Arma 3 – Community Guide: Zeus DLC

Arma 3 – Community Guide: Zeus DLC

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  1. First of all let me say that what you guys made is wonderful. The game looks great in every way. And i like the Zeus DLC. But what i think people need is more cars, more guns, more jets, more boats. Just like arma 2 where we had to play ages even to even have used everything. I mean, come on, in Arma 3 there is like 1 jet? 1 MBT? And per faction the vehicles are pretty much the same but with a different texture. I think having more of that content is what gets the community going.

    PS dont let my name mislead you. I may be a kitty but i am a frequent Arma player.

  2. How you can add mods to zeus ? and please make it save able it's sooooooo much easier do missions with zeus than normal editor.

  3. Never managed to make the AI helis to land/take off.

  4. RTS ArmA. Fuck yea.

  5. The remote control is awesome for MilSim groups. The AI feels dumb sometimes and when they are our admins just take over the control over them and suddenly we have a new real challenge. Makes Co-op MilSim missions even more realistic and challenging.

  6. where's the 3D-editor?

  7. Anyone new looking to play Arma III online, with mods, or vanilla, feel free to add me on Steam:

    with over 1000+ hours in Arma III + Arma II (doesn't count my time in OFP), I can ease your way into the Armaverse, suggest mods and help get you up a good standard for playing online.

    Cheers, and thanks for the video D!


  8. why dfuq this video is age restricted?

  9. @5:54 is so incredibly important. Even in SP, so many mission makers simply spawn in troops and armor with scripts, sometimes right on top of the player. That one act of sloppiness can take an otherwise awesome mission and make it no fun at all. It's a way to instantly break immersion.

  10. What is the point playing this funny mod? Better make dlc with new vehicles or less shiny uniform for blufor…

  11. Can't wait for the first shacktac-zeus video. 😀

  12. This is the sort of thing that my buddies and I thought would eventually come to pass while playing Tabletop RPGs in the 1980s.  It took a while, but it's here.

  13. This just keeps getting better and better.

  14. Will it be possible to have cooperative Zeuses at some point? That seems almost necessary if you want to have more than about 8 humans in a game and you want to be able to hop into AI pov relatively often.

  15. I don't understand what the players can do, if the "Zeus"-Player is an asshole (with purpose)? Or is just a douchebag (without purpose) 😉

  16. Please let us save Zeus missions for offline use too, it's a 3D editor too you know 🙂

  17. I have to say thanks for posting this, I found it on and have been a fan for a long time. 
    If it wasn't for this video explaining it, I can honestly say I might not have ever tried it. I sincerely hope that people take these pointers to heart and create a dynamic to the AI as the developers intended. 
    Thanks for all you do for the community and I hope to see you on the battlefield. 

  18. So I can log into multilayer and play as a God or play in a Zeus game ?

  19. I can see this being abuse a ton by zeus lol

  20. Thanks for your take on the amazing Zeus addon. What you describe is pretty much what I have to go through every six months as a commercial pilot, when I'm sent to the sim. Analogous that what you said in the latter part of the video, we fly a scenario, but the instructor/examiner will usually modify that on the fly (pun!) creating environmental situations or failures depending on our actions and decision making to reinforce learning opportunities.

    You really have a handle on this, great video as always.

  21. The troll DLC 😀

  22. Wow that's awesome.

  23. Damn, I need to get back into Arma 3 again.

  24. Another awesome @Dslyecxi guide!

  25. Looks like a live map Editor! Me Likes! 😀

  26. HAHAHA nice outro, lighting 

  27. I still dont realy understand what is this

  28. In singleplayer Zeus module gameplay looks like natural Supreme Commander RTS…Not played in MP yet

  29. Zeus + Zombies = Profitz

  30. lo stiamo usando ed è spettacolare!! ottimo lavoro!!

  31. I hope there will be a save mode. I always have these amazing ideas but why even bother creating them if I cant save them?

  32. Of the ZEUS mod. Its make me feel like I'm playing a modern version of RUSE. You know WW2 tactical sim

  33. I think Dslyecxi would make a devious gamemaster with this system and could really fuck with people.

  34. My experience with the Zeus gamemode was of course different as I was playing public (as always).

    As a player, I'm usually stoked to follow my leader, engage troops on command, etc. But gamemasters usually break the immersion by telling me to respawn, using lightning and artillery in abundance and giving me pointless objectives (defend this random point in the middle of a large sea of enemies) while punishing me for thinking for myself (run in there or I will kill you). It rarely feels like I'm actually playing something worthwhile and that means a lot since I have low expectations to begin with. Give me a pistol and a neutralize target in 2 km and I will find a way and have fun doing so.

    As a gamemaster, I'm usually overtasked. Players are extremely demanding and want a more CoD-esque experience rather than an Arma one. If I don't place the spawn point right next to the enemy (god forbid they have to actually walk for 400m after mindlessly killing themselves) or fail to provide a direct task within a minute (because squad leaders telling their group to assemble, observe, resupply etc. and use the time given to them is something unheard of in Arma), people start going insane: Friendly fire, ragequitting, flaming. So I normally spam units and give them a long-term goal such as taking a point that is just crowded with dozens of troops. Because they don't play as a team, lack actual skill or tactics, they usually fail and are frustrated. So being a gamemaster for me means more babysitting than focusing on providing people with a meaningful game.

    I think this is mostly because of how people regularly play Arma. I enjoyed Arma 2 and its addons because for the first time, I wasn't confined to CoD space and was able to maneuver around threats, prepare and plan. This has gone astray, I feel, putting me in a grumpy old man's position looking at the youth trying to get as many kills AND deaths in a short amount of time. Cover is for pussies. Observation is irrelevant. Enemies killing me at 300 meters are cheating. Spending more than 30 seconds running means the game is shit. More action density. More shitstorm. Why do we not get nukes for killstreaks?

    Rounded off with a recent micspam experience. A probably 15-year old boy screaming into his cheap microphone: "I'M NOT YELLING! I'M NOT MICSPAMMING!"

    Does everybody have to join ShackTac or similar groups in order to enjoy a somewhat decent community? Is the entirety of the pubbie community a cluster of DayZ PvP zombies? I feel melancholic, having good memories of a few A2:OA games I've played. Please disagree with me and when you do, use punctuation.

  35. How do get to this game-mode Because i can't find

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