a long time.

  74. The only player that wants to solo does not know how to play a team survival title.

  75. Well you almost made a great game. I will be refunding mine and my wife's preorder since you are removing the only reasons we wanted to play it. We had a blast in alpha but we have no desire to play another shitty PvE game. If we wanted PvE we would go play one of the hundreds of other games that do it really well, the market is already flooded with garbage like this while there are only a handful of games with true PvP like the alpha was. If this is how you treat your player bases then Amazon game studios is destined for failure as nobody will trust you to keep your word.

  76. ""Can’t trust a dev studio that can’t even commit to their own vision…."" This quote is the essence of the gaming world, and community. I cannot think of one game that has reversed course on what it had been selling since day one and survived long after launch.

  77. I'd launch with dungeons and raids. Get awesome gear from PvE use them in PvP.

  78. “We want to remove PVP because then more people will buy my warcraft game” – Jeff Bezos MMO expert and lead designer of Old World

  79. Stop crying like babies omg this is so ridiculous….
    Just test the game and then u can just delete it if you don't enjoy it….
    Give them a chance holy crap .
    Sad community!

  80. So now there is way better PVE games out there and way better PVP games.. Hopefully they come up with a better fix.

  81. Wow and here I thought we might have something special with a free flowing PvP experience where you have to be careful just experiencing the world. But no, pve wins again, and after the mobs are no longer dangerous to you because you know all of their patterns, then what? You turn on pvp to find a world with like 3 other people who have it toggled? Do you then have to go find them? What if no one in your vicinity is toggled? And who’s to say if you’re a casual PvP person that a company (guild) let you participate in the 50v50 war? If you’re not able to freely enter and leave it may become very difficult to even start playing that game mode. Go look at GW2’s prior experience with WvW, server stacking and deliberate gaming of the limited group space makes for a very poor experience even for some experienced players. Also with player collision, what if you need to gather resources and some trolls come along and body block? You can’t kill them because they’re not toggled on but you can’t get rid of them either. All I know is that this does not bode well for this game.

  82. While i agree with the idea of stopping "pks" of abussing low lvls i think you went to far. By making a safe zone or buff for low lvls so they dont get kill and harrass would have been enough, also that makes me think what kind of people you have working on this because it doesnt feel that there is balance.

  83. I think opt-in PvP could work if you reward guys who do take the risk to do so

  84. THEY were afraid of lOSING CUSTOMERS, but PVEer will not play it in New world, Eso and Wow's pve will be better, but New World pvp could overcome them, now no longer!
    sorry google trad XD

  85. I say take out the opt out or in system but just have a peace land where player learn everything and only does pve until level 10 or whatever. Then they will be transported to the beach with the items they gathered and will go on from there. Also with the pvp, add a manhunt system where if there is a group or a person going out there and killing innocent players, people who are seeking extra rewards get rewards by killing the manhunts. These are ideas that I came up with and would be more than happy if you took these ideas, remember your game launches in may and still have time to change it for us all. Listen to your community and just release it and go off from there, it’s a new game and we can expect for some stuff to be a little off and that’s okay, you have your community to listen too. The war system sounds fine and all the other stuff, just listen to us.

  86. Pvp toggle is a terrible idea just look at retail WoW

  87. The game just Shot itself in the Head –> RIP–>New World

  88. I don't understand why people are so upset, like, all these people complaining about not having PvP, y'all are STILL GETTING PvP. And all the other people complaining here, will be on PvP too so there's a lot of people who will be doing it.

  89. PvE is way better than PvP !

  90. PVP Server 🙁 pls

  91. Good Thing I Didn't Preorder.

  92. i would almost bet that those "lots of people who asked about MORE PVE content" are in truth CEOS who are scared that they wont earn enough with the PVP scene alone and want to create a jack of all trades kinda game to max revenue. why? well, look at the downratings , twitter, reddit ect. which clearly show that the majority of the playerbase who actually hyped this game up for the last several months and beyond, the core or rather the "spine" of your game, arent happy with this complete 180.

    No guts = no glory

  93. This game will die in 6 months.

  94. Disclaimer:: Big Textblock 🙁

    Have you guys ever seen the Vermintide franchise? I only played Vermintide 2 but that game has about 20 enemies if you don't count the dlc mobs added. But that game has a strong gameplay and combat experience with the focus they put on timed blocks, scattered resources like ammunition, health and also hidden loot that rewards you at the end of the run. But their enemies are well balanced and they compliment each other well in their scripted compositions during battle, they even have patrols that lurk around the map as you go and clear the level and they're not all that complex, just numerous and tough to break. Not to mention there are also 5 characters with 3 unique classes for each of then with their own passive and active abilities. I know it's called New World, so there's gonna be a lot of content like enemies and bosses, perhaps that's the focus of this game. But please, I beg you, don't make them 1 dimensional mobs with only a charge in and melee response, horde mobs are neat but I would love to see flexible enemies that prefer ranged combat and can switch to melee defense on a blink. Bosses that require you to cast disruption abilities or bombs during their cast grab attack or charge. Or enemies that can hide from you and appear above or below you like an assasin. Basically use similar techniques like V2 but it still has the soul and body of your own world and the feel is easy to immerse yourself into. That's all a gamer could dream of, pre order and dlc combined.

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