Bagmunity | “Community” fan video

Bagmunity | “Community” fan video

[time traveling sounds] Blimey! This is Baggington, Warwickshire! But why’d we end up here, inspector? The question isn’t “why”, constable, but “when”! Inspector, take cover! Blorgons! “Eradicate. Eradicate.” This is the strangest episode I’ve ever seen. Was that you, Abed? [laughs] Now that we’re all brown, I can’t tell which one he is. [scoffs] Just when I thought he was having a racism dry spell. It’s strange that you should note that we’re now all brown, because we’ve always been brown. We’re brown paper bags. In my psych class, we’re learning about identity crises. Maybe Pierce is having an identity crisis about being a paper “baig”. A … a paper what? Paper … “baig”? [everyone laughs] What the hell is wrong with her? “Bag” news, everyone! [chuckles] The cafeteria will be closed tomorrow (for the exterminators) So we’ll be having our first annual Bagged Lunch Day! Just when you thought the school couldn’t get any cheaper, it got cheaper. I guess it’s “bag” to the drawing board. I can’t believe they’re making us bring
our own lunches tomorrow. I already make my lunches for the boys. It’s really not that difficult. I just some sandwiches with – That’s easy for you — you’re a woman! Excuse me? Wait it’s easier for women to make lunch? Figuring out this lunch problem is harder than just a few cucumbers and Wonder Bread! It’s really not such a big problem … and lunch doesn’t have to be cucumber sandwiches. I have a giant cucumber. It’s in my pants. Does anyone else find it strange that we’re bags and we’re bringing back lunches tomorrow? [everyone argues] [table slam] Listen to yourselves! You’re arguing about bagged lunches! ♫ inspirational music ♫ We’ve been going to this school for almost three years, and it has thrown a lot at us to threaten the fabric of this group. But through it all, we persevered. Are bag lunch is kind of crappy? Yes. But every fiber of my 100% recycled paper body tell me we aren’t going to let this get us into a mild argument. We’re better than that. ♫ music swells ♫ Gay!

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  1. oh god this is too awesome

  2. Bagnitude: BAG-BAG!

  3. can I marry you for making this?

  4. Hilarious, you should definitely do more.


  6. this video is so streets ahead.

  7. This is absolutely brilliant.
    Thank you.

  8. Man, Jeff, Dean and Abed were spot on, the voices! I wanna marry this video! Needed more annie and Troy though. BRILLIANT!!

  9. This was very, very streets ahead.

  10. ''We aren't going to let this get into a mild argument.''

    You are a genius

  11. Lol! I was all into the emotional storyline, and then you throw in Chang with "GAAAYY" and I laughed my ass off.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that Community has the best fans in the world.

  12. I have the weirdest Bagner

  13. Much respect, proves how community can be appreciated for what it is- a sitcom if you want it to be and/or the most effective way to use network television intelligently

  14. So good! Well done, sir.

  15. This is the best!

  16. well done son..well done.!

  17. Nice! Well done!

  18. HAHAHA. This was so so awesome!

  19. Dude. That was 100% SPOT-ON and I LOVVVVVED it.


  21. You should totally write a spec and send it to Harmon (aka send this shitnizts) . You'll get hired. Immediately.

  22. You my good person, just made my week.

  23. Is it me or are Shirley and Troy the same bag

  24. I swear to god Jeff sounded exactly like Joel McHale.

  25. The Abed and Jeff voices are almost exactly like the actual actors

  26. I love the sassy Shirley voice xD

  27. It's so crazy how close the voices sound.

  28. You should take over for Dan Harmon…

  29. WOO this video was good!! :DD

  30. Whoever did the voices were spot on for all their vocal mannerisms, it was uncanny. That was amazing.

  31. Sweet. Shirley's voice. Letter perfect dialog.

  32. You just wrinkled my bag.

  33. You just wrinkled my brain.

  34. Bags you say….this intrigues me.

  35. Jeff Winger brought me here

  36. holy crap this is perfect

  37. So awesome!!! 😀

  38. I want to give you all the things ever for making this

  39. 6 bags and a shopping cart

  40. Thank you for making this. This was AMAZING.

  41. That was off the chang!

  42. I can honestly say, that wasn't half bag.

  43. this is so streets ahead

  44. this is bags ahead

  45. This is awesome!!

  46. their voices were spot on! nice job!

  47. Just… wow you are flawless

  48. Jeff Bager
    Troy Bags
    Abag Nadir
    Baggie Edison
    Shirley Bagget
    Britta Baggy
    Pierce Bagthorne
    El Bolsa Chino


  49. That was amazing!

  50. Wow. Really liked that.

  51. You got their characters perfectly!

  52. Clearly streets ahead.

  53. Joel McHale broguht me here from twitter lol
    that was awesome/hilarious!!

  54. OMG Chang at the end. LOL. You my friend, are flawless.


  56. Cool.

    Cool cool cool.

  57. 'Paper beag' is pretty funny. Not as obvious as bagel, so I had to go back 3-4 times to hear the inflection, but I still found it hilarious.

  58. omg this is amazing!

  59. This got a retweet from Joel McHale!

  60. All that's missing is Jeff on a cell phone!!

  61. But awesome video!!! 😀

  62. oh my god those voices are spot on!

  63. the rest of your videos could be complete crap (i have no idea, i just finished watching this video and haven't looked yet) but i will still subscribe to you for this AMAZING video……god i love community =)

  64. Love the Jeff winger speech with the background music for authenticity. Nicely done! voices were very good, Shirley and pierce characters spot on!! #sixseasonsandamovie

  65. This is AMAZING.

  66. this was sooo good!!!

  67. Annie, Chang and Britta were so funny in this, every character was done so well, have to watch this at least once a day! 🙂

  68. Holy shiz you're a genius!!

  69. doesn't being the opposite of the opposite of batman technically make him batman, which would make him abed, which would explain the reason this parody is so amazing? lol jk

  70. I guess Abed is now…. Bagman!

  71. holy crap. this is well done.

  72. Paper Chang: "GAYYY" LMFAO

  73. webbox100san, I…
    I love you for making this. Please marry me.

  74. amazinggg good voices too

  75. you guys should work on the actual show i think

  76. … I like it…. but I don't understand why this exists..

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  78. Stop trying to coin the phrase "bags ahead"

  79. That was excellent! And the characters were so true to their role in the actual show. Not just what they said but HOW they said it. Very well done!

  80. Ohhh, he's got Britta down.

    You did great with the the character impressions. You could tell who is who without needing to look at the screen. 🙂

  81. Subscribed..Dan Harmon jr in the makings lol

  82. I love this! So good! 😀

  83. This is streets ahead! Wow, great video!

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