Andy Ngo reacts to Antifa activist sentenced for brutal attack in Portland

Andy Ngo reacts to Antifa activist sentenced for brutal attack in Portland

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  1. Got off easy. Should be 25 to life.

  2. I agree with Mr Ngo, the sentence was far too lenient.This is the modern day Klan!

  3. Hope they never come to my house like that !

  4. Lock up the violent

  5. Anti are the nazis

  6. That's why you need a gun!!

  7. They are paid by the Democrats to go city to city and create violence.

  8. AND you did it all in the name of JOY BAHER !
    Enjoy your stay in the POKIE 😖😖😖😖

  9. Multiple people, approaching a conservative's home, in the dark, with creepy masks on? That could have ended very badly for them!

  10. You should have answered the door with a shotgun ask them to come right in

  11. Hypocrites News! It's not Okay to support Violent Protest over here in the U.S. but FAUX and Con-slaviturds want Lebron to support Violent Protesters in Hong Kong were Police Officers are getting beat up,Fire Bomb, and Journalist are also getting brutally assaulted?

  12. should have gotten 20

  13. Waiting for leading Democrats to collect money for those rightfully put in prison…

  14. Andy next time be armed, you need to protect yourself

  15. Have a great vacation soy boy! Hope you make alot of BIG boy friends.

  16. Thanks a lot CNN Antifa is your fault 😡

  17. Pretty gutsy to come up to someone’s house dressed up in masks. They wouldn’t have any problem with identification of these thugs on my front lawn

  18. Thats why we have the rights to bear arms…u better lock n load ANDY… just in case…and dont be scared…be ready

  19. Andy, get a BCM RECCE.

  20. The ANTIFA Person Deserves Every second of his Sentence !

  21. 40 cellar dwelling Antifa punks didn’t like this news.

  22. Still won’t change anything.

  23. Antifa by it's actions is clearly a terrorism organisation and so they should be rounded up and take out of society. Get on with it Trump you need to protect us

  24. Only 6y ? Those fascist should go on the chair.

  25. If they ever came to my house they would leave in an abundance ! And I don’t think most of Them would make it ! And Hell Would Be Their next Stop ! Because I am more serious then They Are ! It may be a Joke to them but in the end I would Be the one with satisfaction ! I Hope You ANTIFA Socialist Democrat Party Punks Get My Address And Come Calling !

  26. Hahaha 6 years in Prison maybe less for sure once them Prisoners get a hold of Him!!!!

  27. Buy an ar-15 be ready to protect yourself and your family…

  28. Next, Brennan, Mccabe, Strok, Page, Hillary, Comey and the rest of the liberal slim.

  29. 6 years? not long enough.

  30. Finally ANTIFA is getting what they deserve.

  31. Now he can go into the prison system and see some real racism!

  32. Lots of likes!!!!!!

  33. Six years isn't enough. The victim in this case is going to experience declining cognitive activity in his senior years, as do most head trauma patients.

  34. I would be surprised if the anifa are even Americans. I am guessing only about 20% are even from this country. They are all paid.


  36. I wish they would have come to my house. Nothing a few blasts with a 10 gauge shogun couldn't fix.

  37. Mentally I'll scum

  38. Get a gun bud, perfect time to give them their prize for playing stupid games

  39. I hear that they have fun playing with snowflakes in jail lol

  40. Greet them with a .12 gauge full of rock salt! Stand up to these terrorists.

  41. Democrats are corrupt scumbags never trust one again TRUMP 2020

  42. Awesome! Bout Fn time! Can't wait to see some democrats go to prison! Trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  43. people skulking around on your property..
    Release the Hounds..!

  44. How about also reporting about the Right Wing racist that planed to attack a Synagoge. But I am sure FOX will not report that because they support racism.

  45. 6 years is too little

  46. A lot more of these cowardly Antifa punks need to be incarcerated.

  47. Oh you knock on my front door looking for problems youre leaving traumatized.

  48. Ngo should have had a gun

  49. Not enough! What an outrage !


  51. Good. He should be getting a longer sentence. Usually they don't face any prison time. Andy you better get a gun.

  52. This Antifa guy doesn't have a chance in prison. A certain part of his body will be really sore, often..

  53. A political hate crime. After his prison sentence, he deserves probation for life.

  54. 6 years excessive? Hahaha actually it's NOT ENOUGH

  55. "intimidation by the violent extremist movement". Harsh but true words!

  56. Holy molé are we actually seeing some justice against crazy leftists???

  57. Andy should become an NRA member stat. What a bunch of sick people to try to persecute and intimidate him.

  58. Anyone who show up to a demonstration with a mask deserves to be given a reason to wear that mask permanently.

  59. He needs a label these people racist and play the race card that's what I would do

  60. About Time !!!!! 😂 Hope that thing gets what it has coming. Open Carry.

  61. Antifa is domestic terrorism

  62. Antifa members should all be rounded up and executed.

  63. They are evil .. godless kids .. Be proud parents.. You have to be evil like your kids .. can’t wait to for you too face god ..

  64. Good, I’m glad the thug is going to the big house – too bad he didn’t get more time

  65. You will be subjected to what you tolerate.

  66. Andy, get a gun. Easy fix. Protect your family and home.

  67. Time to get a gun Andy, learn to protect yourself instead of just being scared.

  68. Glad he is paying for his violence. Shameful some aren't.

  69. Man, get your AR15 ,& shower them with bullets, stand your ground for those Mob.

  70. Get out and beet antifa pussies. And before you liberal pussies comment back;"Yes; i confront you pussies in your face anytime i get a chance!'

  71. These ANTIFA shitbags should be labeled as domestic terrorists. There should be a law to allow law abiding citizens to shoot these fools.


  73. Agreed, sentence was not severe enough, for risk of lifelong brain damage as victim ages, robbing him of confidence in his full mental faculties.

  74. ive deliverd tons of products to portland as a otr trucker and i can tell u that it is a straight sess pool of human filth. and thats coming from a trucker…

  75. was he charged with a hate crime? ANTIFA=DEMOCRATS BROWN SHIRTS

  76. They were not ANTIFA they were right wing supremacists. MORE FOX LIES.

  77. Please come to my house Antifa. 12 rounds I’m my magazine 2 for each of you in the forehead.

  78. Antifa are specific targeting attacker's and they are born/raised from communist socio background leader's. 6yr jail is very less. If it's severe jail sentence?

  79. These antifa terrorists should all be dumped five hundred miles of the coast. As in at sea, just boot them out the back of the plane.

  80. He should he should have got more time if it wasn't self defence.

  81. Antifa have also intimidated Tommy Robinson, a UK reporter, in the same way at his family home. Sickening.

  82. I've invited these cowards on their Twitter page to come and visit this 60 year old with a bad back and arthritis and try an "Andy Ngo" on me. I've even offered to give them directions complete with the fact that they can't miss my place; It's the one with the "Stand With Israel" sign in the front window.

    Never got any response.

  83. Coming to your house? Wow I might want to arm myself.

  84. Only 6 years for trying to ruin someone's life over a difference of opinion?

  85. The Berkeley bike-locker attacker; college professor Eric Clanton that is part of Antifa that used a U-shaped bike lock and brutally attacked another conservative demonstrator?
    He was arrested and charged and awaiting trial and ended up with a plea deal of 3 year probation and is strictly forbidden to participate in Antifa's activities or demonstrations which he did violated… haven't heard any new charges if proven that he did in fact violated his parole sentence?

  86. 2:30 And if Ngo had opened the door and used 'deadly force' to defend himself?
    – I can see the headline: "Right wing-extremist kills trick or treaters" or similar.

  87. Love all the comments. Looked down to make sure no one is defending them

  88. It is nice that the antifa fascist has been put away. Perhaps he will sustain a skull fracture in the next six years.

  89. This is why people shoot first ask questions later when they show up at your home with masks on. I would of opened the door and fired.

  90. He'll get some real Socialist lessons in prison, we control everything in your life on a daily basis….. and you will even get to be Bubbas bee-ahtch, too.

    What are you going to do, protest?

  91. They come to your front door like that, then you come up behind them and have them meet your friends, Smith and Wesson.

  92. His name is….. Gage Halupowski.

  93. A Leftist in a prison will just be sold and traded.

  94. Please show up to my house. The more the merrier. Just make sure you stand in close groups

  95. Well, he wanted Diversity, now he will get a real good mix of diversity in the population, and in him, too.

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