Azerbaijani community confronts Armenian lobby at California Senate

Azerbaijani community confronts Armenian lobby at California Senate

Hi. I wanted to speak to the fact that
there is no correlation between Azerbaijan and Turkey there was no
reason to have Turkey Divest in this meeting and if you want to talk about
dictatorial regimes that have committed massacres, Karabakh government is that regime but
there was no mention of that here. The Karabakh government who are made of Armenian militants who massacred hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis, they are
now in power and those are the people you met with when you went to visit them
on multiple occasions. There is a relationship between the fact that the
Armenian Lobby here and Armenian citizens here have been feeding you this
information and you as a responsible representative of all of California, of
all citizens, if anyone in this room should have asked those questions, it
would have been you. And we are disappointed in you as Californians, as
citizens that you are not asking those questions. You are not getting those
informations. We are Azerbaijanis and we were killed by Armenians, by the government that you supported today. So I am ashamed. I’m ashamed. Hi my name is Amy. I am an Azerbaijani American. I have visited Azerbaijan
multiple times and I’ve witnessed myself the 800,000 Azerbaijanis who
were displaced from their land in Karabakh. We discussed the Sumgait tragedy earlier and yes, it was a crime. It was committed. 26 armenians and 6 Azerbaijanis were killed during these tragic days. All perpetrators were held
accountable and brought to justice and I would like to mention the one of the
perpetrators himself by the name of Gregorian was Armenian. But what about
the killing of the 613 Azerbaijani civilians by Armenian troops in Khojaly,
just four years later in 1992. None of these perpetrators were brought to
justice. Will you be unbiased and fair and hold a hearing on the Khojaly
massacre as well. It’s a question because you mentioned the Sumgait and this
was 26 people which one was actually Armenian that committed this crime. This is
the public comment section. I certainly will do my research and let you know. I would really appreciate that because as an American I would like
you to take an unbiased approach to this and hear both sides.
Thank you. And that’s what you’re sharing today and we’ll go to the next
speaker. So thank you. Good afternoon. My name is Adila and I was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan. My mother was born and raised in Karabakh. The aggression by Armenia against Azerbaijan has turned 1
million Azerbaijanis into refugees and internally displaced persons. The
rights of these Azerbaijani civilians have been grossly violated
What can this Select Committee tell those one million Azerbaijanis who still
wait to return to their homes and lands? Thank you. Keep making your presentation and then I’ll make a comment at the end. Thank you. Good afternoon. My name is
Yasmin. I’m an Azerbaijani American student at UC Berkeley. Earlier this
week you received an email asking you to let us bring a member of our Azerbaijani community here to testify alongside the Armenian speaker in order
to present the Azerbaijani perspective of this conflict as well. My
question to you is why you have chosen to only present one side of this
perspective when there is such fundamental disagreement from both sides and there are so many other voices that need to be heard. And I’ll make a comment when all the public comments are done. So thank you. Thank you. You can identify
yourself. Thank you. My name is Anar. Usubov. I’m from Karabakh, Khojaly.
As you mentioned in your speech, you have been to Agdam.
This is a city I spent one year in 1993. I was born in Soviet Azerbaijan actually in in 1981 and then as a result of another genocide
committed against my family, I survived, living in tent camps for 10 years in Azerbaijan and in 2015 I moved to the United States of America. And my point is
that it will be more fruitful and productive to have both communities of
Karabakh in these meetings and listen to both sides and their opinions and their stances about the California and Karabakh cultural
and social ties and within this one minute of time for me
you don’t have much room to express what you want to express but that would be
more productive in the future like meetings or works.
Thank you. Hi. I’m an American and this is my first
time actually at a hearing like this and I am to be honest shocked and
disillusioned as what the United States and California has offered for me as
democracy. I was hoping to see something from the two sides. We are moving towards a world that we could live in peace especially at this time. But I was
sitting here just in shock. I’m thinking okay what how come there was no reach to the Azerbaijani community, to the other side to ask what is your
perspective on this. Because as constituents in Southern California and
Northern California, all over California, we hope you hear our voices and act upon those. So I want to ask how can we get involved with your office to learn more
about such hearings or any other sort of event that’s coming up so we can also
put on our side of the story so you can see all of the facts and make
decisions off of those. Should I follow up afterwards, who should I contact? Lucine from my office
so make sure you give her your email. Thank you. Thank you. My name is
Hamid Azari. I’m American. I can see this really oh really it was shameful today to see what has gone here. We’re talking about democracy. We are talking about the
humanity, but I didn’t see it today in this room. If we believe that, then you have to
check what happened in Karabakh what happened in Khojaly. I don’t
know how people can come and talk and speak about democracy. if
you talk about the Turkish government, Turkish democracy, I want to ask what is
this Armenian democracy, how it’s going over there? Is there some
democracy over there? All the world is accepting that Karabakh is belonging to Azerbaijan. What’s going on this room? I don’t
believe that… it’s very, very shameful. I live in California.
I heard all this. You know everything is good if it comes to economic and benefit of
the nations. You guys mentioned the anniversary, 30th anniversary of Sumgait. I lived in those days in Baku that
time. And I know what happened in Sumgait. and also in Baku. But I
just want to say to Armenian community who lives here. They are not informed enough. That one was organized by KGB and this Eduard Grigorian, he killed…I graduated from law school of University of Baku… …he killed 7 Armenians, he raped Armenians. It is a KGB-organized act. I know both
nations. None of them is killers. You have to be trained to be a killer.
That’s my one point. Another thing is when we say about, you know, Karabakh, we have to consider the people who were displaced, internally displaced. I don’t want to call them refugees. They were displaced from their own land. 300,000 Armenians…Armenia didn’t let them come to Armenia. They went to Krasnodar, Moscow and the United States. I just wanna say we have to consider the people also who lived in
Karabakh. Maybe they can benefit somewhere else.
Thank you.

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