Hello and welcome back to another LHUGUENY video. Today we’re doing a little “behind-the-scenes” of an upcoming
animated musical: “Bendy Chapter Five” the final chapter and it has been one of
the most requested topics in the comments section and hey we’ve done
every other chapter as a musical so of course we had to finish it off so
here is a little speed drawing of the final demon boss Bendy. Stay tuned for
the full animated musical which we will be working our butts off between now and then. Anyways, be sure to sub, like, blah blah
blah, all that stuff and we will see you next time. Have a beautiful day se*y
people of the Internet!

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  1. red dead redemption ll the musical

  2. red dead redemption ll the musica plis

  3. red dead redemption ll the musical

  4. red dead redemption ll the musical

  5. Pls do blood of the dead next btw me and family love you and whitney if I got her name correct

  6. Finish the Call of Duty Zombies musical's and do the Black ops 1 and WaW musical's along with black ops 4 musical's

  7. Eslenditubbis 3 the musical pls

  8. Boo lhugueny what is wrong with you Demonic man


  10. Can’t wait to see this new video! Next, do Super Smash Bros the Musical!

  11. U should make a hacksaw ridge musical

  12. Can't wait til it comes out!I know it will be AMAZING!

  13. I want to watch it now

  14. Ok please tell me the realise is now

  15. But please do a howtotrain your Dragon the musical

  16. When is chapter 5 song pleasssssssssssssssss

  17. Make plese the music of bo4 blood of the dead or yoyage of dispair plese

  18. Lhugueny please in the chapter number five of bendy and the ink machine you can put the song of rain of burgers two the end of please please 😻🤩😍😘❤️💖💝💘💞💓💕💚💛🧡💜💙💗💎

  19. I like it! Good job!!!

  20. Can u make Harry potter the musical
    The shining musical
    And the predator musical

  21. Cuando lo van subir

  22. Please do a Red Dead Redemption 2 musical.

  23. Please create How Trane Your Dragon plase 🐉🐲

  24. Do spider man in to the spider vurs

  25. o yes cloverfied at musical

  26. Elhugeny when are you going to watch Bendy in the ink machine chapter 5 the musical I demand to know!!!!!!!!!!

  27. we need animated tom and good beast bendy

  28. Plz make a skylanders musical

  29. When are you going to make the chárter 5 song?

  30. 2:05 his muscles look like faces if i were vux vux and wachting this and if i made a voice with those muscles that look like faces i would make the voices of the teddy bear that vux vux did and i would say oh ya #beingadoptedbytorandompeopleonroblox hopely this link works

  31. Im not trying to be mean but could you try makeing the animation better cuz i kinda think its lazy

  32. YES finally he’s doing it good luck on the work logan

  33. should the thumbnail have sammy too because he is also in chapter5?

  34. nice creation to your animated song i love it

  35. make fallout the musical

  36. When is it gonna come?

  37. Spiderman ps4 the musical

  38. i have been waiting for a while

  39. Quick question, are you guys planning on doing a Deltarune musical?

  40. Next please do deltarune

  41. Can you make a fnaf ucn song ?

  42. Yo it coming out on Sunday OMG or saturaday

  43. how about Pikmin the musical???

  44. What the hell it's been a week and yet you guys are not Finnish wow 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

  45. Umm we all know what the musics gonna be for this!

  46. Lhugueny im a big fan of your channel you are the best. Just wanted to ask when will this be out?

  47. Peace can waste peace out suckers😎

  48. Umm beast bendy doesn't have feet

  49. cara to esperãndo muito para a musica do bendy capitolo 5

  50. Chapter 5 please!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Call of duty zombies origins

  52. Licking our butts off XD Btw can you make roblox the musical after bendy pls

  53. Lol #exited for bendy chapter five

  54. Did any one relize that the song in the background could be the song for the official video

  55. will sammy be in it

  56. After this do spider man 3

  57. It is out tomorrow yay on Sunday

  58. When is it going to come out

  59. When comes Chapter 5?

  60. Why beast bendy can stand he's feet

  61. The Lion Guard Return Of The Roar The Musical Please

  62. Porfavor as una canción de los Teletubbies

  63. You’re the best man you’re songs are awesome

  64. u suck at animating
    ur a terrible artist
    wtf is up with these lyrics
    really is that how bad ur voice is to the point where u have to use auto tune with that much filter
    and i could go on and on and on
    pls continue doing what your talented at, not what will make u money.

  65. speed drawing, you mean tracing?

  66. Do Spider Man into the spider-verse 2018

  67. Do spiderman into the spider verse the musical

  68. What is the original song?

  69. Who else tried to guess the words of the song?

    Just me ? Aww man

  70. Beast bendy walks on his fists not his feet


  72. what program it is?

  73. Which Adobe is that

  74. Dude can you make a video when you draw Henry please man please bro please bye bro

  75. Dude I love your channel just please make more bendy musicals please bro I really love him

  76. this is proof that hes tracing :/

  77. do a real steel musical

  78. What animation studio is that

  79. Don’t look too good but I’m proud of you

  80. watching LHUGUENY draw satisfies me

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