BEST Binds For EVERY Controller Fortnite Player! (PS4 + Xbox Controller Fortnite Binds)

BEST Binds For EVERY Controller Fortnite Player! (PS4 + Xbox Controller Fortnite Binds)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over the best custom binds for controller Fortnite players. And like I always do with these custom bind
videos, that means all the different types of controller players will be covered: non-claw
non-paddle players, players who use any type of a controller with paddles, and finally
regular controller players that play claw. And what I noticed based on my last video
is that it seems as time goes on, more and more players have gotten paddles on their
controller. so in this video I’m gonna put more of an
emphasis than usual on what specific buttons and actions you should bind those paddles
to. I’ll put timestamps on the screen right now
for the 3 different sections of this video so feel free to skip to whichever part you
need, and without further ado, let’s get right into it. Alright, so let’s start this video off by
going over the best binds for the non-claw non-paddle players. And I’m actually going to be giving 2 different
sets of binds here. The first one is for both xbox and ps4 players,
while the 2nd one is PS4 only and you’ll see why when we get to that shortly. So for the first set, it’s the more typical
binds that I believe I’ve shared on this channel before. It all starts with L3/left stick as edit which
also requires you to use sprint by default. For regular controller players with no paddles,
L3 edit is by far the best option in my opinion. As long as you hold the controller normally
your left thumb should always be sitting on that button, so it makes a lot of sense to
use it as your edit. Then other than that the rest of this stuff
here is pretty standard. Toggle pickaxe is Y/Triangle, jump is A/X,
switch mode is B/circle, and as I highlighted in a recent video, for right stick/R3 you
wanna make sure that bind is crouch only and not crouch/repair, and then you can just make
right on the d-pad repair since that’s defaultly the button for those useless squad commands. What that does is it allows you to crouch
faster in general and also enables you to crouch peak if you choose to do so. Then as we move into the edit section, I think
you definitely wanna use RT/R2 to select the squares while editing but confirm and reset
edit are more preferance. In my opinion the better combination in terms
of efficency is what you see on the screen: confirm edit with LT/L2 and reset edit with
RB/R1. But switching those last 2 around is pretty
much just as good so it would instead be confirm edit with RB/R1 and reset edit with LT/L2. At the end of the day I’d just go with whatever
feels more comfortable there. Now I know that some people don’t really love
L3/left stick edit for a few different reasons. It isn’t a ton of people but I’ve heard some
players say that it hurts their thumb after they’ve been playing for a few hours, and
a small amount of people say pressing on the stick is hard to do very quickly multiple
times in a row, so it makes double and triple edits a little more difficult. Unfortunately for non-paddle regular grip
xbox players there really isn’t a viable alternative to L3 edit. But for for PS4 players I have another option
for you guys which really only changes 1 thing, instead of L3 being your edit button you instead
use the PS4 touchpad for edit. I believe shah is the most popular controller
player that does this, and apparently it is a viable alternative. Also what this gives you the option to do
even though I personally wouldn’t reccomend it is make L3 your jump button since you’re
no longer using it for anything. It’s something that some non-paddle non-claw
players like to do because it allows them to jump and aim at the same time since they
don’t have to move their finger on the right thumbstick, but the reason I don’t reccomend
it is because if you go to play a different game that doesn’t have custom binds,,,then
you’re gonna be trying to jump around with L3 and it’s gonna totally ruin your experience
with that game. But at the end of the day it’s your choice
whether or not you wanna do that. Now let’s move onto the binds for players
who use a controller with a certain amount of paddles. So first I’m gonna show you guys the base
binds, and then talk about which buttons I would bind to paddles depending on whether
you’re using 1, 2, 3, or even 4. So in my opinion the best edit button in the
game is L3/left stick since Ayour left thumb should always be sitting on that button which
it easy to press. Then other than that the rest of this stuff
you see here is pretty standard. Toggle pickaxe Y/Triangle, jump is A/X, switch
mode B/circle, and for right stick/R3 make sure you use the crouch only bind and not
crouch + repair. What that basically does is it enables you
to crouch much faster which is obviously beneficial, and then you can just make right on the d-pad
repair since that button is normally used for nothing important. Then onto the edit section, I always reccomend
using RT/R2 to select the squares while editing, but confirm and reset edit come down to preference. I think the slightly better combination in
terms of efficency is what you see on the screen confirm edit with LT/L2 and reset edit
with RB/R1. But you can also switch those around to be
confirm edit with RB/R1 and reset edit with LT/L2, it really just comes down to what you
prefer. A quick alternative I also offered in the
last section for PS4 players is that if you don’t wanna use L3 as edit for whatever reason,
you can switch edit to touchpad instead. I’m not a PS4 player myself so I can’t give
a full opinion on that, but apparently it’s very viable and a lot of people like using
touchpad as their edit button. So now let’s get into the paddles. For 1 paddle players it’s simple enough you
wanna make it be jump which in these binds are A/X, simple enough. For 2 paddles, I think the best bet is to
make 1 paddle jump and the other one switch mode. B/Circle is a bit of a tough button to reach
normally and it’s something you use a lot, so binding it to a paddle makes a lot of sense. For 3 paddles I would reccomend going with
jump, switch mode, and then edit as your 3rd one. This is something that can be especially appealing
if you don’t like left stick edit. And finally for 4 paddles I’d go jump, switch
mode, edit, and then either pulling out your pickaxe or reloading/interacting. I personally believe 4 paddles is really not
worth the effort it takes to learn it, but there are some pros out there that do use
4 paddles. And the final thing that we’re gonna cover
in this video are the best binds for players who play claw. And I’m actually going to be sharing 2 options
which are fairly similar but change 1 important thing. So even though I personally have never played
claw in my life, I frequently talk to a lot of really good players that do. And it’s kinda crazy because I feel like the
majority of the top claw players all have pretty similar binds, which I would say is
a good thing because it means they’re very effective. So for the first option, the important binds
here are edit is bound to Y/triangle, switch mode is bound to B/circle, jump is a on xbox
X on PS4, toggle pickaxe is bound to left stick which means you do need sprint by default
enabled for these binds to work, and finally as I’ve already said in every other section,
make sure your right stick/r3 bind is crouch and not crouch/repair because it will enable
you to crouch faster. Then you can just do what I did and bind repair
to right on the d-pad which only replaces the totally useless squad commands feature. Then we move onto the editing portion of the
binds. You have the good ol’ reliable R2/RT select
edit, L2/LT confirm edit, and RB/R1 reset edit. But as I’ve said in all the other sections,
flipping confirm to RB/R1 and reset to L2/LT is pretty much equally as viable, so feel
free to do that if you feel it’s more comfortable. The 2nd set of claw binds is exactly the same
as option #1 with only 1 thing changed. Instead of having edit bound to Y/triangle
and switch mode bound to B/circle you would actually flip those like you see on screen
right now. Apparently noto all claw players grip the
controller the exact same way, so for some people b/circle edit will be better and more
comfortable while for others Y/triangle edit will be. Just off the top of my head of the claw players
that I know, I believe ex and inno use B/circle as edit and Y/triangle as switch mode while
unknownarmy uses the opposite. Don’t quote me on that but it just goes to
show that both are absolutely viable. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Which type of Fortnite controller player are
you? Do you a non-claw non-paddle player, a non-claw
with paddles player, or a claw player? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want and I, will catch
you guys next time.

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