Android Jetpack: Replace findViewById with view binding

Android Jetpack: Replace findViewById with view binding

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  1. Finally! We don't need to include third parties like Butterknifr

  2. Doesn't it use more RAM or cause unnecessary extra work for views my app doesn't even address?

  3. This looks good 😀

  4. Please don't use kotlin only show code in java also…

  5. In 2020 year? seriosly? When all the people uses kotlin's synthetics xD

  6. what is the difference between kotlin-extension plugin and view binding? What approach is faster?

  7. What's the advantages vs kotlin's synthetics?

  8. Just spent two days removing ButterKnife from the legacy project. Thanks, not buying something that gives you 2 second optimization, but slows app.

  9. I love the small examples!!

  10. i didn't get it at all… is that a " good bye layout.xml " ??

  11. ViewBinding and DataBinding are two different things?

  12. What is difference between Data Binding and View Binding?

  13. Wow, it seems helps to replace Kotlin extension. Though it's awesome but still have faced some null view and app got crashed. It hope, this view bind will handle it. 🙂

  14. Why not just use synthetics?

  15. Its quite good. Haven't seen much improvement on the base stack and native stack of Android but definitely a right direction

  16. But you still have tons of if conditions before you can use the view.

  17. Is it possible to use view binding with PreferenceFragmentCompat?

    I have a custom layout for my preferences screen, but this layout is inflated automatically (using setPreferencesFromXml method), so I can't inflate it using static method "inflate"

  18. Is it possible to use view binding with custom layout for PreferenceFragmentCompat, which is inflated automatically by setPreferencesFromXml method?

  19. I'm looking at this as a replacement for Butterknife. Hopefully this won't be perpetually broken like databinding is. Are there any proguard/r8 considerations that we should be aware of?

  20. What are the best practices for onDestroyView() of Fragment? Should we be freeing this viewbind?

  21. Does this mean Android Studio 3.6 will be moving out of release candidate soon? Currently at rc3 on February 10th.

  22. Last time i am using binding, i really confused. But, yes my code is clean than before.

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