Bukti: Surat Cinta Dari Starla (Jefri Nichol & Caitlin) – Chapter 1 (Short Movie)

Excuse me, sir I want to ask, do you know this address? You go straight here, just follow the road, When you see the plaza there, just take left Then you go straight from there.. Thank you! You’re welcome The moon no longer reflects the light.. and the star falls.. But then comes hope.. Just when you left.. when you gave up.. That’s you.. but not me (singing) Excuse me, sir Yes? It this the address? Oh! You’re right That’s the adress of this shop I’m sorry to bother you.. Is it closed already? What? No! It’s just my routine, that i usually do every afternoon, you know, checking the rolling door Is it still working properly or not Besides, why a shop closes at this hour, like a shop that does not sell Please, come inside Let’s.. If you’re looking for antiques, everything’s here It’s complete! Where are you from? Photography major? Theatre? They’re often looking for properties here, It’s complete here No, no sir I’m here to find my friend, his name is Hema Really? I thought you’re looking for antiques More over, i don’t know anybody with the name.. what’s his name? Darma? It’s Hema Darma, Hema, Tamtama
(a soldier of the lowest military rank) No difference, I don’t know any of them Well, alright.. Just in case.. a young man come here.. with the name of Hema.. Can I leave you a letter for him? Just in case he come here one day.. to service his typewriter Look.. This is a modern world, people nowadays are using advanced technology.. it’s called a mobile phone! It’s small.. and you can take it anywere you want to But here you are, using a letter?? Who do you think I am? A postman? Leaving letters.. I’m a salesman here You can’t just leave a le– But well you know.. Young people these days are.. too busy with their activities.. no time to buy credit for their mobile phone, or something And things like that.. I do understand Absolutely understand young people like you Besides, i know some young people prefer doing the letter correspondence since it has an eccentric value Well, ok I got this This letter is safe with me With me, I make sure it’s safe Ok then, I have to go now Ok Thank you, sir! You’re welcome Take care Looking for a friend, here? Love letter, from Starla Well that’s ok.. It’s still a fortune.. should be grateful for it Right? Not bad.. Starla..

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