Common Mistakes – When to File Unemployability

Common Mistakes – When to File Unemployability

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  1. I need help with my filings. I can't work because of back with sciatica. I have mental health but it's not listed as ptsd. This would be great if it worked. I've tried getting increase for my back and it's just denied. I get so fed up it messes with me bad I just give up so I don't think crazy stuff

  2. I'm 100% PTSD (PTSD/General Anxiety/Major Depression Disorder) scheduler with SMC. I have been in treatment with the VA for the last 3+ years. I'm also rated SC 30% Vertigo, 30% IBS and 10% Tinnitus. My three year review is due next year. Should I apply for TDIU prior to the review or wait to see if they try to reduce me? I have been unable to work for the last 2 and one half years and I am 51 years old. Thanks for another great video!

  3. I lots of great information. But the VA rules and regulations are so confusing. It’s doable but I’d rather let your firm handle it. Thx again. Will share

  4. Can you help me with my unemployability?

  5. What happens if you retired early due to your disability and you now collect a pension?

  6. I've noticed V.A. doctors and mental health counselors often dance around any diagnosis that proves you actually have ptsd. I was diagnosed years ago yet my last comp and pens exam the psychologist stated there was no ptsd diagnosis. Unbelievable..yet no I believe it.

  7. should a blue water vet that may not get higher than a 30% rating for prostate cancer (and was denied several yrs. ago) file for unemployability at the same time as submitting a claim, or in your opinion would it take years before the dept it is referred to to make a decision?

  8. i filed for iu along with a rate increase for PTSD, and also filed for ibs, I was at 60 percent and not working and had just received state retirement disability due to PTSD. they denied my rate increase and dropped it to 30 percent and gave me 30 for ibs to keep me at 60. i filed ssdi and received it. i filed an appeal for ptsd and just found out i won and was awarded 70 percent which puts me at 80. there was no mention of the IU, should that be back dated to when I first filed for it?

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