Andy Ngo Is Just THE WORST

Andy Ngo Is Just THE WORST

Okay. So I haven’t been talking much about this
right wing journalist named Andy. No, it’s spelled NGO. I’ve been told it’s pronounced no, I’m going
to pronounce it that way today. And I’m going to talk about him today a little
bit. Now I know for a fact that a significant portion
of my audience has not even heard of this guy. They’re not aware of the controversy involving
Andy. No. But at this point, I think it does warrant
a discussion, even if you haven’t been following the story, because Andy no is just the worst
kind of rightwing grifter that’s what I’ve learned over the last couple of months. So I’m gonna explain the entire thing to you. Uh, Andy Know is an early thirties, 32 33
year old right-wing journalist. His came to the United States from Vietnam. He’s an Asian American. He was born and raised in the United States
in Portland, Oregon. And he was known prior to June of 2019 in
some niche circles for a writing, for a publication named Colette. And, uh, in June, he was propelled to significantly
more notoriety and fame because he was assaulted at a protest by Antifa protestors in Portland,
Oregon. There was a right wing, proud boy. March in Portland, Oregon. There was an antifa counter protest and Andy,
no was there and he was attacked. He was punched. He was milkshakes. I mean, really bad stuff. I unconditionally denounced it. I haven’t talked more about the broader Andy
know stuff, but the attacks on him I denounced to, I’m against violence. It’s horrible. We shouldn’t be doing this, uh, to anyone,
uh, period. OK. And people were saying, oh, Andy, no. Was baiting Antifa to attack him merely by
being there because people know what he’s written in the past. Okay, let that, that, that all, uh, may be
true, but the violence is completely out of line. I’m against the violence period. Horrible full-stop. Now, no other qualifiers are necessary. Now. When that happened, when he was attacked,
of course, predictably he immediately got a media round of interviews as a result, uh,
and the media interviews mostly set him up to talk about how violent the left is and
how bad antifa is. He was on Dave Rubin’s show, he was on Joe
Rogan’s show, I think he was on Fox News. He was all over the place. And fascinatingly, a lot of the coverage was
identity politics coverage saying, look at this small in stature gay Asian guy who was
attacked by left wingers even though he checks identity boxes that the left should be defending
or, or in favor of or whatever. I mean, it’s a total identity politics argument. We know that the right claims to be against
identity politics except when there for it because it benefits them in some way, shape
or form. But then things started to sort of not make
sense about Andy know. So, first of all, he had claimed that the
milkshakes that were thrown at him, which I’m against, period, the milkshakes that were
thrown at him contained concrete, which of course would conceivably harden and do serious
damage to a human body. But there appears to be no actual evidence
that there was any concrete there. So that started to be sort of a weird thing. Then I asked myself when I watched interviews
with this guy, why does Andy know sort of speak in a British accent now when if you
look at videos from just a few years ago, he had a standard American accent and he was
raised in Portland, Oregon. Uh, it’s no crime to adopt a random accent. We know who, what wasn’t. Madonna has done it, right. Uh, but the people that do that, uh, it’s
an odd thing to do. Often for me, it’s signals that there may
be sort of more to the person. It’s rare that all they do that raises questions
as adopt an accent that doesn’t correspond to where they were raised. Okay. But then it gets really bad journalistically. Okay. Andy no starts reporting that at another Portland,
Oregon protest and Tifo attacked right-wingers with hammers. He tweeted and Tifo attacks people on a bus. They try to pull them out and hit them with
a hammer. And from the video he posted, it sort of maybe
seems plausible but very quickly more videos surface. And you actually see that the Antifa people,
we might call them the counter protesters, were pounding on the windows of a bus containing
right-wingers from a white nationalist group. And it’s actually the right wingers in the
bus who introduce a hammer. Literally the opposite of what this Guy Andy,
no reports and the people on the bus, again, they were either right wing American guard,
which is a right wing, a supremacist white supremacist group, or maybe proud boys or
a combination of the two. So the story is literally the opposite of
what Andy no reports. And then what Andy know follows up with his,
oh right. It was the right wingers who introduced the
hammers, but they were doing it in self defense, which is now a completely different story. I mean really a grifter tweeting quote, the
mob rushed the buses as they were trying to leave and began attacking the vehicles with
concrete before attacking the people inside. The buses could not continue driving because
protesters were standing in front. In that context, the use of the hammer may
have been in self defense, so this is not a good faith actor. He first reports that Antifa brandished hammers. Then when it becomes undeniable that it was
the right wingers who brandished the hammers, he says, all right, that’s true. The opposite of what I reported. It is true, but it was plausibly in self defense,
so not a good faith actor even though he’s being lauded by the right and then the cherry
on top is that he now has been caught on video commiserating with the far right group that
was planning violence and he never reported that they were planning this violence. The group is called Patriot prayer. They were planning violence, no is on video
hanging out with them as they plan it. He reported nothing and now it has been announced
that he is no longer with Colette. The publication for which he worked. Now, Colette is saying that the separation
is not directly related to the fact that he’s been exposed as commiserating with right-wingers
planning violence and said nothing about it. They say he actually left Colette weeks ago
and they’re only announcing it now. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not. I don’t know the truth of that. So the big picture is, first of all, not surprisingly,
someone that the right decided to hold up as both a martyr and a hero of sorts is not,
uh, either of those things and really is a bad faith actor who was attacked and I am
against the violence and he shouldn’t have been punched and milkshake. Okay. I want to be absolutely in totally clear,
but when you put it all together, I just see a troubled guy, quite frankly, the combination
of his completely dishonest and contradictory reporting. Again, the starting to speak with this British
accent a couple of years ago, which I know people will say, David, that doesn’t really
mean anything. I agree it’s a detail. But if you zoom out and look at the, the big
picture here taken with anything else, to me it’s signals a troubled and confused person
and this is someone that we are better off seeing for what they are, which is really
an unreal, reliable and very partial right wing. We can use the term journalist, we can, we
can use the term activist, we can use the term analyst or commentator. I don’t know exactly what term to use, but
now that we’ve sort of let it all play out over the last couple of months. I think the truth of Andy No is surfacing
and I’ve even seen tweets and retweets from people who interviewed Andy know and gave
them the platform to talk about how bad everybody is to him and how how bad the left is and
all of this different stuff. They are even pointing out that things have
certainly turned and taken a different direction with Andy. No, if you don’t care about this guy or didn’t
know about him and quite frankly continue not to care. A fair, I totally understand that. If you’ve been following this, I would be
curious to hear from you. I’m on Twitter at the pacman. Have, has your view changed about Andy know
from the beginning in June when when this story and his being attacked, uh, came to
prominence to now, has your view changed or has it not? Was it always a negative view? Does it remain positive? I want to hear from you. I’m on Twitter at d pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show
and I hope you will join me this week, this, this week. I will be doing once or twice in the evening
live twitch streams at Pakman. Make sure you’re following me there and I
hope to see you at one of my screens

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