Bedroom Closet Organization Transformation With IKEA PAX Closet System

Bedroom Closet Organization Transformation With IKEA PAX Closet System

– Guys, check out how we
changed a closet from this to a closet with 24 drawers, and hanging space. (mellow music) – Hey remodelholics, welcome
back to our DIY channel, I’m Justin, this is Cassity and today we’re gonna show
you a closet transformation. – [Cassity] Today’s video is part of the DIY mommies organizational
challenge playlist, be sure to check out that
link at the end of the video. When we first moved into this house the one thing I wanted to make
sure we didn’t compromise on is closets. We don’t use a lot of dressers and so in order to store our clothes we are big on very
organized closet systems. – [Justin] So we started with this closet and it had a couple of BiFold doors, it’s a bout six feet wide, just a typical, what? standard closet that
you see most everywhere. – [Cassity] We are very happy to partner with IKEA on this project. We love their PAX closets. We have them literally in
every bedroom in this house and have used them in
several houses before. Okay, I decided to hop on IKEA and check out their PAX wardrobe systems. They have so many options. If you look through you
can get whole systems that are all set up or you
can set them up yourselves. But one of the things that really helps you plan
your closets is the PAX planner and I just wanted to
show you really quick, if I come here it has a room and I can begin to pull products over. But here’s what I wanna
show you that’s so cool. So you get your frames in. You know this is gonna fit in your space, because you’ve measured and
then when you click on it you can choose what organizers you want and you can plan it on the computer, so I want a bar right here. I would like a shelf right there. I want, one of my very favorite things, hold on, let me see if I can find it. A pull out jewelry tray, I want that. What we used a lot of is
the compliment drawers, we’ll show you when we put those together. So come to your PAX wardrobes system page and you can really see what’s available and then just remember
whatever you choose, it can be absolutely changed to fit the style that you want or the needs
that you have for your house. After we measured the
closet space that we had we decided we would use
four, 19 inch IKEA PAX units. So you can kind of see them behind us, we’ll show you how we put those in. – So in order to get these
four PAX units in place we had to cut out the
opening and make it larger, the size of the inside of the closet. – [Cassity] Okay, as you
can see, this room is small. There is only one closet,
there’s room enough for two beds and a night stand, but nothing else. The closet itself is only
about a five foot opening, right now, but there’s
about six feet of space within the closet for storage. – [Justin] So the closet
had quite a few bars. It also had this laundry
shoot that goes right down to the laundry room. (roaring) – [Cassity] That’s really good. – Look, now you can see my muscles. – [Cassity] Girls, go
help daddy unscrew it. (drill running) (girls cheering) (drill running) – [Cassity] Nice, that’s how
my girls get things done. – Good job
– [Cassity] And their daddy. – Put that over there in the
pile or we’re gonna have to– – This is gonna be so fun and amazing. ’cause my room is getting changed. – ♪ wooh, it’s past my bedtime ♪ it’s past my bedtime it’s past my bedtime – [Cassity] It’s past your bedtime? – Yes. – [Cassity] We started off
with this closet renovation by removing the doors, the
moldings, all the hardware, everything that was in there. (tapping) (fast forward speech) (banging) (fast forward speech) – [Cassity] Now bare in mind that this wall behind
us that the closet is on is not very long. – [Justin] So the best way
to get this door frame out was to use a reciprocating saw with a remodeled blade on
it, really nice and sharp to cut through those nails. And then that frame came right out. Now, we’re gonna cut this open bigger, so we can fit the gathered tin. I’m gonna take out the
inside out of the closet. Take the sheetrock off. Then I take the sheetrock
off on this side really easy and then take the stents out. (drill running) – [Cassity] So another thing that we do when we’re remodeling
spaces, is that we really try to control the mess from
getting everywhere in the house so we are cleaning after every stage and making sure we shut
doors or open windows. – Right now I’m gonna use this
stuff just to fill in the gap up here from this room in the attic. So there’s no air coming in between that. – [Cassity] One of the
things that Justin did that I loved here is that he
saved the corner in the drywall up at the top and he was
really careful on the side. We did end up a little over
cutting on the left hand side of the closet. We ended up having to put a
board in there and calk it and it was a bit of a process. Okay, so our forte is
putting together IKEA units, so we just did that really quick together. – [Justin] One thing I’ve noticed, when we build these IKEA cabinets, they’re nice and square,
but then the walls and the floors and the ceilings
around them are not square so it’s tricky, you’ve gotta
get the cabinets in together, square them up together and
then make them fit in the space. – [Cassity] So behind the
PAX unit, there is space and we used that in our entry space, which we have a video of here. That’s our IKEA hack that we did. We used the back of
this space in our entry. (mellow music) Okay, so what are we gonna do right now? – We’re gonna set up these
drawers for in our bedroom. – [Cassity] Your bedroom, ‘kay? – Just one more.
– Oh, just one more. – [Cassity] Pull those things out. Yeah, come here let me see it please. Don’t tap — (mellow music) Okay. – Tada we did this drawer. – [Cassity] So you built the first drawer. How many more do we have to do? – One, two, three, four. – [Cassity] We have 24 total. We have 23 more to do. – Ah! – [Cassity] Okay we’ll see you in a minute when we’re done assembling this. Yeah and remember how you’ve
been doing it in the past. Yeah, there we go, nice control. Okay, here is the pile of drawers. Say bye. – [Both Girls] Bye. – [Cassity] You gotta teach them young how to put their own IKEA stuff together. Okay so when it comes to drawers, I like the more the merrier and that means that it doesn’t usually
work with IKEA doors. So initially we were thinking of not having IKEA doors on the closets. – [Justin] We were debating back and forth doing slider doors or — – [Cassity] Yeah, kind
of building our own. – [Justin] Or not doors at all, but we decided in the end
to actually do some doors. – [Cassity] And you’ll
see how messy it looks with all of their
clothes hanging in there. It just got a little too loud and it needed to be fixed. – [Justin] So we filled up their closet with all of their clothes and now we wanna put doors on them. We just went and purchased
some doors for it. So each cabinet is gonna
have it’s own door. So the hinges up top won’t be a problem, but we do have to take
these bottom drawers out and replace them with baskets, so the hardware doesn’t
interfere with each other. The hinge on the door and
the sliders of the drawer. (mellow music) Oki doki so we got the doors installed. Now I need to make some small adjustments. And then we need to finish trimming it up. Let’s do it. I’m gonna finish up the
trim around the closet. We’re gonna do a simple MDF, five eighths of an inch thick trim around the sides from the top. So I got these cabinets
in the best I could, but there is a gap, we’re gonna fill that and
we’re going to trim it out, make it really nice. – [Cassity] So it only
took us about twelve months to finish the trim, because
the closet was functioning. Ultimately the girls moved
into different bedrooms, so they had their own rooms and
this room became our office. Nothing was ever finished
when they were in there, we had just moved in and
needed them to have a bedroom. And so, you know, it’s real
life, it’s just what it is. (mellow music) – [Justin] Give us a thumbs up if you wanna see us organize this closet. (clicking) trying out a new patch. We’ve got this DAP patch-n-paint this should be dry in about 30 minutes and then I can touch it up, with a little bit of paint on top, and this molding will be done. Go. – [Cassity] Can you imagine the difference between that first closet
with not a single drawer to this closet with 24 drawers and four bars for hanging clothes? Be sure to check out
our blog and Instagram for upcoming stories about
how we organized the drawers and if you’d like us
to make a whole video, let us know in the comments below. – Strong, they’re huge. – [Cassity] Yes. (mellow music)

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