Chinatown community sees impact from coronavirus scare

Chinatown community sees impact from coronavirus scare

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  1. A big thank you to all of the Coronavirus fear mongers out there. Your 24/7 fear porn coverage pushed my sales of gas masks, Pandemic Flu Preparedness Kits, and food storage to a 3,000% increase in January, and already matched January sales in the first week of February. Great work, I couldn't have done it without you!

  2. Don’t worry mr.wu. Short attention spans will prevail. They’re just not coming because the rain is there.

  3. I more afraid of the cronics and crazy people at downtown.

  4. I thought this Max guy had an annoying accent, but it didn’t seem as bad after others were interviewed.

  5. I know this shop. The people are cool and one can find gifts very reasonable 😊👍

  6. As a heads up, many of the shots of San Francisco Chinatown were actually Oakland chinatown.

  7. Hawaii has a handful of infected people, and the government sent them home for “home quarantine”…. out of the initial people infected 900 died and 600 recovered. That is a 60% fatality rate… “home quarantine”?! These Democrats are geniuses….

    If there is a further outbreak in Hawaii, I expect the incompetent officials in charge to resign…

  8. Thx a lot Trump for your mess

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