AutoHotKey Tutorial (Modifier Keys and Binding to Warframe Window) | KazuJin’s A11yLab

AutoHotKey Tutorial (Modifier Keys and Binding to Warframe Window) | KazuJin’s A11yLab

Welcome to the second tutorial for AutoHotKey. Today, I’ll be sharing some useful tips and tricks in AutoHotKey scripting.
Firstly I will touch on how to define modifier keys (e.g. Alt, Ctrl, Shift) together with character keys (a-z) to create a much more variety out of it. The second one, I will be binding
the entire macro script into a specific window. Okay. What are modifier keys to
start with? Modifier keys are keys such as shift, alternate and control these are
the three main modifier keys that we can use together with AutoHotKey. So, in order to bind the modifier keys together with character keys we will use symbols to
represent the modifier keys. For example, shift key is represented by a “+” sign,
The Alt key we will represent using “!” and a Control key we
will be representing using the caret “^” character. Okay. So, let’s just comment
this off today it doesn’t get processed by AutoHotKey as script. So, I have a script in mind which is the one I call the… “Zenurik Quick Dash”. So, I’ll be scripting it using a modifier key “shift” alongside with… a character “v”. So… “Shift v” will trigger
a “Quick Zenurik Dash”. Ok? So, let’s just start by sending the key
“5” into the game followed by an interval of 250. This is because when I hit
“5” the (WarFrame character) Operator will pop up from the WarFrame with the energy field within…uhh around it. Then, I will send C key which is the “Crouch” and in WarFrame if you
in the “Operator Mode” you will be in the “Void Mode”. Okay? So, doing so I will have a slight interval 150. I will then send the
spacebar which is the dash forward. So… “Shift v” will now do my “Quick Zenurik Dash” – Okay. So, let’s just test it out…. I already have a script running previously here. So, I will just end it. I’ll just run this script here called “first macro”. Okay. It’s running
right now. So, let’s test it in WarFrame I will commence the test ” Shift v”!
It works let’s try “shift v”. Okay. Then I’ll use the “q” which is in a bullet jump which is the two macroes that I introduced in my AHK file. Okay let’s just get back to the code Okay. Second thing I would like to cover
will be the bind macro to a specific window or app. Okay, as you notice when this script is running, our key for “q” as well as “shift v” cannot be used. Reason being
because, it is now represented by the following tasks written in this macro
script and its stucked there forever. (*well until you end the script that is) Okay. So this could be a hassle 😛 Okay. So, in order to counter this issue
without without constantly “exiting” the macro. Okay…what we normally do, is we write the…. “#IfWindowActive” script. Okay? So, window active….comma….check for… WarFrame. All right. Then it starts with a
curly bracket “{” and ends with the curly bracket “}”… make sure the brackets is in between what we need to do now is to…. cut the script here and paste within this
bracket. Make sure is open bracket and close bracket….here… Okay. So, what I
normally do is I like to “tab” to indent them just to look good (neater that way). Okay, so when the window for WarFrame is active; you will then bind my keys. I would not want my keys to be
bounded if I no longer in WarFrame… So, this will be useful if you are
multitasking between apps and you need to switch in between. So, that will release
the key from the macro. Let’s just execute it and test it out.
Okay. So, you can actually test it right here since, we are in desktop mode (and WarFrame is not active right now) Okay. We press “enter”. What about pressing “q”? See… my q is back to normal and my “shift v” is exactly “shift v”…Okay. So, this macro
is the longer binding my keys when there’s no WarFrame window. So, what
happens if I enter WarFrame? So (tada…)…it’s back! Okay. Alright I hope you enjoy the show…
That’s it for today. 🙂

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  1. For those having problem in getting the ZenurikDash working is probably due to the server lag. To counter the input lag just increase the sleep interval, increase it to Sleep 300 and Sleep 200, then after Send, {Space}… add another Send, {Space} for some reason pressing two spaces may mitigate lag input that occurs sometimes (x2) perhaps.

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