Amity Shlaes | Great Society: A New History

Amity Shlaes | Great Society: A New History

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  1. "Keep Cool with Coolidge."

  2. We have noticed that several "sanctuary cities" are "fighting the war on poverty" by secretly importing their homeless persons (en mass ~ 2-5 hundred in a short few weeks) to our city that follows the rules for citizens.

  3. I am ignorant on poverty…
    With many jobs available, is there a logical reason for poverty. I understand there is medical reasons, maybe lack of skills but if needed McDonald is always hiring, drugs, , and there is mental-illness.
    Is there a social reason, lack-of-williness, or laziness?
    Why is a healthy person not required to work for a welfare check.
    I am not being mean, educate me what I am missing without sarcasm.

  4. It's a "great" society for jews & other nonwhites. White people, however, can just STFU & pay for it.

  5. She is Godless and wanted you to know it. 👎

  6. Ah Yes…The 70's, I remember them well. Lost a war, A President quit, gas lines, Gerald Ford, 55 MPH, Jimmy Carter, and (possibly) worst of all Disco.

  7. Ah Yes…The 70's, I remember them well. Lost a war, A President quit, gas lines, Gerald Ford, 55 MPH, Jimmy Carter, and (possibly) worst of all Disco.

  8. Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan supports bringing thousands of poor immigrants and their children from Muslim Nations to our State.
    That action goes directly against the prosperity, happiness and safety of our children.

  9. The 1960's were motivated by the CIA's realization of what they could get away with… A discovery they made on NOV 22, 1963. Almost everything that's come since has… In great measure.. Been a Deep State manipulation of the public narrative and sentiment.

    The '60's were the earliest years following the assassination of JFK and were predictably the most turbulent fueled by CIA operations like Chaos, Mockingbird, Gladio and MKUltra.

    The things Amity is describing are the symptoms and fallout of the shadow government that was created through the clandestine actions of the Dark agencies: CIA, MI-6 and Mossad. They have been the winners and the winners are the authors of history. Soon, their actions will be revealed for all to see.

    Dark to light.

  10. Refer to David Horowitz, who points out from an insiders perspective, that the American Communist party was instructed by the KGB to stop using the words Socialism and Communism. They were instructed to start using the word progressive. We all know how clever they have been at that.

  11. There was a reason Daniel Patrick Moynihan was referred to as SAINT Daniel Patrick Moynihan by my parents.

  12. 50:00 – Self interest isn't selfishness.
    Read more little dude.

  13. Small town America, the municipalities with their "Let's take care of each other" sense of responsibility and love and trust, doesn't exist in communities where there isn't any sense of belonging, to begin with. With the rise in migrating populations, moving from small towns into larger cities for work and then the additional increase in actual foreign migrants to our cities and towns, the sense of responsibility is gone, as well as any feeling of love or trust for each other because we're living among strangers, speaking strange languages with strange values and beliefs and practices. Multiculturalism, as this destructive cancer is commonly called, was/is the intentional destruction of Tocqueville's observed "America". Centralization kills.

  14. Her little quip about doing without God is revealing. I like much about her viewpoint, but you don't get this country without God.

  15. Interesting that ALL presidents can't walk down the street.

  16. Very shallow analysis. Prefer lectures on the Not so “Great Society” by Thomas Sowell. Sowell basis his analysis on actual data from period before, during & current situation to access the actual results & impacts.

  17. Lyndon Johnson was ALWAYS a liar —- just FYI

  18. You can't fix poverty cause it's a people problem. People make bad decisions and don't want to take responsibility for it.

  19. Good to hear some of the scholarship behind some of my gut intuitions about how government intervention destroys community and community support systems. Yes, some towns will always do a better job than others. But it's organic and self-sustaining. And the overall quality of those LOCAL "Tocqueville" institutions rises with the general prosperity, as the people see to actualize higher values.

  20. Hi! I'm from the government and I'm here to help!

  21. We keep hearing "unintended consequences," but after decades of the same failures, you have to be willfully ignorant to call the consequences "unintended."

  22. Conservative. = no heart liberal= no brain

  23. Why did no-one mention Adam Smith and his “enlightened” self-interest? Was it because this woman “is not interested in the ‘God’ part!? THAT, MY FRIEND is the problem and the failure of our society! Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” was enervated by “enlightenment”! The enlightenment of the Judeo-Christian ethics! It was Capitalism informed by a moral society! What the founders referred to as the “Virtue of the people” which was the ultimate bulwark against tyranny. Absent that central ingredient of “enlightened self-interest”, Capitalism becomes predatory, loses credibility and is displaced by Socialism!

  24. You Jabroni's turned of the comments off on the marijuana huh, why. I think cuz it's a lie.


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