Burnout… a personal story | Kati Morton

Burnout… a personal story | Kati Morton

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  1. Loving this series Kati! You are the bomb!! Thank you for everything.

  2. Great Episode. Very helpful. Very empowering. Thanks Kati.

  3. Poor people have to wait for burnout to develop into full blown mental illness then threaten harm to themselves/others before they can get a safety net for support and a break😒

  4. You really should have included sex workers in the list, our emotional and physical labour is exhausting!

  5. My vacation is coming up, maybe I can take a break away from very day life as well really needed on that, do something for me!!! Again thank you for all you do!!

  6. I feel burnt out by life

  7. Don’t forget Real Estate agents. High burnout rate

  8. Nurses as well. Thanks for your video

  9. Kati you are a great interviewer. And Jo is a natural on camera! Great questions and great answers.

  10. Hi Kati, I have a question. What should I do when impatient and counseling didn't help? I have no motivation and I'm tired of feeling suicidal and stuck in depression. Thank you!

  11. Could you talk about burn out with mental illness? I have bpd and I work in retail and I feel like I get burn out more often than others do.

  12. From a personal perspective, tech workers in specific areas or situations, are more likely to experience burnout. Long hours, flexible schedules, clashes with other life needs or commitments, sudden changes or cancellations in projects, failure of projects or deliveries despite promising signs or hard work etc. I was in a situation in 2014, on a project with very bad management, and I started spending a 3rd of my time watching YouTube or reading online news, because the next day all my effort had to be unwound to suit the manager's on the whim changes. Followed by burnout in 2015 study, due to overwork and being pushed (without consent) into a 'fathering' role by younger team member students. More recently, burnout like symptoms from last year, when effort put into volunteering toward teaching fell through suddenly. Hearing Joanna's story is helpful, I can relate to feelings of strong frustration, tiredness, not being there, but also, a sense of pointlessness or not bothering to put in effort into one's work (because the reward will not be there), and anxiety about work, but about having to show up the next day, deal with this situation which is just the same mess. Thanks for keeping this series going, and thank you, Kati!

  13. How can we go about telling our employer that we are burnt out? I tell my boss all the time and they just stare at us. I’m a social worker.

  14. I'm an elementary school teacher and a single parent (no co-parenting, no shared weekends, no financial support), so I experience burn-out at least once per school year. It's difficult and very lonely. I have to push through it though. I don't have family nearby, and missing school days would be a disservice to my students. I'd appreciate any tips. I do journal, which really helps me. Any other suggestions?

  15. 3 autistic children, celiac disease, dairy allergies, a puppy with GI issues, Boston terrier (why on earth I thought I could handle a puppy too…but I love him so much omg…) and a husband who works 6 days a week and I am a master hairstylist in my home salon doing 4-8 hour colour corrections…after 6pm 😔 oh and I have ADD and my husband ADHD…. 2 of our children have ADHD as well… the amount of mess dr. Katie…. the mess. The noise. The amount of need. The amount of tired. No extended family or nanny, no government support in terms of respite or cleaning… thank god for adderal because it makes me only BARELY feel the underlying burnout behind the stimulant. 😳 adderal is masking the screams from my stress response system. 🙏🏻 god bless these videos, I’m done attention seeking now lol 😖🤣

  16. Love this channel but I’d like to see a video about how to get rid of insecurity. I am very insecure and that makes me anxious then depressed and it becomes a vicious cycle. I wanted to be an actress when I was younger, till I realized I was insecure. Adhd doesn’t help with the emotional dysregulation. As for the burnout can totally relate but for me it’s more of am I just living to pay bills which I guess is the same as reward. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. Hey Kati, could you maybe talk about burnout in university/college students?

  18. I was lucky my company had a employee assistance program, but taking off work was not an option as we ran the office 24/7 with minimum of employees and i was getting auto immune symptoms from the office politics on top of a pressure job… After changing work location back to a quieter generator it was better until the foreman and the supervisor poisoned by him made me their project. After they fired me for essentially no reason i found out they had been stealing my reimbursement for taking the kids to the bus stop for themselves. The foreman was made to retire in 30 days and the supervisor was transferred to under managements thumb in Portland. Beware of employees that keep good records. Went on to work for myself.

  19. How do you take time off when you are in private practice in an inconsistent business and try to work whenever you have business including weekends and evenings? it's great if you have a position that offers benefits including vacation and sick time. If you work for yourself, you just don't make any money and end up worrying more when you're not working. I do medical nutrition therapy, full time private practice. Unlike psychotherapy where clients understand they don't get better in one visit, clients in this business often NEED to work concurrently with a psychotherapist, many do not even though recommended, and use it as a consultant. So we have WAY more clients in our practice than a therapist does but spikes and lulls of inconsistent business. There literally are not many of us across the country who do it full time as many Dietitian are secondary income in their household. Those of us who are single and paying our own mortgage are STRESSED out AF without a well trodden path of how to do things. Our profession doesn't have required supervision, so I use my own therapist twice a week (group and individual…and I don't get my money worth in group as it is 10 people who compete for 1.5 hours, with some dominant and others not (me)). Oh and don't get me started on insurance companies who ask for $1000 back 9 months later from a client you saw for 15 sessions, people who yell at you on the phone within 3 min phone intakes that I don't deserve (both happened today and made me want to scream). This woman was like "why are you confusing me" and in a tone of attack and as though I was in the wrong when I didn't do anything different than I normally do with someone on the phone who may want to schedule an appointment. Some people are just so out of touch of what they need and push away even the most patient people before they get help.

  20. Hey Kati! I love your videos and that your spreading knowledge and awareness ❤️ Could you do an episode on living/growing up with someone really close to you being burned out? And how that may effect you and how to help that person and how to help yourself etc..
    I’ve grown up with a burnt out mum and I know that it’s damaged me more than I’d like to admit. For example I’ve had to deal with guilt over feeling like I’m not enough to help her and also feeling like I’m too much for her.
    I think there are many interesting angles on this situation to talk about and I’m sure I’m not the only one that could use a video on that ❤️❤️❤️🥳

  21. I think i’m suffering from burn out from university work as well as working part time, there’s so much needed from me it’s difficult to give 100% to everyone. As well as the stress as getting the best grades like everyone else.

    I got a huge nosebleed from the stress last week, now I am getting a doctors notes to extend my university work.

    It’s hard dropping behind everyone but you just have to tell yourself it’s ok, everyone has there moment where they need a break and this is your time.

  22. Kati, really appreciate all the hard work you put into helping people take care of themselves. When I want to learn something quickly, I come to this channel. The content that you make is so easy to absorb and digest. You radiate good energy. Thank you!

    It would be very interesting for me to have you talk a bit about mentally dealing with the aftermath of a recovering alcoholic loved who slipped into a cyclical depression. Thanks!

    Sending you love x

  23. Is Johanna Australian? I can hear it in her accent! Lovin your videos Kati!

  24. It's a very important topic and I really like the series.

    I have one note though. I think these stock video and cartoon inserts are unnecessary. Showing random people doing random stuff is not just make the whole less personal to me but it's even a bit distracting. I think having the 2-3 camera angles work completely fine and maybe make the editing easier too.

  25. It's great if one can take time off from work to take care of themselves. Unfortunately for a lot of people that is not possible, either moneywise or because there is no one else to do the work in the meantime or because you might even be let go entirely if you express the need to take time off for more than a few days, let alone weeks or months! A LOT of people don't have that luxury and that's where it gets really dangerous… a person can completely lose control over their situation and themselves when forced to go over the edge like that, when in the perfect world it could have been avoided…

  26. Hi Kati, I was wondering if you could make a video about the fear of insects.

    Please don't use pictures

  27. Still crossing my fingers for inclusion of disability related burnout. I'd love to see that addressed because I've never seen it really talked about before.

    I know so many of us get burnout from putting in so much effort into our "job" of being chronically ill and we definitely get burnt out from it and it gets really hard to deal. We can't exactly take a break from our bodies and the only way to be away from the barriers we face in public is to stay home. I personally feel it really is burnout. The reward/compensation for it all is much less than what the amount of work I put in and those feelings of letting people down are hard to combat if you can't get away from needing help. How do you combat that burn out when it is far more complicated since you can't remove yourself from the situation/environment that is causing the burnout? I think this is an important discussion that I'd really like to see being discussed and put out there. At the least it will make people feel less alone.

  28. Hi Kati, I'm relatively new to this channel so I don't know if this is the right place to ask questions, but I love your channel and it has helped me a lot to watch your videos. I was wondering if you could make a video on how fear of abandonment can make a person reject any type of relationship? Usually videos talk about not wanting to leave one, but what if you don't have one, and are afraid of losing one and therefore don't bother? Is that a thing? How does that work?

  29. KATI, I am loving these, and the Quality is excellent! I am hoping to use some of the information at a retreat this fall. Thanks for working so hard for your channel, but also taking care of yourself.

  30. I make people do environmental regulation paperwork. My customers are always angry with me, my boss is angry with me, and in the end it seems like after putting in dozens of hours into every project everyone's mad at me and I did everything wrong. Repeat this every week for years and that's my life…

  31. Great video Kati!!
    One question, why didn't you include therapists on that short list??

  32. I went through burn out on a job that I worked at for more than 20 years. My parents were in the last stages of life and I was trying to take care of them. During that time my husband was diagnosed with cancer and my son was having health issues and wasn’t eating. I ended up taking a leave of absence (6 weeks) and my employer seemed supportive at the time but a year later I was let go. By the time they decided to take this action everything in my life had changed. My parents had passed, and my husband & son were doing better but they still didn’t want me on the job anymore. Most companies in the area I live are very intolerant of employees who take any time off and even though there was little chance I would need time off again they took the stance of “ once burned, twice careful.” What really bothered me most about this is that I was only 5years away from retirement and I had to start my career all over again which is hard at any age but after the age of 50 and being a woman makes it nearly impossible. I am working again now at about half the pay and will now have to work an additional 5 + years longer than I planned because of the decision I made to take leave. I know it’s not legal for a company to discriminate but in the state I live employers can “fire at will.” I think this is extremely unfair and this law should be abolished because it is abused.
    In all the years I worked for this company I never had any kind of evaluation that even hinted that there were performance issues of any kind. They used a reorganization as an excuse to get rid of half their employees, changed their job titles and hired a new staff to do the same job.

  33. Social worker here experiencing burn out! Im on a leave and everything she spoke of I experienced, thank you Katie, this is so helpful, Im a fan!!

  34. Could you do an episode on burnout in Students in college or maybe people dealing with identity crisis? I think your animations are adorable btw ^_^

  35. i really appreciate the timing of this video as i take a rest day from university assignments (it's that time of year where everything gets SO crazy and everything's due!). thank you kati! <3 i feel so much more relaxed after hearing joanna's tips 🙂

  36. Dear Kati, I think I have a personallity dissorder. So that means that I don't have the right mindset to go on my own to create a more healthier space for myself. Because I really feel I just can't do it. Also my family just won't let me become more independent because of their own fears and trauma's. How to go out of this destructive circle of doom as I name it? And how to become the person I want to become before having a Burnout of too much stress etc? Can I mail you more about this in detail? Greetings, Ernst from the Netherlands. Thanks for the powerful video btw! You are appriciated.

  37. I can really relate to this. So much of what Johanna said is what is currently in my head. I have one of those dream jobs (creative design field) that is not supposed to get 'burned out on' but and even that can burn you out quick and create a lot of spill-over where it impacts everything else (and vice versa, burn out from other areas spilling over into work). I'm at a chicken/egg situation where it is coming from, but looking for a way to recharge.

  38. Something I heard long ago, that we need to practice the art of "Being" instead of just doing all the time. This can be worked into a mindset that one can keep throughout the day. We live our lives through mindset filters that can be negative or positive or neutral, negative eventually turns to neutral through disassociation and you walk passed your door….

  39. I get burnout from managing my chronic illness, type 1 diabetes. It’s constant 24/7 to try and try and try to get the numbers as best as possible. However, the best is never really good enough because the aim is to reach more normal levels. This is virtually impossible. It’s not just about food and medication. It’s about stress and hormones which you can’t really predict. I can have days that are exactly the same in terms of food, exercise, work and have completely different glucose levels. It’s relentless!
    I’m also a nurse which I also burnout from. You help and help and help but there’s always another person. Patients also emotionally drain you because of the level of support they need. You have to appear to be superwoman as they’re vulnerable and need you to be that in that moment.
    I also burnout from managing mental illness. It’s also relentless. I have to constantly use strategies to keep myself going and often don’t feel any better or achieve much other than survive. It’s very frustrating and hard to keep up with.

  40. Been a nurse for the past 12 years, I'm burned out beyond belief. I'm looking to change careers.

  41. The burnout the dark haired lady described… I feel like that 24/7 and I don’t do anything, no job or classes… is that just the depression talking?

  42. Please do a series on workplace bullying/mobbing. It's still very much a problem and many times coworkers will create a very toxic for those suffering with invisible illnesses.

  43. Please don't take this the wrong way but I feel like this video is coming from the perspective of privilege. There are many people who cannot take time off to care for themselves. Personally, if I did that, I wouldn't have rent money. I am also the only caregiver to a chronically ill spouse. I do not have family or friends nearby and cannot afford help. Is there any advice for those who cannot step away from life for a while?

  44. Could you do a video on Michael Jackson? I feel like he's such a misunderstood person.

  45. Kati I love you and your videos sooo much 😍🙏🏻 you’re such a blessing in manys lives! I need your help I think I might me developing an ED and im also suffering from depression I wish I could see you in person some day 😔 Im 24 and I’ve taught about suicide so many times..
    Hopefully one day Ill be able to see you, love you and may god always bless you, you’re such a beautiful person I admire you so much! ♥️

  46. I’m type 1 diabetic, and the first time I heard about burnout in relation to my condition, it changed my life. I was convinced that I was one of very few who just stopped taking care of themselves because they couldn’t do it anymore. I thought I was a lost cause. I went to a conference and found out that apparently, just about every diabetic does it. That’s what really helped me get out of that place. I had some hope again. So thank you for educating people on this topic. It could save a life.

  47. You might already be planning to cover this, but, do you have any tips for those of us in jobs we can't take time off from and or are limited by money?

  48. How do you take time off as a stay at home mom? We don’t have the luxury of stepping away really, so I’m curious about how to treat burnout in this specific situation.

  49. Love this series but you missed a huge profession that experiences high rates of burn out…nurses!

  50. Dear Kati,
    I'm a long time fan and I have Bipolar 1. I've been through many different types of therapy but I just recently learned about social rhythm therapy. My current therapist hasn't heard about it.

    If you are interested, I'd really love to hear about anything you know /research around that therapy. It seems really promising and I'm eager to learn more 😊

  51. Hi Kati, would you be able to do a video on catatonia?

  52. I’d like advice for those of us that can’t just “take time off”. I’m self employed, if I take time off I lose my business and don’t get paid.

  53. I love this series but this episode comes from such a place of privilege. Most people cannot take a significant time off work and still afford to pay their bills. If I could take time off, I wouldn’t be burnt out.

  54. I. Love. Your. T shirt.
    i just really like the art on it 🙂
    Great video, very educational for me !

  55. 55,000??!! As a salary lmao no way. Try 38,000 mayyyybeeeee. But everything else spot on. Burnout is real.

  56. Can you do a video on female who was emotionally neglected by a toxic mother and still happening as an adult. I could really use some tips.

  57. i love the animations <3

  58. Loving watching those things . Thank you Kati you make me stronger

  59. I would love to watch an episode about burnout and ADHD specifically. I feel like it's a constant balancing act between getting depressed and burned out because your normal mode of work that you love drives you insane, normal mode of work that you don't love makes you depressed and struggling and lashing out and getting fired, and your normal mode of non work makes you a total slob..

  60. It took me almost a year to realized I need help. It was until one night I had sleep paralisys and woke up shaking and crying, I had a panic attack… and at that moment I realized… I needed help

  61. I'm going through initial recovery phase for Burnouts and depression. This is really relevant and helpful. Medication and professional help has made me feel more human and change old habits to better ones.

  62. Nurses have one of the highest burnout rates of any profession, really disappointed you chose to ignore them;

  63. Ahhhh! Thank you so much for this series! And thank you for sharing Johanna! It feels good to hear about other people's experiences. You're story resonates with me :)… especially the story about not knowing where the door was. I totally had that happen to me my second year of uni where I could not remember when I lived. It was freaky! :|. I can laugh now, but oh my goodness was it messed up. Thankfully I am finishing my uni in 3 weeks. Ah, I cannot wait. Uni was the worst

  64. I would love more episodes with cartoon Kati. 😀

  65. Kati please can you talk about why people start laughing when they're in pain or when they want to cry, And thanks alot… 🙂

  66. lol what about the healthcare professionals

  67. It's all well and good saying 'take time off work' but for some people that's impossible. When I worked in retail, we had no HR, management above my boss were unreachable, and if I had asked for time off they would have laughed. The only way I could escape that job (and still have money to live) was to go into education. Thank god that was an option for me.

  68. Great video Kati. I think it really helps to hear firsthand accounts of other people's experiences with burnout and how they were able to overcome it. One thing I really wished had been addressed is the fact that many many people are not in a place financially where taking a break from work is even an option. Making that choice is hard but sometimes that choice doesn't exist at all, and really devastating things can happen as a result. I think recognizing that privilege (or lack thereof) is really important to this discussion. It also relates to who has access to professional care and who doesn't.

  69. Can burnout affect performances and Intelligence of the subject after it goes ?

  70. I believe I went through burnout a couple months back. I was fully immersing myself in my studies in the hopes of getting good grades, but paired with my failure anxiety? It led to me ignoring my own needs to reach a goal that seemed far away. I ate less so I could study more, some days I wouldn't shower because drying my hair meant losing study time.

    About 4 months in and I was exhausted beyond compare. I felt stressed often, anxious and unsure of my capabilities when my grades weren't as high as I wanted them to be, I started losing weight and losing sleep. At one point I began feeling irritable – which i never do on a normal day.

    I think that's when I pressed pause and stepped back to realize that what I was doing wasn't healthy and was doing more harm than good.

    It felt like I would never finish the crushing workload I had on me and that made me try harder and end up in a vicious stressful cycle.

    Once I realized that I wasn't truly happy, I decided to take more breaks. Give myself some space to think and not cram notes into my head. I'm trying to not let papers distract me from food. And I think I'm improving.

    It's wonderful that this series exists and I hope many others who have burnout can figure out what works for them, so they can get better. 🙂

  71. i don’t understand why in america teachers make around 50k dollars.. teachers in my country make around 5k, that’s ten time less.. i’m sure there is a good reason but how much is a good salary in america?

  72. Wow, that would be amazing to be in a financial place to be able to take time off from work to deal with burnout. Do you have any suggestions for people who can't take a break? I feel like I'm out at sea swimming and swimming with no shore in sight.

  73. Been facing terrible burnout for the last 4 months and i can't tell anyone…and don't even know what to do … i work at a small company I always wanted to and i love what i'm doing there, since it's something i've always wanted to do … but at the moment i don't have the necessary energy or patience to deal with clients and do my job properly, can't concentrate, have no inspiration, i'm angry most of the time, snapped a few times at customers, feeling anxious to the point of feeling nausea, having trouble with my IBS too. Been outgoing and funloving in the past, but now i'm just gloomy and tired and don't even want to talk to anyone. Taking a brake is not possible for the next four months…i feel like running away without telling anyone…but i can't do that cause i might lose the job i fought so hard to get in the first place…can't believe i ended up like this…i never expected this

  74. I love your videos and insight on many different situations regarding the mind and the body’s wellness.. the medical profession is intensely plagued by this issue of burn out. I am an ER nurse & have had many problems dealing with this myself after 9 years of taking care of others in crisis, or at least their perceptions of crisis.. plus being a mom of a teenager & two toddlers, three amazing kids… Can you please do a video on the psychological downside of healthcare workers with emphasis on emergency nursing? The effects it has on the moms who do this job, as it is a predominantly female field even still.. I love what I do, find it hard to imagine working in a different field or specialty. Coping day to day is an issue for nurses.. very high demand on the emotional psyche. One day I’m treating a person for a small cut on their hand the next minute I’m doing CPR on a baby & spending significant amount time with the family after losing their child… I really love your insight & ability to resource these videos to the audience who’s listening. You’ve helped me refocus & at times seek out where I need extra support. Can I request a personalized video regarding the wellness of emergency health care professionals?? Thank you ahead of time, take care ❤️

  75. sadly i hit burn out wall and also being make things worse for being fired last week didn't help . So I'm taking time rest and recharge.

  76. Wait so what does Burn Out mean?

  77. What if I've been feeling these for… let's say 1-2 years? Able to take small breaks, but not enough to feel okay? I feel like I don't want to even be awake most of the time. But people don't really know or think it's serious.

  78. DSP here. Specifically developmentally disabled children and adult dsp. We should be as high on the list as social workers. My salary is 20,000-24,000 a year. It’s entry level, the training is minimal, the pay is crap, and even though we are given quite the paid time off package, it’s considered in bad taste to actually use it instead of just buying it back. Direct support professionals on average have a 30-40% turnover rate in the first year. In NYS we have a campaign of “be fair to direct care” that lobby’s for a pay increase yearly. We don’t get a cost of living raise, and the be fair campaign typically gets us 2% pay increase every other year. This is also because most work for nonprofits or the state. We get beaten up, berated, harassed, threatened, overwhelmed with paperwork and the only thanks we get is to befriend our individuals. Whether it is working for a group home, day Hab center, or something similar that improves the lives of the developmentally disabled and their families, burnout is real and it sucks. You feel like a failure, you’re upset that you’re upset, this is when abuse is most prevalent towards the individuals, you feel depressed and anxious, you’re always told you’re not doing enough, fast enough, efficient enough, kind enough and what’s worse is other people who haven’t experienced it, don’t believe it’s real or that you should suck it up or think “well how hard can it be, I have kids and I’ll trade you” and those opinions hurt no matter how thick of a skin you have. I’m so glad that it’s being talked about more openly. I feel more comfortable now talking about my mental illnesses than I do about burnout. And it’s time to change that. Secrets keep people sick. And it’s time we provide more support for those who can and do suffer from burnout especially from such a necessary profession.

  79. I don't know if that's what I'm experiencing, I do know that I get terribly anxious with my job and a few weeks ago I broke out in tears (uncontrollable and out of nowhere) and ran to the bathroom and each time I would try to come back out and resume back to working it would come back, it was so bad I had to go home and just say I wasn't feeling well and then the next morning when I came back in it was immediate tears again. I've never experienced that before and it was horribly embarrassing but being only 19 and still trying to scrape up enough money for a car leaving is not an option. -sigh

  80. Thanks for making this series, sharing this. 2 years ago I quit work just because I couldn't take it anymore and was at home for 8 months. Felt so tired, bad, depressed at first and slowly slowly got better. This gives me much better insight in what I experienced.

  81. Add Peer Support councilors….

  82. The animation for this segment is adorable! Also wow… I relate a lot to this story.

  83. Hey Kati. I know you made this video a while ago. But I just watched it. And I think I'm going through burnout to some degree. I'm still not sure though. I do feel physically and mentally exhausted. Whenever I try to write or create art, I just can't seem to create anything I'm happy with. It's as if everything I create lacks creativity. I was wondering if this is also common when burnt out. Or am I just overreacting? I am currently struggling with depression as well, so maybe it's part of that too? I think I have become more easily irritated and angry as well. And I'm having difficulty concentrating, but that's been like that pretty much when I started struggling through depression. So I'm kind of confused as to what I should do now to feel better and take care of myself.

  84. What do you do if you can't get the time off?

  85. I'm currently going through major burnout. I've been studying mental health counseling and the cost for school has been stressful to deal with. I actually decided to take some time off. I know that will mess up my timeline with school and all. But, I really feel like I can't move forward. I'm also unemployed. So, that doesn't help.

  86. MEDICAL DOCTORS! we physicians suffer from burnout syndrome so very often, its hell

  87. Why does being a social worker in LA sound cheaper than where I live and what I earn?
    I have to travel to other cities and spend time in trains for about two hours one way and the rent is not 50% of my income, it is even higher.
    I'm in Germany. Should I move to LA according to this information? xD

  88. Food service. Everyone I know who's been in food for more than a year is a smoker, drinker, uses heavy drugs, or does some combo of the three. Even I, knowing that alcoholism runs in my family, tend to drink after work bc I come home so tired and stressed. Food service ain't no joke, tip your servers and baristas and bartenders.

  89. Oh my god.. so this is not what it's supposed to feel like?
    Thank you guys so much.

  90. When I'm overwhelmed with stress I kind of feel hot and dry, and I think that's because my allergies start playing up and my body becomes dysregulated

  91. @KATIfaq I had it happen just out of randomness and I broke drown to my case manager and she got me to go back to counselling what do you think about it.

  92. Hey Kati, Ive just found this channel and Im just so glad that I did, this series just open my thoughts to bigger opportunity on how to help myself facing these kind of challenges , keep posting more on this

    Ive been suffering from sleeping problem especially, the thoughts of not doing enough does haunt me a lot before sleep and now Im a taking a break from college and work because one of my lecturer/dean advice me to it, she did mention about me having a 'burnout' .

    Will seek a professional help to better diagnose on my problem, and again thank you for making this kind of content! 😇

  93. Nurses get burned out.

  94. I’m school administrator/secretary & accounts payable and I’m overwhelmed with work. I don’t understand why you talk about principales only! At least, they make enough money to have better life & with their supervisor position, they have the power to make the school assistants do part of their tasks…anxiety, excessive workflow while your colleagues spend working time doing their personal courses while I have all to do

  95. prepares for auditions for weeks and gets an ensemble role

  96. Great vid. Wish I had seen this 6 months ago same with my partner do you think you could talk about the burn out of family members caring for elderly family members

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