Clean with Me | Messy & Cluttered Craft Room | Organization Motivation

Clean with Me | Messy & Cluttered Craft Room | Organization Motivation

– Hello, everybody. My name is Jennifer Maker. Today I’m doing something
a little different. I’m going to invite you into
my craft room to organize and clean with me on The
Great Maker Show and Tell. So confession time, I’m not
really a very tidy person. I am a creative soul and that means I make messes all the time. My craft room tends to
look like a whirlwind went through it after
every stinking project. And sometimes I don’t
clean up after myself. I know, the horror. But the thing is that getting my craft room clean and organized, again, is so satisfying. I have a space to work again, I can find everything again, and I just feel more
creative when my craft space is pleasant to look at and be in. Our craft areas are our sanctuaries, our refuges and we deserve
good, relaxing spaces with excellent organization
systems now, don’t we? No you might be wondering, well Jennifer, I don’t
really see any mess here. That craft table only
has a few things on it. Well you’re not seeing the whole picture. Let me zoom the camera out a bit so you can see my entire craft room. See, my room is actually really messy. I have just cleverly positioned the camera so you can’t see most of
it during my normal videos. Now to be honest, my
craft space isn’t actually today as it’s been in the past. You can see my floor, right? When I get busy sometimes, actually most of the time, cleaning is the last thing I do. And I’m just ready to
get this room into shape. So would you like to organize
and clean with me today? Now, be sure to stay
tuned after the craft room is all clean because I have to tell you about this super cool organization summit that I have been
invited to speak at. It’s free, don’t have to
go anywhere to watch it. You can just stay home. Watch it on your phone
or on your computer, and you won’t want to miss it because it’s going to help you get organized too. All right, so the first thing that I want to do is get
some light in this room ’cause having some light
can make a huge difference in your ability to see
what you got to clean. Turn on my side lights. It’s really hard to even get through here. All right, there we go. So this is my craft room. I know, it’s such a mess. My goal here is to get all of these things that shouldn’t be here
in this area away so that we can see the craft table
and it’s mostly cleared off. All the counters are cleared off except the things that are normally there. So that means we’re going
to start with purging. And then I’m going to through
and organize everything and put it away and if there’s
not a good place for it, we’re going to find a good place. And make sure we got some
good systems in place. So I’m going to start with
purging and that means getting rid of the trash,
lots of trash here. And recycling and the things
that just do not belong in this room like this
laundry basket over here. I do not know why is left
my laundry basket here. All right, so let’s start with the trash. The first thing I do
every time I go to clean a space is just get rid of the trash. Anything like recycling. All the things that don’t
belong in this space. Because it makes an immediate impact. I feel better right away, and I don’t have that clutter just hanging around bothering me. And even just sweeping the
floor where I’m starting to work can make me feel so much better and I just like I made
a difference right away and it takes such a little bit of time. And I’m not walking through
all of the dust and dirt and tracking it around the
room and making it worse. So definitely get that trash out of there. You’ve got recycling, get it out. That can that’s sitting there, that just needs to go right now. And then I have my laundry
basket was in here. I don’t even know. Maybe I was folding my laundry at some point and just left it here. So we’re just going to get all of those things out and start moving things. I have my two towers here like this is my vinyl storage tower and I clearly didn’t put my vinyl away. and I move these towers around
the room as I’m working. And then I just sort of
forget to put them back. By getting these things
back into position where we can see the room better,
it makes a huge difference. Put my craft cart back
over there on the side. My two towers go one the
other side of the room. Definitely get rid of the
cardboard boxes that are empty. I don’t know why they just
seem to accumulate in my room. On the side of my tower here
I have a shoe holder attached so I can store all of my spray
adhesives and spray paints. It works really well, especially when I put them
back away when I’m done. This is the easy part. There are simple things
that already have a place. Either the place is not in this room or the place is somewhere
else in this room. That’s my second step after I
have gotten rid of the trash. It’s just to get these
obvious things out of the way and put away so that
we have space to work. If you haven’t heard me
talk about my towers before, these are just simple
IKEA KALLAX towers that I have enhanced to store
paper and store vinyl. I have tutorials to both of these on my blog over at So now that we’ve made some space to work, we can see that the biggest issues here are really the clutter
on the central craft table as well as on the two side counters. So focusing on the center table, I see we’ve got vitamins
that don’t belong here. Also I have these peg board remnants from when I made my vinyl storage tower. You see I put peg boards on the side and these are the parts that were cut off. Now a part of me wants to hold on to these ’cause hey, maybe I could
use it for something. But honestly, I’m not going
to use them for anything. And this is the kind of
thing that we need to purge. If it turns out I need peg boards, I know where to find them. Now a lot of stuff on the table is things I can put away right away. Like there’s that bag
of trash that is gone. This tape goes into my tape drawer. That’s nice and easy. Then there’s some mystery
items like this red thing. I have no idea what this is. I don’t recognize it, I
don’t think I need it. So I’m going to get rid of this. Along with all the other trash that’s found its way to my room. I also have a lot of loose paper because I’m a paper crafter
and I love to make things. And I have this awesome storage tower here so I can put the paper away right away. I like to put my paper pads
down at the bottom here. I have other places
for paper pads as well. Just depends on the type. And I have a lot of these Cricut various poster boards and craft boards and stuff. And there’s a lot of those. And they don’t really
fit in my storage tower. But I have these drawers down here. However, the drawers
are super disorganized. Just lots of stuff crammed in here. This needs some organization. I think the drawer’s not even
closing properly right now. I am going to go through this drawer and we’re going to figure
out what’s going on. And there is a piece of loose craft paper stuck in the back of my drawer. And this is a good
reason not to let things just be loose and floating around because this can happen and then it’s
really tough to get it out. But I did get it out. And there’s a lot of loose pieces of paper in here along with scraps. All of these need to be recycled. I don’t need to keep them. I can get new paper. I’m not a big fan of holding on to scraps. Getting stuck in the
drawer is just one reason, but otherwise, I just don’t use them. I think I’m going to use them, but I’m not going to use them and I need to recycle them. And we’re going to sort things by type. I’m going to just get everything out and figure out how to put the craft and poster boards together and put things like labels
and other smaller eight and a half by 11 sized specialty paper. So we’ve got labels and
the water slide paper and transparencies and I’ll
put all of those together because really, one of the
big things about organizing is just putting like things together. And then you know where to go when you’re looking for that craft paper. Or when you ar looking
for your transparencies. They’re together in the same place and it’s such a huge difference. Now all these scraps that
I’ve pulled out of the drawer, I am going to recycle these. I’m not, I’m going to resist the temptation to hold on to them. I know where to get more
paper when I need it. And I’m going to put my
scraps into my recycle bin that I have stored
under my craft table. I actually have a recycle bin on one side and a trash can on the other. And I love having these nice,
big receptacles for stuff. and they’re tucked out of the way so they’re not an eye sore. All right, so let’s get the rest of this craft table cleaned off. By the way, if you’re not
familiar with my craft table, I also built this myself using
various components from IKEA. And I have a whole tutorial on that. It has got tons of storage. And like getting this
central table cleared off, probably the most
satisfying thing that I can do in this room because
now I have room to work. Even if I were to stop right here, I’ve got room to do projects now. I’m not going to stop though. Now, if you’re anything like me, you got boxes or bags
containing craft supplies that you haven’t yet put away. Sometimes I got them because
I thought they would be cool. Sometimes you need them
for a future project. Put these away so that you can find them because when we forget to do this, first of all, they pile up, and second of all, we can’t locate them. We think we don’t have them and we end up getting them again. Yeah, does this sound familiar? So when these come in, it’s fine to have a central holding spot for them, but then as soon as you’ve got time, get them out of the boxes, get them out of the bags and get them put away into your room so that you know where to
find them and can use them. Okay, it’s time to clean the counters. A lot of the stuff on here just
isn’t for this area already. Here I’ve got a little
bucket full of my sharpies. I like to put them in these buckets because then I can move
them around the room. And then when I’m done, I can just hang them back up on this peg board. And I have buckets for
lots of different things like where I put my pens and my chalk and pencils and everything like that. Of course, we have yet
more tools and supplies that need to be put away. Sometimes there’s not always a good place and I have to find one. And here’s a bag of stuff
from the craft store that I haven’t put away yet. Got to get these things put away. Otherwise, we end up with piles of bags and boxes and we don’t
know what’s in them. And then just a whole bunch
of miscellaneous stuff here that just needs to get put
back up on the peg board. and generally put away. I’m a big fan of putting things into jars that I can see my various craft supplies and also I just like all
the color in my room. So if you also like to see your stuff, see-through jars are awesome. I also love to give everything
a nice thorough wipe down because with dogs and dust
and craft glitter in the air, everything just gets kind
of like dingy after a while and it’s nice to have
nice, clean surfaces. I also decided to repurpose
an area of my room. This is my old light box
that I would do projects in so that I could see
everything really well. I know have a new area where
that’s really well lit. So it’s time to make this area into something that’s usable again. So I’m getting rid of all the trash and all the extra stuff I don’t need. All of my cutting boards and backgrounds and all of my tools and supplies and I put these tools over by my Cricut. And I’m going to put all of
my mats and everything into this compartment bag created
underneath this desk area. It’s nice and big and perfectly sized for nice, big, flat things like this so that they don’t get bent or whatever because this used to be a real struggle finding a place to put these big poster boards and mats an everything. And I just created this
by using two table tops with spacers in between and that’s it. Now wipe this down make sure
everything is nice and clean. And them I’m going to
take down these sides ’cause I’ve got these two
fold out sides to create the super brightly lit area
that I used to work in, which I don’t need right now. And it looks so much nicer when I have a nice, long, clean counter. And then Greg can also sit here when he’s helping me do my livestream videos. And this makes a lot more sense right now with the way I’m using my craft room. I think it’s always
important to be flexible as we change and grow and
use our spaces differently. Now, these cords over here
on the side are a problem. Before, they were hidden by the door and I didn’t really notice them, but this is totally going to bug me. And yet it’s important that they be here. All of these cords go to my camera and my lights when I make my videos. So I can turn everything
on and off at one location. It makes it very simple. But it’s definitely an eye sore right now. I’m going to gather up the cords, a lot of loose cords, and
I’m going to use this basket that I have right here
to tuck the cords into. Now I don’t want to cover the cords up because they need
ventilation and circulation. We don’t want to create a fire hazard. But by putting them and kind of disguising them in something cute, I probably won’t notice it as much and it can still be there, but not something that looks ugly because I love it when my craft
room is pleasant to look at. It just really makes me feel more inspired and motivated to make beautiful things when I’m in a beautiful space. So there we go. Now I have a nice, clean
off work area that’s perfect for sitting at and working at a laptop at. Wonderful. So now the craft table is cleared off. The counters have only the things on them that I want there to be. So lots of room for projects. The last thing I do is sweep the floor. While I do this once at the beginning, I also do it again at the very, very end because things just fall on
the floor as we’re cleaning. And this is the perfect
last step to cleaning and organizing your craft room. So this is what my craft room looked like when we first started cleaning. And this is what it looks like now. Pretty big change, huh? Oh, feels so good! Taking a walk around my craft room, I see I’ve got my machines back in place and dust covers put back on. Everything’s put back up on my peg board. And cleaned off my surfaces. There’s my Explore, put
that back into place. All my pens and the brushes and everything are put back
into their little buckets. And yeah, here’s my cake stands I use these when I’m doing videos so that I can show things off. Everything looks pretty good, I would say. Everything’s back where it belongs. We’re on the other side of the room. I’ve got that counter cleaned off as well. This counter looks good. I’ve got my embellishments back where they belong in their
little jars and containers. And i have created a new area for working, which is awesome. I love it when I can take something and repurpose it and make it even better. So now we’ve got a nice, clean
area to sit at and work at. And this is all looking
nice and neat and organized. I love this little area with a little light and the butterflies. It’s so pleasant. Over here, my craft
cart is back in position and there’s my rubbing paper
organized in a PVC tube. And generally things are
looking really good again. Nice and neat and clean and colorful. And I really feel inspired
when I’m in this space. I feel inspired to create and to innovate and to share what I do and it’s just such a joy to be in here. And that’s what I think
our spaces would always be. This is a special place
for us to create and make. And whatever we can do to make it work for us, it’s what we should do. For me, that means lots of
color and lots of light. And I think that it
definitely looks like that. So there we go. A clean and organized craft room ready to be messed up again
for the next project. But that’s okay because organization makes it so much easier to
tide up when you’re done. And now that I have several new organization systems in place, so it’s going to help so much
more in the future as well. Just getting rid of things
that don’t belong here like the laundry basket and the old boxes. Putting things back into position like my paper and vinyl
towers and my craft cart. Having a place for everything
is such a huge help. And the great thing is that having our craft places cleaned and organized means we are going to save
so much time finding stuff and making stuff. Without a lot of clutter on our surfaces, it’s just so much easier to use the space. And it feels really good too. And now it’s time to sit back and just appreciate this happy place for a few minutes before I
jump into my next project. I hope that you’ve enjoyed
hanging out with me in my craft room and organizing
and cleaning with me. Now, I also want to remind you about the Get Organized HQ summit. With 40 organization experts to help you get organized,
including myself. I don’t know if I’m really an expert, but I know how to organize. I have been so excites to see so many of you sign up for it already. I know you’re going to love it. Maybe you’ve been stressing
about your clutter. Or you’re just trying to figure out some good organization systems, or you just want to see new
ways to organize things. This is a great, free opportunity and it’s coming up really soon. So you definitely want to sign up now. I’m going to put the sign up link in the description box for this video. Or you can just go to And that’s it for today. Remember if you can tell me what you want to make or organize, I can show you how to do it. Until next time. (upbeat music)

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