Arma 3 – Community Guide: Guerrilla Warfare

Arma 3 – Community Guide: Guerrilla Warfare

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  1. While interesting, under what conditions would this advice come in handy for Arma 3? I imagine a lot of games don't take long enough for "scavenging" to be worth anything more than taking AT when you find it.

    And wouldn't most missions be made with a specific target in mind regardless?

  2. Just when I was reading the guerrilla section in your Guide.

  3. Arma 3 – Community Guide videos are detailed, usefull and good. but just for a note, i've disliked it, couse of narrator. nothing personal realy, it's just i found he's voice not suitable, boring and monotonous for this kind of videos

  4. How to deploy goddamn bipods?!

  5. I want coop game in singlplayer missions. I think it would be cool

  6. thanks for subtitles

  7. sounds like this guide was inspired by chechen rebels a lot.

  8. Really cool video. Except its bullS**t. While the idea behind it is nice sneaking around etc – You just can't blend in with civilians.  You'll just get shot in the face

  9. Pretty pointless guide with rather broad strokes to describe this style of warfare. Time to step your guy's game up cause now is the content in the game lacking now your side shit is as well.

  10. This video could be renamed to "How to Jihad in 8 minutes".

  11. While I enjoyed the video, calling it an "ArmA guide" is laughable as most of the principles and realities mentioned by Dslyecxi aren't at all simulated in the game.

  12. We need MOAR guns.

  13. Really good video very good tips

  14. I wished more people would use guerrilla tactics in Planetside 2. The game works great for it, but mostly people stays on the tank crowded sectors, trying to spawn kill the enemy.

    Nice video Dslyecxi, though the same stuff was said a couple of times.

  15. I love your videos, it makes me want to join your community, but I have 2 jobs and school on my days off, so how much time per week would I need to be a valuable member?

  16. I still cannot understand who really uses those guides in their advantage. I've found only about 2 to 3 warfare servers on Arma 2 OA with around 20-50 people online, all the rest being filled into DayZ. And my friend who plays Arma 3 says that he hasn't found any serious server yet. Plus there's no-realism everywhere, I couldn't even find a single server in any arma with disabled crosshairs and no map-tracking…

    So does anyone know any good server for Arma 2/OA/Arma3? Please let me know

  17. This video isn't of Arma 3. It's far too smooth.

  18. This could be useful in Altis Life

  19. I rather enjoyed this video, hopefully it can inspire some creative scenarios from the community. 

  20. Thank you for the video. I've being thinking about making a group/clan that is based around Guerrilla Warfare. Now I just need to think of a name.

  21. All make believe though, it's great to see some "tutorials" but since most of these things are heavily dependent on having either a massive "ShacTac" Sized group for TVT or large scripted events in COOP missions, it doesn't seem like anything that will happen. Would be lovely to see it all work but, I believe it's mostly optimistic thinking that this would occur in online multiplayer, because it doesn't happen. Which sucks 🙂

  22. It'd be awesome if SaOk added the whole "blend in with civilian" tactic in his scenario "Whole Lotta Altis", but he's a got a lot on his plate at the moment so that'll just have to wait (I was discussing this with him the other day (I do the voice overs for the civilians)).

  23. If you really want to learn about guerilla warfare, read Che Guevaras book by the same name.

  24. ugh henry kissinger… the ultimate armchair general.

  25. This is totally irrelevant for your average ArmA 3 player. Between the horrible PvE or Wasteland/Life infested multiplayer and terrible AI, this experience is impossible to get if you're not a part of these large "elite" groups.

  26. Okay, here's what I don't get:
    The rifle that the guerrillas use is the IWI Tavor. This rifle is arguably the finest bullpup rifle on the market and costs about $1750 per rifle. I want to know how it is a rag-tag group of guerrillas get their hands on enough to issue them to every soldier. Given that Greek gun laws prevent someone from going to the store and just picking up one, it doesn't seem very realistic they could have so many at their disposal. Guerrillas should have AK platform rifles or something similar as their standard issue weapon, not one of the finest rifles in the world. 


  28. There are only very few Arma3 servers for free standard gameplay (not for clan members, that you can join and play a bit whenever you want) and they have disabled the text chat, you can chat only with a headset and all time ugly voices torture gamers' ears. It's horrible, Looks like almost all people have bought Arma3 to play Altis Life and Wasteland. Arma is getting worse every passing day.

  29. nice vid, but all this talk about civilians, there are no civilians in arma3 since they removed the module after the alpha…

  30. El Dakutarezzz vs Altis Police ;d

  31. "The conventional army loses if it does not win.
    The guerrilla army wins if he does not lose."


  32. Yet another beautifully presented video : )

  33. Firstly which gpu do I need for these graphics, secondary fuck consoles

  34. I think that the arma games (and the true and only ofp :P) are better suited for the guerrilla warfare style rather than the combined arms thing that BI advertises, sure, it's ok if your are playing in a big community like ST or the likes, but for the rest of us, managing a whole mechanized platoon of AI's is a pain. Smaller teams make the game more enjoyable. And I don't even need to mention the performance issues we all know that show up when you have more than 30 AI's in the map. I really liked the adapt chapter, almost as good as OFP:Resistance campaign. It would have been perfect if they would let you keep the loot 🙁

  35. Man a persistent guerilla vs conventional forces game mode would rock.

    Like insurgency but persistent.

  36. Vietcong kicked American from Vietnam
    Mujahideen kicked Russian from Afghanistan 
    Hezbollah kicked Israeli from Lebanon
    Hail Guerrilla Warfare !!!

  37. Did you steal a computer from NASA?

  38. Love the series, keep up the good work!!

  39. and that's the way free syrian army followed to stand against bashar assad, khamenei and hezbollah

  40. Problem as a guerrilla: IR-Scopes and Visors

  41. 1:52 Background musik from X3-Series?

  42. This looks so cool

  43. Shactac are good but tushino players better.

  44. Shactac are good but tushino players better.

  45. has anyone done a mission where you play as csat and take over nato bases and stuff? would be really funny i think

  46. Lol can't view the video because it's age restricted…. seriously I'm of age.

  47. I prefer to play against the computer….humans are too much of a wild card.  but I havent gotten this game yet, I am a little hesitant, I heard that the operationflashpoint/ARA series of games AI is pretty weak. like enemy troops cant go into houses.

  48. I wonder is there a suicide bomber option? like send computer controlled jihadists running with explosive chest packs into a base and detonate against targets inside?

  49. With well made missions this could work really good! It worked with BF2 Project Reality too. When can we expect this guerilla warefare? or is it already in?

  50. Will the author of this please send me a PM?

  51. But when am I going to use these tactics? What gamemode?

  52. Wanna become a guerrilla/LRRP guy? Wear a boonie hat. Simple as that.

  53. Gorrila training? Sign me up!

  54. This very much reminds me of Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. I still think it has the best plot in the entire ARMA series, even better than Cold War Crisis.
    The Survive and Adapt chapters of ARMA 3 provided a similar atmosphere, but the Win chapter completely blows it off with the typical "'Murica saves the day again" scenario.
    The plot of ARMA 3 has lots of potential to further develop on. I kind of hope BIS release an expansion campaign based on the point of view of FIA; not as a separated NATO soldier who cooperates with the guerilla only to find his way back, but as a part of the local population who tries to find a way out amidst the clashes of overwhelming powers.

  55. i know green are guerrilla's but on simulation aspects the FIA are more the freestyle fraction 🙂

  56. Currently in Arma 3 you can play the 'Antistasi' mission where you play as FIA guerrillas against AAF forces to capture Altis. Check it out on Steam!

  57. This sounds awesome!

  58. thank you for this video, now I think I am ready to go to Syria now.

  59. anyone knows a server like that with a community i can join?

  60. Um, This only works in real life.

  61. anyone know the music used in this?

  62. watching these videos, it always looks like what I WISH Arma was like to play. Either I'm missing something big, or these are all just wishful thinking.

  63. im so wet so see this

  64. This isn't just an Arma tutorial, most of the tactics shown here can be used IRL.

  65. Tree's speak in vieatnamese

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