Austin Community College Circulator Nursing

Austin Community College Circulator Nursing

[ Music ]>>Circulator is the conductor. Good morning, Barb!>>Good morning.>>Nurses make sure everybody’s
doing what they’re supposed to be doing at the right
time, at the right speed, in the right position,
with the right volume. Bladder blade. Bladder blade. Go ahead and tell me your
full name, your date of birth. Tell me what procedure
you’re having done today. My role as the circulator
nurse is to be the connection between the sterile and
the nonsterile field. Anything that the sterile field
needs during the procedure, I’m the one responsible for
obtaining it and giving it to them in a sterile manner.>>Six, 7, 8, 9, 10.>>All right. So the registered circulating
nurse is responsible for the sponge count, for
making sure everybody has all of their supplies, make
sure the sponges get put in their appropriate container. I have to call the lab
to check with anesthesia. In the beginning,
I’m responsible for inserting the catheter
into their bladder, putting the compression
stockings on, getting them positioned, and
surgically prepping their skin.>>Good morning.>>Hi, Dr. Hamilton.>>Good morning, Kathy. How are you?>>I’m good. How are you?>>Great.>>The nurse in the operating
room needs to be able to multitask and prioritize. So if people are asking you
to do two or three things, you have to be able to
know what to do first. You have to be flexible. You have to be able to critically think
and troubleshoot. We use a lot of technology. If something breaks or stops
working, we have to be able to figure out how to fix it
and get it working again. This is Holly Wood. She’s having an exploratory
laparotomy with Dr. Hamilton. She’s in the supine position. Here at ACC, we’re working
with the nursing department to help share with
students what it’s like behind the operating room
doors, and we work very closely with our dean to
provide any opportunity to show nurses what it’s like
to be in the operating room. Hey, this is Cathy in OR 2. We’re going to need that
unit of blood for Holly Wood. Can you please send it up? Thank you. Have blood ready for you. I love the fast pace
of the operating room. You have to be able to think
quick, make fast decisions, be flexible, work well with
other people, and to be able to keep a positive attitude. You want some local at
the end, Dr. Hamilton?>>Yes, please.>>Registered nurse
circulators are in high demand. Operating rooms hire
registered nurses as graduates or if you’re an experienced
nurse. Some facilities will train you
to work in the operating room.>>We’re going to close
and get out of here. All right. Thank you so much.>>Thank you, Dr. Hamilton.>>It’s a very demanding field, and we can always
use more circulators. [ Music ]>>For more information on this and other ACC career
training programs, visit

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  1. Come work in surgery!! If you're considering applying to Seton Healthcare or Westlake Hospital, I work at both places and would love to be a resource. Both places also have a referral bonus which I'd be willing to split with someone who uses my name on the application (Michelle Ogorzalek). Feel free to email me if you have any questions [email protected]
    And don't forget to proofread your resumes!

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