Cold Frost on the Pyre – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 28 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

Hey everybody, welcome back to A.I. or
AI: The Somnium Files; in the last route Sejima made a weird comment
about being somebody’s father and I was a little bit confused
when I saw it because I wasn’t sure If he was directing it to Mizuki or Date or what So before moving on, I wanted to talk about the scene again
because I rewatched it and I’m pretty sure he’s talking about
himself being Date’s father Let’s watch it again first Right, so watching it the first time, I feel like I
wasn’t really sure who he was talking to but if you go back here, “Killed by your own father” You notice he moves his head here. Let’s go back a little bit again Here So I think because he moved his head, it
means that initially, he was talking to Date and then later on, he’s saying to Mizuki
“By the way, do you like fireworks?” I saw some of you speculate in the comments that you thought maybe the
“killed by your own father” comment meant that he was gonna kill Mizuki and then blame it on Date because
Date is kind of like Mizuki’s father, but I don’t think this is the case because
number 1, the head moving thing and number 2, it doesn’t convey it in the English
translation here, but in the Japanese He very clearly indicates “biological father” and I’m pretty sure he knows that Mizuki
is not Date’s biological daughter So, the conclusion is, I am pretty sure the scene
was talking about Date being Sejima’s son But it doesn’t actually mean anything to us right now because we don’t know why, why is he doing this? Why is Sejima killing people? If I’m his son,
why do I not know about this? And why is he willing to kill me? We still have lots of questions here so let’s jump back in Today, we’re gonna go to the only place that we can go to on this entire chart. We finished the yellow route, we finished the red route
and the green one is still locked for now All we can do is go to the purple one,
which might be Iris, I’m guessing? For both Mizuki and Ota’s path, basically after the incident about Iris and Ota, we
were completely blocked off from talking to Iris, so I’m really looking forward to finding out what she’s
been up to cuz I think she’s the key to all of this To recap, in the beginning of the day,
we found a dead Shoko And then later on in the hospital,
we get a Somnium of Iris’ house then we meet Iris’ mom for real And because Mizuki is mute, we go into her Somnium And that’s how we’re gonna branch
off into this new route here. Oh, but I just remembered, before that, Let me go back to the beginning here,
because I think people were telling me that the guy that we keep seeing, the
investigator that we keep seeing everywhere cuz in the beginning, I didn’t know how the game works properly and I didn’t exhaust all the dialogue with him If we come back here now,
maybe that’s something we can do? Hey, you can actually kind of see his eyes on the big picture (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) I can still ask But I will anyway (Welonz chuckles) Hey! (Welonz laughs) Blew your own cover, god damn it (Welonz chuckles) Well, that was an interesting little tidbit Let’s get back to the flow chart then Where else did we see the guy I I think we also saw him in Sunfish Pocket? After Renjiu was killed, right? Is it worth for me to go back there, too? No, that’s the day when it happened,
I gotta go the next day, I think Here And it’s the same guy every single time (Welonz snickers) I’m his superior,
he has to answer to me Tch (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz inhales) (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) Oh! (Welonz laughs) Mizuki, when you become an adult, everything will make sense, alright?
This is just how adults talk (Welonz chuckles) Alright well, that was fun We also saw this guy after the–in the warehouse, is it worth for me to go back there, too? I mean, I guess we can really quickly check Where would that have been? we saw him in two different routes, right?
Both these routes here We’re getting an overdose of Kagami This would be spaced up normally if I had
talked to him in the beginning more but um, I think because we talked to him in the beginning,
he’s gonna say more things here “Glass”? Ah Kagami, cuz Kagami is “mirror”,
so that’s why it’s related to glass discuss some more dare more but um, “Kodaka”? (Welonz chuckles) Well, that wasn’t it “Kaniza” is a horoscope Yes Was it “Cancer”? What’s Kaniza in English? (Welonz chuckles) We didn’t see this option last time, hm Oh, yeah, yeah yeah That was the whole thing about how
they were gonna hang out together You should, you guys do seem to get along It’s kind of all in a row right now,
but while we’re doing it anyway, what about the one that was here? Warehouse, again No, this is when he gave me the report,
this one, cold storage warehouse Here we go again, yes In front of Mizuki again, too (Welonz gasps) (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) This poor guy, ohh no. Aww Well, that would have been better
if we spaced it out but still, I’m glad I got to see this in the end (Welonz chuckles) Okay, now we can finally
get back to starting the new route here. I wonder if we’ll ever see Kagamine again. I imagine so because um,
at this point, Renju hasn’t died yet I’m guessing he’s gonna die again later on? Well, I’m guessing, who knows? Anyway Mizuki’s Somnium It’s been a while, it’s been a long
while since we’ve been back here You already look like a cybernetic assassin Oh, I just realized, a lot of things in Mizuki’s Somnium are covered up by a birdcage,
the balloon in the picture, too Ah Okay, we don’t need this part If we have time, we can try some different options No, thank you Pretty sure we pull this thing out of the eye if I remember right Maybe I should have tried to pull it in to begin with And if I remember right… it was the control room. Oh, it’s not fixed yet, I didn’t even realize I guess there’s only gets fixed if we go somewhere else (Welonz chuckles) Hey, confidence is a great trait, alright? Don’t judge Yeah, there’s not too much else around here Let’s get in the control room We can knock for a timie (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) The rapport they have, that entire skit was
completely unrehearsed (Welonz chuckles) Alright I’ll save the timie here Last time we picked the photograph (Welonz chuckles) You know, that’s a, that’s a
British joke (Welonz chuckles) Um, was it lift that we wanted to do? Oh, my God, it’s all gone What? Oh, wow, okay (Welonz chuckles) Is Aiba just messing with him or does
she really not know? Well, we got to eat it, right? (Welonz chuckles) Aww When I say to do things, you gotta do it, okay? Gosh Um, I’m guessing “blow up” is the
right one here so let’s try throwing It’s gonna come back? (Welonz chuckles) Nice try Oh, for some reason, I thought “blow up” meant like explosion with a bomb (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) Something-something helium. Oh, that works Uh, the panda looks a little bit different, doesn’t it? Completely blown up just ahead According to the story that Date just telling, Then the bird cage in the Somnium for Mizuki I thought it meant that she was trapped, but maybe she puts things inside bird
cages when she wants to preserve them Cuz remember how the other thing we
saw in the bird cage was the photo The photo of the happy memory the balloon the flew away and a big bird
cage over the merry-go-around It sounds like she’s trying to preserve
her happy memories Panda head, this is new What’s actually the difference, though? If we solve a Somnium differently,
why does that lead to different events? (Welonz chuckles) I guess it’s because solving a Somnium differently– makes people remember different things, so when they wake up, they might give
us different information How about– I’m actually not sure which one
would be right. Let’s try slapping Oh Well, that wasn’t it Oh, maybe because the Somnium is different today The answer doesn’t lie with a panda head
but maybe with a parasol Cuz I didn’t look at that last time Well, I’ll try one more Oh, my God What? What?! What? (Welonz sighs) Why did I already know that line? That’s the typical line that abusive parents always tell their kids and stuff, I guess but holy crap, what the hell is happening here? Iris being here was a last thing I expected to see and I think her eye was already
carved out, what the hell? Wait, more importantly though, why would she be here? This is Mizuki’s Somnium unless if Mizuki knows more than she
wasn’t telling me, she shouldn’t be here and I don’t think Mizuki was lying at all to me We found out about Mizuki’s abuse so late
in the other routes, but here oh my God, we immediately find out about it Oh, my god Frozen? Was that supposed to be ice? There was a bunch of white goopy stuff on the ground and there were so many scars on her back Another person getting abused By…her mom? Hm, her mom didn’t seem like the abusive type to me No, the parasol’s always gone by the time we get here Well, that’s fine Pretty sure, we already looked at the horse– Yeah Isn’t it a worrying that right now that frozen Iris is completely squished
by the merry-go-round? Oh my God, how does that work out? And Mizuki is in the exact same spot
as her, right? But underneath Let’s try some of the other ones Oh hold on, this time, it’s different right
because last time, she was already outside She’s still inside right now Oh Physics do not work here You know why? It’s because Mizuki has
trapped herself inside the heart We have to make her want to come out by herself We can’t brute force this I don’t think a present is what she wants, but I’ll try it Because this path of the Somnium
portrays the abuse already so she’s much more withdrawn I think it’s speak kindly (Welonz chuckles) That might have worked for Ota, but not Mizuki Uhh Actually, yeah, I guess that makes sense Even though her mom was the one
abusing her, she still wants that approval This seems kind of manipulative Ota’s? Is it Ota’s phone? Hs old one that was left at the park Mizuki would have heard it What about Iris though? Oh, my God

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