Andrew Stewart, MSW, 2018

Andrew Stewart, MSW, 2018

Ready? Action! My name is Andrew Stewart I’m a
MSW student and a recipient has a Katherine R. Reeble Scholarship my
concentration is with children and youth this scholarship has provided me the
opportunity to work with children and youth school setting such as here, the Detroit Achievement Academy. I chose to work with children and youth
because I do see them as the future. I wished somebody would have walked beside
me growing up. Giving me a lot of advice and a lot of the services that I am
giving to these students now children Children have so much potential that they
don’t even notice in themselves and to be able to help to pull that out
of them is something that I had desired to do. This is a field placement that
I wanted right when I got to the University of Michigan School of Social
Work. I wanted to be in Detroit I wanted to work with children and this field
placement at Detroit Achievement Academy fit both of those descriptions. I have my scholarship thanks to a generous gift from the late Katherine Reeble a professor here at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. All of
the classes I’ve taken here at the University of Michigan have really
developed me to be a better clinician and a better social worker for Children
and Youth. Beth Sherman who is my Social Work professor she is an awesome mentor
and influence. Robert Ortega who is my child maltreatment professor has been
teaching me about knowing how to be humble in this profession of Social Work.
the Katherine R. Reebel scholarship has allowed me to fulfill my dream of
helping children and students meet the potential in life. Gifts like yours
allows students like me to be effective Social Workers in the future. One, two, three. Cut thats a wrap!

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  1. Excellent video Andrew! (lil Ryans grandpa)

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