Ask the Microsoft Community & get help | Microsoft

Ask the Microsoft Community & get help | Microsoft

(soft, uplifting music) – In 2009, we started Microsoft Answers, a small forum to support Windows Vista. Ten years later, we’ve grown
into Microsoft Community, a global community with
19 product categories, 24 supportive languages, 25
million registered users, and one billion page views a year. In Community, you can ask questions about how to use your Microsoft
products and services, and then get answers from
Microsoft specialists, as well as other knowledgeable
community members. – Hi, I’m Diane Poremsky,
I’m a 20 year Microsoft MVP. I enjoy working in the Microsoft forums, and sharing my knowledge with other users. I got a lot of satisfaction out of helping people solve
their Outlook problems, and become successful Outlook Users. – Over the last 10 years, customers have received answers to questions about their favorite Microsoft products and services, like Windows and Office, as well as training and certification. Join the millions of people who get help with their Microsoft products, on Microsoft Community, and share what you’ve learned with others. Be a part of the community. (soft, uplifting music)

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  1. I have a question, is there a way to get DirectX11, since I will be needing that in order to play this game called fortnite. It requires Directx11 hardware and I currently do not have it. I have some pending PC updates, which I am updating right now, what shall I do besides updating my PC to get DirectX11 capabilities.

  2. I need help, my surface pro 4 can not turn on, and it can not restart. I follow all of your step, but still not work. In my country, there is no one can repair, how can it be fixed?

  3. I got an question here why was my $15 gift card said it didn't exist when I tried to redeem it after failing 4 times on my Xbox 360?

  4. I have the Surface pro 5 & my sticky notes will only be FULL screen since the update where Surface pros lost Workspace Ink…which I really liked at the double click of my pen. I've reset sticky notes & have tried to pinch & drag to make smaller & nothing works. I've searched and discovered this seems to be a problem "out there." Any suggestions??? Thank you in advance.

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