Chest Freezer Organization – How to Organize a Deep Freezer

Chest Freezer Organization – How to Organize a Deep Freezer

Hi everyone, so in this video, I am going
to show you guys how to organize a deep freezer. So we just
bought a deep freezer for the garage for all the extra meat
and when we bought it, I was so excited to organize it
because I’ve never organized a deep freezer before and
I get excited to organize spots that are new that I’ve
never done before. That sounds kinda weird but I’m excited
to show you what I’ve done.
If you don’t have a deep freezer, because I know a lot of
people don’t have a deep freezer, then you can watch the
video and get ideas for a space that’s really deep where
you want to make the bottom items accessible. So here is our deep freezer so I can can quickly
show you guys what it looks like and I can explain
what I’ve done here. So since this is my first time organizing
a deep freezer and I was super excited. We got it and I spent
maybe three hours online researching containers that would divide
the space and make things easy accessible. Especially
the things on the bottom because the space is so deep. So
I spent 3 hours shopping online, but it was totally worth
it as you can see how perfectly these bins fit. Okay, so maybe
there’s half an inch here, there’s space right here, there’s
no space right here, there’s no space right here.
So everything just fits perfectly and it just looks beautiful.
Let me show you guys what I did right here.
Since this space is so deep, I knew I needed to get stackable
bins with handles so I can easily pull something up to get
to things on the bottom without getting frustrated. So when
you have a deep space, you want to have stackable bins with
a handle. So I got recycling bins that stack real nicely
with a handle. I can just pull this up whenever I want to
get to whatever’s on the bottom. So I just pull this up and
you can see I have 2 more recycling bins on the bottom.
They have handles as well. So what I did was I sorted all of the meat,
so I have ground beef here, the bin I just took out
has steak. This has other meat and there’s ground beef
down there. But you can see everything is totally accessible
and categorized and at the same time I labeled
all the packaging so I knew when we bought everything.
So this was bought in October 2012, so I know when I am
coming to get it that it’s still good because I can tell
how long it’s been in the freezer. Everything is labeled,
everything is categorized, and everything is in accessible
bins that easy to access. If I want to get into that bin,
I can easily lift this up and then stack on top when I
am done. So the freezer actually came with this container
– now it’s a tiny container, you would think it would
come with another container but I guess they expect you to organize
it yourself. But this container fit the chicken we bought
from Costco so it fits perfectly inside and that’s where
that goes. I can slide it over and show you guys what’s under
here. These are boxes that fit perfectly in here.
In this box I have all my holiday baking ingredients that
I freeze so they last longer. So it’s coconut, cranberries,
pecans, almonds and I think there’s some walnuts
in there. The bottom box as all our ice packs. So these
are the small things that I felt were just floating
around in our freezer in the kitchen and it was frustrating
me so much because I just kept seeing them and they were
all over the freezer. But they are all nice and contained
here at the bottom and easily accessible. This fits
over the top and you an see that space is maximized. There
is maybe one and a half inches of empty space right
here, but it’s maximized.
So what you want to do when you organize the freezer or
the deep freezer or any cold spot in general, is you want
to wear gloves because your hands are going to get so cold.
So wear gloves when you organize this space. So if you want to know where I got these organizing
products, you can check out my website,
and you will see these recycling bins there as well.
I will also put a link at the bottom of the video as well.
Okay so those are my ideas for organizing a deep freezer or
any space that is deep that you want to make the bottom
items accessible. If you have other ideas on how to organize
a deep freezer or a freezer in general, you can leave a comment
blow, or a video response. I will see you guys soon!
Bye! For more tips checkout

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  1. I would put the chickens in the bottom as they are easy to find and take up alot of room–I'd use that space for anything small that would be hard to find. . Also, I have a 15 cu. freezer and those bottom bins wouldn't help at all. You have nothing big except the chickens. I have boxes of ribs (long), pizza (bigger than the bin width,… this isn't practical. I could use the bins on top and I like that they have handles, but wonder (like another poster mentioned) if they will get brittle and break.

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  22. Don't cover the bottom and sides of a chest freezer with any type of material. "Storage chest" are not recommended in a freezer. Greatly inhibits freezer efficiency. It blocks the freezing coils from doing their job. Greatly increases power usage, may cause food not to be cold enough, and shortens life of the compressor. Best to put larger items on bottom. Use baskets near top- similar in design with what came with the unit- not a solid container. Should be plenty of space for air circulation.

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  52. Far too much space used up with those boxes. The air pockets in between will encourage ice to form and you'll spend more time defrosting the damn thing than having it work for you. I find it's better to store food in smaller containers, or 5 even in 5 the container it comes in where possible and stack them accordingly. Larger items can be stood or laid on the bottom with smaller or more frequently used items near the top.

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  54. Just curious…won't/doesn't the plastic end up crumbling from the cold?
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  55. I finally found these in the perfect size for my deep freezer. I can get two rows of 4 by 2 high (16 total) to fit perfectly. Found them on Wayfair. They had the best price and shipped free, which was even better than I found on the manufacturer's website! I tried insulated grocery bags before but they would flop over and I couldn't see what was in them, plus they didn't hold up well at all. The filled bags were too heavy and the stitching came loose in some and in others the zippers failed. Thanks for this great idea!

  56. Did those bins you bought wind up still being functional after the freezer developed all the ice build up that needs to be defrosted every several months? I would think some of them would start to get stuck together and you’d be in a whole lot of trouble because now you have food stuck underneath bins that are stuck, and the only way to get out the top layer of bins is to let it defrost, ruining all your food below. Also, there is a reason freezer bins are those white wire types. The reason is airflow. First, chest freezers typically give off less freezer burn then upright freezers because there is supposed to be no air space between the foods, and in an upright all that air space makes the temperature rise and fall to keep it defrosted which creates freezer burn. If you don’t have the airflow, things will not freeze evenly, and essentially your solid bins do not have the necessary ventilation in order for the air to disperse itself in the freezer evenly. I think you would have been a lot better off going to Amazon and getting several very large white wire freezer baskets with side cut out handles in them, pretty cheap, and then stocking your bags of frozen vegetables, meat, etc. in each one of them and just placing one of those baskets on top of the other. Then when you wanted something on the bottom, you just lift out those wire baskets to grab one below and then replace them. You’re also taking away valuable freezer space by putting in those chunky bins, as the wire ones are very thin and still allow food in one bin on the bottom to touch the food on the top of the bin below, maximizing your space. I know one smart person who actually took reusable shopping bags and lined them up in the freezer, each bag holding things like vegetables, meat, chicken, etc. They were all the different color, so all she had to do was Open the freezer lift up the shopping bag she wanted to take it out get what she wanted and replace the bag, and because the bags essentially take up no room, she had organization of all the items and wasted absolutely no space by using bins! . Then there was no need to even have to replace the bag in the same spot. I think at this point you need to get yourself a drill and seriously make thousands and thousands of holes drilled in the sides of your basket so that they still hold items but allow cold air to flow through them properly.

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  59. Love the idea, but have two caveats to consider:

    Plastic becomes brittle as others have noted. The plastic shoeboxes I have used previously become very brittle (they were a low quality though and I cannot attest to a better quality's life at zero degrees F).

    Typical chest freezers do not have automatic defrost systems and have their heat exchangers along the walls of the box, predisposing the frost to form along the walls surfaces. The closer the containers sit to the walls, the more likely they are to be trapped by frost buildup, "freezing" them in place and requiring ice removal to pull out the containers. If you keep an eye on the frost buildup, you should be able to prevent this.

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