Black doctor says man blocked her from entering her gated community

Black doctor says man blocked her from entering her gated community

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  1. Kind of ridiculous that you compare this to the asshats at Starbucks. Situations not remotely similar.

  2. So he says it's because of HVAC robberies and he's stopping her for that? So basically what you're saying is because you're black is why you can't come into the gated community because we been having things stolen from us and it could only be a black person.
    Yes, this is absolutely racially motivated.

  3. you don't have to prove where you to live bro what the fuck is wrong with people. oh this black woman in a nice car is trying to steal my hvac unit. fucking pathetic and people that call the police like this should be charged with harassment

  4. Ever since Donald Trump became president white people want act very tough and bold am sick of them thinking like they so much better and honest people on the earth Smh

  5. She could have easily called the cops and reported it to them but then they might be racists too lol

  6. Ignorant idiots are still causing havoc.

  7. And he doesn’t even live there! Ironic.

  8. Australia,,God Bless you mate,, To much of this bad behaviour ,, Obviously a biggot ,,,,,soy boy,,,impadent..By the way you are a Honny ! Absolutely beautiful ! Peace and love AUSTRALIA..

  9. Start sueing all these racist rants and situations. It's there laws they are violating so, make them pay for it or it's going too lead too something more physical and very violent on both sides.

  10. That is their scripted story anytime they're coming up against what they think is the enemy it's always because there has recently been a rash of thefts in the neighborhood these son of a b** is sick disgusting and we could definitely do without them

  11. 1…just the mere fact that some how in the back of his racist mind he senses that in today’s vibe he thinks he can get away with it…is beyond me.

  12. What an idiot! The Dr. Should've file a lawsuit against him for all that to teach him a lesson.

  13. You've all fail to emphasise the root cause; A President who's Aim is to bring back segregation, just as his Father promoted. Norway being his favourite pastime. Shamefully in the name of The United States of America, the Republican Party is now showing their true colours…. One can close one's eyes but only for so long…! Wish I could laugh…..

  14. It is a racist action. I think he should be sued

  15. 2nd amendment, please try that sh1t with me or my family!

  16. I wish that i was walking by sis, I would have hit him where he sucks dick at,rt in his mouth whole.

  17. They a pigs as always

  18. It isn't just racism. Some people take a look at a white kid in old clothes and have a socio-economic bias against them. Wealthy black people are often very suspicious of poor ones, and the same goes pretty much across the board between the rich and poor of other races. This guy was racist in this instance, but people like him make a lot of snap judgements about people and anything about them they perceive as being in any way "less" than themselves is seen by them as a reason they "don't belong". I was coming to work one day at a temp job in a very posh building when I was in school and though my clothes were clean they were pretty basic. My crime was saying "good morning" politely to someone who thought people like me were beneath him, just a reflex greeting in that awkward "waiting for elevator" moment. He yelled at me 5 minutes because of a polite greeting and tried to get me tossed out but the security guard declined.

  19. Let's see if they do a follow up story.

  20. I am so sorry ma'am for how you all being treated….i am a white lady and no way would i have let him treat you like this…know that we are not all like that..i apolozies for this..and i am ashamed …in 2020 now.. and its still happening..

  21. Young bright talented professionals like this Doctor will no longer wish to come to America, and risk being disrespected or even attacked.

  22. This is getting out of hand! I'm so sorry that's happening to you! This is disgusting behavior 😠

  23. This is so fricken sad. Definitely racially motivated with no reason. Doctor, I am so very sorry for the treatment you received. America it's time for this vrap to stop,please

  24. I have to APOLOGIZE for some humans. IGNORANT RACIST FOOL.

  25. George Zimmerman still walking around 😀😃😄 But there were 4500 Gun related Murders in Chicago Blacks killing Blacks🤔

  26. He could shoot you and get away with murder because he is white. Charges should have been filed.

  27. She should have called the cops

  28. The guy such an idiot.

  29. So did she steal the ac init or not?

  30. Hello look at what they to do to natives
    🤔 Hmmmmm

  31. So a woman is trying to take air conditioning units lol smh

  32. Im a latina. I go screamed at by a white guy and he admitted he didnt think i lived in the neighborhood. I simply gave him shit bc he thought it was cute my dog was aggressive to his and i kept asking him “sir can u not” as he got his dog closer to mine while i was taking her out to poop. Shes aggressive and he was an idiot basically trying to start a dog fight. When i asked him to stop. He goes “U dont even live here” ..BITCH THE FUCK I DO. How else would i be walking my dog without a purse and just my house keys?

  33. Dr. I would not have disrespected you by breaking that fools neck and let you save his worthless life.


  35. Should have pressed charges against this deluded, pea brain, lowlife, racist monster I mean man. He will definitely do this in the future and get away with it again.

  36. She’s beautiful ,can’t understand from India

  37. Wow, no robberies too! Was just doin it from the bottom of his racist little heart

  38. those 2 black guys in starbucks was not profiled they refused to buy something and starbucks has the right to refuse service and kick them out. all those 2 did was use the facility for a meeting and did not buy anything and use their color to get money

  39. That is terrible. He should’ve been arrested for harassing her.

  40. I dont even get every single time they call the police, the none-white individuals have to prove themselves right…. why the police automatically sides with white people?

  41. What a psychopathic culture they have going on there.

  42. Thanks god we dont have gated communities. No need for that.

  43. Yes black people have money

  44. The cop that didn’t arrest this prick is probably racist. And both trump supporters.

  45. White people be so ready to call the police over the petty shit nothing life threatening or anything but a black doctor trying to go to her home💯smh

  46. Those fuckers try to play superhero preventing crime only when they know no crime's being committed and they just can have an excuse for their racist ass to be racist. SMH

  47. Poor thing maybe she should move to a black community this wouldn't happen there

  48. Thank you Brother Trump. Your seed of hate grows with fertilizer.

  49. I bet if this racist man had of needed medical assistance, the Doctor would not have hesitated !

  50. Honestly if someone is being a racist punk there should be a law preventing trouble from teaching them a lesson 2020 already racism should of been buried

  51. All journalists need to read their journalism code of ethics


  53. White racist people need to go to jail and this man should not be allowed their his home town should be taken from him and given to black educated people and he should be sued or given the chance to sell his rascist property for real cheap.

  54. Name and shame him. Make him famous. He must loose his jobs.

  55. Truth is Racism is a the real disease of humanity 🥺

  56. Doc please sue the shut out of the community. They should have had a guard on duty

  57. "Love your enemies; pray for those who mistreat you; bless those who persecute you. Love covers a multitude of offense and love never fails." Jesus loves

  58. Call the police and prosecute.

  59. The current president has empowered racists and police to violate people's civil rights.

  60. Trump will pardon him,if he does get locked up and the worst part is,that the cops probably believed him,because he was white.,scary shit to be living in america now,with Trump as the president and encouraging racial acts to his base


  62. Should be a crime to not let this sexy young doctor in her own resident 😋

  63. I’d rather here about the settlement she reached for violating her than this incident.

    Corrupt lying violent blue Isis tyrant Terrorist scum

  65. They did not the man,s face if they did maybe u would see ARCHIE BUNKER!! LOL

  66. I'd have moved my car for her ! Even if I wasn't blocking her in !

  67. She should of gott3n better video and exposed.him

  68. Damn right it's not an excuse! Scumbag! That officer should have arrested or fined or whatever he could have done to that racist. Couldn't you consider this a hate crime?

  69. But no white ppl come up to shame their ppl

  70. Of course it was racially motivated, my question is why the doctor didn't file charges against the clown? The most effective want to make these racist clown keep their discriminating behavior to themselves is to take every penny away from them! Legally.

  71. Zero evidence for what she is saying….. video of a stopped car in front of her.

  72. His non melanin having ass is just jealous that he could never have a beautiful mocha brown sista like this….Deep down inside he fantasizes about being with a woman that looks like her…

  73. I would have called the police on him. Glad to know this man will be reprimanded. What is his name?

  74. Racism is the norm for Jim Crow Klan LoL 🤩 get a gun and license and protect you from BS 👊💯

  75. Absolutely DISGRACEFUL! All these racists violating other people's civil rights should have all their personal information posted. I dont want to find out I hired someone like that.

  76. How do people this ignorant have the money to live in places like this? It must be inherited wealth. Nobody this stupid is self made. And if they are, God help us all.

  77. Sue and move on. They must face repercussions. Sue every time. I do agree her tears were faked in order to facilitate a future lawsuit for emotional distress… she ain't no dummy..

  78. This hits deep get so tired of I sisters and brothers being harassed and racially profiled no one has the right to judge us

  79. I swear they think cause we black we dont live in nice houses 🤣🤣🤣🤣…… im black and i live in a white suburban community, they dont give me looks or nothing, we play uno and all

  80. As I tried to explain to @Allyn Howell: These events leave an emotional scar that you carry for a long time — if not forever. You begin to think that people only see your color and judge you by that. No matter how good you are, how educated, how humble and wonderful — you carry that invisible stigma that you are being judged as 'not good enough' due to your skin color.

  81. DD; Deviant Degenerate.

  82. Shouldn't there be a law that when you accuse someone that can be seen as discrimination but later found out that they are wrong, the accuser should be punished the same extent as if his/her accusation were true? Just to even the playing field.

  83. Serves her right. How dare this beautiful,,educated,professional woman think that she belonged at that upscale gated community? Next time , to gain access , i suggest she carry a mop and bucket and just whip them out and tell the' turd' " No sir , massa bossa , i just comes up here to clean" SMH …THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERIKA.

  84. If these people who are accosted can't file charges or have them arrested or sue them for monetary compensation; this will not only continue, it will get worse

  85. How is this still happening?!!!

  86. Yeah cause a tiny women like this is going to steal an big air conditioner!?

  87. Broke his window, dragged his ass out, and move that shit myself

  88. Does this beautiful woman look like the type thats going to carry air conditioners out by herself? She should've smacked the daylight out of him then called the police for stalking.

  89. Seems to me it’s road rage, then change his story to theft, so it was a more believable story to cops so he wouldnt get into trouble, the black girl change story to racism. Now it makes the news. When in fact the driver blocking should have been charge with non-moving violation that blocks traffic for no reason.

  90. It’s 2020 guys grow the fuck up.

  91. Since watching some of these videos I'm learning my rights. Whew I hope I never have to deal with this but I do as a American citizen who is Hispanic always carry a copy of my Birth Certificate.

  92. Is this the same property that this happened to the rapper TIP?!

  93. And they say white privilege doesn’t exist

  94. Until these stories had happened to you,you believe they ain't true..
    Edit:This is the prime reason why victims aren't taken into notice…
    I'm not proud to be ,white ,black,red or yellow..
    I'm proud to be human and love everyone….
    Any racist is literally not human 😥

  95. Lock them up for misuse of 911 & they’ll learn.

  96. why is it only whites pulling this crap off !!!!

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