Cleaning My Room+Organization Tips!

Cleaning My Room+Organization Tips!

But but I just cleaned it! Do you have a messy room just like me? ..And everybody else, then lets get started! So before you get started with your cleaning i have 3 tips So the first tip is just to put your hair up. You don´t want to be uncomfortable and get your hair in the way all the time, i promise you – YOU DON`T And the second tip is to play some music! I made a spottily list for all of you guys It´s called “XTREMEPARTY” Go ahead and check that out, the link will be in the description box so when your cleaning it´s really easy to get “lost” in all the mess so try to focus on one area at the time, and you will be done much faster! “Hmm, where did that come from?” Studies show that making your bed makes your room 80% cleaner! So thats what I´m doing first It will engage me to be more productive and clean faster and better! So my night table always has allot dust on it So I´m just gonna be taking out all the things that´s in the nightable and dusting it just because it was a lot
of dust on it, so I had to do it So when I´m done dusting it all off with m cleaning wipes, I’m just gonna be Putting all the items back. And I also dusted some of the decorations, cause they were really dirty.. Now on to the drawer, so I like to organize my drawer just because their always so unorganized! I put in my notebook, my dream book, my sodax my hairbands and my toiletpaper in there And then under the night table I created this awesome space I basicly turned the bottom of my night
table into a mini library Like how cool is that? I put in all my books and my little pencil holder So on top of my drawer I always do my crafts, so it So it always ends up looking very dirty, or unorganized up there.. So i´m just going to be pouring out all the stuff that´s in those cups. And organizing them by putting the items back into all the drawers So organizing my drawers is kind of a hobby for me, so each little thing has it´s own place I know it´s kind of weird for those who don´t like to organize.. Now maybe it´s just me, but I keep on finding nail polish everywhere in my room.. (Like in every weird place) So i´m just going to be putting all my nail polish back and making it all nice and neat again Now if you didn´t know i am a HUGE paint collector, i guess we could say.. So i´m just going to be organizing all of my paints and my pencils into this drawer. And next drawer is a exiting one just because its the most unorganized drawer i have! So i had to start all over again, and organize it. So i just put all the items organized (i guess we could say) then I also got bowl, and I put all of my gluesticks in that bowl. Now another messy drawer, just cause I´m sometimes lazy and don´t want to clean my drawers after i´ve just things from them. I just put them randomly back.. So I´m just going to be organizing it And then finally for the last drawer I´m just going to be organizing it all, And making it neat again. a cheap by folding clothes every day but
it’s still same budget well I get together okay I’m just thankful they call it looks
like I did write for me after all close together here organized
and I can easily K close so does nothing for you but for if there is anything that to my
shirt and I trade long to me things up higher Paula of hunger and try to cover band and this past it
to close at hand clothing I am and they will think I’m do yes this I after this huh I’m never feel damnit 3 I’m just put things when I
don’t need them I fear there so I it okay if you block this why I am there they’ve got I don’t want like all
pictures up where they do that I think putting oaks and why and and other random
decorations and why yeah not chris is a great new one if you
get day and alright got like to look how much
they’ve changed I don’t get it like so much free space
now it’s crazy we I to miscreant oh yeah okay K earlier if you don’t want to do that
yeah I is this bad a healthy and a great day
out by huh for on rap star which I K oh my god did you hear that
say what the the

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