Chomsky on the GOP: Has Any Organization Ever Been So Committed to Destruction of Life on Earth?

Chomsky on the GOP: Has Any Organization Ever Been So Committed to Destruction of Life on Earth?

AMY GOODMAN: As President Trump prepares to
mark 100 days in office, we spend the hour with the world-renowned linguist and political
dissident Noam Chomsky. I spoke to him on Monday night at the First
Parish Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We talked about climate change, nuclear weapons,
North Korea, Iran, the war in Syria and the Trump administration’s threat to prosecute
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. I began by asking Noam Chomsky about his comments
that the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in the world. AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to ask you about this
comment that you made that the Republican Party, you said, is the most dangerous organization
in world history. Can you explain? NOAM CHOMSKY: I also said that it’s an extremely
outrageous statement. But the question is whether it’s true. I mean, has there ever been an organization
in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized
human life on Earth? Not that I’m aware of. Is the Republican organization—I hesitate
to call it a party—committed to that? Overwhelmingly. There isn’t even any question about it. Take a look at the last primary campaign—plenty
of publicity, very little comment on the most significant fact. Every single candidate either denied that
what is happening is happening—namely, serious move towards environmental catastrophe—or
there were a couple of moderates, so-called—Jeb Bush, who said, “Maybe it’s happening. We really don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because fracking
is working fine, so we can get more fossil fuels.” Then there was the guy who was called the
adult in the room, John Kasich, the one person who said, “Yes, it’s true. Global warming’s going on. But it doesn’t matter.” He’s the governor of Ohio. “In Ohio, we’re going to go on using coal
for energy, and we’re not going to apologize for it.” So that’s 100 percent commitment to racing
towards disaster. Then take a look at what’s happened since. The—November 8th was the election. There was, as most of you know, I’m sure,
a very important conference underway in Morocco, Marrakesh, Morocco. Almost roughly 200 countries at the United
Nations-sponsored conference, which was—the goal of which was to put some specific commitments
into the verbal agreements that were reached at Paris in December 2015, the preceding international
conference on global warming. The Paris conference did intend to reach a
verifiable treaty, but they couldn’t, because of the most dangerous organization in human
history. The Republican Congress would not accept any
commitments, so therefore the world was left with verbal promises, but no commitments. Well, last November 8th, they were going to
try to carry that forward. On November 8th, in fact, there was a report
by the World Meteorological Organization, a very dire analysis of the state of the environment
and the likely prospects, also pointed out that we’re coming perilously close to the
tipping point, where—which was the goal of the—the goal of the Paris negotiations
was to keep things below that—coming very close to it, and other ominous predictions. At that point, the conference pretty much
stopped, because the news came in about the election. And it turns out that the most powerful country
in human history, the richest, most powerful, most influential, the leader of the free world,
has just decided not only not to support the efforts, but actively to undermine them. So there’s the whole world on one side,
literally, at least trying to do something or other, not enough maybe, although some
places are going pretty far, like Denmark, couple of others; and on the other side, in
splendid isolation, is the country led by the most dangerous organization in human history,
which is saying, “We’re not part of this. In fact, we’re going to try to undermine
it.” We’re going to maximize the use of fossil
fuels—could carry us past the tipping point. We’re not going to provide funding for—as
committed in Paris, to developing countries that are trying to do something about the
climate problems. We’re going to dismantle regulations that
retard the impact, the devastating impact, of production of carbon dioxide and, in fact,
other dangerous gases—methane, others. OK. So the conference kind of pretty much came
to a halt. The question—it continued, but the question
was: Can we salvage something from this wreckage? And pretty amazingly, the countries of the
world were looking for salvation to a different country: China. Here we have a world looking for salvation
to China, of all places, when the United States is the wrecking machine that’s threatening
destruction, in—with all three branches of government in the hands of the most dangerous
organization in human history. And I don’t have to go through what’s
happened since, but the—in general, the Cabinet appointments are designed to—assigned
to people whose commitment and beliefs are that it’s necessary to destroy everything
in their department that could be of any use to human beings and wouldn’t just increase
profits and power. And they’re doing it very systematically,
one after another. EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, has
been very sharply cut. Actually, the main department that’s concerned
with environmental issues is the Department of Energy, which also had very sharp cuts,
particularly in the environment-related programs. In fact, there’s even a ban on posting and
publishing information and material about this. And this is not just at the national level. The Republican Party, whatever you want to
call it, has been doing this at every level. So, in North Carolina, a couple of years ago,
where the Legislature, mostly thanks to gerrymandering, is in the hands of the Republicans, there
was a study. They called for a study on the effect of sea
level rise—on what sea level rise might be on the North Carolina coast. And there was a serious scientific study,
which predicted, in not—I forget how many years—not a long time, about roughly a meter
rise in sea level, which could be devastating to eastern North Carolina. And the Legislature did react, namely, by
passing legislation to ban any actions or even discussion that might have to do with
climate change. Actually, the best comment of this—I wish
I could quote it verbatim—was by Stephen Colbert, who said, “If you have a serious
problem, the way to deal with it is to legislate that it doesn’t exist. Problem solved.” AMY GOODMAN: MIT professor Noam Chomsky, author
of the new book, Requiem for the American Dream. We’ll be back with Chomsky in a minute to
talk about the threat of nuclear war, North Korea, Iran and more. Stay with us.

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    ALL under age WHO NEED a TRUE CHANCE at a FUTURE!

  2. The Dem Party is probably the SECOND most dangerous organization in human history, giving little more than lip service to the perils of climate change.

  3. So the prophet known Noam Chomsky makes outlandish claims and expect for us conservatives to listen. And you liberal scumbags wonder why we don't give a rat's ass about your agenda.

  4. This is why I voted for Hillary even though I didn't agree with her. The Republican Party with another puppet president is a rehash of the horror of the Bush administration. Yes, the Corporate Dems are awful but the Republican Party is far worse. Pro-War, anti-science, anti-choice, anti-LGBT, against raising the minimum wage, pro-tax cuts for the rich, pro-reduction of the budget for the VA, etc etc. The list goes on. They only care about money. They are the definition of corporate sellout because they're willing to kill people, destroy countries, steal private American land, and destroy the environment for the oil companies.

  5. The more you know, the less happy you are. Chomsky and most of his followers are fucking miserable.

    Like the steak scene in Matrix; "I know this Steak isn't real. I know this is just a bunch of electrical impulses telling me how juicy and delicious it is… Ignorance is bliss."

    The general public are continually served up with juicy Steaks.

  6. I like Chomsky but let's not act as if Democrats are environmentalists. I can go on all day about Obama permitting the equivalent of 10 Keystone XL pipelines and Hillary pushing for fracking etc. etc. If the RNC is the most dangerous organization in human history, the Democrats are a close second.

  7. Everyones knows the chinese invented global warming, relax noam

  8. Who set the date for UN Conference for November 8th, 2016? Did no one look at their datebooks to see that the US had elections that day?

  9. I honestly respect the guy that pickets money then says "Climate Change exists, but I just don't give a shit" more than I respect the guy that pockets money then says "Duhhhh, nohp, noe such ting as dah gloobal warhmin, cuz it snowd last yeer, duuuuuh."

  10. By definition, the Republican party is evil. Republican supporters are either evil themselves or too stupid to recognize it.

  11. Evil prevails when good people do nothing. The way to stop the Republican party is not to wait for another election. The way to stop the Republican party is to leave work, take your kids out of school, and occupy the city hall and mayors' offices in every major city across the United States. If 100,000 people in Washington DC can organize and rally to march aimlessly through the streets carrying picket signs and wearing pink hats, then those 100,000 people need to take their protest one step further and march through the doors of Congress, pack the offices and hallways, and shut down the entirety of the US government and demand that the pompous orange former fake reality-tv salesman is removed from office along with each of his appointed cabinet members.

    Occupy Congress, the Supreme Court, and even the White House. Hundreds of thousands of real Americans have to decide that the Republican party is unfit to continue in their roles and must be removed immediately. It will be difficult, it will require sacrifice, but there will be much more destruction if the People continue to do nothing. War profiteers have been allowed to operate with impunity because no one is willing to sacrifice their conveniences and comfort to see that Justice is done.

    Apathy and pacifism will allow the destruction to continue. Apathy and pacifism will result in low voter turn-out, nearly ensuring another Republican victory throughout government. We're stopping one step short of armed revolution and civil war against red states. Hundreds of thousands of real Americans must take over government buildings and prevent the Republican party from further destroying all of the progress made by humans over the past 5,000 years. Donald Trump should not have been allowed to be inaugurated as US President, and he must not be allowed to continue along his incompetent course.


  13. Is the GOP associated with anything like Chomsky, Antifa, BAMN, BLM, Eric Clanton and all of the other extremist leftist professors who are teaching a violent "BAMN" philosophy? Is the GOP associated with violent criminal "environmentalist" groups, etc., etc., etc. ? NOPE. Those are all groups and individuals that "DN!" adores and gets a hard-on when any of them are mentioned. Period, end of story.

  14. Lovely, wise, soft-spoken Noam

  15. GOP – Greedy Oligarch Party.

  16. he has been saying it for decades now .. this is the beginning of the end. end of an empire which is viciously fighting into it's own decay.

  17. How about the Democratic party?

  18. stick to linguistics old man

  19. when the man decides to become an ass, (donkey) there's always a saddle for someone to sit-on & use that donkey… about 70% of US population is damb-ass.
    Usually dumb ass people/donkeys don't have common-sense, you can direct them anywhere you want.

  20. All these communists and socialists hate democracy, how in hell can anyone with a brain believe and accept that they are pro democracy? Bernie Sanders is either nuts ore a huge phony, you can not be a socialist and be for democracy, they do not work together, they are opposite each other.And Bernie brags about being a socialist.Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

  21. Well… at least we'll get a fucking wall out of the deal. How does the most powerful country on earth manage to elect the literal worst human beings alive to run it's government? God we're such morons

  22. Wise words from one of my favorite people on Earth.

  23. Man, Chomsky quoted Colbert. life complete.

  24. Yeah, that pretty much sums the republicans up. They're monsters. they just want to hurt other people.

  25. Thank you Amy and Democracy Now, and of course Noam Chomsky.

  26. ONLY 10K VIEWS? My fellow Americans are so contently ignorant. They can tell you about Beyonce but don't know what wealth inequality is or that its gotten so bad
    Bernie Or Burn it down

  27. This just in: far-left communist ideologue doesn't like political party centered around individualism and free trade. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!

  28. Yes, I can think of a group almost as committed as the GOP: The far left who refused to unite around Hillary to defeat Trump. In France, the non-fascists always unite whenever a candidate like LePen makes it to the runoff. In the US, the purity patrol on the far left would rather see Trump elected than compromise on a candidate that doesn't align with them 100% on every detail.

  29. Chomsky quoting Colbert, huh? This is a new development.

  30. What is very interesting about the GOP is that it has strong Christian ties, and so being accused of the most dangerous organization on the planet?
    I am no follower of man made organizations such as these but seems they fit there own terms of, "Church of Satan"? Interesting…

  31. Hillary and her ilk couldn't give a sh*t less about the environment.

  32. My boy Noam is looking good! Keep strong buddy!

  33. Ridiculous statement. Has he forgotten that a Republican President created the EPA?

  34. The only solution – given the present American government – is to completely stop all trade and negotiations with America worldwide and for all other countries to unite against them and quadruple their efforts to clean up the world. Let the USA pollute itself to death – they are doing a tremendous job at that, believe me – then leave America as an unpopulated wasteland and a reminder to us all not to fuck with Mother Nature.

  35. What about Canada?

  36. I can't believe the world hasn't mobilised against this threat. How can anybody anywhere claim to care about the viability of the planet and still participate in trade with America. I know it's difficult to get our heads around this after a century of viewing America as the country to ingratiate ourselves with, but if there has ever been a rogue state, worthy of pariah status, surely that is what America has now become.

  37. Great interview, thank you for interviewing such a profoundly important intellectual about the present political landscape. This is great content and I'm a happy subscriber every time you pop up with more chomsky interviews.

  38. Wow, so this is what a woman that hasn't been laid in two decades ends up looking like. Or is looking like this for two decades the causation? Sorry couldn't watch past the 2 second mark. deMOCKracy indeed, What a joke.

  39. Amy Goodman, like Chomsky, will ultimately be remembered as a Zionist gatekeeper – you can do a search "Chomsky gatekeeper" and see for yourself.
    That's why they support corporate Democrats that will equally destroy the Earth. Goodman reeks of hypocrisy. Vote Green.

  40. How about Communism?

  41. Trump doesn't have a clue. He is the most dangerous kind of leader in that he doesn't know what he doesn't know. All he knows is that he is the center of  the universe. He is the little boy that just got put behind the wheel of a Mack truck and can barely see over the dash and reach the pedals. Many think that he will appoint wise experienced sages that will guide him. First of all, Trump can't be guided. That requires logical thinking. Trump displays no logic. Secondly, the narcissist surrounds himself wth people that feed his need, people that reinforce his beliefs and ego.So far, the people being mentioned are as unqualified as he is. These people are not prudent conservatives. They are fanatics like he is. These are people that see the world in simple yes-no, black-white relationships. Trade and immigration are perfect examples.The asylum inmates are now in charge. Trump can appoint thousands of them. We did not just elect Trump. We elected a cadre of incompetence. And worse yet, there is no Democratic Congress to to check his power. Neither will the courts when he stacks them full of Scalia types.Welcome to the beginning of the end of democracy. Welcome to the beginning of authoritarian power. America will never be the same.

  42. Say it with me: Theoligarcracy.

  43. Thanks, Democracy Now!:) 'Kloans Chompings'! Ohio Gov. Kasich BELIEVES in Coal and Criminalizing-for-Rehab Money "Druggies"?! "The World looks to CHINA in the Face of the most Dangerous Organization…ever known…"? That's Saying Alot? 1 Meter Rise in Ocean OK!?.. Eastern Carolina has been Declared Sacrificed Toast! "Congrats"!?:D

  44. Neither Goodman nor Chomski can pass the "9/11 Litmus Test". But, they've found this evil organization to deflect from their own denial. " Legislate the problem away" – how about ignoring the murdering of 3,000 American with no demand for justice, no criminal investigation – nothing but a declaration of War and a Commission to cover it up. These two are complicit and well paid – the American Dream!

  45. I wonder if it's occurred to anyone that the end game is a genocide? Nothing overt like we saw with Hitler or Pol Pot , but something much, much more subtle. They've acclimated the people over the years into accepting less and expecting even less than what they're getting. Now, it's like they're throwing it into high gear and now, sooner rather than later, a genocide of the old, the sick, the unemployed, indeed, much of the middle class, will now come to fruition. I wonder … what is it going to take to bring the American people to Revolution against these criminals?

  46. Can someone explain how the GOP is any worse than warmongering Dems? (I'm not a supporter of either) Aren't they one and the same?

  47. The GOP is a terrorist organization! Down with Trumps GOP! We must save our Democracy, now! Only Jerks listened to this fraud Trump!

  48. They make a good couple these two, just saying.

  49. Politics today seems to be about the repeal of human reason in favour of pure self-serving greed, a type of hyper-Reaganism or -Thatcherism. Our modernity was based on reason. In this post-Modern era reason seems to be have been abandoned by the powers that be, our survival as a species be damned

  50. Climate pollution is Genocide, a Large scale Terrorism/war crime ,climate polluter should be trialed under war crime

  51. Vets and Oathkeepers for President Trump/Pence. Get rid of the EPA completely let technology take its natural course. Petroleum will be obsolete soon, we used to kill whales for the oil in their heads? What a travesty.

  52. Hey Noam, I got beach-front property for sale in New Mexico!

  53. The Democrats would give the GOP a run for their money. The US generally is committed to bringing about the destruction of the world because most Americans believe this will usher in the return of Jesus H Christ.  America is ruled by a greedy right-wing oligarchy that devotes its time and its taxpayers money to waging war on the 3rd world.  They are however religious loons, every bit as deluded and maniacal as any Islamic extremist.  The US is not the leader of the free world, it's not even a democracy any more, they are a fascist state. Just look at the assholes, the morons, the religious science denying lunatics that Americans vote into office.  You deserve all you get.  Tibi seris Tibi metis.

  54. I would add that the Democrate Party under Obama appeared to be dangerous as well. Lets face it, in general people from the USA are retards and of no value to human society and well-being.

  55. The Department of Energy trying to save the world? Nice try, Noam. We all know they're committed to unleashing demogorgons upon all of us.

  56. Noam Chomsky is a low expectation bigotry. Women are treated like chattel & killing gays in Middle East and Africa. He is SILENT on that because he believes these cultures can't mature. Brown people in brown people owned countries live under hateful and bigoted laws. If the Middle East controlled the world gays, women, and freethinkers would be greatly oppress. America foreign policy is bad but its citizens have best in human history.

  57. Can he speak any slower?

  58. Chompsky is a God intellectual compared to Trump are you smarter than a 5th grader

  59. yes! we are in grave danger!

  60. Yes, the republican party is a gang of psychopathic terrorists and kleptocrats.   If I believed that the climate could still be salvaged, I would recommend either  the assassination of every republican in Washington, as the only hope for saving the human race, or a military coup, and the arrest and execution of every republican in Washington.  .  However we have passed the point of no return.   The co2 level now, 410ppm, is the minimum level the earth will experience for the next thousand years.  The last time earths co2 level was 410ppm, the global average temperature was 6c., and sea level was 75ft higher.    Humans cant remove co2 from the atmosphere in any significant way and trying to block the suns rays with more pollution would be disasterous.  The terrorists have won.   The Climate will get hotter and hotter year after year for hundreds even thousands of years.  Within a decade,  Livestock will die off and crops will fail catastrophically while the forests burn down and the oceans die.   Civilization is likely to collapse at 3 or 4c., which is likely by 2022.   The worlds nuclear facilities will overheat, meltdown, burn and explode when civilization collapses. Deadly radiation will fallout all over the planet.  Human extinction is likely by 2030.   If I thought the republicans were human, I would try to push for the legalization of euthanasia for all adults and suffering children.   At least we could die with dignity, instead of dying of radiation poisoning,  heatstroke, thirst or starvation.

  61. The only ones I can think who can rival the efforts of the GOP at the autogenocide of humankind are the Neoliberals.

  62. Republicans just want to hurt others. It's in their DNA.

  63. Ummmm, let's see …. The Democratic party which has been totally committed to the multi-national corporations and m-n banks who are destroying Life on Earth?

  64. The snippet about sea level rise on the NC coast (min. 7:55) was interesting – physical geography being what it is, that would mean inundation also for Mar a Lago (though with more alligators, giant snakes and tornadoes). Sadly (the effects of indulgent gross over-eating being what they are), the POTUS will probably not be around to see that outcome, even if his various offspring will be forced to paddle gondolas between the higher floors of their various NY skyscrapers. Good luck to them.

  65. This current leadership seams to be actively undermining the progress toward the Paris agreement! This was the single most important issue for me last November!

  66. An accurate description of the Gross Ol' Party.

  67. i hate the republitards like any other but nuclear waste, spills, bombs & accidents make areas of earth inhabitable unlike Co2 which helps life flourish.. over the past 70 yrs how many fukushimas have we had? whats another 50 yrsof that going to bring us, nevermind 100 yrs…

  68. I wish we could clone Noam Chomsky. We just don't have enough smart and humane people like this guy.

  69. How true. All Republicans must be rubbed out.
     Off of the face of the Earth they are trying to destroy.

  70. I hate people who smack their lips and tongue continuously as they talk and talk slowly in run on sentences about as much as people who fart in elevators upon entering.

  71. I have always felt like the Republicans were deliberately trying to kill as much life on earth as they possibly could. But to hear Noam Chomsky actually say that – well, it damn near chilled me to the bone! I cannot get one question out of my mind, though. Republicans have children and grand-children who will have to live on Earth. Do they not give a damn about their own family members? Do they have some secret 'living pod' out in space somewhere for them? But even if they DO, who in the hell would want to live on a god-damned pod in space?

    I am confident that Republicans actually DO know (even if they will never publicly acknowledge it) and understand that global warming and climate change are real and that human beings are a major cause of them. Do they have the childish notion of "it won't affect me/my family"? Are some of them of a religious dogma that actually believes the 'End Times' are near? Even if they believe that, their own bibles tell them to respect and treat with care ALL of "god's creations"? Or do they believe if they hold their hands over their ears and chant "la, la, la, la, la, la" long enough, that all the 'bad' will magically go away? Perhaps some of them think like the fictional character Scarlet O'Hara, who famously stated that she would just "think (worry) about that tomorrow"?

    Can anyone out there answer my question? Because I would REALLY like to know. I DO know this. The Republicans of my great uncles' time would never have behaved this way.

  72. Fuck that old bitch is disgusting. Someone shoot that harpy in the face.

  73. You know the root cause of all of this is obviously Americas fault, but if the rest of the world had the fucking balls to stand up to us then this wouldn't be a problem. I totally understand how people from another country might be frustrated with the U.S. but you are the fuckers who keep electing people that let us get away with this shit. The U.S. has already proven its not responsible enough to elect competent leaders so you guys have to be there to call us out on a global level not a twitter or youtube comment level. If I was the leader of France or Germany I would cut ties wit U.S. and threaten sanctions. This isnt post ww2 or the Cold War. Europe no longer needs the U.S. to defend them, it's time they stopped acting like it.

  74. Chomsky is a hack. And can someone explain how he is a dissident?

  75. Have you no shame? Taxation is theft

  76. I always thought of Republicans as wealthy human hunters, they will hunt all they can from the poor and middle class to the point where they kill off the population. As Democrats are more like wealthy human farmers, they want to feed their humans just well enough to be healthy-ish and have little complaint, they want to sustain their human cattle

  77. China is the new hope. American stupidity gap got too wide. So sad.

  78. GOP … Most dangerous organization in World History

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    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  79. I wanted Bernie and bit the bullet to vote for Clinton.
    I am having a very hard time believing there were so many voters who
    "sat out" for the 2016 election. There was no Making our election process fair and easily accessible ( having plenty voting venues and not closing them down in key areas where it's harder where predominately democratic voters live), people having to stand in line for over 5hrs.
    "Cross Check" ( that destroys votes on the republican, unfounded basis of finding similar names voting in different states not actually verifying those were the same people voting in both states). Accountable paper ballots in every state? Still very hackable, outdated voting machines exist. The denial of the vote count by a republican. Voters finding their party affiliation was mysteriously changed and faced with little time to correct it, some not given provisional ballots and ballots never counted.
    Ask yourself, How did the polls get it so wrong? Hm.. Could it possibly be because the polling didn't reflect the republicans efforts to suppress the vote and people being lied to?

  80. whats the difference between Chomsky's view of republicans and Hitler's view of the Jews?

  81. Has Noam gone senile, or was he always this disconnected from reality?

    I am beginning to suspect that he has always been a mere propagandist.

  82. they are like the villains from the movie avatar.. persistent and unrelenting effort towards fucking mother earth..

  83. i hope the Chomsky drops dead.

  84. Greedy Old Pigs, sounds about right.

  85. David Icke,managed to trace the Bush'es BloodLine,all the way back to SUMER..!…And that Family(and some others,stupid or not!),has managed to keep the ruling of the society,in their family-and the worst part is,that they want to see as much as 6.5Billion people-DEAD!!!

  86. yes.they like parks but don t give a damn to preserve mankind.

  87. Thanks for the unadulterated truth, Dr. Chomsky!

  88. Love Chomsky, next to Hitch, my best teacher.


    As you all know, our beloved Gnome Chumpsky is an enthusiastic Trump
    supporter and has accompanied our PotUS to Hamburg for the G20
    Sadly, he contracted a cold in Poland and early this morning got the
    sniffles and blew his schnozzola too hard and part of his brain came
    shooting out.
    The 3-kilo fragment was rushed to the Medizinische Fakultät,
    Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg. Hamburg.
    Specialists there squeezed out a hitherto-unknown malignant B.M.I.
    (Brain Mass Index) analysis that was nothing less than SHOCKING!
    It seems that Gnome is secretly an ultramontanist which in turn is the
    result of F.A.S. (Fecal Anhydrous Syndrome).
    This is all so complicated that we're waiting on Matt Lauer and Jorge
    Ramos to stop crying and give us simpletons a cogent reading that we can
    interpret cogently in a cogent manner.
    Details after "Pawn Stars".

  90. I think Chomsky is full of shit. Here he calls the Republican party the most dangerous organization on the planet cuz of Global warming? Say what? These old cocksuckers knocked down the World Trade Center to take over the planet. Fuck Global Warming.

  91. The hope and change for US inland workers did not come from Obama.
    The hope and change: Trump is already delivering on them and 62 milion agrees…..and growing.
    The hardest opposers are the publicmoney addictives who live on the taxmoney of those inland workers and businesses.
    They put the inland workers in they're taxslavery and Trump is only liberating them from the liberal democrat coastal city parasites….never seen a farm or textile mill from inside, never had a real job….in the real economyworld!
    They were SO greedy looking always for otherpeoples money, stealing it within they're "laws", export they're US real jobs in the real economy with real products or commercial services across the world, they created "Trump" themselves……

  92. Please watch the press conference where trump is speaking about Charlottesville at his hotel. He is on drugs on mentally ill. I am not making a political statement. He should no longer be made fun of, he needs help.

  93. there is no leader and there is no free world, it is an illusion! ask the 911 survivors, o-wait you cannot..they took money to keep their mouths shut!

  94. No wonder (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS & Fox News)  hate this man.

  95. Protecting the environment- this is the one reason anybody with a speck of sanity needs to hate the gop. Republican voters rally around conmen and their useless, pathetic issues like gun ownership and abortion in order to destroy the Earth for the whole of humanity. It's really the most mind-numbingly embarrassing and idiotic party and group of people I can think on Earth. Republicans should be ashamed to simply exist.

  96. Trump ran against the establishment GOP supporting the globalist addenda including agenda 21. The UN has been infiltrated as part of this NWO terrorist  organization.

  97. " The Most Dangerous Organization in Human History "

    Wow! And to think some other organizations were ever viewed to be dangerous:

    Nazis, Drug Cartels/Narco-Terrorists, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Etc.!

    Aren't we lucky to have a Linguistics Professor, who has NEVER worked in Government, Military, International Affairs, Law, or National Security, to straighten us out???

    UGH-And yet some people still take this ridiculous old man seriously! SMH

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