Avenue 5: Community Theater (Season 1 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO

Come on,
this is not community theater. You’ve gotta know this stuff
like you know your own names. You mean… our names,
or our character names? What? Oh, don’t tell me
Mantz isn’t your real name. No, no, no, I’m Colin. Oh, for f– No offense, but that is a placeholder name
if ever I heard one. (CLEARS THROAT) BILLIE MCEVOY:
Yes, what’s your name? Uh, Sarah. -Sarah.
-Is that your real name? Oh, it’s also Sarah, that’s why
I got the part, I think. Right, so who are you right now? -Now? Sarah.
-MCEVOY: Yeah. No, uh, but are you actual Sarah
or are you in-character? Yes. -Which?
-What was the question? Sorry. Oh, Judith of Norwich.

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