Colossal Eren Surprise! How Does AOT Go Forward? Attack on Titan Chapter 119 Review

Colossal Eren Surprise! How Does AOT Go Forward? Attack on Titan Chapter 119 Review

Foxen: What a fricking jaw dropping Attack
on Titan chapter. It really might be the best this year. Not even joking. So what’s up, guys? Foxen here. Attack on Titan: Chapter 119. Come on, Isayama, you’re tearing me apart. First it was Levi Ackerman, and now Attack
on Titan’s other moneymaker. Foxen: That’s right, in case you needed anymore
reason to fricking hate Gabi, Isayama definitely delivered this chapter. How the hell did that even happen? He had the rogue badass Eren that got taken
out by female Eren. What a fricking colossal twist. So yes, too bad Attack on Titan is over. Next chapter, role the credits. Gabi just ended this Titan battle. Foxen: Anyway, go ahead and make sure to subscribe,
ring that bell, smash that thumbs up just like Gabi smashed Eren this chapter. Oh, too soon? Anyway, I did rush back in the middle of all
the anime expo and Fourth of July stuff just to do this video. So let’s go ahead and get started. Foxen: Let me just get into it. The big end game moment, Gabi getting that
head shot on Eren. Or I guess technically, is that considered
a neck shot? Either way, everything from the neck above
is gone. Two pieces. Looks like Eren’s not about to touch his brother
anytime soon. And no, I definitely do not mean that in a
sexy time, that a lot of you guys were thinking in the past video. Hm, I didn’t realize I had such a large Alabama
audience. Come on, guys. Foxen: Anyway, first off, let me touch on
the female Eren here. So yes, in case you didn’t just hate this
bite-sized female Eren enough, Isayama just converted you to this chapter. Welcome to the Gabi Hate Club. Which by the way, I am still not a member
even after this chapter. Even after the events here, this still has
me in the mid-neutral zone on Gabi. No, Isayama, you’re definitely not going to
make me hate Gabi. Not unless she fricking gets a gun and shoots
Historia’s stomach. Foxen: That being said, I do have to point
out a few things about Gabi this chapter. Just a few moments ago you saw Gabi crying
her eyes out. You could just imagine her mental state at
just what happened with Falco. But even so, Gabi still managed to get the
fricking sniper, set it up, take aim, and actually get a lethal shot onto rogue Eren. Obviously, I’ve never used one of these sniper
weapons, but God damn, Gabi is so amazing with the fricking gun. For anyone actually experienced using guns,
post down below: is what Gabi did actually pretty realistic? Keeping in mind her mental state, the fricking
sniper weapon, Eren running, Gabi actually having the military shooting experience. Foxen: It also does feel like anytime that
anyone takes a shot in this Titan war, it’s almost always a head shot, or some lethal
shot that they wanted. Can someone see a Titan Aimbot in this war? But who knows? Perhaps Marley really trained them that well. Foxen: Switching it over to the now deceased
Eren. Right away, two things come to mind. The first thing, obviously Eren is not dead
just yet. At bare minimum we have 12 chapters left for
the Attack on Titan story. I do see Eren truly dying, but not yet. And yes, let me clarify that Eren might be
dead right now, but I don’t discount some type of weird resurrection happening if he
is dead. And two, how is Isayama actually going to
explain Eren surviving this? Eren did happen to spot Gabi before she fired. Did Eren just bust out that trademark Reiner
[inaudible 00:03:06] move? Transferring his mind into his left nut sack. In other words, will the Attack Titan be appearing
the next chapter? Foxen: Option number two. Is that Ymir-like girl still around? In other words, can she use Titan Reborn on
Eren over here? Come on, just one more time. Do it for Mikasa and Zeke. Option number three. Some new Titan [inaudible 00:03:25] move. Here’s something random. Perhaps Zeke will offer himself up in some
type of way. So somehow Zeke could get the leftover Eren
parts, and then fuse them within himself. In other words, some type of Claymore stuff. Foxen: Another random possibility. Did Eren somehow transfer his mind into his
past self? Perhaps going back this morning, yesterday,
a week ago, years ago. So many possible options. So go ahead, post down below. How is Eren coming back? Does anyone actually think Eren really died? What are your feelings on Gabi now? I’m betting that most of it will be hate. Foxen: Anyway, now let’s actually go through
the chapter. Yes, I will touch on the Jaws Titan and the
Falco stuff. That’s pretty interesting. At the very start of the chapter, I was almost
confused about this panoshot. But then I realized what happened. It looks like Paradis only kept that area
and left the [inaudible 00:04:12] Titan around. They really just penetrated a hole for people
to drive through. If anything, Eren’s leftover Titan body should’ve
really represented hope and victory over the Titans, for the people. Foxen: Then in this shot, take a look at the
Armored Titan. What the hell? The Armored Titan just got shredded the previous
chapter, by the Beast Titan. You even saw him losing a fricking leg. But now this chapter, not only is this guy
already back up, he’s fully regenerated. Did Reiner just learn how to recover sooner? I thought regenerating super quickly was fricking
Eren’s thing. Talking about Eren, in the next shot, hey
Reiner, is that a reference to [inaudible 00:04:46] season two? You know, Eren being the worst person in the
world to get this founding Titan power. Foxen: In this shot, I was actually surprised
looking at Eren’s face. This guy looked so fricking desperate here. Got to get over to [inaudible 00:04:58]. As for the Jaws Titan coming in, this thing
was still trying to stop Eren until the very last moments. The Jaws Titan was really like this scrappy
little Chihuahua. Eren really just needed to punt this thing
away. But no, Eren went with the other option: got
the head smashed again. So this is actually one of the really frustrating
things about this whole Titan war chapter. Eren, why are you not eating the Jaws Titan? Eat the Jaws Titan. Eat Reiner. You already had and lost several opportunities
to do so. I mean, Eren, you’re just making it way too
difficult for yourself. Foxen: As for Pieck’s Titan here, come on,
another fricking head shot? Is it really that easy to get head shots now? These Marley guys are really getting more
head shots than fricking COD players. I mean, really, what has [inaudible 00:05:39]
squad actually been up to? Have they just been sitting around? Not to mention, a prediction coming true. Pieck’s already gone Titan mode again. Foxen: Next up, the Scouts coming back into
play. Finally. You have Armin really going to being that
strategist. This guy notices that they to take out Pieck
as soon as possible. Although Armin really was being a little reckless
there, not paying too much attention. Thankfully, Mikasa protected his ass. Fricking lucky. You also do have to love Connie right here,
not taking crap from anyone. This guy just roasted those soldiers. Foxen: As for the other guys, you have Pixis
up in front. Pixis here was commanding the other wine-loving
troops. Commander Pixis’ leading up in charge, really
gave me this vibe of Commander Erwin. As for Yelena, here, a lone Yelena panout
at the very bottom. Come on, Yelena, you’re not going to do anything? Are you meditating, praying, trying to awake
the Beast Titan from afar? In other words, a big fat truck load of nothing. Foxen: Next up, the Beast Titan situation. Oh my God, I was so wrong. I actually thought the Beast Titan Zeke only
had his shoulder shot off the previous chapter. This guy literally got his whole back removed. By the way, did you notice, Zeke happened
to regenerate some pants in his Titan? Got to hide his royal package. And yeah, just like at the very bottom, Zeke
realizing that he’s fallen again. So much for being that war chief. Foxen: Next up, the Attack Titan verus Armin
Titan, round I don’t even know. So yes, Eren versus Reiner. History really does keep on repeating itself. This scene is so similar to what just happened
in the anime. At least Isayama is trying his hardest to
make this scenario where everyone gets in the way, just to prevent Eren from having
this Titan buffet. And also from the two Yeager brothers touching
each other. Foxen: Ooh, what is this? You got some Titan thunder coming in. Notice this time, no royal blood involved
at all. Funny how this now keeps on making an appearance
after the anime episode. So was Marcel actually able to tell Reiner
something from beyond the dead? It almost seemed like Marcel told that to
Reiner in real life. So was this a message or just a memory from
beyond the grave? It didn’t seem like Reiner knew about this. But then again, I could be wrong. Either way, this whole thing is a juicy reveal. No Reiner, I wasn’t doing you any favors. I was just trying to spare my younger brother. Screw you Reiner. So great job right there, Marcel. Making Reiner depressed again. Foxen: Next up, the Beast Titan monkey has
recovered. I really just love the bottom panel, this
guy is screaming. It almost looked like this guy is charging
up. So getting into the prediction I got right,
which is honestly a pretty obvious one, Falco and Colt actually made it over to the Beast
Titan. So you really had Colt trying to actually
reason with Zeke. For a moment, it did seemed like Zeke was
actually hesitating. I was like, “Really, Zeke? You’re going to stop now? After you killed so many for a kid?” Zeke should have though that this guy potentially
could be bluffing. And even if he wasn’t, a kid be damned. I really wouldn’t put it past the Marley guys
to use a kid to buy some time in this dire situation. Foxen: So let’s keep in mind, Colt realistically
would have wanted revenge on this fricking traitor. One key thing to notice about what Colt mentioned:
he talked about this effective range for the Beast Titan’s scream, which is something already
hinted at. What you should notice is that Colt seemed
to be aware about the details about this. Which really shouldn’t be surprising. Colt was supposed to take over the Beast Titan
eventually. Foxen: As for Gabi here, come on. Gabi coming in on a fricking horse? Where did she get that? I couldn’t be the only one thinking this. It really reminded me of Arya on that random
ass horse in the final Attack on Titan season. Where did Gabi get her horse meat? Foxen: For a while you’ve known that Isayama
has been greatly inspired by Game of Thrones for this final arc. At least for the post time-skip stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least partly
Gabi has been inspired by Arya. Of course, I still have faith that Isayama’s
definitely going to be doing a better job than fricking Game of Thrones’ final season. Foxen: Anyway, let’s get into it. Zeke screaming. This whole panel shot was super fricking amazing. I couldn’t be the only one getting chills,
seeing that Beast Titan roar. I can’t wait to see this in Attack on Titan
season four. I could just picture the music, or maybe the
anime will just cut out the music here to really emphasize the fricking roar. Foxen: Then with the following pages, even
more chills. See yeah [inaudible 00:09:38]. See yeah, Nile. It was fun, Commander Pixis. You really have to do love this Commander
Pixis’ panel. The man died how he lived: super drunk until
the very end. Foxen: Then that wide shot of the Titans erupting
in the district. The question now becomes, how powerful are
these Titans? Recall the last batch that Zeke summoned. They seemed to be pretty powerful. They were definitely more amazing than the
Beast Titan army from the anime. And really, you have to go back to the whole
scream build-up. Isayama is a fricking genius. The build-up has been one of the best things
in the series so far. You know that the scream is coming. We think that the wild calls of the Titans
are coming, and everyone was anxiously waiting for that ticking time bomb to go off. Finally that’s happened in this chapter. Foxen: Next up, let’s get into Titan Falco. Oh my God, what the hell happened to Falco? Yes, that Titan does look like it has a fricking
beak. Come on, Isayama, I know what you’re doing. The joke is much too obvious. It also looks like Titan Falco has an awfully
long neck too. As for Zeke using Falco to go after Reiner,
finally some of that war chief Zeke coming back. This guy’s a genius. Now you’re actually getting in a position
for the Armored Titan to voluntarily kill himself. Or should I say sacrifice himself? Foxen: As for Colt here, hm, is that a barbecue
Armin reference? Mm-mm, toasty. So now you’ve found out the unfortunate thing
that happens when you’re much too close to a Titan transformation. Which actually reminds me of a similar argument
being made when you get very close to a magical [inaudible 00:11:04] transformation. Then, for the Armored Titan here, I really
like this shot of Reiner trying to choke out two Titans at the same time. Come on, Reiner. You’re so funny. You could barely take on Eren. Foxen: Switching it back to Pieck. Come on, another head shot? God dammit, Floch. Turns out you really were only all talk all
this time. Everyone on Floch’s team is gone. Once again, Floch is left as the only survivor. Ironically, the so-called weakest Titan has
actually been one of the most difficult ones to truly take out. Foxen: But hold up. Did I speak too soon? Fricking finally. Hell yeah, Armin for the win. Thunder-spearing these guys up the ass. So it looks like Pieck is still all right. Mostly. But finally, that canon-sniper thing is gone. Destroyed. The question now remains: did [Mageth 00:11:48]
actually die? I think this guy is really wounded but not
dead yet. It looks like Armin really doesn’t need the
fricking Colossal Titan to be effective. Foxen: But don’t forget about Mikasa, humanity’s
strongest is here to back up. Place your bets now: Mikasa versus the Pieck
Titan. Who’s going to win? I see Mikasa turning Pieck into fricking taco
meat. Foxen: Next up, let’s talk about the Jaws
Titan. See how Porco here coming out of his Titan,
looking like a fricking zombie. When the hell did this turn into The Walking
Dead? I know, yes. I was just waiting for a fricking Falco eat
this guy. Or some other Titan. Foxen: Anyways, one of my death poll predictions
was correct. The Jaws Titan is officially dead. Bingo. Which honestly, isn’t that surprising. I mean, out of everyone here, it seems like
Porco is the most expendable one. And now what Falco with eating the Jaws Titan,
hey Gabi, you don’t have to be sad about it anymore. Foxen: The one interesting thing to note is
about the Falco Titan eating the Jaws Titan. Didn’t this guy technically disobey the Beast
Titan order to eat Reiner, or to fight Reiner? For a split second, the Falco Titan was like,
“Screw that. I could become a Titan Shifter.” Also, what happens now to Falco, as the Jaws
Titan? Can the Beast Titan actually control him? So many fricking questions to wonder about. Foxen: Anyways, switching it back to Eren. Oh my God, this guy just got hard, then actually
ejected his Gundam. I mean [Nightmare 00:13:07]. I mean Titan. That’s right. Strategy bitch. Then for Zeke, it looks like this guy actually
learned a trick from Pieck. Playing dead right here. Do you notice how Zeke’s body is still super
messed up? It almost looks like Zeke is fricking melting. That will definitely be more steamy in the
season four anime. I’m just wondering, is Zeke about to be like
Porco, in that he won’t be able to use his Titan healing powers anymore? Will a random Titan from the Beast Titan Army
come pick this guy up? Perhaps even do that whole Titan fusion trick
that he now knows about. Foxen: Next up, the Stallion and Connie coming
in, protecting Eren. And also I guess protecting Zeke, in a way. Oh my God. Almost there, Eren was about to get to home
base, but no. You fracked it up Gabi. You got Gabi here mimicking [Shinon 00:13:53]
from [Asayo 00:13:54]. So yes, Gabi fricking killed the Night King. I mean, Eldian King. Last minute save too. Oh my God, look at Zeke’s dreadful face, as
he realized just what happened at the very end. Foxen: I fricking loved this chapter. It would totally be a different story if Eren
was actually dead. But come on, you know he’s not. I just fricking love Isayama being suck a
troll with that cliffhanger ending. This also is the best cliffhanger for a while. Naturally, everyone is freaking out that Eren
actually died. What a twist. It’s actually funny how I suggested Zeke possibly
dying. You know, Isayama definitely saw that video,
then changed it up a bit. Isayama did cut off the Yeager brother, except
the wrong one. Foxen: But seriously, are you worried? Is anyone actually worried? Post down below: how is Eren going to survive
this? What happens to Zeke next chapter? Will Mikasa and Armin take out Pieck next
chapter? How do you feel about Gabi? Any Gabi fans left? Foxen: By the way, the follow up discussion
will be next week. Be sure to follow me and tweet me your question. Don’t forget to use the hashtag. Keep in mind, Patreon supporters do get a
guaranteed question. Patreon supporters also do get the monthly
live stream. The next live stream will be a long juicy
one. Two hours. Foxen: Anyway, go ahead and post down below:
is Eren truly dead? Which Titan will die next? What is Zeke about to do? What happens to Falco, Reiner? Oh my God, so many questions. Definitely give a colossal thumbs up, check
out my pics for this summer anime season, and I’ll see you guys later. Speaker 2: (singing).

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