Bookshelf organization

Bookshelf organization

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel Today I will you how I am organizing a bookshelf, which we have under the stairs This is going to be real Kids are in the next room so you will be hearing various sounds and noises from my kids so please bear with me this is real life hence why the channel is named Strugglingmum because if you don’t struggle with doing things and having two kids then it’s not real So let’s jump right in let me show you what I am doing at the moment. So this is the bookshelf, it is very narrow so the angle is not very good. I have already started clearing out the shelves. As you can see they are very dusty. So I will be donating some books and taking away organizing photos which we have scattered around on this shelf. I did buy some organizing items which I don’t think I will be using all of them over here. I will be decluttering as well some papers, some documents which we don’t need anymore. So just follow me along as I organize this bookshelf. Eveyone needs a Feng Shui book in his house especially when you have two kids shouting. Right? And should I comment about this small, cute book with the title calm? No, it explains itself These two books The book of Why and Tell me Why I have many questions to ask but I don’t think I’ll find the answer in these books unfortunately. Let me turn you around and show you what I mean by having the kids over here, I don’t know if you can see but my son is in the laundry basket. Came out. Real Life here! So I am planning to use this plastic container transparent container to store the photos. We do have some old photo albums but we have a lot of loose photos they’re stored into pockets, envelopes so we’re risking that they will get ruined so I’ll see what can we, I fit in this container We have some memorabilia which I’ be putting and photos which are quite old which I am going to put in this container. So for the time being they seem to fit the ones I have loose until I find some more. The…we do have a photo album as well and I do have some large photos as well, which I’ll see how I can store them. So as you can see the first two shelves are clear I will continue decluttering the last few shelves, so I can then see what what needs to be organized and removed and I’ll show you then finished product, cause it will take some time. So on this bookshelf we have more of general information, like about Maltese history emm physics, english, maltese books and I kept these three books about tell me why. May one day I will discovered some answers. We have some other kids books over here. On this second shelf I have more fiction books which I have read most of them and I kept. To be quite honest I can purge these books because I have read them all but I’m keeping them should I want to read them again or maybe eventually my daughter or my son will want to read them. On this third shelf I have more reading books, fiction some dictionaries and this Star Wars Millenium Falcon collection and over here and in these last two shelves over here we have some magazines relating to cars, which husband likes, some files which at the moment I cannot get rid of. Over here I have some books about drawing and painting which, which I love painting and drawing and which I am keepting and at the very bottom I have some some files relating to bills and home documents. And more of my husband’s collection, magazine collection. So what have I done with the photos? I have kept some, over here we have an album and I had some large photos which I don’t have a storage place for them, so I kept them in an envelope. And the other photos that were loose I kept them into this this box, labeled photos which is being kept onto another shelf which I have next to this next to this bookshelf. So thank you for watching this video, it has been a struggle to do it, not only to do the video but to organize this shelf, because my son had one of those loud days so it took more time because I was all the time stopping, checking on him. So, I would like to thank you once again. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe if you want to see more of these videos. So thank you very much once again and until the next time bye bye. BA BYEEE

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  1. It can certainly be challenging to work with the kids around, but you did great. Stay focused, some good content, thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww your son is adorable! It is a struggle with kids but you got it done and did a video! Great job! 👏👏 TFS 💕💕

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