Attributes of an Agile Organization – Prosci

here’s a bit of the literature we’re
going to take a look at we’re gonna look at how PMI PwC Accenture i4cp in and
Prosci define agile attributes and this is actually the bridge the connection
between change management capability which is where Prosci lives and what
we help our organizations are our clients grow each and every week and
agility as an attribute of the organization and so you’re gonna watch
how those connections happen in the PMI pulse to the profession in depth report
on agility they identified three pillars of the agile organization rigorous
change management’s more collaborative and robust risk management and increased
standardized standardization around how they practice project program and
portfolios notice that one of the three pillars is an embedded change
management capability this is where I started to get interested in agility PwC
offers up five pillars anticipating simplifying and integrating innovation
capabilities and managing change through people when they identified five pillars
of the agile organization again one of them was an embedded change management
capability that’s the business Prosci in that’s why our clients come to us
that’s why I started to get interested in agility Accenture gives you nine an
adaptive operating model human capital redeployment and re-skilling
collaboration, talent management, leaders as drivers of change, managing changes of
core capability, analytics and culture. Again nine pillars two of which are an
embedded change management capability and so this is to me where the alignment
occurs i4CP gives us six environmental scanning decentralisation
making managing change a core competency continuous learning empowering employees
and value fit so this to me is the overlap and why I got intrigued around
agility and why Prosci supporting our organizations down this this path
because an embedded change management capability is one of the critical
enablers of organizational agility here are the ten agility attributes that we
started to lay out as we started down this path and doing some of this
development we anticipate and plan for changes or fast a decision
making we effectively prioritize and manage our change portfolio we
effectively initiate change efforts we have enhanced risk management practices
we have human capital talent strategy supporting agility we rapidly develop
and deploy new capabilities we encourage cross organizational collaboration we’ve
reduced our silos and we have an embedded change management capability
this is a really fun one I’ll do this with clients and we’ll do a real-time
polling exercise to see how we as a group in a room line up against these
ten attributes it results in something that looks like this where we start to
get a true representation of how we have done in growing these ten attributes of
the agile organization the connection though is critical that an embedded
change management capability is a critical enabler of how we change and
how agile we are as an organization

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