Closet Organization on a Budget (Part 4 of 4 Dollar Store Organizing)

Closet Organization on a Budget (Part 4 of 4 Dollar Store Organizing)

Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra from
and in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize your closets with a tiny budget
in mind. But first if you are looking to start getting
organized for the very first time, you can check out my free video series on my website There’s a link below. OK. So it’s important to have an organized
closet because it makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier when you can find
what you’re looking for and then everything has a home to be put away in the evening when
you’re putting your clothes away. If you have an organizing system, you can
maximize your space if you have a small closet and your stuff is – your clothes are not
going to be wrinkled if they’re just – if they’re hanging or folded properly. So I’m
going to show you exactly how I’ve organized my entire closet with a small budget in mind. So let’s start up here. So at the very top
of the closet, I wanted to find bigger organizing bins for all of my sweaters and my purses.
But I couldn’t find that. I mean you can find them but I was looking for all of my
organizing products at the dollar stores. I couldn’t find them. So I just used all
the duffel bags I had. So inside this duffel bag, I have all my sweaters.
Inside this one, I have all my purses. When I need to use a duffel bag, I will just take
everything out and then just put it back when it’s done. So the one thing I didn’t like about this
is that it’s not clear, so you can’t see what’s inside. So I added a 19-cent shelf
label just like this that says “sweaters,” “purses,” and that’s obviously my travel
cosmetics. Then down here, this is where I have all of my travel bags, just like smaller
bags and stuff. So just reused and worked with what I had. Over here, I have nine shoeboxes that I got
from the dollar store and some of them have two pairs of shoes per box. Some of them are
one pair. But you can add like a picture of a shoe on the front if you want or you can
label them if it’s kind of dark and you can’t see what is what. I feel like I can
see what’s what. So that works for now. All right. In all of the drawers here, I’m
excited to share what I did here. So this one has – I found all of these drawer organizers.
They were a dollar each from the dollar store and there are seven here. I feel like they’re
just like made for this drawer. So this is what one of them looks like. It’s made out
of a canvass and I feel like they’re just like the perfect type of the drawer and they
don’t slide because they fit the drawer so nicely. They come in three sizes. There’s
like a small one, medium, large, and I think there’s the really wide one. But anyway, I have my heavy sweatpants, my
lighter sweatpants, my nightgowns, long sleeves, T-shirts, leggings and leggings here. I feel
like these bins, like they kind of act as dividers in the drawer to create little compartments.
I feel like it’s easier to put your stuff away and find what you’re looking for when
every drawer, especially big ones like this, have different compartments. OK. So that is that one and then I just label
the outside with what is inside the drawer. OK. So down here, I have all of my accessories,
so belts, scarves. Here are clutches and bags. Here are hats. Here are bracelets, stuff for
maintaining clothes. This is where I put all like the little button bags, just right here. Then in this one here, we just have – this
is kind of like more – this is like a scented spray for making your drawers smell nice.
Anyway, these things right here, these little organizers, they’re actually desk organizers
and they come two to a dollar and I thought they were great for accessories. So just because
it’s made for a desk doesn’t mean you have to only use it in a desk. Then same thing with these, these are dish
pants that go in the kitchen. Just because it goes in the kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t
go in your drawers in your closet. In the very bottom of the drawer, there’s
a shelf liner. So I have the shelf liner but you can get shelf liner at the dollar store
for a dollar. All right. So that is that drawer. All right. This is my bras and underwear and
socks drawer. So here I just found these letter trays. They were in the – I think they were
in the office with the school supplies section and they’re made for like file folders but
just because they’re for the office doesn’t mean they can’t be used here. They do have the ventilation here. So if you
put like a T-shirt down, you might get the imprint of these squares in your T-shirt.
But I felt like it was fine to use for socks and underwear and bras and stuff. So yeah, three categories here and then I
used these ice cube trays for all of my smaller jewelry, like charms, bracelets, small necklaces
and stuff. The ice cube trays are two for a dollar at the dollar store. OK. So then the next drawer is all of my exercise
stuff. Same thing, I have these green organizers because they just fit perfectly inside here.
I feel like these organizers, like they don’t look – they look better when they’re – when
you only see the tops of them as opposed to seeing like the sides of them. So inside of
a drawer when you only see the top, it’s nice. OK. Yeah. So there are yoga pants. There are
tank tops, sports bras, T-shirts. These are all accessories for working out and then these
are shorts. OK. So this drawer here has all my tank tops
and shorts just like this. Again, there are seven different organizers here, shorts, shorts,
skirts, all the tank tops. What I did here, so you can see that all the tank tops are
filed, meaning they’re like filed like this. I can just pull one up like that. If you notice, all the other drawers, like
the exercise drawer and the pajamas one above, everything is piled instead. It’s because
when I exercise or when I put on my pajamas, I don’t really – like normally I just
grab whatever is on top. I don’t normally care when I go to the gym as opposed to a
tank top. I always look for a certain tank top when I’m getting dressed. So when you file them, you can instantly see
everything you have right here. As opposed to piling, you normally only see what’s
on top. So – and it’s harder to file. That’s why like if it was easier to file,
I would file everything. But it’s just so much easier to pile. So that’s why these
are piled and these are filed. OK. So yeah, this is the tank top drawer and
then down here I have all of my pants and jeans and they’re just folded over once
just like this and then just stack on top of each other just like that. So let me show you the other side of my closet.
OK. So on this side of the closet is where I have all of my hanging clothes. So I organize
all my hanging clothes by type and then by color. So all the long sleeves together, all
the dresses together, all the short sleeves, sleeveless together and then once it’s organized
by type, then I do it by color in rainbow order. I found these hangers at the dollar store.
They were six for a dollar. There are actually two types of hangers and I didn’t realize
until I got home. But there’s this one right here and then there’s this one. The only
difference is really this little hook right here. So there’s this kind and there’s
this kind. I like this kind better because when you’re hanging strappy shirts, like
with the straps inside, you feel like they would stay better on this one as opposed to
this one. So if I was going to do this all over again,
I would make sure to get the hangers with this little hook, if I was buying hangers
at the dollar store. And as you can see here, all of my clothes, like nothing is too like
overstuffed in the closet. Like it’s not like so tight like that which
means you have to really struggle to pull something out or put something back. Everything
has enough breathing space which means it’s just – it’s easier to find exactly what
you’re looking for. So now let me show you how I’m storing all
my necklaces. OK. So I found these hooks at the dollar store also. They’re a dollar
each and they’re in the closet section. So I was thinking, “Oh, these are perfect
for hanging necklaces or for hanging other things around the house.” But for this closet, I would totally hang
them on the sides right here of the closet where I have that pull-out necklace holder.
I’ve shown that before. It’s from IKEA. It’s not a dollar but if I didn’t have
those, I would hang these there. I didn’t hang them because we’re about to move. I
didn’t want to put holes in the walls. But yeah, this is just an easy way to find
exactly what you’re looking for. Necklaces are out of the way and they’re a dollar.
So now let me show you how I’ve organized all of my scarves and maximized my vertical
space on the door. When I was organizing my closet, I tried finding
vacuum bags and I found this one at the dollar store. It’s a dollar per bag and I tried
it for all of my off-season – like my beach gear, like bathing suits and wraps and stuff. When I used the vacuum to suck the air out,
all the air came out and it really collapsed to like a smaller size. But then when I went
to put the top on, all the air came back in. So I don’t know if this is defective or
not. But one way you can save space, maximize space in your closet is to use vacuum bags
for all of your off-season clothes. So now, I’m just going to put this at the very top
of my closet or you can put this in a different closet if you – if there’s no room in
your current closet. But I just wanted to show another option of what you can do, yeah,
inside your closet. OK. So over here is where I have all of my
scarves. So I put them on the door to maximize my vertical space here and I just found these
over the door hooks from the dollar store. They’re a dollar each. They have two hooks
each. So it can store eight scarves here plus more room. But these are the best hooks from
the dollar store. There are three different types of hooks. I’ve tried them all. This
is the best fit. They just fit the tightest over the door. But yeah, they look great there
and they’re out of the way. So the total cost of organizing my closet
on a small budget was $59. So the entire space was under $60 and that includes $16 worth
of hangers. So if you don’t need hangers, you can take $59 minus $16 to get the cost
of organizing the closet. But anyway, I hope this video has inspired
you to organize your closet with whatever budget you have. Get creative. Shop around
and you can organize the space with any budget that you have. If this is your first time watching any of
my videos, you can subscribe to my channel for more tips or visit my website
Thanks for watching and I will see you soon. Bye.

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